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Fri Mar 21 17:03:17 2014 UTClccn-n790464510.37Causality and explanation0.601.00An inquiry into theories of scientific explanation /108517517Wesley_C._Salmonn 79046451279820Salmon, Wesley, 1925-2001Salmon, Wesley CharlesSalmon, Wesley Charles, 1925-2001lccn-n82082279Salmon, Merrilee H.hnredtlccn-n99830763Dowe, Philedtlccn-n81141629Kitcher, Philip1947-othedtlccn-n50047929Zenoof Elealccn-n79045081Reichenbach, Hans1891-1953lccn-n50030496Greeno, James G.lccn-n82093546Jeffrey, Richard C.lccn-n50032989Grünbaum, Adolfedtlccn-n81079589Fetzer, James H.1940-othedtlccn-n82024691Parrini, PaoloedtSalmon, Wesley C.HistoryConference proceedingsScience--PhilosophyScience--MethodologyLogicExplanationCausality (Physics)Space and timeSciencePhysics--PhilosophyMotionParadoxesMathematical statisticsScience--Statistical methodsSalmon, Wesley CPhilosophyLogical positivismCausationProbabilitiesInduction (Logic)Reichenbach, Hans,Carnap, Rudolf,Salmon, Merrilee HInterdisciplinary approach to knowledgeScience and the humanitiesGenetic epistemologySocial sciences--MethodologyPhilosophy of naturePhilosophy of mindConsciousnessZeno,--of EleaGrünbaum, AdolfHausman, Daniel M.,Maxwell, GroverInferenceFeyerabend, Paul,Hempel, Carl G.--(Carl Gustav),Mind and bodySellars, WilfridHume, David,Vietnam War (1961-1975)Psychology--MethodologyKnowledge, Theory ofPhilosophy and scienceMethodologyPopper, Karl R.--(Karl Raimund),College teachers--Salaries, etc192520011947195019621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062008200920111037260340501Q175ocn000106684ocn844300845ocn463699750ocn186653619ocn469486709ocn797450656ocn797664924ocn265698614ocn756948882ocn799266099ocn780616252ocn797251786ocn797388062ocn310633419ocn467958989ocn799726038ocn760967277ocn462935508ocn464595076ocn185927108ocn185439299166035ocn000374697book19630.50Salmon, Wesley CLogic140119ocn047008896file19970.37Salmon, Wesley CCausality and explanationRenowned for his scholarly contributions to the philosophy of science, Salmon has collected in this volume 26 of his essays on subjects related to causality and explanation, written between 1971-1995. Six of the essays are previously unpublished+-+991356046532499415ocn065178178file20050.53Salmon, Wesley CReality and rationalityThis volume of articles (most published, some new) is a follow-up to the late Wesley C. Salmon's widely read collection "Causality And Explanation" (OUP 1998). It contains both published and unpublished articles, and focuses on two related areas of inquiry: first, is science a rational enterprise? Secondly, does science yield objective information about our world, even the aspects that we cannot observe directly? Salmon's own take is that objective knowledge of the world is possible, and his work in these articles centers around proving that this can be so. Salmon's influential standing in the field ensures that this volume will be of interest to both undergraduates and professional philosophers, primarily in the philosophy of science+-+893226046580212ocn010724454book19840.59Salmon, Wesley CScientific explanation and the causal structure of the world+-+284725641532474029ocn000382141book19660.63Salmon, Wesley CThe foundations of scientific inference66417ocn001733298book19750.66Salmon, Wesley CSpace, time, and motion : a philosophical introduction58814ocn000106684book19700.63Salmon, Wesley CZeno's paradoxes+-+961057723557916ocn020296308book19620.66Kitcher, PhilipScientific explanationFour decades of scientific explanation / Wesley C. Salmon -- Explanation and metaphysical controversy / Peter Railton -- Explanation : in search of the rationale / Matti Sintonen -- Scientific explanation : the causes, some of the causes, and nothing but the causes / Paul W. Humphreys -- Pure, mixed, and spurious probabilities and their significance for a reductionist theory of causation / David Papineau -- Capacities and abstractions / Nancy Cartwright -- The causal mechanical model of explanation / James Woodward -- Explanation in the social sciences / Merrilee H. Salmon -- Explanatory unification and the causal structure of the world / Philip Kitcher+-+501201163532450113ocn000238806book19700.66Salmon, Wesley CStatistical explanation & statistical relevance+-+907704773536518ocn020012357book19890.70Salmon, Wesley CFour decades of scientific explanationHistoryProvides an account of the developments in scientific explanation that transpired in the last four decades of the twentieth century. This book underscores the need for a consensus of approach and evaluations of methodology in scientific explanation, withthe goal of providing an understanding of natural phenomena+-+21740477353598ocn017649691book19880.76The Limitations of deductivismHistory29312ocn004805134book19770.81Salmon, Wesley CHans Reichenbach, logical empiricistHistory+-+53045227542698ocn051275510book20030.79Parrini, PaoloLogical empiricism : historical & contemporary perspectives+-+094694773526911ocn016921408book19870.79Fetzer, James HProbability and causality : essays in honor of Wesley C. Salmon+-+325172275426411ocn029548091book19930.84Salmon, Wesley CLogic, language, and the structure of scientific theories : proceedings of the Carnap-Reichenbach centennial, University of Konstanz, 21-24 May 1991HistoryConference proceedings+-+65928477353242437ocn008115003book19820.86Salmon, Wesley CWhat? where? when? why? : essays on induction, space and time, explanation : inspired by the work of Wesley C. Salmon and celebrating his first visit to Australia, September-December 1978History1235ocn040298366book19990.93Galavotti, Maria CarlaExperience, reality, and scientific explanation : essays in honor of Merrilee and Wesley SalmonConference proceedingsThe essays in this volume cover a wide array of topics related to the work of Merrilee and Wesley Salmon. It includes discussions of scientific explanation, rationality, inference and induction, social behaviour, philosophy of physics and biology. Some of the essays have been written with an historical perspective. The volume is completed by a long commentary on the papers, written by Merrilee and Wesley Salmon. Audience: Scholars and researchers in such fields as philosophy of science, epistemology, philosophy of the natural and social sciences, history of contemporary philosophy, and inductive logic+-+92490874258412ocn074646275book19830.37Salmon, Wesley CLogik394ocn004717738book19770.50Reichenbach, HansDer Aufstieg der wissenschaftlichen Philosophie3111ocn034453487book19670.59Salmon, Wesley CLuo ji11ocn062699404mix1.00Maxwell, GroverGrover Edward Maxwell papersManuscriptsThis collection contains papers from graduate and undergraduate students, research papers submitted by Maxwell's colleagues for pre-publication review, correspondence, and miscellaneous items. A majority of the graduate and undergraduate papers include topics about Epistemology, the mind/body problem, and the philosophy of science. Many of the undergraduate papers concern foundationalism in Epistemology, and focus on the writings of Bertrand Russell, a philosopher upon whom Maxwell concentrated much of his studies. Included in the collection are correspondence from Sir Karl Popper, Adolph Grumbaum, Wilfred Sellars, Paul Feyerabend, and Wesley Salmon. The largest part of the correspondence in the collection is in regard to Maxwell's dispute with the University in 1980 over a pay raise while Director of the Center of the Philosophy of Science11ocn006846938book19801.00Labrot, Sharon LorettaAn inquiry into theories of scientific explanation11ocn745362077book20060.47<>11ocn741516745mix1.00Salmon, Wesley CWesley C. Salmon papersHistorySourcesThe collection reflects the activities of a productive academic in the twentieth century. Accordingly the papers document Salmon's research, creative work, professional lectures, teaching, and professional society contributions. The collection has material from the 1930s such as volumes of Erkenntnis, some materials from the 1950s, such as a copy of Salmon's Ph.D. thesis, and some material from his first academic posts. However, the bulk of the material dates from his appointment as a professor at Indiana University in 1963 through his untimely death in 2001. The archival material includes correspondence, which is almost exclusively professional in nature. Letters and e-mails were exchanged not only with fellow philosophers of science, but also with specialists in other disciplines such as statisticians, physicists and mathematicians. The manuscripts and working papers constitute texts that reflect Salmon's early versions of later published manuscripts, personal copies of published manuscripts, sheets on which he worked out various logical or statistical problems, and similar material. In a few cases, there are corresponding materials for certain other philosophers who sent manuscripts to him for comment. The professional talks include overheads, annotated outlines and notes while the teaching material relates to his teaching of classes at the university level. Again there are notes, outlines of lectures, annotations, and accompanying materials. Other material in the collection document Salmon's activities in professional organizations. The collection also contains photographs of Salmon and his associates as well as some annotated books and pre-prints reflecting Salmon's commentary on the contents of these printed materials11ocn751537989book20110.92Hon, GioraExplanation : theoretical approaches and applicationsConference proceedingsThe merits of this book are first and foremost the combination of theory and practice, then the unique presentation of a philosophical dialogue between prominent authors in the field: Peter Lipton and Wesley C. Salmon, who present in a conciliatory spirit opposing views of explanation. Finally the book features an interdisciplinary account of the application of explanation in philosophy, philosophy of science, psychology, perception, cognition, social sciences, political science, and aesthetics. There is currently a great interest in this kind of interdisciplinary collection of papers, not only among students and researchers of philosophy of science, but also among psychologists and social scientists. The interdisciplinary character of the book will attract readers from various fields of research. Practicing scientists and students who are interested in a particular field of study, will also find in this book insightful theoretical analyses of explanation. The aim of the book is to shed light on the very concept of explanation and to examine its application in diverse settings11ocn029854526book19931.00Smillov, MarinHas Salmon solved Hume's problem of causality?+-+9913560465324+-+9913560465324Fri Mar 21 15:27:05 EDT 2014batch23736