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Fri Mar 21 17:13:11 2014 UTClccn-n780890770.27Anthony Trollope /0.350.56An autobiography61683295Anthony_Trollopen 78089077224234Ṭrôllôp, Antônî 1815-1882Trollop, Antonio, 1815-1882Trollope.Trollope, AnthonyṬrolop, Antoni 1815-1882ツロロープ, アンソニートロロープ, アンソニートロロープ, アントニーfast-1051731Palliser, Plantagenet (Fictitious character)lccn-n80046312Sadleir, Michael1888-1957auifmoctbedtlccn-n82148881Skilton, David1942-auiedtlccn-n78086245Hall, N. Johnauiedtlccn-n82156581Sutherland, John1938-auiedtlccn-n79056234Church of Englandlccn-n78095677Thackeray, William Makepeace1811-1863lccn-n78092845Booth, Bradford Allen1909-auiothedtlccn-n50024472Edwards, Peter Davidauiedtlccn-n83068686Page, Frederick1879-1962auiedtTrollope, Anthony1815-1882FictionDomestic fictionPolitical fictionBiographyPsychological fictionCriticism, interpretation, etcSatireHandbooks, manuals, etcDictionariesHistoryTrollope, Anthony,ClergyBarsetshire (England : Imaginary place)England--LondonEnglandManners and customsPalliser, Plantagenet (Fictitious character)Novelists, EnglishBarchester (England : Imaginary place)IrelandCourtshipLegislatorsCapitalists and financiersGreat BritainInheritance and successionCommercial crimesAlmshousesWidowersPoor womenJewelry theftSocialitesPrime ministersMan-woman relationshipsThackeray, William Makepeace,ForgersMothers and sonsLandownersEnglish fictionIreland--DublinMothers and daughtersRevengeEngland--SomersetLegislators--Crimes againstFathers and daughtersPolitical fictionNobilityParent and adult childConflict of generationsPrime ministers--Family relationshipsChurch of EnglandLiteratureWomen as literary charactersEngland--DevonMasculinity in literatureMen as literary charactersTrollope, Frances Milton,Children of clergyTrollope familyPolitical scienceDomestic fiction1815188218221828182918401841184318471848185018521855185618571858185918601861186218631864186518661867186818691870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014232771281913260823.8PR5684ocn006753361ocn005993613ocn656984944ocn003455964ocn680508486ocn866269162ocn008971518ocn723684108ocn723478451ocn723625836ocn256232854ocn443301384ocn799998195ocn86580829311029590ocn670412068book18570.28Trollope, AnthonyBarchester TowersFictionDomestic fictionBarchester Towers, Trollope's most popular novel, is the second of the six Chronicles of Barsetshire. The Chronicles follow the intrigues of ambition and love in the cathedral town of Barchester. Trollope was of course interested in the Church, that pillar of Victorian society - in its susceptibility to corruption, hypocrisy, and blinkered conservatism - but the Barsetshire novels are no more ecclesiastical' than his Palliser novels are political'. It is the behaviour of the individuals within a power structure that interests him. In this novel Trollope continues the story of Mr Harding andh+-+51164349363248923486ocn044962073book18550.29Trollope, AnthonyThe wardenHistoryFictionDomestic fictionSatireThe first of Trollope's popular Barsetshire novels, set in the fictional cathedral town of Barchester, The Warden centers on the honorable cleric Septimus Harding, one of Trollope's most memorable characters. When Harding is accused of mismanaging church funds, his predicament lays bare the complexities of the Victorian world and of nineteenth-century provincial life+-+21506374655992238ocn712070033book18500.29Trollope, AnthonyThe Eustace diamondsFictionPolitical fictionSatireSerialized fictionAnthony Trollope's celebrated Parliamentary novels, of which The Eustace Diamonds (1873) is the third and most famous, are at once unfailingly amusing social comedies, melodramas of greed and deception, and precise nature studies of the political animal in its mid-Victorian habitat. With its purloined jewels, its conniving, resilient, mercenary heroine, and its partiality for the human spectacle in all its complexity, The Eustace Diamonds is a splendid example of Trollope's art at its most assured+-+32550902263245579338ocn731647015book18600.32Trollope, AnthonyFramley ParsonageHistoryFictionDomestic fictionDomestic fiction, EnglishNineteenth-century British writer Anthony Trollope created what has become one of the most beloved literary chronicles of English country life in the Chronicles of Barsetshire series. Framley Parsonage, the entertaining fourth novel in the series, follows the financial travails of a young vicar, the romantic entanglements of a pair of star-crossed lovers, and various other social skirmishes and conflicts in and around the seemingly sleepy village of Framley+-+58260902263245158235ocn731647014book18640.31Trollope, AnthonyCan You Forgive Her?FictionPolitical fictionA woman forced to choose between two suitors is one of the world's oldest dilemmas. In the skilled hands of Anthony Trollope, this conundrum becomes an engrossing examination of the subtle family tics and preferences that can influence love relationships and marriage decisions. The novel follows three women as they puzzle through the choices that will determine the course of their lives+-+18660902263245126324ocn712309243book18640.31Trollope, AnthonyThe small house at AllingtonHistoryFictionDomestic fictionHistorical fictionLove storiesEngaged to the ambitious and self-serving Adolphus Crosbie, Lily Dale is devastated when he jilts her for the aristocratic Lady Alexandrina. Although crushed by his faithlessness, Lily still believes she is bound to her unworthy former fiance for life and therefore condemned to remain single after his betrayal. And when a more deserving suitor pays his addresses, she is unable to see past her feelings for Crosbie+-+67006374653244991349ocn019850434book18670.33Trollope, AnthonyThe last chronicle of BarsetHistoryFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionLove storiesDomestic fiction, EnglishIn The last chronicle of Barset, Mr. Crawley, curate of Hogglestock, falls deeply into debt, bringing suffering to himself and his family. To make matters worse, he is accused of theft, can't remember where he got the counterfeit check he is alleged to have stolen, and must stand trial+-+19906374653244959328ocn705001566book18580.32Trollope, AnthonyDoctor ThorneHistoryBiographyFictionDomestic fictionLove storiesMary Thorne, orphaned (and illegitimate) niece of Dr. Thorne, has long been a favorite at Greshamsbury House--until Lady Arabella Gresham learns that her only son Frank is in love with Mary. The unhappy Mary is banished forthwith, because the Gresham family fortunes are so depleted that Frank must marry money. Frank, however, is one of the few completely honorable young men in Trollope's novels and remains stubbornly true to his love. Well, he does propose to another woman, at the insistence of his mother, but only with the virtual certainty that he will be rejected--as indeed he is. The lady is Miss Dunstable, one of Trollope's most delightful characters, a fabulously wealthy thirtyish heiress of an ointment company. She is a bold, witty woman, not beautiful, but attractive in her way, whose wealth invites countless proposals. After the rather complicated plot unfolds, the tables are completely turned, and Mary is eagerly welcomed by Lady Arabella (who, of course, has always loved her) as the savior of the family. - Open Library+-+70446902263244794180ocn594174907book18740.28Trollope, AnthonyThe way we live nowHistoryFictionSatireConsidered by contemporary critics to be Trollope's greatest novel, The Way We Live Now is a satire of the literary world of nineteenth-century London and a bold indictment of the new power of speculative finance in English life. The story concerns Augustus Melmotte, a French swindler and scoundrel, and his daughter, to whom Felix Carbury, adored son of the authoress Lady Carbury, is induced to propose marriage for the sake of securing a fortune. Trollope's portrait of Lady Carbury, impetuous, unprincipled, and unswervingly devoted to her own self-promotion, is one of his finest satirical achievements. In his kaleidoscopic depiction of a society on the verge of moral bankruptcy, Trollope gives us life as it was lived more than a hundred years ago, while speaking eloquently to some of the governing obsessions of our own age+-+29796902263243817221ocn003187561book18760.32Trollope, AnthonyThe prime ministerHistoryFictionPolitical fictionCan a morally scrupulous English gentleman make an effective Prime Minister? This is one of the enduringly fascinating problems posed in The prime minister (1876). And as Plantaganet Palliser, Duke of Omnium, overenthusiastically supported by Lady Glencora, presides over the Coalition government, Trollope reaches into the highest echelons of the English establishment, depicting political realities rather than ideology, portraying social, sexual and domestic politics as well as the public variety. The world of the novel is perplexed and dominated by the handsome impostor Ferdinand Lopez. Even the Duke and Duchess are not immune to his malign influence, as Lopez pursues Emily Wharton for her charm and her fortune, and plots to win membership of that most exclusive of English clubs, the Houses of Parliament+-+84435704653243691166ocn711984665book18000.35Trollope, AnthonyOrley FarmFictionDomestic fictionLengthy novel of family life, a drama of guilt and shame based on the forged codicil to a will+-+83750902263243541202ocn001073417book18290.35Trollope, AnthonyPhineas FinnFictionLove storiesPolitical fictionThe novel is set against the background of the Reform Bill of 1867, and focuses on an Irish Member of the British House of Commons; in it Trollope explores the relations between the distinct elements of 'the United Kingdom'. Phineas has a personal chronicle which largely dominates the political calendar and it is noteworthy that Trollope wrote Phineas Finn at the same time as Gladstone's accession to power and the momentous consequences for Ireland that followed. Phineas Finn (1869) is the second of the Palliser novels, published between 1864 and 1880. As a group they provide us with the most extensive and telling expose of British life during the period of its greatest prestige. - Publisher+-+60358959653243523184ocn003242203book18740.32Trollope, AnthonyPhineas reduxFictionPsychological fictionPolitical fictionSuspense fictionThe fourth novel in Trollope's Palliser series, Phineas Redux stands on its own as a compelling work of political intrigue, personal crisis, and romantic jealousy. Phineas Finn lives quietly in Dublin, resigned to the fact that his political career is over and coming to terms with the death of his wife. He receives an unexpected invitation to return to Parliament, and jumps at the chance, whereupon old romances and rivalries are revived. When his adversary, Mr. Bonteen, is murdered, suspicion immediately falls on Finn, and his former friends and lovers seem only to add to his shame+-+13435704653243344178ocn000854904book18000.32Trollope, AnthonyThe Duke's childrenFictionDomestic fictionPolitical fictionDomestic fiction, English'No-one probably, ever felt himself to be more alone in the world than our old friend, the Duke of Omnium, when the Duchess died.' Her death leaves to the Duke the care of his three wilful children and to the children the continuing social education of their father. The eldest, Lord Silverbridge, has been sent down from Oxford; Lord Gerald Palliser is doing indifferently well at Cambridge; and Lady Mary Palliser, the only daughter, is set on what seems to her father an unsuitable marriage. While the Duke must learn to accept that 'nothing will ever be quite what it used to be', his heir must acquire, his father hopes, a respect for justice, self-sacrifice, and honour, and a suitable wife. The rival claims of Lady Mabel Grex and Isabel Boncassen, the American granddaughter of a dock-worker, are emblematic of the claims on the Palliser family: tradition against progress, duty against natural feelings. The Duke's Children is the sixth and last of the Palliser novels (1864-80), which together provide an exceptionally rich expose of the British way of life during its most prestigious period. - Publisher+-+11306374653242532114ocn757261406book18650.37Trollope, AnthonyThe Belton EstateFictionLove storiesAlthough his literary reputation has waxed and waned over the years, Anthony Trollope's work has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years, and may prominent writers and thinkers are professed fans. The Belton Estate is linked thematically with many of his previous works; it follows the family relationships that are rent asunder in the aftermath of several relatives' deaths as the estate is settled among the survivors+-+4072637465324248781ocn044956487book18810.33Trollope, AnthonyAyala's angelFictionThe story of a young woman forced to choose a husband from among three unsavory men, the novel is remarkable for its wealth of minor characters+-+62926374653242290127ocn000361706book18000.35Trollope, AnthonyHe knew he was rightHistoryFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionHe Knew He Was Right (1869) is a novel rife with plot and subplots--about marriage, engagements (both kept and broken) and people with and without fortunes. Its main story concerns Louis Trevelyan, a wealthy young gentleman, whose marriage to Emily Rowley falls apart because of his wild jealousy, and his stubborn wife's refusal to submit+-+56488959652155117ocn000366358book18790.53Trollope, AnthonyThackerayCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyOne master of the English novel assesses another in this 1879 critical biography, Trollope's contribution to the English Men of Letters" series. I will tell how he became an author....Something of his manner, something of his appearance, I can say...because for some few years he was known to me..."+-+4182362936324214684ocn711871215book18000.32Trollope, AnthonyAn eye for an eyeFictionDomestic fictionTrollope wrote this moving tragedy in 1870 but withheld it from publication perhaps due to the sensitive subject matter until 1879. A young Englishman tries to reconcile his duty as the heir to the Earl of Scroppe with his desire to do right by a beautiful Irish girl he seduces and impregnates while serving with the cavalry in Ireland+-+37050902263241904101ocn000779333book18000.35Trollope, AnthonyRachel RayFictionDomestic fictionAnthony Trollope was one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era. He wrote penetrating novels on political, social, and gender issues and conflicts of his day. This novel offers an entertaining view of a small community living its life in mid-nineteenth-century England. The novel first appeared in 1863, a year in which public reaction against the excesses of the popular sensationalist novel prompted the author to state that he was writing about "the commonest details of commonplace life among the most ordinary people."+-+1584871395275761ocn000716461book18830.56Trollope, AnthonyAn autobiographyBiographyA fascinating autobiography of the nineteenth century, revealing many of Tollope's opinions about Dickens and George Eliot, politics and the civil service, and judgements he passes on is own character+-+0450637465324204121ocn000267456book19550.37Pope-Hennessy, JamesAnthony TrollopeCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+4209767936164510ocn001857994book19750.29Snow, C. PTrollope, his life and artBiography+-+9985686106154813ocn007075646book19280.56Walpole, HughAnthony TrollopeCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography14404ocn043475962com19890.50Nardin, JaneHe knew she was right the independent woman in the novels of Anthony Trollope+-+893968453532414394ocn023144946book19910.31Hall, N. JohnTrollope : a biographyBiographyTrollope was in his thirties before his first novel was published; before his death at sixty-seven he had written nearly seventy books, as well as conducting a quite separate career in the Post Office. This authoritative and highly readable biography, by the editor of Trollope's Letters, draws a masterly portrait of an engaging, contradictory, extraordinary man and writer. N. John Hall writes with an unparalleled knowledge of his subject, vividly and with humor -- as alive to Trollope's shortcomings as to his startling powers. He shows us that, productive as he was, Trollope was also a writer of care and judgment, and more of an intellect than is often recognized. In this biography, Hall interweaves the public and social career -- as civil servant, traveller, fanatic rider to hounds -- with that of the writer, drawing on the works themselves as well as all relevant historical evidence. Above all, he never loses sight of the mystery and subtlety of Trollope's personality: the comic and creative genius of the man who arguably left behind him more good novels than any other writer in the language. - Jacket flap+-+627176346513405ocn026214312book19920.27Glendinning, VictoriaAnthony TrollopeBiographyBiography of English writer Anthony Trollope concentrating on his relationships with his mother, other family members, and his wife121512ocn003028887book19450.47Stebbins, Lucy PoateThe Trollopes; the chronicle of a writing family112721ocn000362885book19270.56Sadleir, MichaelTrollope, a commentaryBiographyBibliography11264ocn320281672file20070.37Markwick, MargaretNew men in Trollope's novels rewriting the Victorian maleCriticism, interpretation, etcNew Men in Trollope's Novels challenges the popular construction of Victorian men as patriarchal despots and suggests that hands-on fatherhood may have been a nineteenth-century norm. Markwick's immensely knowledgeable, original, and witty book gives us a Trollope whose independent views on child-rearing education, courtship, marriage, parenthood, and gay men anticipate the 'new' man of the 1990s by more than a hundred years+-+3972019025109417ocn659856167com18830.33Trollope, AnthonyAn autobiography of Anthony TrollopeBiographyRecords and correspondenceDive into the back story behind renowned British novelist Anthony Trollope's rise to literary fame and glory. This autobiography offers a movingly detailed portrait of Trollope's childhood, his early career missteps (including a stint as a postal worker), and his blossoming literary interests and ambitions+-+7341690226324107110ocn000363256book19480.50Gerould, Winifred GregoryA guide to TrollopeDictionariesHandbooks, manuals, etc10393ocn000020163book19690.50Smalley, Donald ArthurTrollope: the critical heritageCriticism, interpretation, etc9893ocn067614412com20020.56Fegan, MelissaLiterature and the Irish famine, 1845-1919HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+39190744659895ocn014377917book19870.35MacDonald, SusanAnthony TrollopeCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Anthony Trollope9264ocn003143303book19770.50Kincaid, James RThe novels of Anthony TrollopeCriticism, interpretation, etc8825ocn000209646book19710.53ApRoberts, RuthThe moral TrollopeCriticism, interpretation, etc8748ocn000716517book19580.53Booth, Bradford AllenAnthony Trollope: aspects of his life and artCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography86210ocn000282961book19600.50Davies, Hugh SykesTrollopeCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyAuthor's life - Background to the novels - Barsetshire novels8528ocn041388736book19990.47Oxford reader's companion to TrollopeCriticism, interpretation, etcEncyclopedias"Trollope's own life, his works, and the historical and social context in which he lived are all explored in detail. Familiar aspects, such as his work at the Post Office and his series of novels, appear alongside items only recently addressed by scholars: his work as a biographer and journalist; the importance of his extensive travels abroad, including his trip to Iceland; the astonishing reappraisal of his work over the last decades. More than 500 entries arranged A-Z for immediate access; illustrated with over 30 integrated black-and-white illustrations; fully cross-referenced to facilitate browsing; thematic index listing headwords by topic; and additional material includes a chronology of Trollope's life, a family tree, and an extensive bibliography."--Jacket+-+8579513465+-+5116434936324+-+5116434936324Fri Mar 21 15:47:58 EDT 2014batch213686