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Fri Mar 21 17:12:25 2014 UTClccn-n780955790.15Fairy tales of Ireland /0.380.79The land of heart's desire /46768718W._B._Yeatsn 78095579230655Butler Yeats, WilliamButler-Yeats, William 1865-1939D. E. D. I., 1865-1939Daemon Est Deus Inversus, 1865-1939Ganconagh.Ganconagh, 1865-1939Ganconagh 1865-1939 PseudonymI., D. E. D., 1865-1939Ĭeĭts, U. B. (Uilʹi͡am Batler), 1865-1939Ĭeĭts, Uilʹi͡am Batler, 1865-1939Jeits, Viljem BatlerJejts, U.B., 1865-1939Jejts, Uiliem BatlerJejts, Uiljam Batler, 1865-1939W.B. YeatsWeilian Batele Yezhi, 1865-1939William Butler YeatsYe, Zhi, 1865-1939Yeats.Yeats, Liam Buitléir 1865-1939Yeats, W. B.Yeats, W.B., 1865-1939Yeats, W. B. (William Butler)Yeats, W. B. (William Butler), 1865-1939Yeats, William B., 1865-1939Yeats, William Butler.Yeats, William Butler, 1865-1939Yeats, William Buttler 1865-1939Yeats, Willie B. 1865-1939Yeci, 1865-1939Yeṭs, Ṿilyam Baṭler, 1865-1939Yītz, Wīlyām Bātlir 1865-1939Йейтс, Уильям Батлер, 1865-1939יטס, יטלאם בטלרייטס, ויליאם בטלר, 1865-1939ייטס, וילים בטלרイェイツ, W. Bイェイツ, ウィリアム・Bイェイツ, ウィリアム・バトラーイエイツ, W. Bイエーツ葉慈, 1865-1939叶芝, 1865-1939威廉,巴特勒,叶芝, 1865-1939lccn-n79006870Eliot, T. S.(Thomas Stearns)1888-1965dtelccn-n82057064Jeffares, A. Norman(Alexander Norman)1920-2005othauicomedtlccn-n78097014Pound, Ezra1885-1972comedtdtelccn-n79056824Joyce, James1882-1941prflbtlyrlccn-n50005321Finneran, Richard J.comedtlccn-n79086281Ellmann, Richard1918-1987auiivelccn-n78095331Blake, William1757-1827illlccn-n80056886GregoryLady1852-1932prfcomtrledtdrtlccn-n80035679Harper, George Millsothedtlccn-n79022811Synge, J. M.(John Millington)1871-1909trlYeats, W. B.(William Butler)1865-1939Criticism, interpretation, etcBiographyDramaPoetryHandbooks, manuals, etcStudy guidesRecords and correspondenceFilm adaptationsFictionLegendsYeats, W. B.--(William Butler),IrelandLiteratureIntellectual lifePoets, IrishEnglish poetryAuthors, IrishTalesFriendshipFairy talesFolkloreMythology, CelticSocial classes in literaturePolitics and literatureSex in literatureNationalism in literatureNationalism--HistoriographyPolitical and social viewsNational characteristics, Irish, in literatureO'Connor, Frank,Abbey TheatreLibrariansAmerican literatureChristianity in literatureHidden GodHemingway, Ernest,Eliot, T. S.--(Thomas Stearns),Faulkner, William,English literature--Irish authorsBeckett, Samuel,Joyce, James,Wilde, Oscar,PoetryIreland--DublinCriticismAmerican poetryAstrologyMysticismThought and thinkingExaminationsEnglish-speaking countriesWhitman, Walt,Pope, Alexander,Dickinson, Emily,Great BritainAuthorsAuthors, Irish--Homes and hauntsHomesEnglish poetry--Irish authorsPoetry, Modern18651939187118721873187518761885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014426598685216140821.8PR5906ocn000351394ocn002045049ocn003192331ocn002584439ocn000171460ocn000026749ocn004570713ocn000549392ocn003324249ocn000359025ocn001231576ocn000147085ocn000147153ocn000811545ocn006849062ocn002479253ocn004589722ocn012562839ocn213830661ocn005794963ocn002761324ocn002279512ocn000100735ocn000031403ocn006231956ocn001981636ocn007695222ocn860372852ocn756454367ocn174925030ocn019096097ocn641594928ocn028305584ocn069417493ocn744318580ocn002909933ocn050501238ocn052955870ocn658581539ocn809198595ocn050563905ocn228178813ocn046699273ocn063788250ocn797719862ocn421345897ocn441948036ocn440300568ocn441669838ocn797423530ocn459455242ocn459441937ocn797460142ocn185714306ocn185689512ocn725243859ocn724651849ocn725195902ocn185977846ocn691976285ocn725081700ocn725059585ocn175773783ocn061068462ocn076055961ocn310453474ocn310477564ocn258113174ocn255821446ocn257144967ocn256003647ocn258447199ocn257773954ocn248064414ocn257925233ocn440267362ocn439065113ocn440234723ocn439220459ocn444212061ocn441824824ocn442936257ocn439436343ocn437727824ocn075284988ocn691757333ocn494717461ocn494656994ocn691322781ocn692029923ocn074740157ocn075442561ocn075232303ocn554165668ocn554165667ocn798526694ocn080240949ocn026598421ocn721116432ocn075232296ocn824632498ocn658570496ocn174855057ocn082660914ocn081515133Poets, Irish3953189ocn000964555book19330.27Yeats, W. BThe collected poems of W.B. YeatsCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryThis collection of the lyrical, narrative and dramatic poetry published by Yeats from 1889 to 1939 incorporates his own final revisions and is indexed by titles and first lines+-+4682539315283643ocn009896226book19620.28Yeats, W. BThe poemsBiographyA complete standard edition of the Nobel laureate's verse, including poems from the plays and essays+-+0652781755266477ocn000351394book19360.27Yeats, W. BThe Oxford book of modern verse, 1892-1935245677ocn012175311book18920.23Yeats, W. BIrish fairy and folk talesFolkloreFairy talesIncludes tales of fairies, changelings, ghosts, witches, saints, the devil, giants, kings, queens, and robbers+-+4825475335324215753ocn000362823book19590.37Yeats, W. BEssays and introductionsCriticism, interpretation, etc190979ocn000326297book19250.50Yeats, W. BA visionCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+9551005755178345ocn000362604book19330.33Yeats, W. BCollected playsDrama172054ocn021373086book18730.15Yeats, W. BFairy tales of IrelandA collection of Irish fairy tales, with a concentration on the fairies themselves, including "The Stolen Child," "The Witches' Excursion, " and "The Horned Women."+-+8591005755164965ocn000364452book19590.35Yeats, W. BMythologiesCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionFor contents, see Author Catalog+-+0050948596152721ocn050188710visu19570.31SophoclesOedipus RexDramaFilm adaptationsThe Stratford, Ontario, Shakespearean Festival Players, speaking through Greek masks, present the tragedy of Oedipus, who, having unwittingly slain his father and unknowingly married his mother, is driven by the plague that has swept through his kingdom to track down the evildoer who has polluted his land and its people1360111ocn003890077book18140.79Yeats, W. BThe land of heart's desireDrama" ... also includes a short selection of thematically relevant poetry ..."+-+0987309066324133283ocn003551293book19330.29Yeats, W. BThe collected plays of W.B. YeatsDrama128321ocn000079800book19700.50Yeats, W. BUncollected proseVolume 1 in Circulation128112ocn037392887book19970.24Yeats, W. BThe Yeats reader : a portable compendium of poetry, drama, and proseA collection of over one hundred poems, plays, autobiographical and critical writings, and prose fiction by Irish author William Butler Yeats, drawn from throughout his entire career, with textual notes and a chronology of Yeats's life+-+5336839315121829ocn002894153book19540.56Yeats, W. BLetters to W. B. YeatsBiographyRecords and correspondence120651ocn000092405book19020.59GregoryCuchulain of Muirthemne; the story of the men of the Red Branch of Ulster. Arr. and put into English by Lady GregoryFolkloreLegends+-+5030215545324120324ocn000256420book19620.47Yeats, W. BExplorationsAutobiographical reminiscences concerning the author's role in supporting the Abbey Theatre, forewords to books Yeats admired, and introductions to plays+-+07947817551194107ocn000367495book19120.50Tagore, RabindranathGitanjali : a collection of prose translations made by the author from the original BengaliCriticism, interpretation, etcPoems/songs translated by the author from his Bengali originals+-+1581745796115142ocn000047893book18910.66Yeats, W. BJohn Sherman & DhoyaFictionJohn Sherman and Dhoya, novella and story, are among the earliest of W.B. Yeats's published compositions, begun at his father's prompting when the young poet was living in London in 1888. John Sherman is a poignant and delightful narrative that dramatizes the predicament of a young man in love, troubled by his senses. It is complexly autobiographical, projecting the poet's Self and Anti-self through the contrasted personalites of Sherman and Howard, exalting a yearned-for Sligo in the west of Ireland at the expense of an alien English metropolis. Dhoya is a wonder tale of the heroic age+-+6852781755108026ocn002071500book10620.29Yeats, W. BSelected poems and two plays of William Butler YeatsPoetryDrama310915ocn000064756book19700.37Bloom, HaroldYeatsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographySets forth in detail the precise relations of all of Yeats's writings - poems, plays, visionary prose - to the Romantic tradition+-+8851650465281814ocn035049659book19970.29Foster, R. FW.B. Yeats : a lifeBiographyIn the first authorized biography of W. B. Yeats for over fifty years, Roy Foster brings new light to one of the most complex and fascinating lives of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Working from a great archive of personal and contemporary material, he dramatically alters traditional perceptions to illuminate the poet's family history, relationships, politics and art. The search for supernatural wisdom forms a constant thread, traced through Yeats' occult notebooks and closely related to the insecurities of his personal life. The Apprentice Mage charts the growth of a poet's mind and of an astonishing personality, both of which were instrumental in the formation of a new and radicalized Irish nationalist identity+-+9019363465260443ocn000753974book19480.39Ellmann, RichardYeats, the man and the masksCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA critical biography of the great Irish poet traces his intellectual growth and relates his mystical concerns and involvement in public affairs to his poetry+-+740355848524305ocn000311733book19630.28Unterecker, JohnYeats : a collection of critical essaysCriticism, interpretation, etcPresents many brilliant critical writings which reveal both the method and the achievement of William Butler Yeats who used symbolism to elevate the subjective into statements of universal meaning228611ocn042922295file19960.35Howes, Marjorie ElizabethYeats's nations gender, class, and IrishnessHistory"Yeats, it has been claimed, invented a country and called it Ireland. His plays, poetry and prose record his life-long commitment to establishing new forms of individual and collective identity. Marjorie Howes's study is the first sustained attempt to examine Yeats's invention of Irishness through the most recent theoretical work on literature, gender and nationalism in post-colonial cultures. She explores the complex, often contradictory ways Yeats's politics are refracted through his writing. Yeats had a complicated relation to British imperialism and the English literary tradition, an intense but troubled commitment to Irish nationalism, and a fascination with the Anglo-Irish as a declining ruling class. As a Free State senator, he participated in Ireland's postcolonial project of nation-building; he also confronted his own isolation as a Protestant intellectual in a deeply Catholic country. The various Irish nations he invented, she claims, are intensely powerful imaginative responses to a period of violent historical change. By placing Yeats's politics and poetics at the centre of debates on nationalism and gender currently occupying critics in postcolonial studies, Howes reveals the contemporary cultural codes governing representations of class and gender embedded in the poet's concepts of nationality. Ironically, in Yeats's works, the unity of the Irish nation is embodied in the relationship between the Irish peasantry and the Anglo-Irish aristocracy, and excludes the Catholic middle classes. Every public proclamation on national destiny involves an intensely private scrutiny of gender and sexuality. This accessible and thorough study will appeal to all interested in Irish studies, postcolonial theory, and the relationship between nationalism and sexuality."--Jacket+-+3718106705324226212ocn022346725book19880.31Jeffares, A. NormanW.B. Yeats, a new biographyBiographyHalf a century ago, Norman Jeffares wrote the definitive biography of W.B. Yeats, which was subsequently published in a revised edition in 1990 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the poet's death. The present volume, a re-issue of the 1990 edition with a new introduction and bibliography, is an account of Yeats's life and work, together with a fascinating collection of letters, photographs and poetry+-+3330379285219826ocn000095722book19150.37Cowell, RaymondW.B. YeatsCriticism, interpretation, etcOutlines, syllabi, etcAlthough Yeat's greatness as a poet is now widely accepted, there are several odd facts about his contemporary reputation and status. Perhaps the oddest is that, though he is granted the label of 'great' by many, attempts to demonstrated his greatness & its nature seem to concentrate on a handful of his poems, his anthology pieces204822ocn000283973book19380.39Yeats, W. BAutobiography: consisting of Reveries over childhood and youth. The trembling of the veil, and Dramatis personaeBiography203012ocn000024236book19680.32O'Connor, FrankMy father's sonBiographyRe-creates his young manhood--the beginning of his life as a writer and his relationship to Yeats and other leading figures of Ireland's literary Renaissance+-+691051063519352ocn000224127book19630.37Brooks, CleanthThe hidden God; studies in Hemingway, Faulkner, Yeats, Eliot, and WarrenCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+4539455585189519ocn000366395book19540.50Ellmann, RichardThe identity of YeatsCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetry184913ocn015793391book19860.32Ellmann, RichardFour Dubliners : Wilde, Yeats, Joyce, and BeckettCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+3357612535324182020ocn032402442book19490.56Jeffares, A. NormanW.B. Yeats : man and poetCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"One of the most influential figures of the twentieth century, William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) is among the greatest poets to have written in the English language. He was a multi-talented writer, fascinated by the occult, an important dramatist, critic and autobiographer, with a career extending over more than fifty years." "Professor Jeffares investigates the relationship between Yeats's life and his work. He considers the crucial moments as well as the famous relationships that changed Yeats's destiny. A founder of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Yeats was also a Senator of the Irish Free State. His life has provided a remarkably rich and varied canvas for this timeless biography."--BOOK JACKET+-+4963067685179225ocn035607726book18980.50Hone, Joseph MW.B. Yeats, 1865-1939Biography177831ocn001929356book19570.53Kermode, FrankRomantic imageHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFor other editions, see Author Catalog+-+9136170695174411ocn047010281book19990.33Brown, TerenceThe life of W.B. Yeats a critical biographyBiographyPublisher's description: W.B. Yeats is widely regarded as the greatest English-language poet of the twentieth century. This new critical biography seeks to tell the story of his life as it unfolded in the various contexts in which Yeats worked as an artist and as public figure+-+3328776815324172317ocn000718605book19590.39Unterecker, JohnA reader's guide to William Butler YeatsCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcStudy guidesThe poetry of William Butler Yeats presents unusual problems for the general reader. Yeats drew heavily upon mystical and theosophical systems of a more or less arcane nature. Moreover, he often referred to events in his own life and in the history of modern Ireland which require elucidition for the non-specialist. A Reader's Guide to William Butler Yeats not only provides the background needed for an understanding of the works but also reveals the structure of images and meanings of the various lyrics+-+659851063516896ocn055109115book20040.37Vendler, HelenPoets thinking : Pope, Whitman, Dickinson, YeatsCriticism, interpretation, etc"Poetry has often been considered an irrational genre, more expressive than logical, more meditative than given to coherent argument. And yet, in each of the four different poets she considers here, Helen Vendler reveals a style of thinking in operation; although they may prefer different means, she argues, all poets of any value are thinkers." "The four poets taken up in this volume - Alexander Pope, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and William Butler Yeats - come from three centuries and three nations, and their styles of thinking are characteristically idiosyncratic. Vendler shows us Pope performing as a satiric miniaturizer, remaking in verse the form of the essay, Whitman writing as a poet of repetitive insistence for whom thinking must be followed by rethinking, Dickinson experimenting with plot to characterize life's unfolding, and Yeats thinking in images, using montage in lieu of argument." "Vendler traces through these poets' lines to find evidence of thought in lyric, the silent stylistic measures representing changes of mind, the condensed power of poetic thinking. Her work argues against the reduction of poetry to its (frequently well-worn) themes and demonstrates, instead, that there is always in admirable poetry a strenuous process of thinking, evident in an evolving style - however ancient the theme - that is powerful and original."--BOOK JACKET+-+821065921516568ocn000712560book19670.37Ellmann, RichardEminent domain; Yeats among Wilde, Joyce, Pound, Eliot, and AudenBiography163120ocn003469618book19630.53Jeffares, A. NormanW.B. Yeats : the critical heritageCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPoetryThis set comprises of 40 volumes covering nineteenth and twentieth century European and American authors. These volumes will be available as a complete set, mini boxed sets (by theme) or as individual volumes. This second set compliments the first 68 volume set of Critical Heritage published by Routledge in October 1995+-+3835837465324+-+0652781755+-+0652781755Fri Mar 21 15:50:11 EDT 2014batch247768