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Fri Mar 21 17:15:05 2014 UTClccn-n780954820.19Italy at war /0.390.95Opera omnia; a cura di Edoardo e Duilio Susmel90162262Benito_Mussolinin 78095482230559Benito MussoliniDuce.Duce, 1883-1945Mo-so-li-ni, 1883-1945Mousolini, Benito, 1883-1945Musolīni, 1883-1945Musolini, BenitoMussolini.Mussolini, 1883-1945Mussolini, BenitoMusulini, BinituДуче, 1883-1945Муссолини, Бенито, 1883-1945מוסוליני, ביניטו, 1883-1945بنيتو موسوليني، 1883-1945بينيتو موسولني، 1883-1945موسوليني، بنيتو، 1883-1945ムッソリーニlccn-n79046200Hitler, Adolf1889-1945othprfrcpdtecrenrtlccn-n50041466Mack Smith, Denis1920-wamlccn-n82116898Bosworth, R. J. B.lccn-n50081237Partito nazionale fascista (Italy)othedtlccn-n50040426Deakin, F. W.(Frederick William)1913-2005lccn-n80044789Stalin, Joseph1879-1953lccn-n78095365Time-Life Bookslccn-n50035369Adams, Henry Hitch1917-lccn-n84218285Blinkhorn, Martin1941-lccn-n50001277Fermi, LauraMussolini, Benito1883-1945HistorySourcesBiographyFictionItalyMussolini, Benito,FascismPolitical scienceWorld War (1939-1945)DictatorsHeads of stateGermanyHitler, Adolf,International relationsAntisemitismNational socialismJews--PersecutionsSocial historyPublic opinion, AmericanItalian AmericansPartito nazionale fascista (Italy)Greece--Syros IslandOccupation of Greece (1941-1944)GreeceMilitary campaignsPress and politicsMass media--Political aspectsMass mediaCorporate stateClosed captioningIndustrial policyEuropeFascistsLookalikesLabor laws and legislationItaly--TrentoMadruzzo, Carlo Emanuele,Particella, Claudia,Hus, Jan,Industrial laws and legislationMussolini, Arnaldo,Wit and humorUnited StatesItaliansPublic opinionBarbersMistaken identitySatireOratoryClassicsAward winnersWorld politicsJewsJews in motion pictures1883194518911900190419091910191119131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201411855247079156945.0910924DG575.M8ocn800512118ocn797294101ocn797133807ocn799601531ocn799733475ocn369185142ocn797418237ocn421942102ocn799750930ocn799590525ocn797471069ocn799158036ocn185156888ocn797484429ocn185156891ocn186075287ocn800937772ocn010810540ocn029278714ocn464814466ocn029280707ocn257793820ocn030705591ocn832615295ocn654284359ocn813666213ocn439250957ocn439176560ocn450122879ocn858837696ocn440129837ocn858837638ocn781364934ocn422104291ocn440232771ocn072297981ocn071979064ocn718846717ocn072028493ocn719174544ocn721153393ocn056050515ocn761635726ocn659204889ocn658968486ocn658949005ocn858109533ocn646274549ocn762151303ocn762660000ocn797641055ocn754070079ocn753990985ocn834964773ocn834138778ocn255762803ocn833142325ocn078035222ocn023486021ocn765847019ocn661833809ocn765839081ocn661837268ocn767464789ocn317798247ocn046855443ocn464638199ocn156092773ocn698838187ocn725450903ocn078180322ocn082341161ocn798509959ocn79780600563613ocn000000759book19350.63Mussolini, BenitoFascism; doctrine and institutions49313ocn001320171book19480.53Mussolini, BenitoThe fall of Mussolini, his own storyHistorySources45717ocn001054332book19490.56Mussolini, BenitoMemoirs, 1942-1943, with documents relating to the periodHistoryBiographySources+-+00757679362988ocn001504921book19360.73Mussolini, BenitoThe corporate state : with an appendix including the Labour charter, the text of laws on syndical and corporate organizations, and explanatory notes25340ocn000276502book19000.39Mussolini, BenitoMy autobiographyHistoryBiographyFirst published 1928 Includes index249122ocn035179377book19300.81Mussolini, BenitoLa dottrina del fascismoHistory2162ocn002019444book19620.47Hibbert, ChristopherBenito Mussolini, a biographyBiography1937ocn000475954book19230.66Mussolini, BenitoMussolini as revealed in his political speeches (November 1914-August 1923)History+-+884901379619118ocn000385257book19330.86Mussolini, BenitoThe political and social doctrine of fascism16727ocn000777510book19330.84Mussolini, BenitoScritti e discorsi di Benito MussoliniSources1573ocn000678785book19280.76Mussolini, BenitoThe cardinal's mistressHistoryFiction14010ocn003789810book19350.86Mussolini, BenitoThe doctrine of fascism1404ocn001526679book19290.70Mussolini, BenitoJohn Huss12510ocn000669793book19710.92D'Annunzio, GabrieleCarteggio d'Annunzio-Mussolini (1919-1938) a cura di Renzo de Felice e Emilio Mariano12344ocn002804530book19580.95Mussolini, BenitoOpera omnia; a cura di Edoardo e Duilio Susmel11710ocn001961681book19460.90Hitler, AdolfLes lettres secrètes échangées par Hitler et MussoliniSources11519ocn013782315book19400.79Mussolini, BenitoDer Geist des Faschismus; ein Quellenwerk11124ocn007082294book19320.90Mussolini, BenitoVita di ArnaldoBiography1107ocn004122458book19350.93Mussolini, BenitoFour speeches on the corporate state : with an appendix including the labour charter, the text of laws on syndical and corporate organisations and explanatory notes1059ocn000684470book19360.88Mussolini, BenitoThe corporate state251515ocn008172144book19810.28Mack Smith, DenisMussoliniHistoryBiographyBibliography: p. 389-416. A political biography exploring Mussolini's career including his childhood, his leadership of Italy, his weaknesses, and his military miscalculations+-+730162948520301ocn008219305book19820.19Adams, Henry HitchItaly at warHistoryIn 1934, the Italians who shouted "Duce! Duce!" did not know their leader would take them into world war and national ruin184815ocn722474610visu19850.25Chaplin, CharlieThe great dictatorHistoryCaricatures and cartoonsFictionParodies, imitations, etcDramaChaplin plays the double role of the persecuted Jewish barber and Adenoid Hynkel, dictator of Tomania. The barber is imprisoned, escapes, and is finally mistaken for the dictator at which point he makes an impassioned, humanistic speech which amazes the dictator's followers183922ocn085775505file19840.50Blinkhorn, MartinMussolini and fascist ItalyHistoryIn this concise introduction, based on the most recent research in Italian and English, Martin Blinkhorn sets out to explain the significance of the movement which came to dominate Italian life between 1922 and the Second World War. He examines its origins in the context of the economic problems of post Risorimento Italy and the social and political convulsions wrought by economic change after 1890. This is the essential backgound to the movement's acquisition of power and firm establishment of the Fascist regime of 1925. Dr. Blinkhorn traces the regime's history until its demise during the Second World War, analyzing specifically Mussolini's role, the structure of the Fascist state and the fluid and often contradictory nature of Fascism itself+-+1687560695182610ocn000406069book19610.27Fermi, LauraMussoliniBiography170826ocn000348847book19620.35Deakin, F. WThe brutal friendship : Mussolini, Hitler, and the fall of Italian fascismHistoryBiography"This is a detailed account of the Fascist regime in Italy after the hammer blows of Alamein, the landings in French North Africa, and Stalingrad, and of the stages leading to the dramatic downfall of Mussolini after an all-night session of the Fascist Grand Council in July, 1943." "The narrative then traces Mussolini's return to power as head of a puppet satellite Nazi republic in the North after his abduction from internment by SS paratroopers in September, and then follows the dictator's fate through the Six Hundred Days of the final disintegration of Fascism." "Using source materials ranging from summit conference records on the Axis side to private correspondence, police files and spy reports, the author throws fascinating light on how Mussolini ran his government, his relations with leaders, his handling of subordinates and above all his 'brutal friendship' with Hitler."--BOOK JACKET+-+7495767936163310ocn048628134book20020.25Bosworth, R. J. BMussoliniHistoryBiographyIn 1945, disguised in German greatcoat and helmet, Mussolini attempted to escape from the advancing Allied armies. Unfortunately for him, the convoy of which he was part was stopped by partisans and his features, made so familiar by Fascist propaganda, gave him away. Within 24 hours he was executed by his captors, joining those he sent early to their graves as an outcome of his tyranny, at least one million people. He was one of the tyrant-killers who so scarred interwar Europe, but we cannot properly understand him or his regime by any simple equation with Hitler or Stalin. Like them, his lif+-+9334535985153114ocn061353131book20050.25Bosworth, R. J. BMussolini's Italy : life under the dictatorship, 1915-1945HistoryAn evaluation of Italy's notorious Fascist period under dictator Benito Mussolini considers its violence and demands for obedience, noting how it served as a model for other twentieth-century dictatorships while arguing that the nation's largely undeveloped country and tribal family structures helped Italians to devise creative survival and resistance methods+-+0325579406138811ocn001992229book19760.32Mack Smith, DenisMussolini's Roman Empire13577ocn170175951file20070.35Morgan, PhilipThe fall of Mussolini Italy, the Italians, and the Second World WarHistoryA fascinating reconstruction and re-evaluation of the causes and consequences of Mussolini's fall from power in July 1943, covering everything from high politics to the everyday experiences of ordinary Italians as war continued to ravage their country. - ;The dramatic story of Mussolini's fall from power in July 1943, illuminating both the causes and the consequences of this momentous event. Morgan shows how Italians of all classes coped with the extraordinary pressures of wartime living, both on the military and home fronts, and how their experience of the country at war eventually distanced+-+K29753746513522ocn000280262book19720.37Diggins, John PMussolini and fascism : the view from America13379ocn000767355book19640.37Kirkpatrick, IvoneMussolini, a study in powerBiography12573ocn000212555book19710.27Collier, RichardDuce! A biography of Benito MussoliniAccount of the rise and fall of Mussolini from 1922 to 1945 based on interviews with 454 persons and extensive research125117ocn000409180book19350.53Finer, HermanMussolini's ItalyHistory121717ocn000917663book19280.39Mussolini, BenitoMy autobiographyHistoryBiographyFirst published 1928 Includes index+-+683200789611497ocn472108140com20080.39Lecoeur, SheilaMussolini's Greek island fascism and the Italian occupation of Syros in World War IIHistoryMilitary historyA powerful and unique study of the realities and long-term impact of occupation, "Mussolini's Greek Island" reveals the Italian dictator's imperial vision, the mechanisms of Italian occupation and its tragic consequences. The small island of Syros is a vital entry-point illuminating Italian imperialism - its ethos, fascist connection, pretension and administrative achievements, marred by famine. Here Lecoeur examines the devastating effects of war and occupation on the local community - starvation, corruption and survival - and, drawing on local archives and interviews with survivors+-+952166093611144ocn245118585file20070.47Hibberd, MatthewThe media in Italy press, cinema and broadcasting from unification to digitalHistory"The Italian media - the press, cinema, radio and television - is one of the largest and most controversial media industries in mainland Europe. In this introductory text Matthew Hibberd explores the key historical processes and events in the growth and development of Italy's main media and considers it in the context of the economic, political, socio-cultural and technological movements that have affected Italy. Featuring a timeline of key Italian events, the book begins with the Unification - or Risorgimento - of Italy in 1861, and charts the rise of Italy from a fragmented and rural-based society through to a leading industrialised and urbanised world power. It details Fascism's reliance on the exploitation of the mass media, analyses Italy's remarkable postwar recovery, the development of democratic institutions and the contribution that a pluralistic media has made to this. Finally, it examines Silvio Berlusconi's rise to high political office and questions whether the involvement of Italy's leading media mogul in politics has harmed Italy's international reputation." "The Media in Italy is key reading for students on media, journalism, politics, and modern language courses."--BOOK JACKET+-+903777088510914ocn144526904file20030.50Strang, G. BruceOn the fiery march Mussolini prepares for war"By the 1930s Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini reached the conclusion that Italy faced a clear choice: expand its power at the expense of the British and French Empires or face stagnation and decline." "Through his intervention in the Spanish Civil War and his attempts to challenge French Power in Europe and British imperial domination of the Middle East and East Africa, Mussolini sought to decisively change Italy's long-standing position as the least of the Great Powers. Although the "Pact of Steel" did not always function smoothly, Mussolini remained loyal to its principles, eventually throwing Italy into the Second World War, where he would belatedly discover that his regime had signally failed to prepare his legions for fighting in a modern war."--BOOK JACKET+-+228424027598512ocn039545836book19970.25Ridley, Jasper GodwinMussoliniHistoryBiographyThis biography of Benito Mussolini describes his upbringing in the violent society of nineteenth-century Italy and the revolutionary traditions of Italian Socialism; his suspension from school for attacking other boys with knives; his imprisonment in Switzerland as an anarchist tramp. He had numerous love affairs and became a brilliant orator and journalist. He founded the Fascist party and ordered his squads to burn down the party offices of the Communists and Socialists during four years of virtual civil war. Mussolini, having become Prime Minister and dictator after the March on Rome, showed his true colors as an empire builder and, eventually, as a racist and persecutor of the Jews+-+88584676859167ocn007775314book19820.59Knox, MacGregorMussolini unleashed, 1939-1941 : politics and strategy in fascist Italy's last warHistory+-+7083886705+-+8849013796+-+8849013796Fri Mar 21 16:02:06 EDT 2014batch149756