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Fri Mar 21 17:11:32 2014 UTClccn-n790217880.27Le Corbusier : a life /0.510.70Toward an architecture /56612471Le_Corbusiern 79021788255586Charles Edouard JeanneretCorbCorbuCorbusier.Corbusier, 1887-1965Corbusier, Edouard leCorbusier, Edouard le, 1887-1965Corbusier, LeCorbusier, Le, 1887-1965Gris, Charles E. 1887-1965Gris, Charles-Edouard J. 1887-1965Gris, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-.Gris, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, 1887-1965Gris, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret- 1887-1965 Wirklicher NameGris, Charles Edouard Jeannert-, 1887-1965Jeanneret.Jeanneret, C. E. 1887-1965Jeanneret, Ch.-E. 1887-1965Jeanneret, Charles-Édouard.Jeanneret, Charles-Edouard, 1887-1965Jeanneret, Edouard 1887-1965 Wirklicher NameJeanneret-Gris, Charles E. 1887-1965 Wirklicher NameJeanneret-Gris, Charles-Édouard.Jeanneret-Gris, Charles Édouard, 1887-1965Jeanneret-Gris, Charles-Edouard 1887-1965 Wirklicher NameJeanneret, Le CorbusierJenneret, Charles EdouardKebiyiKebiyi, 1887-1965Korbjuzʹe le 1887-1965KorubyujieKorubyujie, 1887-1965L.C., Le CorbusierLe CorbusierLe Corbusier, Édouard.Le Corbusier, Edouard, 1887-1965Le Corbusier, EduardLe Corbusier, Eduard, 1887-1965Le Corbusier (Pseud. d'Édouard Jeanneret)Le Corbusier-Sagnier, 1887-1965Le Corbusier-Saugnier.Le Corbusier-Saugnier, 1887-1965Le Kebuxiye, 1887-1965Le Korbi︠u︡zʹeLe Korbi︠u︡zʹe, 1887-1965Le KorbizijeLe Korbûz'e.Le Kormpuzie 1887-1965Lecorbusier, 1887-1965Lekorbizjē, 1887-1965LeKorbjuzʹe 1887-1965Lu KūrbūziyahLu Kūrbūziyah, 1887-1965Ru KorubyujieRu Korubyujie, 1887-1965Žanere, Šarlʹ E. 1887-1965Žanerē, Šarls Eduārs, 1887-1965Жаннере, Шарль Эдуар, 1887-1965Жаннере, Шарль-Эдуард, 1887-1965Корбюзье, 1887-1965Ле Корбюзье, 1887-1965Ле Корбюзье, Шарль Эдуар, 1887-1965ז'נרה, שארל אדוארז'נרה, שרל אדוארלה קורבוזיה, שרל אדואר, 1887-1965ル・コルビジェル・コルビュジェル・コルビュジェ・ソーニエル・コルビュジエlccn-n81007021Fondation Le Corbusierothpblproedtpbdlccn-n87893088Boesiger, Willyauiedtlccn-n79032932Wright, Frank Lloyd1867-1959iveartdtelccn-n82232821Jeanneret, Pierre1896-1967artcrelccn-n80057077Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig1886-1969iveartdtelccn-n84084712Moos, Stanislaus vonclbedtlccn-n80015811Blake, Peter1920-2006lccn-n78084067Cohen, Jean-Louisauictbadpedtlccn-n50006815Benton, Tim1945-auicmmlccn-n88670726Notre-Dame-du-Haut (Chapel : Ronchamp, France)Le Corbusier1887-1965Criticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsHistoryDiariesConference proceedingsDesigns and plansExhibition catalogsPictorial worksLe Corbusier,ArchitectureCity planningArchitecture, ModernArchitectsFranceFunctionalism (Architecture)TravelCities and townsGaudí, Antoni,Architecture, Modern--Themes, motivesNew York (State)--New YorkUnited StatesArt, ModernCreation (Literary, artistic, etc.)Modern movement (Architecture)EuropeTurkey--IstanbulNotre-Dame-du-Haut (Chapel : Ronchamp, France)Architecture--PhilosophyArchitectural criticismSwitzerlandFreemasonry and the artsOccultismCompagnonnagesSymbolism in architectureModular coordination (Architecture)Architecture--Composition, proportion, etcSpainRatio and proportionDecorative artsDecoration and ornamentExposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernesIndustrial designCity planning--ForecastingFrance--RonchampWright, Frank Lloyd,Decoration and ornament, ArchitecturalMies van der Rohe, Ludwig,PaintersEclecticism in architectureArchitectural designChapelsArt nouveau (Architecture)Spain--BarcelonaArchitecture--DetailsSpain--CataloniaArchitecture--AestheticsFurniture designThemes, motives1887196519001903190419081910191219141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014115920589112170720.924NA1053.J4ocn075753901ocn076142824ocn075852895ocn264702292ocn313205355ocn419837756ocn076601789ocn315263624ocn263100655ocn264036359ocn439322758ocn442441652ocn450829640ocn799352674ocn797725035ocn439494601ocn442098453ocn443243216ocn858737534ocn442555248ocn438568929ocn441806468ocn444459924ocn781134591ocn443720792ocn441699969ocn440031976ocn451059267ocn452292468ocn455868161ocn251731799ocn820374350ocn082585368ocn797446700ocn461759129ocn079246017ocn078978433ocn461562301ocn078287246ocn084632490ocn468716364ocn439012362ocn459525427ocn459037233ocn459487893ocn459525419ocn454719647ocn468611472ocn460582098ocn468508644ocn676510941ocn048075307ocn589841347ocn451252926ocn691498648ocn589841343ocn691521260ocn676516110ocn658893115ocn691796022ocn691889057ocn693106235ocn693161478ocn693161483ocn691889082ocn691889084ocn691889065ocn691889051ocn693256545ocn691889061ocn040539542ocn040539624ocn040539487ocn040539439ocn040539570ocn040539504ocn040539525ocn040539454ocn040539470ocn040539603ocn074252168ocn072797091ocn072877035ocn719216282ocn719216269ocn072169114ocn709634391ocn719216272ocn712069568ocn185690152ocn185817612ocn185680063ocn459033568ocn185665525ocn186461363ocn188533857ocn188533855ocn081990989ocn693161467ocn693236579ocn693161472ocn829969282ocn767324797ocn662145134ocn742911718ocn742911494ocn658342510ocn492422905ocn048942454ocn048942432ocn780907774ocn421947177ocn762820066ocn762820066ocn080912759ocn658959821ocn742911617240597ocn000513193book19270.50Le CorbusierTowards a new architecture+-+2875071395146956ocn000334460book18470.53Le CorbusierThe city of to-morrow and its planningHistoryThe great revolutionary architect's probing analysis of urban problems and their origins, and his bold solutions, which include the Voisin scheme for the center of Paris, and the more developed scheme for a City of Three Million Inhabitants. Introduction. Foreword. 133 black-and-white illustrations. 82 black-and-white halftones+-+07880713951173196ocn002602899book19480.47Le CorbusierLe CorbusierHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsDesigns and plansExhibition catalogsDessin de la villa dite Villa Le Lac à Vevey construite par Le Corbusier pour ses parents+-+4980938738112162ocn000443814book19510.59Le CorbusierThe modulor; a harmonious measure to the human scale, universally applicable to architecture and mechanics+-+833618912891699ocn077476538book19230.70Le CorbusierToward an architecture"Few books of the twentieth century draw as much attention as Le Corbusier's Vers Une Architecture (1923), published in English as Towards a New Architecture (1927). Its slogans and juxtapositions of temples with machines inspired architects to design housing that met the demands of modern life. This new translation preserves the design and voice of the original. A revealing introduction - including discoveries regarding Le Corbusier's manipulation of images - explains how the renowned architect assembled his essay and illuminates the reception of his impassioned views."--BOOK JACKET+-+077318743583810ocn000517275book19330.50Le CorbusierThe radiant city; elements of a doctrine of urbanism to be used as the basis of our machine-age civilizationThe famous architect presents a wide range of ideas, including details on "an organism (the Radiant City) capable of housing the works of man in what is from now on a machine-age society."--p. [3]81226ocn000830391book19470.63Le CorbusierWhen the cathedrals were white, a journey to the country of timid people77552ocn000258129book19430.66Le CorbusierLooking at city planning"Les villes modernes sont menacées d'asphyxie. Les poussières industrielles, la densité de la circulation automobile, la fatigue consécutive à leurs disproportions les rendent peu habitables. Seule une refonte d'ensemble évitera que l'existence y devienne bientôt impossible. Dans "Manière de penser l'urbanisme", le grand architecte et urbaniste Le Corbusier aborde le probléme de front. Il indique les moyens de transformer nos rues inhospitalières, d'aménager de zones de stationnement et des espaces verts, remédier à la crise endémique de logement. Il précise les conditions nécessaires à l'établissement de cités radieuses où, renouant avec la joie de vivre, puisse s'épanouir l'homme contemporain7569ocn000849119book19600.50Le CorbusierCreation is a patient searchHistory6207ocn008131890book19810.50Le CorbusierThe ideas of Le Corbusier on architecture and urban planningThe writing of Le Corbusier, one of the master builders of the twentieth century, is made available in this careful selection of his texts. His drawings are also reproduced and are supplemented by plans and photographs of buildings he either designed himself or cited in his work. - from Google Books56912ocn013759938book19870.56Le CorbusierThe decorative art of todayHistory+-+500571717532454528ocn000381916book19570.35Solà-Morales Rubió, IgnasiGaudíHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsPictorial worksExhibition catalogsThis book concerns Gaudi's architecture. Apart from the elaborate text, it contains 175 illustrations, among these are colour photos, sketches, drawings and ground- plans5106ocn000865802book19730.53Le CorbusierThe Athens charterConference proceedings50015ocn001414081book19460.66Le CorbusierConcerning town planning4813ocn038295120book19980.53Vogt, Adolf MaxLe Corbusier, the noble savage : toward an archaeology of modernismCriticism, interpretation, etcThis revelatory study is the most unexpected and vital piece of Le Corbusier scholarship to appear in years. Adolf Max Vogt looks to the early, formative years of the architect's life as a key to understanding his mature practice, taking aim at such fundamental riddles as "Where did his design vocabulary come from?" and "How was his aesthetic sense formed?"+-+410577717532448117ocn039939275book19610.70Le CorbusierLe Corbusier talks with students from the schools of architecture+-+614634310647911ocn001465538book19570.66Le CorbusierThe Chapel at RonchampCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+74020891284683ocn000085661book19700.47Le CorbusierLe Corbusier: last works4403ocn045759750book20000.53Jencks, CharlesLe Corbusier and the continual revolution in architectureHistoryBiographySmudsomslaget er i stykker+-+32258453064366ocn034151454book19960.53Baker, Geoffrey HLe Corbusier, the creative search : the formative years of Charles-Edouard JeanneretCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyIn this book, Geoffrey Baker extends the survey of Le Corbusier's architecture in his acclaimed Le Corbusier: An analysis of form to chart the way in which Le Corbusier developed his creative approach. Baker concentrates on the way a designer's mind works. He extends the analytical skills used to explain Le Corbusier's architecture into a detailed analysis of those vital early sketchbooks that form the core of Le Corbusier's education. For the first time in a single volume, Baker provides comprehensive documentation of sketches in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Italy and on the journey to the East, including extensive English translations of Le Corbusier's notes. This assemblage of some of Le Corbusier's finest sketches is closely related to the way he designed his first homes, providing a remarkably lucid and accessible record of the working research method of a master+-+83767579953245440113ocn000233115book19510.47Le CorbusierLe CorbusierHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsDesigns and plansExhibition catalogsA study of the work of the architect, not a biography+-+0698575505192413ocn000514192book19600.32Blake, PeterThe master buildersA chronicle of modern architecture and three creative designers whose work has set the tone for the character of the modern city+-+095068848513944ocn003051581book19770.39Fishman, RobertUrban utopias in the twentieth century : Ebenezer Howard, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Le Corbusier"In Urban Utopias in the Twentieth Century ... three plans are presented in depth. Working from hitherto unpublished layouts, sketches, manuscripts, and letters, the author has reconstructed the fascinating historical context out of which the plans emerged ... Fishman shows the utopian origins of all three plans, the social innovations that the architects hoped to achieve, and their heroic but vain attempts to impose a 'perfect' design on an imperfect world"--Dustjacket+-+78751071759998ocn000848352book19730.47Jencks, CharlesLe Corbusier and the tragic view of architecture95618ocn009393884book19830.63Baker, Geoffrey HLe Corbusier, an analysis of formCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyThe famous Swiss architect's major works, covered previously in The Creative Search, are expanded to include the Villa Shodan and the Pavilion Suisse+-+65761646959216ocn212855130book20080.27Weber, Nicholas FoxLe Corbusier : a lifeBiographyFrom acclaimed biographer and cultural historian, this is the first full-scale life of Le Corbusier, one of the most influential, admired, and maligned architects of the twentieth century, heralded is a prophet in his lifetime, revered as a god after his death. He was a leader of the modernist movement that sought to create better living conditions and a better society through housing concepts. He predicted the city of the future with its large, white apartment buildings in parklike settings; a move away from the turn-of-the-century industrial city, which he saw as too fussy and suffocating and believed should be torn down, including most of Paris. Irascible and caustic, tender and enthusiastic, more than a mercurial innovator, Le Corbusier was considered to be the very conscience of modern architecture. In this first biography of the man, the author writes about Le Corbusier the precise, mathematical, practical-minded artist whose idealism, vibrant, poetic, imaginative; discipline; and sensualism were reflected in his iconic designs and pioneering theories of architecture and urban planning. He writes about Le Corbusier's training; his coming to live and work in Paris; the ties he formed with Nehru, Brassai, Malraux who championed Le Corbusier's work and commissioned a major new museum for art to be built on the outskirts of Paris, Einstein, Matisse, the Steins, Picasso, Walter Gropius, and others. We see how Le Corbusier, who appreciated goverments only for the possibility of obtaining architectural commissions, was drawn to the new Soviet Union and extolled the merits of communism he never joined the party; and in 1928, as the possible architect of a major new building, went to Moscow, where he was hailed by Trotsky and was received at the Kremlin. Le Corbusier praised the ideas of Mussolini and worked for two years under the Vichy government, hoping to oversee new construction and urbanism throughout France. Le Corbusier believed that Hitler and Vichy rule would bring about a marvelous transformation of society, then renounced the doomed regime and went to work for Charles de Gaulle and his provisional government. Also included are Le Corbusier's fraught relationships with women he remained celibate until the age of twenty-four and then often went to prostitutes; his twenty-seven-year-long marriage to a woman who had no interest in architecture and forbade it being discussed at the dinner table; his numerous love affairs during his marriage, including his shipboard romance with the twenty-three-year-old Josephine Baker, already a legend in Paris, whom he saw as a pure and guileless soul. She saw him as irresistibly funny. What a shame you're an architect, she wrote. You'd have made such a good partner. A brilliant revelation of this single-minded, elusive genius, of his extraordinary achivements and the age in which he lived+-+589569028591817ocn013361032book19860.35Curtis, William J. RLe Corbusier : ideas and formsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA study of Le Corbusier and his influence on twentieth century architecture+-+354273962587719ocn001052320book19670.53Le CorbusierLe Corbusier, 1910-65BiographyCatalogsDesigns and plans"This comprehensive volume presents an overview of the work of Le Corbusier, from the earliest drafts and sketches to his late buildings and projects, as well as city-planning studies. It also includes a selection of his paintings. Surveying this work leaves one with a vivid impression and a profound insight into the single-minded, albeit complex, personality that created it." --Book Jacket+-+91851891288625ocn004492728book19790.56Moos, Stanislaus vonLe Corbusier, elements of a synthesisHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+57915091543247315ocn001085857book19740.50Serenyi, PeterLe Corbusier in perspective7268ocn000051437book19690.53Evenson, NormaLe Corbusier: the machine and the grand designThe evolution and development of Le Corbusier's ideas about city planning are discussed7259ocn014167897book19870.47Le CorbusierJourney to the EastDiaries+-+15677171757085ocn003003322book19760.59The Open hand : essays on Le Corbusier6846ocn011212022book19850.53Doremus, ThomasFrank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier : the great dialogue6826ocn000514664book19720.39Jordan, R. FurneauxLe Corbusier6704ocn000323646book19720.59Boudon, PhilippeLived-in architecture: Le Corbusier's Pessac revisited+-+48057071753246645ocn319069506file20090.53Birksted, JanLe Corbusier and the occultCriticism, interpretation, etcAbondantes pages sur la période chaux-de-fonnière, avec des références à la Loge maçonnique L'Amitié+-+63917571756166ocn016683637book19870.66Gans, DeborahThe Le Corbusier guideCatalogs+-+346634310658410ocn001094819book19740.53Gardiner, StephenLe CorbusierBiography+-+72885315855663ocn002964987book19770.63Sekler, Eduard FLe Corbusier at work : the genesis of the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts+-+7405709215324+-+4105777175324+-+4105777175324Fri Mar 21 16:01:42 EDT 2014batch194711