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Fri Mar 21 17:09:07 2014 UTClccn-n790555590.28A concise history of modern sculpture0.480.92Sir Herbert Read24619891Herbert_Readn 79055559288669Herbert ReadRead, HerbertRead, Herbert, 1893-1968Read, Herbert E.Read, Herbert E. 1893-1968Read, Herbert Edvard.Read, Herbert Edward.Read, Herbert Edward, 1893-1968Read, Herbert, Sir, 1893-1968Read, Sir HerbertRead, Sir Herbert EdwardRid, HerbertSir Herbert ReadTread, Herber, 1893-1968ריד, הרברט, 1968־1893ריד, הרברט, 19681893-ריעד, הרברט, 1893-1968هربرت ريد، سير، 1893-1968リード, ハーバートlccn-n79018152Moore, Henry1898-1986illartcrelccn-n79003358Jung, C. G.(Carl Gustav)1875-1961lccn-n50023257Stangos, Nikosothadpedtcrelccn-n50024846Fordham, Michael1905-edtlccn-n50037580Adler, Gerhard1904-edtlccn-n79006595Wordsworth, William1770-1850lccn-n80036675Breton, André1896-1966auilccn-n94007900Paul Avrich Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n80050351Dobrée, Bonamy1891-1974edtlccn-n50034378Hulme, T. E.(Thomas Ernest)1883-1917Read, Herbert1893-1968HistoryDictionariesBiographyFictionCriticism, interpretation, etcFantasy fictionCase studiesCatalogsAestheticsRead, Herbert,ArtArt, ModernPainting, ModernArt and societySculpture, ModernArtistsGreat BritainArt and religionArt--Study and teachingEducation--PhilosophyArt--PsychologySculpturePoets, EnglishCriticsDecorative artsEnglish language--StylePsychoanalysisIndustrial designModernism (Art)SurrealismWordsworth, William,Artists--PsychologyArt--PhilosophyArt appreciationEnglish essaysArt criticismPater, Walter,Ruskin, John,Bell, Clive,Fry, Roger,English poetryAesthetics, ModernModernism (Literature)CultureMoore, Henry,United StatesFinanceAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Art criticsEnglish fictionOrder (Philosophy) in literatureArts and societyMan Ray,Dalí, Salvador,Magritte, René,Ernst, Max,Breton, André,Maddox, Conroy189319681900190719151917191919211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320149068617865897759.06PR6035.E24ocn000509697ocn000246120ocn000652449ocn436843815ocn000518452ocn001820333ocn000646297ocn003254403ocn002760917ocn010809904ocn000239640ocn001916717ocn001289639ocn000450302ocn000094467ocn680686688ocn837982465ocn000817112ocn064071477ocn743249623ocn468233407ocn719059269ocn416920557ocn419695745ocn463547508ocn797859095ocn469474039ocn458993051ocn422118282ocn458414449ocn442716943ocn840043793ocn186956193ocn185240129ocn185805315ocn186208289ocn186956235ocn185240055ocn186767338ocn185807411ocn723825734ocn185439534ocn073912985ocn720162218ocn724091356ocn721190096ocn073593330ocn719277069ocn072394960ocn721282903ocn723993138ocn014803962ocn035632332ocn081588629ocn084627591ocn078473293ocn078441539ocn082946936ocn254318815ocn830778104ocn722200611ocn613120512ocn174996808ocn440616754ocn460667019ocn045959277ocn837982465ocn7672794304294149ocn002360173book19590.29Read, HerbertA concise history of modern paintingHistoryStyles : Cubism - Futurism - Dada - Surrealism. Painters : Picasso - Kandinsky - Klee+-+7696575505303669ocn000542720book19640.28Read, HerbertA concise history of modern sculptureHistoryDiscusses the origin of the principles of sculpture and examines the work of great sculptors+-+49655755052341169ocn004904688book19310.50Read, HerbertThe meaning of artHistory1999115ocn000926009book19430.53Read, HerbertEducation through artPedagogická studie o umění, dílo jednoho z nejvýznamnějších soudobých teoretiků umění. Autor zde vychází z předpokladu, že umění má moc obnovovat vztah člověka ke skutečnosti, a je proto přesvědčen, že umění může dobře sloužit jako model výchovného procesu. Tuto základní myšlenku propracovává na základě velmi bohaté odborné literatury (cituje i našeho K. Honzíka). Klasické dílo svého oboru, přeložené do mnoha jazyků196371ocn001050322book19350.56Read, HerbertArt and societyTwo copies located in Circulation193692ocn000510621book19510.53Read, HerbertThe philosophy of modern art+-+9747993905187058ocn001293970book19540.37Read, HerbertThe art of sculptureHistoryCatalogsConsists of six lectures delivered as the A.W. Mellon lectures in the fine arts, at the National Gallery, washington, 1954183889ocn000510620book19330.56Read, HerbertArt now; an introduction to the theory of modern painting and sculptureHistoryTheoretical conception of art - Break-up of the academic tradition - Expressionism - Towards Abstraction - Superrealism Superrealism _173638ocn031276248book19660.33Read, HerbertThe Thames and Hudson dictionary of art and artistsBiographyDictionariesProvides information on various paintings, sculptures, and drawings and explores numerous schools, styles, and movements as well as providing insight into the careers of many artists+-+0927575505171192ocn000700166book19340.59Read, HerbertArt and industry; the principles of industrial designThe standards and principles of industrial design166293ocn002285446book19280.59Read, HerbertEnglish prose style163970ocn000040661book19520.37Jung, C. GThe collected works of C.G. JungCase studies+-+3312456415324142055ocn000364229book19300.53Read, HerbertWordsworthCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography140021ocn000711814book19650.33Read, HerbertHenry Moore ; a study of his life and workBiography+-+8085575505324131756ocn000561788book19450.56Read, HerbertCollected poemsHistoryDefinitive edition. For other editions, see Author Catalog131337ocn000365995book19630.53Read, HerbertTo hell with culture, and other essays on art and societyA classic work that offers the reader an ideal overview of the ideas that marked out Read as a seminal and hugely influential figure in the cultural life of the twentieth century+-+8119448575131334ocn000511612book19550.56Read, HerbertIcon and idea; the function of art in the development of human consciousness130632ocn000652449book19360.50Read, HerbertSurrealismHistory117916ocn000507264book19070.50Read, HerbertArt and alienation; the role of the artist in society112556ocn000366497book19350.59Read, HerbertThe green childFictionFantasy fictionAllegorisk roman+-+K92947104586512ocn000365966book19630.50Read, HerbertThe contrary experienceBiographySir Herbert has combined his two previous volumes of autobiography into this new book. It begins with his childhood in Yorkshire and continues with a War Diary. The author was one of the poets of the first world war and this tells of his experience in Grance. The rest of the book is concerned with the author's intellectual development, his aestetic and philosophical interests, rather than a straight forward record of his life. It ends with a few chapters on certain historical characters associated with his yorkshire dales85712ocn000088042book19530.53Berry, FrancisHerbert ReadBiography7422ocn000510870book19630.56Fishman, SolomonThe interpretation of art : essays on the art criticism of John Ruskin, Walter Pater, Clive Bell, Roger Fry, and Herbert ReadHistory6093ocn000004277book19680.50Read, HerbertThe cult of sincerity5128ocn000365858book19440.66Treece, HenryHerbert Read; an introduction to his work by various handsCriticism, interpretation, etc5102ocn021337640book19900.56King, JamesThe last modern : a life of Herbert ReadBiography4985ocn000643671book19330.63Read, HerbertThe innocent eyeReminiscences of the author's early youth+-+73650730363244434ocn000087422book19700.59Skelton, RobinHerbert Read: a memorial symposium3202ocn000601262book19720.66Woodcock, GeorgeHerbert Read : the stream and the sourceBiography3052ocn010017590book19840.76Thistlewood, DavidHerbert Read : formlessness and form : an introduction to his aesthetics+-+32965756253242826ocn002635559book19400.79Read, HerbertAnnals of innocence and experienceBiography2652ocn040682152book19980.81Herbert Read reassessedCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+17138780352216ocn000315378book19710.86Harder, Worth TravisA certain order. The development of Herbert Read's theory of poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc1872ocn030413922book19930.79Herbert Read : a British vision of world artExhibition catalogs+-+08916880353241438ocn051634658visu20000.56SurrealismSurrealism, a reaction against the rationalism that plunged Europe into the First World War, sought to reunite the conscious and subconscious minds in order to create a new view of reality. Incorporating archival clips, this film analyzes the history of the movement through the works of André Breton, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, Luis Bun̋uel and Herbert Read. Also includes footage of modern surrealists Conroy Maddox and Jake Chapman1096ocn657602694book20110.84Honeywell, CarissaA British anarchist tradition : Herbert Read, Alex Comfort and Colin WardHistoryA British Anarchist Tradition focuses on three contemporary British theorists and practitioners, Herbert Read, Colin Ward, and Alex Comfort and looks at their interrelation, commonality, and collective influence on British radical thought. The book aims to foster a greater understanding of anarchism as an intellectual response to 20th century developments and its impact on political thought and movements. For the first time, the work of these three writers is presented as a tradition, highlighting the consistency of their themes and concerns. To do so, the book shows how they addressed the pro+-+6265466996942ocn050403905book20020.53Read, HerbertTo hell with culture, and other essays on art and societyA classic work that offers the reader an ideal overview of the ideas that marked out Read as a seminal and hugely influential figure in the cultural life of the twentieth century+-+5744370695894ocn000124842book19700.92Richardson, JillianSir Herbert ReadBibliography804ocn182529268book20080.86Woodcock, GeorgeHerbert Read : the stream and the sourceCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"During his lifetime, Herbert Read (1893-1968) acquired a considerable international reputation. Poet and anarchist; novelist and biographer; critic of art, literature, and life; aesthetic philosopher; and revolutionary theorist of education, Read was in a unique place as an interpreter of his time. Few writers have probed so deeply into the nature of the prevailing culture, and none brought together the insights of modern philosophers and critics, poets and artists, psychologists and social scientists, as Read did." "Best known as an art critic and follower of the theories of Carl Jung, Read was a pioneer in the English-speaking world for his use of psychoanalysis as a tool for art and literary criticism. Although knighted by Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1953 for "services to literature," Read regarded himself, politically, as an anarchist." "This work, by fellow anarchist George Woodcock, is a critical study of the intellectual career of Herbert Read, as well as a thorough study of Read's criticism, creative writing, art theory, and anarchist philosophy. Woodcock does not divide Read's writings on politics from those on art and culture as Read saw art, culture, and politics as a single expression of human consciousness." "Comprehensive and authoritative, it is an impressive volume that presents a unified portrait of one of England's most distinguished twentieth-century critics."--BOOK JACKET+-+4368916006322ocn004132478book19760.81Hortmann, WilhelmWenn die Kunst stirbt : zum Prinzip d. Organ. in d. Kunst- u. Gesellschaftstheorie von Herbert Read+-+3312456415324+-+3312456415324Fri Mar 21 15:16:26 EDT 2014batch103716