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Fri Mar 21 17:15:04 2014 UTClccn-n790297670.16The politics book0.500.86Politics and education /90070192Paulo_Freiren 79029767263431Freire-Illich, ... 1921-1997Freire, P.Freire, P. 1921-1997Freire, P. (Paulo), 1921-Freire, P. (Paulo), 1921-1997Freire, PauloFreire, Paulo, 1921-Frīrī, Baulū 1921-1997Fureire, Pauro 1921-1997Neves Freire, Paulo Reglus.Neves Freire, Paulo Reglus, 1921-Neves Freire, Paulo Reglus, 1921-1997Phrāẏare, Pāulo, 1921-1997باولو فريري، 1921-1997フレイレ, パウロlccn-n90683368Freire, Ana Maria Araújo1933-auiothlccn-n85017908Macedo, Donaldo P.(Donaldo Pereira)1950-auitrllccn-n99274769Roberts, Peter1963-lccn-n83152448Gadotti, Moacirlccn-n80085084McLaren, Peter1948-auiedtlccn-n79138490Shor, Ira1945-edtlccn-n93123440Escobar, Miguel1946-lccn-n83020983Torres, Carlos Albertoedtlccn-n94094752Goleman, Judithlccn-n94077084Purcell-Gates, VictoriaFreire, Paulo1921-1997BiographyConference proceedingsEducation--PhilosophyCritical pedagogyFreire, Paulo,Popular educationLibertyBrazilEducation--Political aspectsPopular education--PhilosophyLatin AmericaEducation--Social aspectsDeveloping countriesLiteracyEducationEducational sociologyTeachingSocial changeTeaching--Social aspectsTeaching--Vocational guidanceUnited StatesElementary education of adultsLiteracy programsDialoguesEducatorsEducation, Higher--PhilosophyEnglish language--Rhetoric--Study and teachingReport writing--Study and teachingEnglish language--Composition and exercisesFunctional literacyEl SalvadorEducation--Aims and objectivesReadingDiscussionReading (Adult education)Literacy--Political aspectsCold War (1945-1989)School disciplinePedagogia do oprimido (Freire, Paulo)Globalization--Social aspectsEnvironmental degradationEnvironmental educationHuman ecology--Social aspectsEconomic historyGlobalization--Economic aspectsAdult education--Social aspectsGuinea-BissauPolitical scienceDemocracyGuevara, Che,Christian sociology--Catholic ChurchIllich, Ivan,19211997193319601961196419651967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320145483012123399370.1LB880.F73ocn300372444ocn468074694ocn467080615ocn258580251ocn084747187ocn257989358ocn833060439ocn833068392ocn454770074ocn440689822ocn455868896ocn780984577ocn450755922ocn453973471ocn774921482ocn050836532ocn461760036236191ocn000103959book19680.47Freire, PauloPedagogy of the oppressed20 years on, this revolutionary work has been revised and updated, and Paulo Freire outlines a blueprint for revolution. This is a fascinating account which continues to influence educationalists across the world+-+2859075965324166955ocn000524152book19730.53Freire, PauloEducation for critical consciousnessThe Brazilian humanitarian and educator suggests a plan for liberating the oppressed peoples of the world through education. Bibliogs+-+3255591735145617ocn741690127book19970.50Freire, PauloPedagogy of the heartThis book represents some of the last writings by Paulo Freire, who has been acclaimed one of the most important educators of the 20th century. Pedagogy of the Heart is filled with Freire's reminiscences of his early life and meditations "under my mango tree." Many of these will be familiar themes to those who have walked with Freire before. For those coming to his work for the first time, Pedagogy of the Heart will open new doors to the interrelations of education and political struggle. Further enhancing the text are substantive notes by Ana Maria Araujo Freire+-+6485691735125818ocn011187833book19840.50Freire, PauloThe politics of education : culture, power, and liberation+-+2795432435324116030ocn015521446book19870.50Freire, PauloLiteracy : reading the word & the worldFreire and Macedo analyse the connection between literacy and politics according to whether it produces existing social relations, or introduces a new set of cultural practices that promote democratic and emancipatory change+-+207643243532410731ocn049851774file19950.35Goleman, JudithWorking theory critical composition studies for students and teachers+-+365843243598315ocn013859747book19870.53Shor, IraA pedagogy for liberation : dialogues on transforming education+-+305643243585612ocn039515961book19980.50Freire, PauloPedagogy of freedom : ethics, democracy, and civic courageThis book displays the striking creativity and profound insight that characterized Freire's work to the very end of his life-an uplifting and provocative exploration not only for educators, but also for all that learn and live+-+9295412935681196ocn063439859book19700.50Freire, PauloPädagogik der UnterdrücktenLa pedagogía del oprimido , como pedagogía humanista y liberadora tendrá, dos momentos distintos aunque van descubriendo el mundo de la opresión y se van comprometiendo, en la praxis, con su transformación y el segundo, en que una vez transformada la realidad opresora, esta pedagogía deja de ser del oprimido y pasa a ser la pedagogía de los hombres en proceso de permanente liberación+-+118758731468015ocn003708079book19780.53Freire, PauloPedagogy in process : the letters to Guinea-Bissau63214ocn020014591book19890.59Freire, PauloLearning to question : a pedagogy of liberation49610ocn057003839book20040.59Freire, PauloPedagogy of indignationPublisher description: This is the first English translation of the last book written by Paulo Freire. The book begins with a series of three deeply moving reflective "pedagogical letters" to the reader about the role of education for one's development of self. He also speaks directly to the reader about the relationship to risk in one's life and he delves deeper than before into the daily life tensions between freedom and authority. Building on these interconnected themes, Freire sharpens our sense of the critical faculties of children and how a teacher may work with children to help them realize their potential intellectually and as human beings. Subsequent chapters explore these topics in relation to the wider social world: the social constitution of the self in the work of educators; critical citizenship; and the necessity of teaching "from a position" about the world that goes beyond literacy programs to include the legacy of colonialism in peoples' resistance movements today. The book's interludes, written by Ana Maria Araújo Freire, reveal Paulo's thoughts about the content of this book as he was completing it during the last weeks and days of his life+-+950560940642914ocn000501208book19700.66Freire, PauloCultural action for freedom+-+22854116454206ocn026541295book19930.63Freire, PauloPedagogy of the city"This book is primarily comprised of interviews that took place between the first months of Paulo Freire's assuming leadership of the bureau of education in Sao Paulo, and the beginnings of his second year - including his farewell to the bureau upon his retirement." "The highly provocative observations herein confirm a central imperative, namely, that public education must play a decisive role in the continuing reformation of a democratic society. Though written from the viewpoint of an authority in another culture, the implications of Paulo Freire's dialogues reach all the way to our own inner-city schools." "Pedagogy of the City offers a plan of action for the transformation of schooling: the creation of schools that truly represent and respect the student; the creation of schools where students and their life experiences are a curriculum in interaction with teachers who can truly help them; and more." "Twenty years after the landmark U.S. publication of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, this new Pedagogy of the City will help to stimulate anew the thinking of teachers and all concerned citizens."--BOOK JACKET+-+77615917353886ocn038898064book19980.56Freire, PauloThe Paulo Freire reader"The Paulo Freire Reader is the essential collection of Freire's most trenchant writings. These readings are carefully selected by Ana Maria Araujo Freire and Donaldo Macedo. They provide a substantive introductory statement on Freire's life, thought, and career."--BOOK JACKET+-+K3356917353357ocn036260317book19970.70Mentoring the mentor : a critical dialogue with Paulo Freire+-+5342895735304107ocn000744278book19650.70Freire, PauloLa educación como práctica de la libertad+-+96105662342216ocn086038268book20070.70Freire, PauloDaring to dream : toward a pedagogy of the unfinished+-+480560940616815ocn001029004book19700.47Freire, PauloCultural action for freedom16411ocn037666435book19970.86Freire, PauloPolitics and education+-+9935854235210716ocn043929806book19730.47Freire, PauloPedagogy of the oppressed"The methodology of the late Paulo Freire, once considered such a threat to the established order that he was "invited" to leave his native Brazil, has helped to empower countless impoverished and illiterate people throughout the world. Freire's work has taken on especial urgency in the United States and Western Europe, where the creation of permanent underclass among the underprivileged and minorities in cities and urban centers is increasingly accepted as the norm." "With a substantive new introduction on Freire's life and the remarkable impact of this book by writer and Freire confidant and authority Donaldo Macedo, this anniversary edition of Pedagogy of the Oppressed will inspire a new generation of educators, students, and general readers for years to come."--BOOK JACKET+-+412769173518448ocn037573234book19950.50Freire, PauloTeachers as cultural workers : letters to those who dare teach"In Teachers as Cultural Workers, Freire speaks directly to teachers about the lessons learned from a lifetime of experience as an educator and social theorist." "This book challenges all who teach to reflect critically on the meaning of the act of teaching as well as the meaning of learning. Freire shows why a teacher's success depends on a permanent commitment to learning and training, as part of an ongoing appraisal of classroom practice. By observing the curiosity of students and the manner through which students develop strategies for learning, the teacher is helped in discovering doubts, successes, and the teacher's mistakes. When teachers open themselves to recognize the different roads students take in order to learn, they will become involved in a continual reconstruction of their own paths of curiosity, opening the doors to habits of learning that will benefit everyone in the classroom."--Jacket+-+095878863517527ocn049851780com20000.39Roberts, PeterEducation, literacy, and humanization exploring the work of Paulo FreireA critical introduction to the work of Paulo Friere. The author adopts a holistic approach in exploring the ontological, epistemological, ethical and pedagogical dimensions of Freire's thought, and discusses his approach to adult literacy education+-+552555868515315ocn042854868file19940.47Gadotti, MoacirReading Paulo Freire his life and workBiography+-+K97469642514003ocn042636560file19940.50Freire, PauloPaulo Freire on higher education a dialogue at the National University of MexicoConference proceedings+-+K923696425114612ocn029388658book19940.50Freire, PauloPedagogy of hope : reliving Pedagogy of the oppressedWith Pedagogy of Hope, Freire explores his best-known analytical themes - with even deeper understanding and a greater wisdom. Certainly, all of these themes have to be analyzed as elements of a body of critical, liberationist pedagogy. In the present book, we come to understand the author's pedagogical thinking even better, through the critical seriousness, humanistic objectivity, and engaged subjectivity which, in all of Freire's books, are always wedded to a unique creative innovativeness+-+089359173510194ocn045730321file20000.37Purcell-Gates, VictoriaNow we read, we see, we speak portrait of literacy development in an adult Freirean-based classCase studiesPurcell-Gates and Waterman sought to see and to understand for themselves how adults in the literacy program learned to read and write as they transacted with the Freirean curriculum, and what such a class could look like in action." "It is a book for all teachers, teacher educators, and researchers who are interested in, and curious about, Freirean-literacy instruction."--BOOK JACKET+-+400768030510147ocn057176316file19990.50Freirean pedagogy, praxis, and possibilities projects for the new millenniumThis volume is a testament to the works of Paulo Freire in the field of education as well as the life of the man. Important new dimensions to the revolutionary, innovative ideas that Freire bequeathed are explored+-+K0045585758584ocn676700144file20100.56Kirkendall, Andrew JPaulo Freire & the cold war politics of literacyThis is a political biography of Paulo Freire (1921@-97), a native of Brazil's impoverished northeast. Freire developed adult literacy training techniques that involved consciousness-raising, encouraging peasants and newly urban peoples to see themselves as active citizens who could transform their own lives. Kirkendall's evenhanded appraisal of Freire's pioneering life and work, which remains influential today, gives new perspectives on the history of the Cold War, the meanings of radicalism, and the evolution of the Left in Latin America+-+K4698325358512ocn005777360book19800.39Alschuler, Alfred SSchool discipline : a socially literate solutionPamphlets from the vertical file8494ocn048710925book20020.39Morrow, Raymond AllenReading Freire and Habermas : critical pedagogy and transformative social changeIn this book, two well-known scholars of critical educational studies provide a compelling introduction to the thoughts of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire and German critical theorist Jurgen Habermas. The book compares their theories in-depth and situates their thinking in relation to other social theories and philosophies of education. The authors demonstrate that, despite their differences, these philosophers share crucial views on science, society, critical social psychology, and educational praxis that are mutually illuminating and offer a new point of departure for a critical theory of education+-+87579225358138ocn057245779com20040.47Bowers, C. ARe-thinking Freire globalization and the environmental crisisThis collection of essays by Third World activists highlights two major world changes which, they argue, have been neglected by Freire and his many followers: the Third World grass-roots cultural resistance to economic globalization, and the ecological crisis+-+99266156968101ocn021483166book19900.50Horton, MylesWe make the road by walking : conversations on education and social change+-+10227722357017ocn025631830book19920.59McLaren, PeterPaulo Freire : a critical encounterPaulo Freire is regarded by many social critics as pe the twentieth century. This volume presents a pathfinding analysis by an international group of scholars+-+47423506955833ocn016276163book19870.56Shor, IraFreire for the classroom : a sourcebook for liberatory teaching"Freire for the Classroom is an anthology of essays by teachers using Paulo Freire methods in their classrooms. These essays, collected from professional journals, represent some of the best experimental teaching done to adapt Freire's liberating pedagogy to North American classrooms. ... The book offers critical theory side-by-side with actual reports of teaching practice so that philosophy is brought down to earth in terms familiar to practicing teachers." From the bookjacket+-+02464521355692ocn002331849book19760.59Elias, John LConscientization and deschooling : Freire's and Illich's proposals for reshaping societyHistory5581ocn795010944book20130.16The politics bookHistory"Exploring more than 100 big ideas on topics as diverse as the rule of law, the extent of liberty, and the justification of warfare, [this book] takes you on a journey through the history of politics, from the influential theories of ancient Greece, Rome, and Asia to modern concepts voiced by today's brightest political thinkers."--Front jacket flap5444ocn027812634book19930.66McLaren, PeterPolitics of liberation : paths from FreireThis book consists of a collection of original essays on the work of Paulo Freire, based on divers experiences of First and Third world contexts. All of authors argue that Paulo Freire is the cornerstone upon which a new vision and strategies of liberation can be built. The book offers a broad interpretive base addressing Marxist and post-socialist, modern and post-modern, hermeneutical, feminist and post-colonial perspectives+-+12764506954665ocn041565066book19990.66McLaren, PeterChe Guevara, Paulo Freire, and the pedagogy of revolutionThis title examines what is currently at stake culturally, politically, and educationally in contemporary global capitalist society. The book evaluates the message of Che Guevara and Paulo Freire for politics in general and education+-+37804129354604ocn048434940book20010.63Darder, AntoniaReinventing Paulo Freire : a pedagogy of loveBrazilian educator, Paulo Freire, best known for his work Pedagogy of the oppressed, challenged education plans that contributed to the marginalization of minorities and the poor. Freire believed that education should be used for liberation by helping learners reflect on their experiences historically, giving immediate reality to issues of racism, sexism, and the exploitation of workers. Known as one of the most influential theoretical innovators of the twentieth century, his views have left a significant mark on progressive thinkers about education and liberation. Reinventing Paulo Freire is an homage to him by protégé Antonia Darder. Here, she explores the legacy of Freire, interviews eight of his former students-- now teachers themselves, and reflects on the teaching practice as demonstrated by Freire himself. The interviews take the form of first person narratives; the epilogue consists simply of a letter and a poem+-+0314888635+-+2795432435324+-+2795432435324Fri Mar 21 15:33:01 EDT 2014batch74905