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Fri Mar 21 17:04:18 2014 UTClccn-n790221890.06Biography today : profiles of people of interest to young readers0.151.00La fe en Orson Scott Card116838661Orson_Scott_Cardn 79022189255985Bliss, Frederick.Bliss, Frederick, 1951-Card, Orson S.Green, BrianGreen, Brian (1951- ).Green, Bryan.Green, Bryan, 1951-Gump, P. Q.Gump, P. Q., 1951-Kādo, Ōsun SukottoKʻadŭ, Olsŭn SŭkʻotKard, Orson SkotKard, Orson Skott.Kārds, Orsons SkotsPellume, Noam D.Scott Card, OrsonScott, Card Orson 1951-Skot Kard, OrsonWalley, Byron.Walley, Byron, 1951-Кард, Орсон Скотסקוט קרד, אורסוןקארד, אורסון סקוטקארד, אורסון סקוט. ברמן, רחביהקרד, אורסון סקוטカードカード, オースン・スコットcontainsVIAFID/44135096Bliss, FrederickcontainsVIAFID/73691555Green, Brian, 1951-containsVIAFID/78615886Gump, P. Q.containsVIAFID/79892401Richards, Scott, 1951-containsVIAFID/66357619Walley, Byronlccn-no2013075579Wiggin, Ender(Fictitious character)lccn-n79064319Rudnicki, Stefan1945-proprfedtnrtfast-1006275Maker, Alvin (Fictitious character)lccn-no2013079547Wiggin, Peter(Fictitious character)ns-wiggin ender fictitious characterWiggin, Ender (Fictitious character)lccn-no2013075580Bean(Fictitious character from Card)lccn-no2013071872Nafailccn-nr2005018527Johnston, Aaronlccn-no99082392Brick, Scottprfnrtlccn-nr2001014673De Cuir, GabrielleprfdrtnrtCard, Orson ScottFictionJuvenile worksScience fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanHistoryMiscellaneaHandbooks, manuals, etcFairy talesComic books, strips, etcScience fiction comic books, strips, etcWar gamesTime travelBrothers and sistersSpace warfareGenetic engineeringSpace coloniesLife on other planetsChild soldiersMaker, Alvin (Fictitious character)Science fictionScience fiction, AmericanAbandoned childrenCalifornia--Los AngelesFantasy fiction, AmericanImaginary wars and battlesPsychic abilityInterplanetary voyagesIdentity (Philosophical concept)Civil warFamily secretsMagiFantasy fictionParanormal fictionRussiaJewsPrincessesAmericaColumbus, ChristopherParanormal fiction, AmericanDiscoveries in geographyExplorersCard, Orson ScottUnited StatesSleeping Beauty (Tale)MagicFolkloreLake StatesImaginary historiesPhilosophy in literatureEnder's game (Card, Orson Scott)Discovery and exploration, SpanishCalifornia--Los Angeles--Baldwin HillsMidsummer night's dream (Shakespeare, William)PhilosophySpace flightGifted childrenTelepathyChildren and warAuthors, AmericanReligion in literature1951197319761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201414512815524082813.54PS3553.A655ocn166430691ocn725781565ocn834550899ocn811618931ocn317980571ocn811618932ocn794205214ocn862849463ocn834550899ocn811618931ocn702615180ocn702615103ocn811618932ocn794275115ocn861508407ocn804496882ocn058483135ocn862849463ocn029764143ocn051808230ocn051808228ocn051808227ocn051808226ocn731726940ocn051809093ocn765155765ocn764926029ocn765941946ocn765155704ocn693906879ocn765941903ocn693940428ocn764926040ocn767003274ocn693940445ocn723906323ocn724059249ocn723681064ocn859440708ocn492949282ocn418182170ocn8346630217498109ocn023355613book19770.16Card, Orson ScottEnder's gameJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionTextbooksScience fictionScience fiction comic books, strips, etcYoung adult worksChild-hero Ender Wiggin must fight a desperate battle against a deadly alien race if mankind is to survive+-+6357847685387442ocn041565235book19990.15Card, Orson ScottEnder's shadowFictionAn urchin is picked off the street by a nun and sent to war school to become a brilliant space-war strategist. He is Bean, so called because of his diminutive stature, the result of an illegal genetic experiment+-+K513137685362766ocn013201341book19860.15Card, Orson ScottSpeaker for the deadFictionScience fictionEnder Wiggin, the hero and scapegoat of mass alien destruction in Ender's Game, receives a chance at redemption in this novel. Ender, who proclaimed as a mistake his success in wiping out an alien race, wins the opportunity to cope better with a second race, discovered by Portuguese colonists on the planet Lusitania. Orson Scott Card infuses this long, ambitious tale with intellect by casting his characters in social, religious and cultural contexts+-+0382847685336350ocn022909973book19900.15Card, Orson ScottXenocideFictionScience fictionAfraid that the descolada--the deadly virus that the pequininos require to transform themselves into adults--may escape the confines of Lusitania, the Starways Congress orders the destruction of the entire planet+-+6357847685281335ocn033971186book19960.15Card, Orson ScottChildren of the mindFictionThe adventures of space warriors in a world where technology has abolished the light-speed limit and one's consciousness can be placed in other bodies. By the author of Ender's Game+-+2487707635278825ocn044046723book20000.15Card, Orson ScottShadow of the HegemonFictionBean and other members of Ender's Dragon Army return to Earth after their victory in the Formic War. All but Bean are soon mysteriously kidnapped; Bean turns to Ender's brother Peter for help+-+8601237685265025ocn060650801book20020.14Card, Orson ScottShadow puppetsFictionAs the nations of the earth attempt to control the children trained at Battle School, Peter Wiggin continues to consolidate his power with the help of Bean and Petra+-+1265580125245420ocn057429685book20050.14Card, Orson ScottShadow of the giantFictionBean's past was a battle just to survive. He first appeared on the streets of Rotterdam, a tiny child with a mind leagues beyond anyone else. He knew he could not survive through strength; he used his tactical genius to gain acceptance into a children's gang, and then to help make that gang a template for success for all the others. He civilized them, and lived to grow older. Then he was discovered by the recruiters for the Battle School. For Earth was at war - a terrible war with an inscrutable alien enemy. A war that humanity was near to losing. But the long distances of interstellar space has given hope to the defenders of Earth - they had time to train military geniuses up from childhood, forging them into an irresistible force in the high-orbital facility called the Battle School. That story is told in two books, the beloved classic ENDER'S GAME, and its parallel, ENDER'S SHADOW. Bean was the smallest student at the Battle School, but he became Ender Wiggins' right hand, Since then he has grown to be a power on Earth. He served the Hegemon as strategist and general in the terrible wars that followed Ender's defeat of the alien empire attacking Earth. Now he and his wife Petra yearn for a safe place to build a family - something he has never known - but there is nowhere on Earth that does not harbor his enemies - old enemies from the days in Ender's Jeesh, new enemies from the wars on Earth. To find security, Bean and Petra must once again follow in Ender's footsteps. They must leave Earth behind, in the control of the Hegemon, and look to the stars+-+1302037685226020ocn016268967book19870.14Card, Orson ScottSeventh sonHistoryFictionFantasy fiction, AmericanAlvin, the seventh son of a seventh son, slowly learns his power as a Maker as the forces of chaos try to stop him in a magical world much like the American frontier at the beginning of the 19th century+-+5985868615217739ocn056844652rcrd19910.12Card, Orson ScottEnder's gameJuvenile worksFictionSix-year-old Ender Wiggin and his siblings at Battle School are being tested and trained to determine whether they possess the abilities to remake the world-- if the world survives an all-out war with an alien enemy+-+9929248406216516ocn223884539book20080.14Card, Orson ScottEnder in exileFictionAt the close of Ender's Game, Andrew Wiggin, called Ender by everyone, is told that he can no longer live on Earth, and he realizes that this is the truth. He has become far more than just a boy who won a game: he is the Savior of Earth, a hero, a military genius whose allegiance is sought by every nation of the newly shattered Earth Hegemony. He is offered the choice of living in isolation on Eros, at one of the Hegemony's training facilities, but instead the twelve-year-old chooses to leave his home world and begin the long relativistic journey out to the colonies. With him went his sister Valentine, and the core of the artificial intelligence that would become Jane. The story of those years has never been told, until now+-+6149580125207625ocn024669212book19900.14Card, Orson ScottThe memory of earthFictionThe Oversoul protects the planet Harmony from war and destruction by subtle interference in the thoughts of the people. But now, some of its systems are failing, and men are beginning to think about power and conquest+-+2407807635204222ocn040500844book19970.13Card, Orson ScottEnchantmentFictionFairy talesFantasy fiction, AmericanIn a Russian forest, a New York scholar awakens a sleeping princess with a kiss and she takes him to the 9th century. They are forced to return to the present, pursued by a witch who hijacks an airliner. One adventure follows another and there is a happy ending. By the author of Heartfire+-+7231690985197811ocn609543130book20100.08Card, Orson ScottPathfinderJuvenile worksFictionScience fictionThirteen-year-old Rigg has a secret ability to see the paths of others' pasts, but revelations after his father's death set him on a dangerous quest that brings new threats from those who would either control his destiny or kill him+-+K126441696197812ocn057352830book20050.13Card, Orson ScottMagic streetFictionFantasy fiction, AmericanTeenager Mack Street apparently suffers from strange spells when he simply freezes and stares off into space, but what those around him do not realize is that Mack possesses the ability to see into other people's dreams+-+4431690985184625ocn016871980book19870.15Card, Orson ScottRed prophetHistoryFictionFantasy fiction, AmericanAlvin Maker is drawn into the political manueverings of his visionary brother and a French colonel exiled to Fort Detroit named Napoleon Bonapart, in this tale set in the frontier of a magical alternate America+-+3179707635181927ocn026800462book19920.13Card, Orson ScottThe call of earthFictionTeenagers are at the heart of the story featuring a sentient computer whose plans involve a return to Earth+-+0229037685324181014ocn071210222book20060.13Card, Orson ScottEmpireFictionWar stories, AmericanThe American Empire has grown too fast, and the fault lines at home are stressed to the breaking point. The war of words between Right and Left has collapsed into a shooting war, though most people just want to be left alone. The battle rages between the high-technology weapons on one side, and militia foot-soldiers on the other, devastating the cities, and overrunning the countryside. But the vast majority, who only want the killing to stop and the nation to return to more peaceful days, have technology, weapons and strategic geniuses of their own+-+5661680125179713ocn648923007book20100.13Card, Orson ScottThe lost gate : a novel of the Mither magesFictionFantasy fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanDanny grew up in a family compound in Virginia, believing that he alone of his family had no magical power. But he was wrong. Kidnapped from his high school by a rival family, he learns that he has the power to reopen the gates between Earth and the world of Westil+-+9201780125172513ocn033277574book19960.16Card, Orson ScottPastwatch : the redemption of Christopher ColumbusFictionIn the 23rd Century, a trio of time travelers journey back to the 15th Century in order to prevent Christopher Columbus from colonizing America. The trip is part of a project by an organization to change history, thereby improving life on earth. By the author of Alvin Journeyman+-+63050376854117ocn317928747book20090.14Black, JakeThe authorized Ender companionCriticism, interpretation, etcDictionariesMiscellaneaHandbooks, manuals, etcA complete and in-depth encyclopedia of all the persons, places, things and events in Orson Scott Card's Ender Universe, written under the editorial supervision of Card himself. Includes character biographies, time-lines, colony histories, and family trees.--From publisher description+-+77157801251883ocn020596137book19900.81Collings, Michael RIn the image of God : theme, characterization, and landscape in the fiction of Orson Scott CardCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+29591786853241692ocn052047345book20030.39Tyson, Edith SOrson Scott Card : writer of the terrible choiceCriticism, interpretation, etcAn appreciation of the works of Orson Scott Card in science fiction, fantasy, Biblical fiction, mystery, and other works up to the year 2003+-+15429356351692ocn061130808book20060.08Willett, EdwardOrson Scott Card : architect of alternate worldsJuvenile worksBiographyExamines this great fiction writer who has won both the Hugo and Nebula awards for his novels+-+59087511251223ocn854956880book20130.63Wittkower, D. EEnder's game and philosophy : genocide is child's playEnder's Game and Philosophy brings together over thirty philosophers to engage in wide-ranging discussion on the troubling, exciting, and fascinating issues raised in and amidst the excitement and fear of Orson Scott Card's novels and Gavin Hood's film. The authors of Ender's Game and Philosophy challenge readers to confront and work through the conceptual and emotional challenges that Ender's Game presents, bringing a new light on the idea of a just war, the virtues of the soldier, the nature of childhood, the social value and moral corruption of lies and deception, the practices of education and of leadership, and the serious work of playing games. -- Publisher website911ocn828481937book20130.66Ender's game and philosophy the logic gate is downCriticism, interpretation, etcA threat to humanity portending the end of our species lurks in the cold recesses of space. Our only hope is an eleven-year-old boy. Celebrating the long-awaited release of the movie adaptation of Orson Scott Card's novel about highly trained child geniuses fighting a race of invading aliens, this collection of original essays probes key philosophical questions raised in the narrative, including the ethics of child soldiers, politics on the internet, and the morality of war and genocide. Original essays dissect the diverse philosophical questions raised in Card's best-selling sci-fi classic, winner of the Nebula and Hugo Awards and which has been translated in 29 languages541ocn837956748book20130.15Alger, JedEnder's game : inside the world of an epic adventureFilm adaptationsA companion book to the 2013 movie "Ender's Game" showcases storyboard and concept art, character sketches and still photographs from the movie's sets and includes observations and insights of the film by the producers, art director, and various other film crew402ocn232333494com20060.33Children's literature review. excerpts from reviews, criticism, and commentary on books for children and young peopleCriticism, interpretation, etcBook reviewsPresents full-text literary criticism on writers and illustrators for children and young adults. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, monographs, reviews, and scholarly papers+-+3295312325253ocn690958534com20100.08Collings, Michael RToward other worlds perspectives on John Milton, C.S. Lewis, Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, and othersCriticism, interpretation, etcThis collection of 25 essays of literary criticism includes pieces on British poet John Milton, British fantasy writer C. S. Lewis, American horror writer Stephen King, American SF and fantasy writer Orson Scott Card, British horror writer Clive Barker, and several others201ocn056032470book20040.06Biography today : profiles of people of interest to young readersJuvenile worksBiography"Contains current biographical sketches of well-known authors of books for middle grade and young adult readers."--Provided by publisher+-+7701535325201ocn421746935book19980.93Pelosato, AlainFantastique : des auteurs et des thèmesCriticism, interpretation, etc"Ce recueil aborde les grands thèmes suivants : "Graham Masterton : l'horreur de mythes" ; J.R.R. Tolkien : le conteur de l'écologie" ; E.R. Burroughs : l'aventurier de l'imaginaire" ; Orson Scott Card : l'écologie et la foi" ; "Folie et terreur" ; "Fantastique français" ; 3Fantastique Nature!"151ocn156935711com20070.08Expanded books interviewInterviewsOrson Scott Card, bestselling author of Ender's game, presents a chilling vision of the near future in his new novel Empire. The book explores an America in which a full-scale civil war has erupted between the political Left and the Right+-+566168012594ocn696124805com20030.25Orson Scott CardCriticism, interpretation, etc41ocn031969727book19960.47Collings, Michael RThe work of Orson Scott Card : an annotated bibliography & guideBibliography22ocn052792634book1.00Card, Orson ScottCriticism, interpretation, etcArchivesSourcesRecords and correspondenceMotion picture playsDomestic fiction, AmericanFantasy fiction, AmericanShort stories, AmericanLiterary papers, including manuscripts of published and unpublished works (novels, short stories, plays, poetry, nonfiction). Also included are works of other authors that Card has commented on, correspondence, and personal papers. Also included are scripts and other materials pertaining to the production of the 1989 motion picture The abyss (directed by James Cameron), which Card used to write the novel of the same name22ocn367800516rcrd19991.00Brighton, JackInterview with Orson Scott CardInterviews21ocn083139802art19911.00Nielson, DanInterview with Orson Scott CardInterviews22ocn081572763art19981.00Benítez Gutiérrez, ALa fe en Orson Scott Card21ocn033067575book19940.92Porschet, Alma JeanOrson Scott Card : without Joseph Smith and Mormonism there would be no Seventh son, no Red prophet, no Alvin MakerCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn858047478book20090.10Card, Orson ScottThe authorized Ender compantionMiscellaneaHandbooks, manuals, etc+-+7715780125+-+6357847685+-+6357847685Fri Mar 21 15:11:52 EDT 2014batch86149