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Thu Oct 16 17:58:00 2014 UTClccn-n790181520.21Henry Moore /0.410.82Henry Moore : critical essays /32000652Henry_Mooren 79018152252007Henrī Mūa 1898-1986Henry MooreHenry Moore 1898-1986Henry Spencer MooreHenry Spencer Moore 1898-1986Mo-erh, Heng-liMo-erh, Heng-li 1898-1986Moore, HenryMoore, Henry 1898-Moore, Henry IIMoore, Henry Spencer.Moore, Henry Spencer 1898-Moore, Henry Spencer 1898-1986Mor, HenriMor, Henri 1898-1986Mur, HenriMur, Henri 1898-1986Mure, HenariMure, Henari 1898-1986Spencer Moore, Henry 1898-1986מור, הנרימור, הנרי 1898־מור, הנרי 1898-1986هنري مور، 1898-1986ヘンリー・ムーアヘンリー・ムーア 1898-1986ムーア, ヘンリーlccn-n81108026Mitchinson, Davidedtlccn-n79055559Read, Herbert1893-1968othauilccn-n79065706Hedgecoe, Johnilledtphtlccn-n83177841Finn, David1921-othauiilledtphtlccn-n82209725Henry Moore Foundationothpbledtlccn-n78079846Levine, Gemmaphtlccn-n82244630Wilkinson, Alan G.1941-arrctbedtlccn-n50042868Bowness, Alanothedtlccn-n50012806Sylvester, Davidedtlccn-n79007025Spender, Stephen1909-1995Moore, Henry1898-1986BiographyCatalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsInterviewsPictorial worksConference proceedingsSourcesIllustrationsArtMoore, Henry,EnglandSculptorsSculptureHuman figure in artArtists' preparatory studiesGreat BritainArtHenry Moore FoundationPhilosophyEngland--LondonBritish MuseumSculpture, PrimitiveSculpture, AncientArt appreciationSculpture, ModernArt, BritishAnimals in artWorld WarSculpture gardensMoore, Irina,WivesAnimalsMothers in artSculpture, BritishArtistsArt Gallery of OntarioAuden, W. H.--(Wystan Hugh),Sculpture, EnglishAnimal sculptureBombardment of London (England : 1940-1941)Drawing, EnglishDrawingMoore, Henry1898198619001930193119331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320146134921074229730.924NB497.M6ocn002279576ocn180962061ocn253456105ocn313371651ocn316583438ocn312817368ocn699756902ocn074829237ocn313294970ocn314122025ocn003551459ocn455848650ocn449742153ocn797629250ocn797079691ocn444600708ocn439451967ocn440848368ocn797079670ocn797514923ocn797869169ocn691360186ocn691360381ocn691359391ocn691360230ocn691359398ocn693172868ocn691360400ocn691359928ocn691360085ocn691359127ocn461837650ocn258056771ocn462456067ocn632521658ocn461882917ocn256283363ocn461807913ocn464253478ocn461848283ocn460550600ocn691360525ocn691359322ocn691359206ocn691360470ocn691360028ocn863000055ocn691359986ocn691360480ocn691359198ocn691360457ocn073574407ocn722062051ocn721786053ocn072232080ocn072232083ocn181432548ocn071963595ocn723974652ocn723882303ocn713913579ocn185807448ocn075069133ocn185753790ocn186901066ocn185819556ocn444600708ocn440078537ocn781161116ocn494058019ocn221693283ocn444417784ocn761001817ocn865069998ocn691226626ocn025665321Sculptors85328ocn018463876book19880.53Compton, Susan PHenry MooreCatalogsExhibition catalogsMonografie over de Engelse beeldhouwer (1898-1986)8165ocn000746107book19730.37Seldis, Henry JHenry Moore in America6887ocn004497697book19780.31Spender, StephenHenry Moore sculptures in landscape68440ocn000435267book19650.50Moore, HenryHenry MooreBiographyExhibition catalogsUitvoerig, rijk geïllustreerd overzicht van leven en werk van de Engelse beeldhouwer (geb. 1898)5999ocn037370502book19980.26Hedgecoe, JohnA monumental vision : the sculpture of Henry MooreCatalogsUsing the photographer's personal reminiscences, quotes from Moore, and a masterful photographic essay, the first section of the book highlights some of the sources of Moore's particular vision - the landscape, the body, primitive art, architectural ruins, and much more. Here Hedgecoe evokes the roots of the artist's genius and, most particularly, his clear and unerring sense of the monumental. Included are photos of works in progress as well as portraits of Moore working intensely in his studio. The second part displays many of Moore's major works from throughout his career that are now regarded as classics. Interspersed among the photographs are pages from Moore's personal sketchbooks, revealing an intimate sense of the artist and his way of thinking. Then, for the first time ever in one volume, Hedgecoe presents a compendium of over 750 photographs of sculptural forms. Each photograph is accompanied by dates and dimensions. Organized chronologically, this section is an invaluable resource for students and teachers of art history and modern sculpture, and for the many admirers of Moore's creations+-+48315210064624ocn441143010book20100.30Causey, AndrewThe drawings of Henry MooreCriticism, interpretation, etcThis volume presents the early development of American artist Henry Moore (1898-1986) as an art student prodigy and continues on through his career, with a focus on his "Shelter Drawings," a series depicting Londoners who sought shelter in the Underground during the Blitz. The author also explores the influence of surrealism and its biomorphic shapes on Moore's work in the 1920s and 1930s. The author concentrates his focus on how Moore developed his ideas as a two-dimensional artist, even though a number of his great sculptures are illustrated here. This work demonstrates that Moore used drawing and painting as a way of exploring and clarifying his ideas, not as a preliminary to any specific sculpture -- he didn't make extensive pre-sculpture sketches, preferring to gain a general concept of where he was going and then make alterations during the slow course of the actual carving or modeling+-+947577393646018ocn024908497book19920.26Mitchinson, DavidHenry MooreCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsthe decade his standing as a foremost figure in world art was beyond doubt. Throughout his life Moore photographed his own work, as well as the natural objects found near his home which provided inspiration for many of his works. Most of the photographs in this book were taken by the artist4215ocn011840587book19380.33Strachan, W. JHenry Moore, animals"Variety of sculptures, graphics and particularly drawings of animals, covering the entire span of the artist's life and work"--Cover4196ocn026858019book19910.53Moore, HenryHenry Moore : the human dimensionCriticism, interpretation, etc4065ocn013649699book19860.29Spender, StephenIn Irina's garden, with Henry Moore's sculptureBiography3297ocn017553983book19870.66Moore, HenryMother and child : the art of Henry MooreCriticism, interpretation, etc2967ocn050525454book20020.70Andrews, JulianLondon's war : the shelter drawings of Henry MooreHistoryCatalogsArtPictorial worksEarly in World War II, Henry Moore had to give up working on sculpture when his Hampstead studio was bombed. He began drawing and creating a monumental series of works showing the plight of people sheltering in the London underground. This text considers his visual documentation of the shelters+-+69936880352769ocn068262650book19980.35Moore, HenryCelebrating Moore : works from the collection of the Henry Moore FoundationCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsCelebrating Moore is the most complete single volume ever produced on the artist's oeuvre, reproducing in full color over 300 of his most important works. A range of distinguished sculptors, art critics, and art historians, many who knew and worked with Moore, have contributed extensive captions. Their fresh insights and personal anecdotes provide a detailed and compelling analysis of Moore's sculptures and drawings+-+39946880352295ocn050676634book20030.82Beckett, JaneHenry Moore : critical essaysCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings"This collection of essays is the first to reconnect Henry Moore both to his times and to the preoccupations of modern art-historical scholarship. Examining broad themes in Moore's work from the 1930s to the 1980s, the essays reposition canonical sculptures, offering readings of the diverse historical, economic and cultural conditions in which Moore's work was produced and understood."--BOOK JACKET+-+51835190252177ocn001120197book19740.79British MuseumAuden poems, Moore lithographs : an exhibition of a book dedicated by Henry Moore to W.H. Auden with related drawingsIllustrations2178ocn019814693book19870.63Wilkinson, Alan GHenry Moore remembered : the collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario in TorontoCatalogsExhibition catalogs20720ocn001223459book19400.74Moore, HenryShelter sketch bookArtPictorial works2013ocn008411341book19790.33Read, JohnHenry Moore : portrait of an artistBiographyEarly days - Being his own man - Reclining figures - Monuments for our time - Looking back1964ocn031222176book19940.21Ehrlich, DoreenHenry MooreBiographyDozens of high-quality full-color and black-and-white reproductions reveal the life and work of premier sculptor Henry Moore, exploring the full range of his magnificent sculpture and analyzing his themes, sculptural techniques, and working methods+-+16250622061828ocn017792920visu19850.33The Mystery of Henry MooreBiographyInterviewsExplores the life and work of sculptor Henry Moore. Includes excerpts from an interview with Moore at his home in England and from his writings151932ocn000450074book19610.50Moore, HenryHenry MooreBiographyExhibition catalogsUitvoerig, rijk geïllustreerd overzicht van leven en werk van de Engelse beeldhouwer (geb. 1898)13949ocn016852200book19870.28Berthoud, RogerThe life of Henry MooreBiography"In this revised, updated, expanded and redesigned new edition of The Life of Henry Moore, Roger Berthoud charts Moore's transition from controversial young modernist to pillar of the art-world establishments, garlanded with domestic and foreign honours. His account is enriched by the weekly interviews he did with Moore - and his wife Irina - before the sculptor's death in 1986, aged eighty-eight." "At home and abroad Moore's sculptures aroused strong passions and were often the object of abuse, sharp criticism and even physical assault, as well as of admiration. He was attacked by younger artists, among others, who saw his growing fame as an obstacle to their advancement. He was to survive the ebb and flow of his reputation, and emerge with the status of a contemporary old master." "From a mass of material, including recently discovered early letters, and interviews with Moore's friends, his former assistants and students, dealers, collectors, museum officials and leading architects with whom he worked, Roger Berthoud has built up a lively and engaging though not uncritical picture of Moore's long life and career in this definitive biography."--BOOK JACKET+-+977208554613697ocn000711814book19650.33Read, HerbertHenry Moore : a study of his life and workBiography+-+8085575505324135411ocn000265611book19660.47Moore, HenryHenry Moore on sculpture116011ocn000517345book19590.53Neumann, ErichThe archetypal world of Henry MooreCriticism, interpretation, etc10254ocn000420790book19650.31Hall, DonaldHenry Moore; the life and work of a great sculptor96519ocn013095931book19860.26Moore, HenryHenry MooreBiographyInterviewsPictorial worksSourcesExhibition catalogsIntroduces the life and work of Henry Moore, discussing his early years, life in England, and development as an artist+-+408203003693810ocn000410435book19710.37Moore, HenryHenry Moore: unpublished drawingsCatalogs9273ocn045418990book20010.31Kosinski, Dorothy MHenry Moore, sculpting the 20th centuryExhibition catalogs+-+47443555859265ocn000377621book19680.37Moore, HenryHenry Spencer Moore7729ocn010710734book19440.56Moore, HenryHenry Moore: sculpture and drawingsBiography+-+77486880353247703ocn000133810book19700.35Moore, HenryHenry Moore : sculpture and drawings, 1921-19697142ocn002202386book19760.35Moore, HenryHenry Moore : sculpture and environment6981ocn039736230book19980.35Moore, HenryCelebrating Moore : works from the collection of the Henry Moore FoundationCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsCelebrating Moore is the most complete single volume ever produced on the artist's oeuvre, reproducing in full color over 300 of his most important works. A range of distinguished sculptors, art critics, and art historians, many who knew and worked with Moore, have contributed extensive captions. Their fresh insights and personal anecdotes provide a detailed and compelling analysis of Moore's sculptures and drawings6736ocn001120906book19740.50Moore, HenryHenry Moore drawings6555ocn004593305book19780.28Levine, GemmaWith Henry Moore : the artist at work6447ocn001580021book19600.50Grohmann, WillThe art of Henry Moore6406ocn001231568book19460.56Sweeney, James JohnsonHenry MooreCatalogsExhibition catalogs6093ocn008266323book19810.37Moore, HenryHenry Moore at the British Museum60410ocn008110780book19810.37Moore, HenryHenry Moore sculptureExhibition catalogs+-+9475773936+-+9475773936Thu Oct 16 15:54:43 EDT 2014batch82930