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Fri Mar 21 17:06:55 2014 UTClccn-n780889340.00Papers presented at SPIE's International Symposium on Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation 24 May - 2 June 2006, Orlando, Florida, USA0.711.00Membership directory /151856603n 78088934224101International society for optical engineeringInternational society of orptical engineeringS.P.I.E.Society for Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersSociety of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (Washington)Society of photographic instrumentation engineersSPIE.SPIE AbkuerzungSPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering.SPIE--the International Society of Optical EngineeringcontainsVIAFID/262550428Society of Photographic Instrumentation EngineerscontainsVIAFID/144628493SPIE (Society)nc-spie digital librarySPIE Digital Librarylccn-n91063246IS & T--the Society for Imaging Science and Technologyfndedtlccn-n92062713European Optical Societyedtlccn-n87905402New Mexico State UniversityApplied Optics Laboratorylccn-n80024416American Association of Physicists in Medicineothlccn-n50054575Association nationale de la recherche techniqueedtlccn-n82154464Zhongguo guang xue xue huilccn-n79046065European Physical Societyedtlccn-n90682619Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Internationallccn-no92021570Guo jia zi ran ke xue ji jin wei yuan hui (China)Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersConference proceedingsPeriodicalsHandbooks, manuals, etcDirectoriesImage processingSmart materialsExpertising, X-rayScience and the artsArt--ExpertisingArt and scienceArt--RadiographyArt--ForgeriesMasks (Electronics)MicrolithographySemiconductors--Design and constructionPattern recognition systemsImaging systems in medicineLight--ScatteringOptical instrumentsStructural designDiagnostic imagingSmart structuresOptical instruments--Design and constructionTissues--Optical propertiesDetectorsImaging systemsOptical fibers in medicineLasers in medicineOptical fiber detectorsSignal processing--Digital techniquesDiffractionLenses--Design and constructionOpticsSolar energyLasersLasers--Industrial applicationsLasers in engineeringMeasuring instrumentsSolar collectorsImaging systems in meteorologyAtmospheric turbulenceRobots, IndustrialRobot visionGeometrical opticsSolar cells--Design and constructionThin filmsPhotovoltaic cells--ResearchHysteresisCopperSpectrum analysisStructural control (Engineering)Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersLaser spectroscopyEngineers19551960196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320146925731697449813621.381531TA1632ocn474358934ocn492508292ocn492507825ocn492995785ocn492672446ocn492087193ocn491127311ocn492116910ocn491040076ocn469953011ocn844590661ocn844590660ocn844590659ocn844590658ocn864858844ocn855022509ocn456125763ocn456127736ocn456125651ocn440060173ocn454815514ocn456128020ocn454818326ocn440054566ocn456127965ocn456127790ocn186188885ocn186709732ocn799260792ocn468105062ocn4685789599784ocn191945165file20040.47Weiss, Richard JFakebusters II scientific detection of fakery in art and philatelyConference proceedingsNow that the sale of a Picasso painting has exceeded US+-+90751076348756ocn060626225file0.56Microlithography worldPeriodicals8506ocn261135274file20010.47Multispectral image processing and pattern recognitionConference proceedingsA study of multispectral image processing and pattern recognition. It covers: geometric and orthogonal moments; minimum description length method for facet matching; an integrated vision system for ALV navigation; fuzzy Bayesian networks; and more+-+484097563458216ocn001785642serial0.79Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersOptical engineering : the journal of the Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersPeriodicals3419ocn695027107file19950.81Stover, John COptical scattering measurement and analysisAs the authoritative resource on optical scattering, this book was developed from many years of teaching light-scatter measurement and analysis courses to optical engineers. Dr. Stover covers scattering beginning with its basics and covering surface roughness calculations, measurements, instrumentation, predictions, specifications, and industrial applications. Also included are appendices that review the basics of wave propagation and Kirchhoff diffraction. Whether you're an optical engineer currently investigating roughness-induced haze in the semiconductor industry, or just entering the field of scatter metrology, this text will be invaluable2468ocn023553442serial0.86International Society for Optical EngineeringJournal of electronic imagingPeriodicals2398ocn032795913serial0.84Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)Journal of biomedical opticsPeriodicals23212ocn041646832book19990.95Conference on Sensory Phenomena and Measurement Instrumentation for Smart Structures and MaterialsSmart structures and materials 1999. 1-4 March 1999, Newport Beach, CaliforniaConference proceedings+-+19518946352244ocn697174194file20000.81Van Metter, Richard LHandbook of medical imagingHandbooks, manuals, etcThis book examines x-ray imaging physics and reviews linear systems theory and its application to signal and noise propagation. The first half addresses the physics of important imaging modalities now in use: ultrasound, CT, MRI, and the recently emerging flat panel x-ray detectors and their application to mammography. The second half describes the relationship between image quality metrics and visual perception of the diagnostic information carried by medical images+-+16718946352204ocn025792628serial0.76Smart materials & structuresPeriodicals2127ocn052766045file20040.81O'Shea, Donald CDiffractive optics : design, fabrication, and testThis book provides the reader with the broad range of materials that were discussed in a series of short courses presented at Georgia Tech on the design, fabrication, and testing of diffractive optical elements (DOEs). Although there are not long derivations or detailed methods for specific engineering calculations, the reader should be familiar and comfortable with basic computational techniques. This text is not a 'cookbook' for producing DOEs, but it should provide readers with sufficient information to assess whether this technology would benefit their work, and to understand the requirements for using the concepts and techniques presented by the authors+-+662609463519915ocn061426863file20050.95Smart structures and materials 2006Smart structures and materials 2005. 7-10 March, 2005, San Diego, California, USAConference proceedings1936ocn003187364book19770.92Optics in solar energy utilization II : [seminar] August 24-25, 1976, San Diego, CaliforniaConference proceedings19214ocn053245480book20030.95Laser technology VII. 23-27 September, 2002, Szczecin-Świnoujście, PolandConference proceedings1896ocn606701947file20070.81Tuchin, V. VTissue optics : light scattering methods and instruments for medical diagnosisThis second edition covers the intensive growth in tissue optics--in particular, the field of tissue diagnostics and imaging--that has occurred since 2000. As in the original edition, Part I describes fundamentals and basic research, and Part II presents instrumentation and medical applications. The extensive new material includes results on tissue optical property measurements, including polarized light interaction with turbid tissues; an overview of new polarization imaging and spectroscopy techniques, optical computed tomography (OCT) developments and applications; updates on controlling tissue optical properties, and the optothermal and optoacoustic interaction of light with tissues; and descriptions of fluorescence, nonlinear spectroscopies, and inelastic light scattering.--Résumé de l'éditeur+-+88891946351845ocn003070276book19760.94Imaging through the atmosphere : [seminar] March 22-23, 1976, Reston, VirginiaConference proceedings1832ocn009068680book19820.95Robot vision : May 6-7, 1982, Arlington, VirginiaConference proceedings1833ocn000886723book19730.93Applications of geometrical optics; seminar-in-depth, August 27-29, 1973, San Diego, CaliforniaConference proceedings1821ocn707927300file20110.73Albin, David SEffect of hysteresis on measurements of thin-film cell performanceTransient or hysteresis effects in polycrystalline thin film CdS/CdTe cells are a function of pre-measurement voltage bias and whether Cu is introduced as an intentional dopant during back contact fabrication. When Cu is added, the current-density (J) vs. voltage (V) measurements performed in a reverse-to-forward voltage direction will yield higher open-circuit voltage (Voc), up to 10 mV, and smaller short-circuit current density (Jsc), by up to 2 mA/cm2, relative to scanning voltage in a forward-to-reverse direction. The variation at the maximum power point, Pmax, is however small. The resulting variation in FF can be as large as 3%. When Cu is not added, hysteresis in both Voc and Jsc is negligible however Pmax hysteresis is considerably greater. This behavior corroborates observed changes in depletion width, Wd, derived from capacitance (C) vs voltage (V) scans. Measured values of Wd are always smaller in reverse-to-forward voltage scans, and conversely, larger in the forward-to-reverse voltage direction. Transient ion drift (TID) measurements performed on Cu-containing cells do not show ionic behavior suggesting that capacitance transients are more likely due to electronic capture-emission processes. J-V curve simulation using Pspice shows that increased transient capacitance during light-soak stress at 100 degrees C correlates with increased space-charge recombination. Voltage-dependent collection however was not observed to increase with stress in these cells1815ocn003187362book19760.93Unconventional spectroscopy : [seminar] August 24-25, 1976, San Diego, CaliforniaConference proceedings91ocn019638417serial0.73Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersDirectory for membersDirectories82ocn606304602file19550.88Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersSPIE member guide 1995Directories41ocn016908617book19670.97Photo-optical systems evaluation seminar; proceedingsConference proceedings31ocn077083360file2006Papers presented at SPIE's International Symposium on Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation 24 May - 2 June 2006, Orlando, Florida, USAConference proceedings32ocn036598421serial1.00Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersMembership directoryDirectories21ocn627506854book19700.47Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersPublications of the Society [of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers]11ocn759612940mix19761.00Göpfert, Wolfgang MartinOptical cross-correlation by complex exponentiation of the input data12ocn029509328book1993Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersSPIE member guide : 1993Directories11ocn044298372comSociety of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersSPIEWebInternational Society for Optical Engineering has grown into a vital international organization that addresses virtually all subfields associated with optics and photonics technologies and their many engineering, scientific, and commercial applications. Features the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), as a resource for applied scientists and engineers in the fields of optics, lasers, optoelectronics, fiber optics, electro-optics, imaging, and optical physics. Notes the benefits of membership, including student memberships, and contact points11ocn068901391file1.00Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersSPIE member directoryDirectories01ocn220935498serialSociety of Photo-optical Instrumentation EngineersPublications of Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers : with journal cumulative indexPeriodicals+-+9075107634+-+9075107634Fri Mar 21 15:33:01 EDT 2014batch669110