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Fri Mar 21 17:14:59 2014 UTClccn-n790083990.00Critical realist faith John Polkinghorne's theology of a scientific culture /0.391.00The critical realism of John Polkinghorne and Hilary Putnam /90670094John_Polkinghornen 79008399242513Polkinghorne, J.CPolkinghorne, J.C., 1930-....Polkinghorne, J. C. (John Charlton), 1930-Polkinghorne, John.Polkinghorne, John, 1930-Polkinghorne, John C.Polkinghorne, John C., 1930-Polkinghorne, John Charlton.Polkinghorne, John Charlton, 1930-ポーキングホーン, J. Cポーキングホーン, ジョンlccn-n81117020Welker, Michael1947-lccn-n79084784Jesus Christnp-beale, nicholasBeale, Nicholaslccn-n83044171Watts, Fraser N.lccn-n2001101129Knight, Christopher C.1952-lccn-n80020638Barbour, Ian G.lccn-n81099292Peacocke, A. R.(Arthur Robert)lccn-n99048334Oord, Thomas Jaylccn-n95057023Giberson, Karllccn-no2008165847Nelson, DeanPolkinghorne, J. C.1930-BiographyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcReligion and scienceQuantum theoryEschatologyApologeticsTheologyScience--PhilosophyRealityScience--Social aspectsTrinityCreationProvidence and government of GodMatter--ConstitutionQuarksNatural theologyPolkinghorne, J. C.,Faith and reason--ChristianityNicene CreedKnowledge, Theory ofPhysics--Religious aspects--ChristianityPhysicistsGreat BritainGodMetaphysicsPeacocke, A. R.--(Arthur Robert)Barbour, Ian GScientists--Religious lifeChurch of EnglandClergyPolanyi, Michael,Weizsäcker, Viktor von,Religion and science--PhilosophyScience--MethodologyReligionPhysical sciences--Religious aspectsFaithChristian life--Anglican authorsBible.--New TestamentProvidence and government of God--ChristianityTheology--MethodologyLonergan, Bernard J. FKoreaPutnam, HilaryCritical realism1930195719581961196219661972197919801981198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201329085204591261.55BL240.3ocn729687097ocn489859705ocn781227637ocn804818973ocn804962699ocn832782187392022ocn037451796file19980.28Polkinghorne, J. CBelief in God in an age of scienceIn this book, the author focuses on the collegiality between science and theology, contending that these "intellectual cousins" are both concerned with interpreted experience and with the quest for truth about reality. He argues eloquently that scientific and theological enquiries are parallel+-+9855355585170113ocn060373520book20050.32Polkinghorne, J. CExploring reality : the intertwining of science and religionReality is multi-layered, asserts John Polkinghorne, and in this insightful book he explores various dimensions of the human encounter with reality. Polkinghorne argues that reality consists of not only the scientific processes of the natural world but also the personal dimension of human nature and its significance. He offers an integrated view of reality, encompassing a range of insights deriving from physics' account of causal structure, evolutionary understanding of human nature, the unique significance of Jesus of Nazareth, and the human encounter with God. He devotes further chapters to specific problems and questions raised by the Christian account of divine reality. He discusses, for example, the nature of time and God's relation to it, the interrelationship of the world's faiths, the problem of evil, and practical ethical issues relating to genetic advances, including stem cell research. Continuing in his pursuit of a dialogue between science and theology that accords equal weight to the insights of each, Polkinghorne expands our understanding of the nature of reality and our appreciation of its complexity+-+1965665585164415ocn047009770file19960.37Polkinghorne, J. CBeyond science the wider human context"Science is very successful in discovering the structure and history of the physical world. However, there is more to be told of the encounter with reality, including the nature of scientific inquiry itself, than can be gained from impersonal experience and experimental test alone. Beyond Science considers the human context in which science operates and pursues that wider understanding which we all seek. It looks to issues of meaning and value, intrinsic to scientific practice but excluded from science's consideration by its own self-denying ordinance. The author raises the question of the significance of the deep mathematical intelligibility of the physical world and its anthropically fruitful history. He considers how we may find responsible ways to use the power that science places in human hands. Science is portrayed as an activity of individuals, pursued within a convivial and truth-seeking community." "This book neither overvalues science (as if it were the only worthwhile source of knowledge) nor devalues it (as if it were to be treated with suspicion or not taken seriously). Rather, Beyond Science provides a considered and balanced account that firmly asserts science's place in human culture, maintained in mutually illuminating relationships with other aspects of that culture."--Jacket+-+1767206705151211ocn048691395book20020.29Polkinghorne, J. CThe God of hope and the end of the worldAnnotation+-+8667455585146122ocn503157978book19860.47Polkinghorne, J. COne world the interaction of science and theologyJohn C. Polkinghorne's renowned trilogy on the compatibility of religion and science is back in print. One World (originally published in 1986) introduces issues in science and religion that Dr. Polkinghorne subsequently continued in Science and Providence and Science and Creation. The books have been widely acclaimed individually and as a series. In the new preface to One World, Dr. Polkinghorne assesses his original writing of this book, pointing to themes that have remained important to his thinking and topics that have been expanded and modified through recent scientific discoveries. In f+-+8557294406324144314ocn043615537book20000.37Polkinghorne, J. CFaith, science, and understanding+-+1728355585139312ocn054778576book20040.33Polkinghorne, J. CScience and the Trinity : the Christian encounter with reality"Most often, the dialogue between religion and science is initiated by the discoveries of modern science - big bang cosmology, evolution, or quantum theory, for example. In this book, scientist-theologian John Polkinghorne changes the discussion. He approaches the dialogue from a little-explored perspective in which theology shapes the argument and sets the agenda of questions to be considered." "The author begins with a review of approaches to science and religion in which the classification focuses on theological content rather than on methodological technique. He then proceeds with chapters discussing the role of Scripture, a theology of nature, the doctrine of God, sacramental theology, and eschatology. Throughout, Polkinghorne takes the perspective of Trinitarian thinking while arguing in a style that reflects the influence of his career as a theoretical physicist. In the final chapter, the author defends the appropriateness of addressing issues of science and religion from the specific standpoint of his Christian belief."--Jacket+-+1099565585138911ocn191746872file20070.47Polkinghorne, J. CQuantum physics and theology an unexpected kinshipThe author identifies and explores key similarities in quantum physics and Christology. Among the many parallels he identifies are patterns of historical development in quantum physics and in Christology; wrestling with perplexities such as quantum interpretation and the problem of evil; and the drive for an overarching view in the Grand Unified Theories of physics and in Trinitarian theology. Both theology and science are propelled by a desire to understand the world through experienced reality, and Polkinghorne explains that their viewpoints are by no means mutually exclusive. --from publisher description+-+1066765585124622ocn730524474file19880.35Polkinghorne, J. CScience and creation the search for understandingIntroduction -- Natural theology -- Insightful inquiry -- Order and disorder -- Creation and creator -- The nature of reality -- Theological science+-+5556294406114220ocn730524469file19890.37Polkinghorne, J. CScience and providence God's interaction with the worldIntroduction xx -- The problem xx -- Embodiment and action xx -- Providence xx -- Miracle xx -- Evil xx -- Prayer xx -- Time xx -- Incarnation and sacrament xx -- Hope+-+374685784696222ocn009488493book19840.50Polkinghorne, J. CThe quantum world+-+83387564159407ocn500808866file20080.50Polkinghorne, J. CTheology in the context of scienceContextual theology -- Discourse -- Time and space -- Persons and value -- Consonance: creation, providence, and relationality -- Motivated belief -- Eschatology+-+188496558587211ocn005219230book19790.47Polkinghorne, J. CThe particle play : an account of the ultimate constituents of matter70610ocn711045649book20110.33Polkinghorne, J. CScience and religion in quest of truthPolkinghorne undertakes a survey of all the major issues at the intersection of science and religion, concentrating on what he considers the essential insights for each. Clearly and without assuming prior knowledge, he addresses causality, cosmology, evolution, consciousness, natural theology, divine providence, revelation, and scripture. --from publisher description+-+53292655856836ocn048932657book20020.35Polkinghorne, J. CQuantum theory : a very short introductionQuantum Theory is the most revolutionary discovery in physics since Newton. This book gives a lucid, exciting, and accessible account of the surprising and counterintuitive ideas that shape our understanding of the sub-atomic world. It does not disguise the problems of interpretation that still remain unsettled 75 years after the initial discoveries. The main text makes no use of equations, but there is a Mathematical Appendix for those desiring stronger fare+-+17075374656423ocn029182483book19940.39Polkinghorne, J. CThe faith of a physicist : reflections of a bottom-up thinker : the Gifford lectures for 1993-4The author organizes his inquiry around the Nicene Creed, an early statement that continues to summarize Christian beliefs. He then asks, "What is the evidence that makes you think this might be true?" The evidence includes the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, scientific theories, and human self-consciousness as revealed in literary, philosophical, and psychological works+-+057185641532462413ocn032703789book19940.50Polkinghorne, J. CQuarks, chaos & Christianity : questions to science and religion+-+36706097354854ocn040117376book19980.53Polkinghorne, J. CScience and theology : an introductionEminent scientist and theologian John Polkinghorne offers an accessible yet authoritative introduction to the stimulating field of science and religion. After surveying their volatile historical relationship, he leads the reader through the whole array of questions that arise at the intersection of the scientific and religious quests. Polkinghorne provides a clear overview of the major elements of current science (including quantum theory, chaos theory, time and cosmology). He offers a concise outline of the character of religion, and shows their joint potential to illumine some of the thorniest issues in theology today: creation, the nature of knowledge, human and divine identity and agency. He brings the reader to complex ideas so gently and persuasively that at each turn one is inspired to follow the next step of the argument+-+812605637541111ocn024067488book19910.56Polkinghorne, J. CReason and reality : the relationship between science and theologyThe biggest revolution in our understanding of the physical world since the days of Newton was brought about by the discovery of the elusive and fitful world of quantum theory. Now the insights of Chaos theory offer the prospect of a further revolution, capable of describing a physical world endowed with a genuine openness to the future. In his acclaimed trilogy - One World, Science and Creation and Science and Providence - John Polkinghorne brilliantly transmitted the excitement of these new discoveries to the lay reader and showed how they opened the way to a new a more harmonious relationship between science and religion. Now he returns to the science-theology debate, outlining his position for new readers and pursuing some of the outstanding issues with the same accessibility, clarity and insight that made the trilogy such an outstanding success+-+346538810632440019ocn010374841book19830.50Polkinghorne, J. CThe way the world isHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+59678791152604ocn802047817file20120.59Watts, Fraser NGod and the scientist exploring the work of John PolkinghorneThis book presents a celebration, survey and critique of the theological work of arguably the most important and most widely-read contributor to the modern dialogue between science and theology: John Polkinghorne.Including a major survey by Polkinghorne himself of his life's work in theology, this book draws together contributors from among the most important voices in the science-theology dialogue today to focus on key aspects of Polkinghorne's work, with Polkinghorne providing responses. Anybody exploring contemporary aspects of the science-religion debate will find this book invaluable1262ocn035013411book19960.63Polkinghorne, J. CScientists as theologians : a comparison of the writings of Ian Barbour, Arthur Peacocke and John PolkinghorneHistory+-+00949563753241013ocn729836011book20110.39Nelson, DeanQuantum leap : how John Polkinghorne found God in science and religionBiography+-+K7249790361003ocn166356289book20070.59Polkinghorne, J. CFrom physicist to priest : an autobiographyBiography+-+7064056375622ocn063197007book20060.73Steinke, Johannes MariaJohn Polkinghorne : Konsonanz von Naturwissenschaft und Theologie515ocn714722450book20110.59Lösch, AndreasJenseits der Konflikte : eine konstruktiv-kritische Auseinandersetzung von Theologie und Naturwissenschaft331ocn044952434book19990.70Dinter, AstridVom Glauben eines Physikers : John Polkinghornes Beitrag zum Dialog zwischen Theologie und Naturwissenschaften284ocn064685263com19990.47Tully, David GlennCritical realist faith John Polkinghorne's theology for a scientific culture131ocn793911284book20110.88Sæther, Knut-WillyTraces of God : exploring John Polkinghorne on theology and science"... a comprehensive and profound analysis of the main issues in John Polkinghorne's authorship. The book explores following topics: Rationality in science and theology, including an analysis of critical realism, scientific method, and the structure of knowledge -- A revised natural theology, including an examination of the intelligibility of the world, the fine-tuning of the world, and the beauty of nature -- God's action in the world, including an analysis of God as creator, God's providence, quantum physics, and chaos theory -- The pedagogical applicability of Polkinghorne's theories, including a review of how his understanding can stimulate dialogue in schools. Throughout Traces of God, Polkinghorne's position is discussed in the light of other science-theology contributors, such as Ian G. Barbour, Niels Henrik Gregersen, Alister E. McGrath, Nancy Murphy, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Arthur R. Peacocke, Ted Peters, Robert J. Russell, and J. Wentzel van Huyssteen."--P. [4] of cover11ocn034930294book19961.00Powers, Robert EScience and religion : toward a unitary view : perspectives from Ian Barbour and John Polkinghorn11ocn033250762book19950.47Brewer, Elmer WoodsonThe approaches of John Polkinghorne, Arthur Peacocke, and Ian Barbour for the integration of natural science and Christian theology11ocn860384407book1999Tully, David GCritical realist faith John Polkinghorne's theology of a scientific culture11ocn842259618book20120.47De Lima, H. NicholasProtology and eschatology in the writings of John C. Polkinghorne : a study of contrastive roles of Scripture11ocn441342520book20041.00Glass, Lawrence CraigThe critical realism of John Polkinghorne and Hilary Putnam11ocn828741265book20010.92Hogan, Edward MWhether theology is a science11ocn071302848book20030.47Kim, Ki-SukTowards a dialogue of science and religion in the context of Korea : a comparative study between John Polkinghorne's revised natural theology and Lee Jung-bae's Korean life theology+-+9855355585+-+9855355585Fri Mar 21 16:03:21 EDT 2014batch33914