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Fri Mar 21 17:09:56 2014 UTClccn-n790549700.06Vilhjalmur Stefansson : young Arctic explorer /0.460.97Beyond the Arctic Circle : materials on Arctic explorations and travels since 1750 in the Special Collections and University Archives Division of the University of British Columbia Library /29524192Vilhjalmur_Stefanssonn 79054970288092Stef.Stef, 1879-1962Stefansson, V. (Vilhjalmur), 1879-1962Stefansson, VilhjalmurStefansson, Vilhjalmur., 1879-Stefánsson, Vilhjálmur, 1879-1962Stefánsson, Vilhjámur.Stefansson, Villi, 1879-1962Stefánsson, W., 1879-1962Stefánsson Wilhjálmur 1879-1962Stephenson, Vilhjalmur, 1879-1962Stephenson, Villi, 1879-1962Stephenson, William, 1879-1962Vilhjalmar, Stefansson, 1879-1962Vilhjálmur Stefánsson, 1879-1962施帯文生lccn-n50025882Harrison, Richard Edesedtlccn-n79025334Diubaldo, Richard J.lccn-no94023973Weigert, Hans W.(Hans Werner)1902-edtlccn-nr99018639Anderson, Rudolph Martin1876-lccn-n90642150Wilcox, Olive Rathbunedtlccn-n80044787Stanley, Henry M.(Henry Morton)1841-1904lccn-n50039489Magalhães, Fernão ded. 1521lccn-n84099122La Condamine, Charles-Marie de1701-1774lccn-n50003561Flinders, Matthew1774-1814lccn-n50082729Pizarro, Francisco1470-1541Stefansson, Vilhjalmur1879-1962HistoryBiographyHandbooks, manuals, etcOutlines, syllabi, etcArctic RegionsStefansson, Vilhjalmur,ExplorersDiscoveries in geographyEskimosCanadaCanada, NorthernMississippi River ValleyGeopoliticsPopulationAeronauticsFrontier and pioneer lifeGreenlandInuit--Social life and customsIcelandScandinaviansTravelArctic Ocean--Northwest PassageTransportationNorth AmericaHuntingPolitical geographyEskimos--Social life and customsMississippi RiverUnited States--Northwestern StatesDiscovery and exploration, CanadianTruthAdventure and adventurersRussia (Federation)--Wrangel IslandNatural historyCanadian Arctic ExpeditionCanada--Canadian NorthwestRelations with womenService, Robert W.--(Robert William),Hornby, John,Boyle, Joe,Ethnology--FieldworkCommon fallaciesAnthropologistsCancerNutritionMeatPemmicanAlaskaEskimos--ImplementsYukonHarpoons, PrehistoricEskimos--HuntingArrowheadsAnthropology--Private collections18791962190019021904190619071908190919101912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801982198319841985198619871989199019921993199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720092010201120122013214727221532919.8G670 1908ocn001845776ocn000332792ocn001476010ocn578890269ocn489971721ocn038882455ocn046947020ocn574603578ocn589331519ocn123319386ocn494935582ocn494935584ocn494935578ocn494935574ocn494935588ocn459678490ocn011119055ocn495048853ocn011493425155723ocn001845776book19470.31Stefansson, VilhjalmurGreat adventures and explorations from the earliest times to the present, as told by the explorers themselvesAnthology of the accounts of the explorers themselves, with interpretative comments. For other editions, see Author Catalog+-+7545442696113349ocn000255330book19210.47Stefansson, VilhjalmurThe friendly Arctic; the story of five years in Polar regions78834ocn004711430book19380.33Stefansson, VilhjalmurUnsolved mysteries of the ArcticHistoryBiographyContents: 1. Disappearance of the Greenland colony. 2. The lost Franklin expedition. 3. The strange fate of Thomas Simpson. 4. How did Andree die? 5. The missing Soviet flyers77217ocn000408008book19420.35Stefansson, VilhjalmurGreenlandHistoryFirst published 1942?73820ocn000497016book19390.47Stefansson, VilhjalmurIceland, the first American republicHistoryGeneral account of contemporary conditions+-+521606283532467117ocn000192842book19440.63Weigert, Hans WCompass of the world : a symposium on political geographyContents include: W.A.M. Burden "American air transport faces north"; G.B. Cressey "Siberia's role in Soviet strategy"; A.J. Dimond "The Aleutians"; G.B. Grosvenor "The northward course of aviation"; W.A. Pratt "Petroleum in the north"; E.C. Ropes "The Soviet arctic and the future"; V. Stefansson "The North American arctic" and "Arctic supply line"6511ocn000485787book19370.31Havighurst, WalterUpper Mississippi : a wilderness sagaHistoryOutlines, syllabi, etc64022ocn000486556book19580.33Stefansson, VilhjalmurNorthwest to fortune : the search of Western man for a commercially practical route to the Far East55261ocn006129175book19130.47Stefansson, VilhjalmurMy life with the EskimoFirst published by the Macmillan Company in 1913. Leader's account of the Stefansson-Anderson expedition to northwest Alaska and Canada, 1908-12+-+560171940654913ocn000827436book19440.53Stefansson, VilhjalmurArctic manualHandbooks, manuals, etcA practical handbook on all phases of Arctic living, geography and climate. Prepared under direction of the Chief of the Air Corps, United States Army53611ocn000494075book19490.63Weigert, Hans WNew compass of the world, a symposium on political geography53536ocn000487180book19220.39Stefansson, VilhjalmurHunters of the great northAuthor's expedition among Eskimos of Mackenzie Delta region and northern Alaska, 1906-0744511ocn003009299book19250.47Stefansson, VilhjalmurThe adventure of Wrangel islandOtangel Island expedition, 1921-2344216ocn001494868book19400.39Stefansson, VilhjalmurUltima Thule : further mysteries of the ArcticPossible voyages of Pytheas and Columbus to arctic seas; chapter on ancient and modern beliefs concerning arctic climate. (AB 16871)2596ocn001631876book19360.66Stefansson, VilhjalmurAdventures in error2426ocn001266571book19600.66Stefansson, VilhjalmurCancer: disease of civilization? An anthropological and historical study2314ocn000989807book19460.79Stefansson, VilhjalmurNot by bread alone2245ocn001184470book19450.79Stefansson, VilhjalmurThe Arctic in fact and fableSuccinct presentation of popular misconceptions of the arctic; facts on animal life, chill and gloom, frostbite, etc.; discussion of northern seaways, aviation, muskox, etc.; notes on temperature extremes at Fort Yukon. (AB 16782)2146ocn001074633book19270.81Stefansson, VilhjalmurThe standardization of error20825ocn003664881book19140.86Stefansson, VilhjalmurPrehistoric and present commerce among the Arctic coast EskimoDescribes routes and articles of trade of the Copper Eskimo along arctic coast of Canada12546ocn229431522com19780.50Diubaldo, Richard JStefansson and the Canadian ArcticBiographyExamines Stefansson's career in the Canadian arctic to determine the cause of his later unpopularity+-+50636082258841ocn005101603book19790.17Pennington, PiersThe great explorersHistoryBiographyEach chapter covers an era of exploration - from the ancient world and the Middle Ages to the quest for the poles, as told through the careers of over fifty explorers75026ocn000487176book19130.47Stefansson, VilhjalmurMy life with the EskimoFirst published by the Macmillan Company in 1913. Leader's account of the Stefansson-Anderson expedition to northwest Alaska and Canada, 1908-12+-+56017194067182ocn008991247book19640.28Stefansson, VilhjalmurDiscovery; the autobiography of Vilhjalmur StefanssonBiography3136ocn062311137book20050.70Gísli PálssonTravelling passions : the hidden life of Vilhjalmur StefanssonBiography"Vilhjalmur Stefansson is widely known for his groundbreaking Canadian Arctic explorations of the early 1900s. He acquired a reputation almost larger than life with his discovery of the Copper Inuit - a hitherto unknown people - his insistence on living as the local people did, and, with Natkusiak, his Inuit co-explorer, his adventurous forays onto barren ice for months at a time. He was a fixture in the New York Greenwich Village scene and, later in his life, taught at Dartmouth College. However, despite his detailed field diaries and the frenzy of publicity that followed his every move, his private life has remained largely unknown." "Then, in 1987, an accidental discovery in a flea market of hundreds of private letters and documents proved to be those belonging to Stefansson, and they told a story of private relationships, in particular with two southern women, Orpha Cecil Smith, to whom Stefansson was engaged, and the novelist Fannie Hurst, with whom Stefansson was involved for many years. Moreover, letters between some of Stefansson's friends as well as his own field diaries alluded to an important relationship Stefansson had with an Inupiat woman in the Arctic, Pannigabluk, and to their son, Alex." "Gisli Palsson has followed the trail of these sources and conducted many interviews with Stefansson's northern descendants, uncovering a complex and perhaps torn personality. In Travelling Passions, we have a much more complete picture of the man who figured so largely in the imagination of the early twentieth century."--BOOK JACKET+-+55600193062982ocn013741479book19860.70Hunt, William RStef : a biography of Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Canadian Arctic explorerBiographyScholarly biography which examines all of Stefansson's varied careers2982ocn057182002book20040.23Berton, PierrePrisoners of the NorthHistoryBiographyExamines the true stories of five Arctic adventurers who braved the harsh Arctic landscape between the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries+-+82506213252933ocn046402424book20010.79Stefansson, VilhjalmurWriting on ice : the ethnographic notebooks of Vilhjalmur Stefansson"Between 1906 and 1918, anthropologist and explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson went on three long expeditions to the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic. He wrote voluminously about his travels and observations, as did others. Stefansson's fame was partly fueled by a series of controversies involving envious competitors in the race for public recognition. While many anthropological works refer to his writings, and he continues to be cited in ethnographic and historical works on indigenous peoples of the North American Arctic, particularly the Inuit, his successes in exploration (the discovery and mapping of some of the last remaining uncharted land on earth) have overshadowed his anthropological work+-+44660193062304ocn008990148book19620.70Le Bourdais, Donat MarcStefansson, ambassador of the NorthBiographyVilhjalmur Stefansson (November 3, 1879-August 26, 1962), an anthropologist, explorer, book collector, and writer, was an authority on polar regions. At one time a student for the Unitarian ministry, he spent his life as an evangelist for the North. His message was that the Arctic was not a peripheral frozen wasteland populated by savages, but the center of the earth?the "Polar Mediterranean," he called it?where America, Europe, and Asia come together. He challenged the stereotype of the "Eskimo" as a primitive, inferior race, holding them up instead as models of successful adaptation and teachers from whom we have much to learn1948ocn002125515book19240.59Noice, HaroldWith Stefansson in the ArcticNarrative of author's adventures in the Canadian arctic as a member of Stefansson's expedition of 1913-181781ocn003000527book19660.17Berry, ErickMr. Arctic; an account of Vilhjalmur StefanssonBiography1741ocn001456513book19660.06Myers, HortenseVilhjalmur Stefansson : young Arctic explorerJuvenile worksBiographyWorking to earn money for his education. Vilhjalmur succeeds and graduates from the University of Iowa. His graduate work at Harvard leads to a scientific grant and eventual expedition to explore the uncharted lands of the Arctic1422ocn000386085book19410.35Hanson, Earl ParkerStefansson, prophet of the NorthBiography1194ocn003192995file19160.93Wissler, ClarkHarpoons and darts in the Stefánsson collection1066ocn002821582book19250.84Fletcher, InglisVilhjalmur StefanssonBiographyBibliography1049ocn020824291book19220.39Stefansson, VilhjalmurHunters of the great northAuthor's expedition among Eskimos of Mackenzie Delta region and northern Alaska, 1906-07+-+98077539051033ocn025462312book19320.08Montgomery, Richard GillPechuck : Lorne Knight's adventures in the ArcticJuvenile worksNarrative taken from the diary of Lorne Knight, who sailed on the "Polar Bear" in 1915 and later joined the Canadian Arctic Expedition, accompanying V. Stefansson on his journeys of exploration in the northern and western Canadian archipelago, 1917-181021ocn027222351book19920.97Amor, Norman LBeyond the Arctic Circle : materials on Arctic explorations and travels since 1750 in the Special Collections and University Archives Division of the University of British Columbia LibraryCatalogsBibliographyDescription of the books, maps and manuscripts in the Arctic collections of the University of British Columbia Library (Special Collections and Archives) including the collections of A.J.T. Taylor952ocn272543871book20090.79Henighan, TomVilhjalmur Stefansson : Arctic adventurerBiographyBorn in Manitoba of Icelandic parents, Vilhjalmur Stefansson (1879-1962) became one of Canada's most famous and controversial Arctic explorers. After graduate studies in anthropology at Harvard University, Stefansson lived with and studied Inuit in the Mackenzie River Delta in the Northwest Territories in the winter of 1906-07. In two subsequent expeditions he completed a major anthropological survey of the Central and Western Arctic coasts and islands of North America; located and lived with the Copper Inuit, a previously unknown group of aboriginal people; and discovered the world's last maj+-+K923755006902ocn682897012book20110.84Jenness, Stuart EStefansson, Dr. Anderson and the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-1918 : a story of exploration, science and sovereigntyHistoryBiography"Impressive in its scope and scholarship, this book presents the first comprehensive and authoritative account of the storied Canadian Arctic Expedition and the personal animosity of its co-leaders: the intrepid explorer/ethnologist Vilhjalmur Stefansson and the respected scientist Rudolph Anderson. The volume details the expedition's successes and tragedies, including the discovery of islands never before mapped and the sinking of the flagship Karluk."--pub. desc+-+3624465115+-+5216062835324+-+5216062835324Fri Mar 21 15:29:41 EDT 2014batch47870