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Thu Oct 16 17:56:09 2014 UTClccn-n790561520.07In the suicide mountains /0.310.92Lies! lies! lies! : a college journal of John Gardner /2470610John_Gardner_(American_writer)n 79056152289256Champlin Gardner, John 1933-1982Gardner, DzhonGardner, Dzhon 1933-1982Gardner, John C. 1933-1982Gardner John ChamplinGardner, John Champlin 1933-Gardner, John Champlin 1933-1982Gārdners, Džons 1933-1982Гарднер, Джон 1933-1982גארדנר, ג׳ון 1933־1982ガードナー, ジョンlccn-n79027228Chaucer, Geoffrey-1400lccn-no2014100247Grendel(Monster)lccn-n79035220Maier, John R.trllccn-n85013150Henshaw, Richard A.(Richard Aurel)1921-trllccn-n85030521Henderson, Jeff1943-lccn-no2014012419Medeaconsort of Aegeus, King of Athens (Mythological character)fast-982024Jason (Greek mythology)fast-1013568Medea (Greek mythology)lccn-n81107637Morace, Robert A.lccn-n80144980Sporn, MichaelGardner, John1933-1982FictionBiographyPsychological fictionDomestic fictionPoetryCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsFantasy fictionStudy guidesRomancesGardner, John,MonstersBeowulfChaucer, Geoffrey,Kings and rulersFiction--TechniquePoets, English--Middle EnglishManners and customsMentally illFarm lifeBrothers and sistersVermontGreat BritainHeroesEpic poetry, English (Old)New York (State)PoliceLove storiesRestaurant managementFiction--Authorship--Vocational guidanceScandinaviaLiterature and moralsArts and moralsEnglish poetry--Middle EnglishArthurian romancesBirdsDebate poetry, English (Middle)Nineteen sixtiesCity and town lifeNew York (State)--BataviaSheriffsSocial classesDriftersSocial changeFairy talesTeenage girlsNovelists, AmericanEpic poetry, Assyro-BabylonianDragonsMiddle-aged menPennsylvaniaGawain and the Grene KnightPearl (Middle English poem)Ethics in literatureLifeFathers and sonsConduct of lifeDevilJason (Greek mythology)Medea (Greek mythology)193319821933195119551957195819591961196219641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014540253591037813.54PS3557.A712ocn000552274ocn027042300ocn029055458ocn156903340ocn000602197ocn270709729ocn301605449ocn270150127ocn463528316ocn463528318ocn270150176ocn760547849ocn461919933ocn270147647ocn045366909ocn057391033ocn185865847ocn658354527ocn658354575ocn859429289401375ocn000161732book19710.22Gardner, JohnGrendelFictionFantasy fictionFrom the Publisher: The first and most terrifying monster in English literature, from the great early epic BEOWULF, tells his side of the story+-+5668724215290329ocn002020539book19760.24Gardner, JohnThe life & times of ChaucerBiographyA biography of the medieval English author who wrote "The Canterbury Tales," "Troilus and Criseyde," "The Legend of Good Women," and other works255435ocn002331676book19760.25Gardner, JohnOctober lightFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionJames Page is a crusty old Vermonter who blasts his TV with a shotgun and locks his 80-year old sister, Sally, in her bedroom. While imprisoned there, she finds and reads a cheap paperback thriller about marijuana smugglers in Mexico (actually written by Gardner and his first wife, Joan). The two stories are then woven together with considerable leaps of time and missing pages in the thriller. At times, Gardner wanders around in philosophy la-la land, while at other times he can write the most surreal and beautiful poetic prose about nature, and at still other times he can portray the emotional torture endured by James and eventual redemption of his humane spirit+-+8281676635238745ocn000333602book19720.26Gardner, JohnThe sunlight dialoguesFiction"Who is the Sunlight Man? Sheriff Fred Clumly is trying to unravel mysteries surrounding a drifter called "The Sunlight Man," who is jailed for painting the word "LOVE" across two lanes of traffic in the small town of Batavia, New York, and later suspected of murder. Vivid, compassionate and often disturbing - with an astonishing cast of characters - this expansive novel is John Gardner's masterpiece."--BOOK JACKET+-+0521676635228325ocn000673304book19550.24Gardner, JohnNickel mountain; a pastoral novelFictionThe story of a middle-aged man who runs a rural diner and the young, plain girl who drifts into his life+-+5321676635220433ocn009646400book19830.26Gardner, JohnThe art of fiction : notes on craft for young writersFictionHandbooks, manuals, etcExplains the principles and techniques of good writing, and discusses the seven basic technical matters that beginning writers must constantly bear in mind+-+6859824215199922ocn008976110book19830.26Gardner, JohnOn becoming a novelistContains advice to young writers organized around three main questions: Am I talented enough? How should I educate myself? Can I make a living from writing fiction?+-+5855788485188816ocn003631236book19770.29Gardner, JohnOn moral fictionArgues that great moral fiction has open-mindedly tested human values in an attempt to discover what best promotes human fulfillment and that current fiction fails to do so and, thus, undermines our experience of literature and our faith in ourselves+-+1177050195177114ocn044954165file19710.47Gardner, JohnThe alliterative Morte Arthure The owl and the nightingale, and five other Middle English poems in a modernized versionPoetry+-+9391584535161012ocn010558088book19840.26Gilgamesh : translated from the Sîn-leqi-unninnī versionA totally new translation of the classic Mesopotamian epic--with lengthy introduction and annotations--is presented in such a way as to reflect the appearance and arrangement of the original stone tablets+-+5435929485156718ocn007976018book19820.24Gardner, JohnMickelsson's ghosts : a novelFictionFormer star philosophy professor Peter Mickelsson buys a house in the Pennsylvanian countryside as part of an attempt to patch his life and health back together only to find himself facing a series of weird events+-+4421676635154428ocn005171396book19800.25Gardner, JohnFreddy's bookFictionFreddy, who is a shy, obese, eight-foot-tall adolescent, writes a folktale of sixteenth-century Scandinavia. The dark, anguished world he writes of mirrors his own anguish+-+5931448436152711ocn043476840file19670.23Gardner, JohnSir Gawain and the Green Knight: notes with notes on Pearl and brief commentary on Purity and Patience ...Criticism, interpretation, etcRomancesStudy guidesThis Middle-English poem about the moral testing of a young hero is commonly described as the greatest Arthurian romance in our literary tradition. It is a question still as to who the author is, but this poet is considered second only to Chaucer+-+1646257735145522ocn006649038book19810.26Gardner, JohnThe art of living, and other storiesFictionInformation: 1st ed. Nimram.--Redemption.--Stillness.--The music lover.--Trumpeter.--The library of horror.--The joy of the just.--Vlemk, the box-painter.--Come on back.--The art of living13188ocn002707020book19770.33Gardner, JohnThe poetry of ChaucerCriticism, interpretation, etc131424ocn000799752book19720.26Gardner, JohnThe king's Indian; stories and talesFictionAn iconic collection that showcases Gardner as a master craftsman navigating an uncertain worldIn this exceptional book, author John Gardner explores the literary form as a vehicle of vision, and creates heroes that personify his tremendous artistic ideals: A Boston schoolmaster abandons his dreams of owning a farmhouse in rural Illinois only to be taken on a voyage across the seas and into self-discovery, faith, and love; an artist’s rapturous enthusiasm inspires an aging university professor to approach life’s chaotic moments as opportunities for creation. Each of these stories is wonderful in its own right, and provides valuable insight into the author’s literary beliefs. Written just prior to his critical masterwork, On Moral Fiction, The King’s Indian is a must-read for those interested in learning more about Gardner’s highly controversial artistic philosophies. This ebook features a new illustrated biography of John Gardner, including original letters, rare photos, and never-before-seen documents from the Gardner family and the University of Rochester Archives121112ocn000675971book19730.30Gardner, JohnJason and MedeiaFictionPoetryRomancesA modern retelling of the ancient Greek myth depicting the love of Jason, the hero who claimed the kingdom of Iolcus, and the princess of Caechis, Medeia96318ocn002929089book19710.07Gardner, JohnIn the suicide mountainsUnable to find a place for themselves in society, a young woman, a dwarf, and a prince journey to the mountains intent on doing away with themselves84213ocn001288267book19330.07Gardner, JohnDragon, dragon, and other talesFour fairy tales featuring a dragon, a giant, a cunning mule, and a little chimney-girl82912ocn057482228file19840.10Gardner, JohnGrendelFictionRe-telling of the story of Beowulf, from the monster's point of view8692ocn007875091book19820.47John Gardner, critical perspectivesCriticism, interpretation, etc8084ocn052806174book20030.27Silesky, BarryJohn Gardner : literary outlawBiographyChronicles the life of twentieth-century American author John Gardner, discussing how his work attracted an almost cult following, why he picked public fights with his peers, and how his chaotic personal life was reflected in his work+-+13677601068002ocn020560634book19900.47McWilliams, DeanJohn GardnerCriticism, interpretation, etc7792ocn009195655book19830.53Cowart, DavidArches & light : the fiction of John GardnerCriticism, interpretation, etc7542ocn021078145book19900.47Henderson, JeffJohn Gardner : a study of the short fictionCriticism, interpretation, etcJeff Henderson offers commentary on John Gardner's short fiction in "The King's Indian" and "The Art of Living," including Gardner's own comments on his fiction and the art of fiction generally+-+61783205353247464ocn009761550book19840.47Morris, Gregory LA world of order and light : the fiction of John GardnerCriticism, interpretation, etc5491ocn016804001book19880.59Butts, Leonard CThe novels of John Gardner : making life art as a moral processCriticism, interpretation, etc4852ocn012286171book19850.53Thor's hammer : essays on John GardnerCriticism, interpretation, etc4251ocn018875114book19890.66Begiebing, Robert JToward a new synthesis : John Fowles, John Gardner, Norman MailerCriticism, interpretation, etc4191ocn020490982book19900.50Gardner, JohnConversations with John GardnerInterviews+-+08790532353772ocn045256065book20000.27Thornton, SusanOn broken glass : loving and losing John GardnerBiographyThe story of Susan Thornton's exhilarating and sometimes devastating relationship with author John Gardner+-+29225213253742ocn005563848book19800.70Howell, John MichaelJohn Gardner, a bibliographical profileBibliography3561ocn027725628book19930.63Howell, John MichaelUnderstanding John GardnerCriticism, interpretation, etc2692ocn010162057book19840.77Morace, Robert AJohn Gardner : an annotated secondary bibliographyBibliography2501ocn024105975book19920.82Winther, PerThe art of John Gardner : instruction and exploration2072ocn010048832book19830.77John Gardner : true art, moral artCriticism, interpretation, etc1631ocn006050841book19790.77Gardner, JohnVlemk, the box-painter1552ocn034675906book19970.84Nutter, Ronald GrantA dream of peace : art and death in the fiction of John GardnerCriticism, interpretation, etcThe American novelist John Gardner died in a motorcycle accident in 1982. His novels, in which death and guilt are brooding presences, continue to attract attention. This study reviews Gardner's life and work, examining how his own tragic past prodded him to explore life's deepest mysteries. It breaks new ground by demonstrating how the philosophies of Susanne Langer and Alfred North Whitehead greatly influenced his thought+-+83188957351442ocn041127330book19990.92Gardner, JohnLies! lies! lies! : a college journal of John GardnerNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcManuscripts+-+86481011451093ocn032609470book19950.88Ekelund, Bo GIn the pathless forest : John Gardner's literary projectCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+5668724215+-+5668724215Thu Oct 16 15:20:05 EDT 2014batch38987