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Fri Mar 21 17:13:55 2014 UTClccn-n790040710.06Pish, posh, said Hieronymus Bosch /0.360.95Fünf Fragmente zu Bildern von Hieronymus Bosch : für Tenor, Violine, Posaune, Cembalo und Streichorchester = Five fragments based on paintings of Hieronymus Bosch : for tenor, violin, trombone, harpsichord and string orchestra /76401424Hieronymus_Boschn 79004071238256Aeken, Hie͏̈ronimus vanAeken, Hieronimus Van, d. 1516Aeken, Hieronymus van.Aeken, Hieronymus van, 1450-1516Aeken, Hieronymus van, -1516Aeken, Hieronymus van, ca 1450-1516Aeken, Hieronymus van, m. 1516Aeken, Jeroom van, ca 1450-1516Aken, Hie͏̈ronimus vanAken, Hieronimus van, d. 1516Aken, Hieronymus van.Aken, Hieronymus van 1450-1516Aken, Hieronymus van, -1516Aken, Hieronymus van, ca 1450-1516Aken, Jeroen Anthoniszoon van, -1516Aken, Jheronimus Anthonis-zoon van, ca 1450-1516Aken, Jheronimus Anthoniszoon van 1450-1516Aken, Jheronimus B. van 1450-1516Aken, Jheronymus van 1450-1516Aken, Jheronymus van, -1516Aken, Jheronymus van, ca 1450-1516Aquen, Hie͏̈ronimus vanAquen, Hieroniymus vanAquen, Jheronimus, -1516Aquen, Jheronimus, ca 1450-1516Bos, Hieronymus van 1450-1516Bos, Hieronymus van, -1516Bos, Hieronymus van, ca 1450-1516Bos, Hieronymus van, m. 1516Bos, Ierōnymos, -1516Bos, Ierōnymos, ca 1450-1516Bos, Jerom, d. 1516Bos, Jeronimus, -1516Bos, Jeronimus, ca 1450-1516BoschBosch, ..., ca. 1450-1516Bosch, H.Bosch, Hieronim.Bosch, Hieronimus 1450-1516Bosch, Hieronimus, -1516Bosch, Hieronimus ca. 1450-1516Bosch, Hieronymous 1450-1516Bosch, Hieronymous, -1516Bosch, Hieronymous, ca 1450-1516Bosch, Hie͏̈ronymusBosch, Hieronymus, 1450-1516Bosch, Hieronymus, ca. 1450-1516Bosch, Hieronymus, d. 1516Bosch, Hieronymus van AekenBosch, Hieronymus van AkenBosch, Hieronymus van Aken 1450-1516Bosch, Hieronymus van Aken, ca 1450-1516Bosch, Hieronymus van Aken, known as, d. 1516Bosch, Iheronimus 1450-1516Bosch, Jeroen, 1450?-1516Bosch, Jeroen, -1516Bosch, Jeroen, ca. 1450-1516Bosch, Jeroen van Aken ca. 1450-1516Bosch, Jeroen van ca. 1450-1516Bosch, JérômeBosch, Jérôme, 1450-1516Bosch, Jérôme, -1516Bosch, Jérôme, ca 1450-1516Bosch, Jerome, d. 1516Bosch, Jérôme Hieronymus 1450-1516Bosch, Jérôme, m. 1516Bosch, Jerónimo, -1516Bosch, Jerónimo, ca 1450-1516Bosch, JheronimusBosch, Jheronimus 1450-1516Bosch, Jheronimus, -1516Bosch, Jheronimus, ca 1450-1516Bosch, Jheronimus, d. 1516Bosch, Jheronymus 1450-1516Bosch, Jheronymus, -1516Bosch, Jheronymus, ca 1450-1516Bosch van Aken, Hieronymus 1450-1516Bosch van Aken, Jeronimus 1450-1516Bosch van Aken, Jheronimus 1450-1516Bosco ca. 1450-1516Bosco, El 1450-1516Bosco, ... el, ca. 1450-1516Bosco, Hieronymus, -1516Bosco, Hieronymus, ca 1450-1516Bosco, Hieronymus, m. 1516Bosco, Hyeronimo, d. 1516Bosh, Hieronims, 1450-1516Boskh, Ieronim, -1516Boskh, Ieronim, ca 1450-1516Bosque, Jerónimo, -1516Bosque, Jerónimo, ca 1450-1516El Bosco 1450-1516El Bosco, -1516El Bosco, ca 1450-1516ElBosco 1450-1516Hie͏̈ronimus Van AekenHieronimus van Aken.Hie͏̈ronymus, Bosch, ca. 1450-1516Hieronymus, van Aeken, d. 1516Hieronymus van AkenHieronymus, van Aken, ca. 1450-1516Hieronymus van AquenJeroen, van Aken, ca. 1450-1516Jheronimus Anthonissoen, van Aken, ca. 1450-1516Jheronimus, Bosch, ca. 1450-1516Jheronimus, van Aken, ca. 1450-1516Jheronymus, van Aecken, ca. 1450-1516Mpos, Hierōnymos 1450-1516Van Aeken, Hie͏̈ronimusVan Aeken Jérôme 1450?-1516Van Aken (Aeken)Van Aken, Hie͏̈ronimusVan Aken Jérôme 1450?-1616Van Aquen, Hie͏̈ronimusVan Aquen Jérôme 1450?-1516Босх, Иероним, 1450-1516Босх, Хиеронимус, 1450-1516ボスボッス, ヒエロニムスlccn-n88245958Linfert, Carl1900-edtcreviaf-165635151Rembert, Virginia Pittslccn-n85126883Fraenger, Wilhelm1890-1964crelccn-n50028008Gibson, Walter S.lccn-n85228628Koldeweij, A. M.edtlccn-n93014526Vermet, Bernardedtlccn-n50017064Willard, Nancylccn-n50027326Dillon, Dianebkdilllccn-n50027332Dillon, Leobkdillnp-buchman, melitteBuchman, MelittephtBosch, Hieronymus-1516Criticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPictorial worksExhibition catalogsCatalogsJuvenile worksBibliographyHistoryMusicMusical settingsBosch, Hieronymus,NetherlandsGarden of delights (Bosch, Hieronymus)ArtistsChildren's poetry, AmericanPaintersNonsense versesHousekeepersLoveMagicChildren's poetryAnimals, MythicalImpulsePatienceRemorseSurrealismPainting, DutchSpiritual life--Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsWilliams, Terry TempestReligionChristian art and symbolismPaintingAlbigensesAllegoriesPainting, RenaissancePainting, GothicEurope, NorthernBelgiumPainting, FlemishPainting, ModernEurope--FlandersPainting, MedievalArt, RenaissancePrints, DutchInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)PrintsChristian art and symbolism--RenaissanceReusner, Nikolaus,Orchestral music--ScoresAeschylusThemes, motivesTriptychsCinotti, MiaBruegel, Pieter,Epiphany triptych (Bosch, Hieronymus)Temptation of Saint Anthony (Bosch, Hieronymus)Drawing, DutchAmerican poetryDrawing, Northern EuropeanArt, Medieval14501516155715651610179317951797179818031808180918101812181818221825183218831898190019031904190719121914191919221923192419261927192919311934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144133810882459759.9492ND653.B65ocn265031955ocn263311217ocn074976629ocn653108282ocn796220334ocn074574327ocn313849756ocn074897650ocn699865940ocn075828660ocn439687567ocn442962136ocn444601965ocn456431452ocn440186394ocn439748647ocn441691942ocn442640605ocn438703867ocn755100562ocn721216278ocn721445580ocn720643832ocn074479573ocn721873666ocn073588967ocn439113332ocn442326773ocn755131959ocn245623670ocn258283857ocn257835849ocn691978617ocn691978621ocn074924936ocn187154252ocn7651772281942122ocn019321915book19230.31Linfert, CarlHieronymus BoschCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsBibliographyDiscusses the life of the Dutch artist and explores his complex works+-+946254563585713ocn049204301book20020.39Belting, HansHieronymus Bosch, Garden of earthly delightsCriticism, interpretation, etc"Hans Belting avoids interpreting Hieronymus Bosch's triptych, The Garden of Earthly Delights, as a heretical masterpiece, a personal examination of the church's dogmas, or as an opulent illustration of the Creation. Instead, he sees the panels as a painted Utopia, reflecting the zeitgeist of the period. He links the work to the humanist theories of Thomas More and Willibald Pirckheimer and examines the question that Bosch posed: "What would the world have been like without the Fall?" In addition, the author determines the secular patron and analyses the intended purpose of the painting."--BOOK JACKET+-+592178642871812ocn068133064book19720.47Silver, LarryHieronymus BoschCriticism, interpretation, etc"Augmented by 310 illustrations, most in color, including many close-up details of Bosch's intricately imagined nightmare scenes, Larry Silver's Hieronymus Bosch is the definitive book on a perennially fascinating artist."--BOOK JACKET+-+765457432552611ocn019029319book19870.23Bosing, WalterHieronymus Bosch, c. 1450-1516 : between heaven and hellCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyIncluded in this book are approximately 100 color illustrations with explanatory captions, a concise biography and a detailed chronological summary of Hieronymus Bosch+-+28105377385095ocn005780054book19790.47Bosch, HieronymusThe Garden of earthly delights43790ocn022888919book19380.28Bosch, HieronymusBoschCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsKeuze uit het werk van de Nederlandse schilder (1453-1516)+-+99248396254317ocn000143546book19660.33Bosch, HieronymusThe complete paintings of Bosch2842ocn034876585book19950.17Copplestone, TrewinThe life and works of Hieronymus BoschCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA brief biography of Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, as well a collection of his diverse works, each of which includes an explanatory caption+-+49725070252762ocn048438370book20010.73Hieronymus Bosch : new insights into his life and workCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+09677110541943ocn019057570book19880.63Guillaud, JacquelineHieronymus Bosch : the garden of earthly delights1703ocn000267510book19670.24Bosch/Bruegel16928ocn004212100book19660.66Bosch, HieronymusL'opera completa di BoschCatalogs1593ocn033445601book19950.70Harris, LyndaThe secret heresy of Hieronymus BoschHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBosch's work was intended to convey a double meaning. Outwardly his paintings were traditional enough to be accepted by his wealthy patrons and the Church authorities. But behind their appearance of orthodoxy, they portray the doctrines and attitudes of Catharism, the medieval gnostic and dualist heresy which affirmed that the earth was literally Hell, ruled over by Satan+-+63460681351267ocn008450038book19590.53Linfert, CarlHieronymus Bosch, the paintingsCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogs1162ocn040306632book19980.23Larsen, ErikHieronymus Bosch : [the complete paintings by the visionary master]BiographyCatalogs+-+30135601251111ocn781966808file20110.47Rembert, Virginia PittsHieronymus Bosch Hieronymus Bosch and the Lisbon temptation : a view from the third milleniumCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography1063ocn048889871book20020.70Lafond, PaulThe prints of Hieronymus BoschCatalogsThis book surveys engravings attributed to Bosch, and opens with original excerpts on prints after Bosch by Lafond, Passavant, Bartsch, von Wurtzbach, and Nagler, providing a useful glimpse of the scholarly Bosch reception in the 19th century and how research has evolved since then+-+5187179615324953ocn779255214book20120.84Koreny, FritzHieronymus Bosch : die Zeichnungen : Werkstatt und Nachfolge bis zum Ende des 16. Jahrhunderts : catalogue raisonnéCatalogsHieronymus Bosch (um 1450/60-1516) schuf mit der Erfindung phantastischer, von Dämonen und anthropomorphen Monstren bevölkerter Szenarien eine Bildwelt des Unheimlichen von suggestiver Eindringlichkeit. Menschlichen Urängsten vermochte er Gestalt und Antlitz zu geben. Bosch wurde zum Maler des Grauens, sein Name zum Synonym für Höllenqual. Doch nicht nur als Maler wirkte Bosch bahnbrechend, er zählt auch als Zeichner zu den Pionieren altniederländischer Kunst, deren früheste autonome Zeichnungen ihm zugeschrieben werden. Umso mehr überrascht es, dass Hieronymus Boschs Zeichnungen noch nie zusammenhängend kritisch bearbeitet wurden. Stets ob seiner innovativen Zeichenweise gerühmt und darin den bedeutendsten Zeichnern der altniederländischen Kunst vorangestellt, fand sein graphisches Oeuvre dennoch nicht die ihm gebührende Aufmerksamkeit. Die Publikation strebt an diese Lücke zu schließen. Ausführlich wird auf Hieronymus Bosch als Maler wie als Zeichner eingegangen928ocn301700973book19670.56Bosch, HieronymusTout l'oeuvre peint de Jérôme Bosch872ocn036751325score19960.95Schnittke, AlfredFünf Fragmente zu Bildern von Hieronymus Bosch : für Tenor, Violine, Posaune, Cembalo und Streichorchester = Five fragments based on paintings of Hieronymus Bosch : for tenor, violin, trombone, harpsichord and string orchestraMusical settingsMusic566580ocn000726882book19230.31Linfert, CarlHieronymus BoschCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsBibliography"Even in his own day, the strange canvases of Hieronymus Bosch attracted wonderment and awe; yet those contemporaries who so admired them at that time were almost wholly blind to the astonishing vision of the future that lay hidden within the paintings. They could only perceive the here-and-now, and the ever-present fear of demons that pervaded those years before the Reformation found ready confirmation in the fantastic inventions of Bosch's possessed and haunted world. Not many decades later, this was no more than a memory, and from then on Bosch was esteemed as, at most, the ingenious creator of fiendish images and ghostly apparitions. This has all long since changed. Scholars now see what the painter saw, which - while still largely expressed in terms of fable and horror - was always far from being a mere fairy-tale world. What Bosch saw was the fortunes and misfortunes of mankind; and although he concealed his vision within a cipher language that leads from one riddle to another, his message is always fundamentally comprehensible, never ambiguous. Bosch was a realist. His works go far beyond the accustomed limits of the picture: they proclaim the unknown. Bosch sees and paints violence, threats, the terror of machinery. In an age when mechanical technology was in its infancy, his paintings were prophetic in showing how the machine can menace, overpower, and ultimately enslave man himself...."--Dust jacket+-+K986575505269847ocn052143891book19380.28Bosch, HieronymusBoschCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogs"Hieronymus Bosch (c.1450-1516), one of the major artists of the Northern Renaissance, had a seemingly inexhaustible imagination. Known as the creator of disturbing demons and spectacular hell-scapes, he also painted the Garden of Earthly Delights, where gleeful naked youths feast on giant strawberries. Little is known of Bosch's life and his art has remained enigmatic, variously interpreted as the hallucinations of a madman or the secret language of a heretical sect. The Surrealists claimed Bosch as a predecessor and saw in his work the imagery of dream, fantasy and the subconscious. Laurinda Dixon argues, however, that to understand and appreciate Bosch's art, we must return to the era in which he lived." "Dixon presents Bosch as an artist of his times, knowledgeable about the latest techniques of painting, active in the religious life of his community and conversant with the scientific developments of his day. She draws on popular culture, religious texts and contemporary medicine, astrology, astronomy and chemistry - especially alchemy, now discounted but then of interest to serious thinkers - to investigate the meaning of Bosch's art."--BOOK JACKET+-+992483962515406ocn013268640book19900.06Willard, NancyPish, posh, said Hieronymus BoschJuvenile worksPoetryThe weird creatures which inhabit a medieval painter's home drive his housekeeper away, until a change of heart sends her back to the beasts and to Bosch in a new and loving relationship+-+6567717065149411ocn778436038com20080.35Rembert, Virginia PittsBoschCriticism, interpretation, etcPictorial worksHiëronymus Bosch was painting frightful yet vaguely likable monsters long before computer games were ever invented, often with a touch of humor. His works are assertive statements about the mental illness that befalls any man who abandons the teachings of Christ. With a life that spanned 1450 to 1516, Bosch experienced the thick of the highly charged Renaissance and its wars of religion. Medieval tradition and values were crumbling, paving the way to thrust man into a new universe where faith lost some of its power and much of its magic. Bosch set out to warn doubters of the perils awaiting all118815ocn000552606book19650.37De Tolnay, CharlesHieronymus BoschBilledværk9003ocn048461179book20010.28Bosch, HieronymusHieronymus Bosch : the complete paintings and drawingsCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsExhibition catalogs"The paintings of Hieronymus Bosch (c.1450-1516) capture the imagination like those of no other artist in history. His fantastical scenes of grotesque creatures, devils, and monsters have prompted a wide range of interpretation, keeping his art endlessly fascinating over the centuries. Art lovers and historians have speculated about the artist himself, too, in particular about his religous - and perhaps occult - beliefs." "This volume, published to coincide with a major exhibition in Bosch's native Netherlands, examines his art in the context of his times. Reproducing every Bosch painting and drawing in superb full color, and including Bosch's triptychs (many shown both open and closed), this book finally penetrates the mystery that has always surrounded the artist. Jos Koldeweij sketches a lively picture of urban culture in the late-medieval city of 's-Hertogenbosch, where the artist lived his entire life. Paul Vandenbroeck explores Bosch's social attitudes; the painter offered an unprecedented critique of society - money and property, sin and pleasure - from the perspective of the wealthy upper-middle class to which he himself belonged, and in so doing drew on the same themes and imagery found in the popular literature of the period. Bernard Vermet draws on the latest research to offer a new chronology for Bosch's work. Together, these scholars and Bosch's brilliant art itself demonstrate that Bosch was not only a highly inventive and technically brilliant painter, but that his beliefs and imagery were in keeping with many of the prevailing attitudes of his day." "Hieronymus Bosch: The Complete Paintings and Drawings is essential for anyone interested in the most fully rounded picture ever offered of the life and work of one of the world's most enigmatic artists."--Jacket+-+40821456357436ocn002828597book19600.35Delevoy, Robert LBosch: biographical and critical study7365ocn042861567book20000.23Williams, Terry TempestLeapCriticism, interpretation, etc"As a Mormon child, the author slept under the two outer panels of Bosch's Garden of Delights. After discovering the existence of the central panel in the Prado, she was drawn to write about her fascination with the entire triptych and the connections to her personal life, the "relationship with nature, the divide between religion and spirituality, and the question of how to preserve wilderness."--Booklist review+-+77478942157272ocn000707328book19730.47Snyder, JamesBosch in perspective63113ocn001601484book19460.66Combe, JacquesJerome BoschBiographyThis volume contains all the known work of the painter Hieronymus Bosch (born Jeroen Anthoniszoon van Aken ), with numerous illustrations of detail62515ocn002601571book19510.63Fraenger, WilhelmThe Millennium of Hieronymus Bosch : outlines of a new interpretation6182ocn007924753book19820.32Beagle, Peter SThe garden of earthly delights4772ocn005137760book19780.56Bax, DHieronymus Bosch : his picture-writing decipheredGedetailleerde beschrijving van de werken van de Nederlandse schilder (c. 1450-1516)4711ocn000423530book19470.53Bosch, HieronymusJheronimus Bosch3994ocn000842750book19730.53Bosch, HieronymusThe complete drawings of Hieronymus Bosch [introduction and notes by] Charles van Beuningen3053ocn795320657com20040.63Rembert, Virginia PittsBosch Hieronymus Bosch and the Lisbon temptation : a view from the 3rd millenniumCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+355404403630211ocn045329900book19870.23Bosing, WalterHieronymus Bosch, c. 1450-1516 : between heaven and hellCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyIncluded in this book are approximately 100 color illustrations with explanatory captions, a concise biography and a detailed chronological summary of Hieronymus Bosch+-+51030377382848ocn070673787visu20000.23The Dutch mastersBiographyTraces the development of the art of Bosch. Also features leading authorities, art historians and scholars2706ocn787847559com20120.47Rembert, Virginia PittsHieronymus Bosch Hieronymus Bosch and the Lisbon temptation : a view from the third milleniumCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography2658ocn000924513book19460.66Bosch, HieronymusJheronimus Bosch+-+5921786428+-+5921786428Fri Mar 21 15:22:54 EDT 2014batch69265