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Fri Mar 21 17:17:04 2014 UTClccn-n790567350.15The Master and Margarita0.470.88Pʹesy /99836700Mikhail_Bulgakovn 79056735289826Boelgakov, M.A., 1891-1940Boelgakov, Michail, 1891-1940Boelgakov, Michail A.Boelgakov, MikhailBoelgakov, Mikhail A., 1891-1940Boelgakow, MichailBolgakof, Mixa’il 1891-1940Boulgakov, MichelBoulgakov, Mikail AfanasievitchBoulgakov, MikhaïlBoulgakov, Mikhaïl, 1891-1940Boulgakov, Mikhail Afanasʹevic, 1891-1940Boulgakov, Mikhaïl AfanasievitchBoulgakov, Mikhail Afanasievitch (1891-1940).Boulgakov, Mikhaïl AfanassiévitchBoulgakov, Mikhail Afanassiévitch, 1891-1940Boulgakov, Mikhail Afanassiv̌itch, 1891-1940Boulgakov, Mikhaïl AthanassiévitchBuerjiakefu, Mihayier 1891-1940Bulgakov, M.Bulgakov, M. 1891-1940Bulgakov, M. A.Bulgakov, M.A., 1891-1940Bulgakov, M. A. (Mikhail Afanasʹevich), 1891-1940Bulgakov, M. (Mikhail), 1891-1940Bulgakov, Michael, 1891-1940Bulgakov, Michael A. 1891-1940Bulgakov, Michail.Bulgakov, Michail, 1891-1940Bulgakov, Michail Afanas'evičBulgakov, Michail Afanasʹevič 1891-1940 Vollstaendiger NameBulgakov, Michail Afanas'evič. [t]Bulgakov, Michajl 1891-1940Bulgakov, Michajlo Opanasovič 1891-1940Bulgakov, Mihail.Bulgakov, Mihail, 1891-1940Bulgakov, Mihaïl Afanas'evičBulgakov, Mihail Afanasievich 1891-1940Bulgakov, Mihail Afanasievici 1891-1940Bulgakov, Mihail AfanasjevičBulgakov, Mihail Afanaszjevics 1891-1940Bulgakov, Mihhail, 1891-1940Bulgákov, Mijaíl 1891-1940Bulgákov, Mijail A. 1891-1940Bulgákov, MikhaílBulgakov, Mikhail, 1891-1940Bulgakov, Mikhail A. 1891-1940Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanas'evich.Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanasʹevich, 1891-1940Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanasyevich, 1891-1940Bulgakov, Mixail.Bulgakovas, Michailas.Bulgakovi, M. 1891-1940Bulgakovi, M. (Mixail), 1891-1940Bulgakovi, Mixail, 1891-1940Bulgakovs, Mihails, 1891-1940Bulgakovy, Mihail i Elena.Bułgakow, M.Bulgakow, Michail.Bulgakow, Michail, 1891-1940Bulgakow, Michail A.Bulgakow, Michail A. 1891-1940Bulgakow, Michail Afanasjewitsch 1891-1940Bulgakow, MichaillBulhakov, Mychajlo Opanasovyč 1891-1940Bulhakov, Mykhaĭlo, 1891-1940Bułhakow, M.Bułhakow, Michaił.Bułhakow, Michaił 1891-1940Bułhakow, Michał.Bułhakow, Michał, 1891-1940Bułhakow, Michał A.Bułhakowowie, Michaił i Elena.Булгаков, М.А., 1891-1940Булгаков, М. А. (Михаил Афанасьевич), 1891-1940Булгаков, М. (Михаил), 1891-1940Булгаков, М. (Михаил Афанасьевич), 1891-1940Булгаков, Михаил, 1891-1940.Булгаков, Михаил Афанасьевич.Булгаков, Михаил Афанасьевич, 1891-1940.Булгаков, Михаил (Михаил Афанасьевич), 1891-1940Булгаков, Михайло, 1891-1940בולגאקוב, מיכאילבולגקוב, מיכאילבולגקוב, מיכאיל, 1891-1940بولجاكوف، ميخائيل، 1891-1940ميخائيل افانازيفيتش بولغاكوف، 1891-1940ブルガーコフ, ミハイルブルガーコフ, ミハイル・Aブルガーコフ, ミハイル・アファナーシエヴィチブルガーコフ, ミハエル・アファナシエヴィチlccn-n97013734Glenny, Michaeltrllccn-n50021453Proffer, Ellendeaauiothedtlccn-n78072953Milne, Lesleylccn-n79043851Molière1622-1673antlccn-n85372791Curtis, J. A. E.(Julie A. E.)edtlccn-n79128106Ginsburg, Mirratrllccn-n80166096Schwartz, Marianlccn-nr91005249Dobrenko, E. A.(Evgeniĭ Aleksandrovich)lccn-n88265390Burgin, Diana Lewislccn-n88074381O'Connor, Katherine TiernanBulgakov, Mikhail1891-1940FictionPolitical fictionHistoryBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcSatireRecords and correspondenceDiariesDramaAllegoriesBulgakov, Mikhail,Soviet UnionAuthors, RussianUkraineRussia (Federation)--MoscowRussiaManners and customsPolitical fictionMolière,Middle East--JerusalemDramatists, FrenchDevilGood and evilRussian dramaPolitical fiction, RussianTheaterMoskovskiĭ khudozhestvennyĭ akademicheskiĭ teatrCriticism and interpretationAutobiography in literatureCountry lifeRussian fictionMental illnessAllegoryPolitical scienceStalin, Joseph,Intellectual lifeAuthors' spousesBelozerskai︠a︡-Bulgakova, L. ERussian literatureDramatistsDramatists, RussianRussian languageAnimal experimentationPhysiciansDogsUkraine--KievAtheismBands (Music)MagiciansPilate, Pontius,AllegoriesRussia (Federation)English dramaAuthors, FrenchDramaNovelistsDemonologyJesus ChristScience fiction, RussianAlienation (Social psychology)1891194018911900192519261927192819291932193419371944194919501952195519571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144941821665270891.7342PG3476.B78ocn864283665ocn419254396ocn465581679ocn470436323ocn868777146ocn799870921ocn781422466ocn762839062ocn692039776ocn743093622ocn813667177ocn780678682ocn780678410ocn755138135ocn755126952ocn755101201ocn837457411ocn456691030ocn185786610ocn461591264ocn797440296ocn691984695ocn691984693ocn691949593ocn185824212ocn691949596ocn691933650ocn074668409ocn725089285ocn723667498ocn722823718ocn723075857ocn780992105ocn255600086ocn2467303964228112ocn000321339book19670.28Bulgakov, MikhailThe master and MargaritaHistoryFictionPolitical fictionSatireA translation of a classic on a writer's pact with the devil in Stalinist Russia. He wants to obtain publication of a novel about the police state of Pontius Pilate which the censor has banned+-+1535124215153936ocn000449884book19680.32Bulgakov, MikhailThe heart of a dogHistoryFictionSatireA Moscow man is put in charge of purging the city of cats+-+94050675351268278ocn005899576book19580.53Bulgakov, MikhailMaster i Margarita; romanHistoryFictionPolitical fictionSatireSamfundskritik, skjult bag et fint slør af galgenhumor, i beretningen om djævelens inspektionsbesøg i mellemkrigstidens Moskva, og om Margaritas hengivne kærlighed til Mesteren, kunstneren+-+9167064410113530ocn000143684book19690.32Bulgakov, MikhailThe white guardHistoryFictionHistorical fiction+-+119788243593522ocn000441230book19670.35Bulgakov, MikhailBlack snow : a theatrical novelFictionWritten by Soviet playwright Bulgakov, this novel tells the story of the fictitious Maxudov. When Maxudov's novel is unsuccessful, he turns it into a play, which is accepted by Moscow's "Independent Theatre." But the inflated egos behind the scenes make it unlikely that the play will ever be performed+-+K7842944558849ocn503446494file20080.47Bulgakov, MikhailWhite guardHistoryFiction"White Guard, Mikhail Bulgakov's semi-autobiographical first novel, is the story of the Turbin family in Kiev in 1918. Alexei, Elena, and Nikolka Turbin have just lost their mother - their father had died years before - and find themselves plunged into the chaotic civil war that erupted in the Ukraine in the wake of the Russian Revolution. In the context of this family's personal loss and the social turmoil surrounding them, Bulgakov creates a brilliant picture of the existential crises brought about by the revolution and the loss of social, moral, and political certainties. He confronts the reader with the bewildering cruelty that ripped Russian life apart at the beginning of the last century as well as with the extraordinary ways in which the Turbins preserved their humanity. In this volume Marian Schwartz, a leading translator, offers the first complete and accurate translation of the definitive original text of Bulgakov's novel. She includes the famous dream sequence, omitted in previous translations, and beautifully solves the stylistic issues raised by Bulgakov's ornamental prose. Readers with an interest in Russian literature, culture, or history will welcome this superb translation of Bulgakov's important early work. This edition also contains an informative historical essay by Evgeny Dobrenko." --from book description,, MikhailThe life of Monsieur de MolièreBiography+-+29345766353244516ocn000029371book19690.47Bulgakov, MikhailFlight; a play in eight dreams & four acts41272ocn002622287book19680.59Bulgakov, MikhailSobachʹe serdt︠s︡eHistoryFictionSatire+-+959844803632436231ocn003060939book19690.63Bulgakov, MikhailBelai︠a︡ gvardii︠a︡ = White guardHistoryFictionWar stories334113ocn245647059book19680.31Bulgakov, MikhailDer Meister und Margarita : RomanHistoryFictionDer Teufel persönlich stürzt Moskau in ein Chaos aus Hypnose, Spuk und Zerstörung. Die Heimsuchung für Heuchelei und Korruption trifft alle - ausgenommen zwei Gerechte - Bulgakows Hauptwerk ist, in der Tradition von Goethes 'Faust', Dostojewskis 'Die Brüder Karamasow' und Thomas Manns 'Doktor Faustus' längst ein Klassiker der literarischen Moderne. Michail Bulgakow wurde am 15. Mai 1891 in Kiew geboren und starb am 10. März 1940 in Moskau. Nach einem Medizinstudium arbeitete er zunächst als Landarzt, zog aber dann nach Moskau, um sich ganz der Literatur zu widmen. Er gilt als einer der grössten russischen Satiriker und hatte zeitlebens unter der stalinistischen Zensur zu leiden. Seine zahlreichen Dramen durften nicht aufgeführt werden, seine bedeutendsten Prosawerke konnten erst nach seinem Tod veröffentlicht werden25838ocn019920789book19620.88Bulgakov, MikhailPʹesy23212ocn052455902book20030.47Bulgakov, MikhailThe fatal eggsSatireFrom the Publisher: An inspired work of science fiction and a biting political allegory, Bulgakov's The Fatal Eggs tells of a brilliant scientist whose experiments with life spiral terribly, and fatefully, out of control. Foreword by Doris Lessing. Quite by chance, Professor Persikov discovers a new form of light ray whose effect, when directed at living cells, is to accelerate growth in primitive organisms. But when this ray is shone on the wrong batch of eggs, the Professor finds himself both the unwilling creator of giant hybrids and the focus of a merciless press campaign. For it seems the propaganda machine has turned its gaze upon him, distorting his nature in the very way his "innocent" tampering created the monster snakes and crocodiles that now terrorize the neighborhood. Russian novelist and dramatist Mikhail Bulgakov (1891-1940) is one of the foremost satirists of the 20th century+-+781564893621714ocn064005667rcrd20060.15Bulgakov, MikhailThe Master and MargaritaHistoryFictionAllegoriesPolitical fictionThe professor and the poet who've come to Patriarch's Ponds for a stroll on a hot and stagnant Moscow afternoon are dismayed to encounter a quite extraordinary stranger, surely a deranged foreigner. As this quixotic character recalls a centuries-old story of destiny, his infamy becomes a matter of gruesome revelation for the doomed professor and his poor companion. And what will become of the Master's suppressed masterpiece? Something his lover, Margarita, will go to great lengths to ensure+-+708498171421453ocn031999448book19680.63Bulgakov, MikhailLe maître et Marguerite"Écrit sous la terreur par un homme malade et désespéré, 'Le Maître et Marguerite' a mis vingt-cinq ans pour s'imposer comme l'un des chefs-d'œuvre de la littérature russe et devenir un livre culte dont la construction diabolique n'a pas fini d'enchanter les lecteurs. Comment définir un mythe ? Les personnages de ce roman fantastique sont le diable, un écrivain suicidaire, un chat géant, Jésus et Ponce Pilate, la plus belle femme du monde... On y trouve des meurtres atroces et des crucifixions. C'est une satire acerbe, une comédie burlesque, une parodie politique, un poème philosophique dévastateur avec des fantômes et des transformations magiques. Mais cette fantasmagorie baroque, ce film noir, cette vision d'apocalypse est aussi l'une des plus belles histoires d'amour jamais écrites." [Source : 4e de couv., tirage 2008]2122ocn124025268book20070.56Bulgakov, MikhailA dead man's memoir : a theatrical novelHistoryFictionSatire+-+59600959652105ocn008283494book19830.84Bulgakov, MikhailSobranie sochineniĭ20639ocn002520473book19620.81Bulgakov, MikhailZhizn' gospodina de Mol'era = MolièreCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyFiction2055ocn010493675book19830.79Bulgakov, MikhailMolière, or, The union of hypocritesDrama2029ocn000515851book19720.73Bulgakov, MikhailSelected works115710ocn061144000file19950.50Milne, LesleyBulgakov the novelist-playwrightCriticism, interpretation, etcToday, in his native Russia, Mikhail Bulgakov (1891-1940) is one of the writers whose works are most frequently read and whose plays are most frequently staged. Since the publication of his works from the 1960s onwards, he has also emerged as a major European author.Bulgakov: The Novelist-Playwright reflects Bulgakov's current stature. The book is a collection of 21 articles by scholars from eight different countries: Britain, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, India, Russia, the Ukraine and the USA. In a diverse range of contributions, the authors discuss Bulgakov against the literary and th+-+75710136283249128ocn000315317book19720.39Bulgakov, MikhailDiaboliad, and other storiesFiction+-+98064929363248442ocn000303545book19720.47Bulgakov, MikhailThe early plays of Mikhail Bulgakov59211ocn025410018book19910.39Curtis, J. A. EManuscripts don't burn : Mikhail Bulgakov, a life in letters and diariesBiographyDiariesRecords and correspondencePlaywright and novelist, this is is a chronicle of Bulgakov's life. Combining diaries with extracts from letters, this biography provides insight into the pressures of day-to-day existence for a man trying to make a career as a writer in Stalinist Russia+-+06435029253245605ocn011134565book19850.59Natov, NadineMikhail BulgakovCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Mikhail Bulgakov5484ocn009783956book19780.56Proffer, EllendeaBulgakov : life and workCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography5163ocn003748698book19780.63Wright, Anthony ColinMikhail Bulgakov : life and interpretationsBiography4345ocn020930832book19900.66Milne, LesleyMikhail Bulgakov : a critical biographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+01977667054108ocn001531199book19750.32Bulgakov, MikhailA country doctor's notebookHistoryFictionAutobiographical fictionPart autobiography, part fiction, this early work by the author of The Master and Margarita shows a master at the dawn of his craft, and a nation divided by centuries of unequal progress. In 1916 a 25-year-old, newly qualified doctor named Mikhail Bulgakov was posted to the remote Russian countryside. He brought to his position a diploma and a complete lack of field experience. And the challenges he faced didn't end there: he was assigned to cover a vast and sprawling territory that was as yet unvisited by modern conveniences such as the motor car, the telephone, and electric lights. The stories in A Country Doctor's Notebook are based on this two-year window in the life of the great modernist. Bulgakov candidly speaks of his own feelings of inadequacy, and warmly and wittily conjures episodes such as peasants applying medicine to their outer clothing rather than their skin, and finding himself charged with delivering a baby'having only read about the procedure in text books. Not yet marked by the dark fantasy of his later writing, this early work features a realistic and wonderfully engaging narrative voice'the voice, indeed, of twentieth century Russia's greatest writer. From the Trade Paperback edition+-+90161951363773ocn022508221book19910.50Bulgakov, MikhailNotes on the cuff & other storiesFictionShort storiesThe stories collected here represent a sampling of the prose that first established Bulgakov as a major figure in the literary renaissance of Moscow in the 1920s, long before he became known as an influential playwright and novelist. The centerpiece of this collection is the long story "Notes on the Cuff," a comically autobiographical account of how the tenacious young writer managed to begin his literary career despite famine, typhus, civil war, the wrong political+-+01505754063764ocn014212346book19870.73Curtis, J. A. EBulgakov's last decade : the writer as heroCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+97015667053563ocn029667656book19930.73Smeli︠a︡nskiĭ, A. MIs Comrade Bulgakov dead? : Mikhail Bulgakov at the Moscow Art Theatre+-+95258186953243402ocn037837671book19980.76Haber, Edythe CMikhail Bulgakov : the early yearsBiographyOne of the foremost Russian writers of the Soviet period, Mikhail Bulgakov (1891-1940) has attracted much critical attention. But Edythe Haber is the first to explore in depth his formative years, to probe the roots of his artistic vision. Blending biography and literary analysis of motifs, story, and characterization, Haber tracks one writer's answer to the dislocations of revolution, civil war, and early Bolshevism. And from her examination of Bulgakov's satirical writings there emerges a vivid panorama of the burgeoning Soviet society. These comic sketches and novellas, blending the fantastic and quotidian, evoke an intellectual's struggle with a hostile new world+-+93692092153292ocn002640071book19760.76Proffer, EllendeaAn international bibliography of works by and about Mikhail BulgakovBibliography3112ocn011548050book19850.66Bulgakov, MikhailFlight ; & Bliss : two playsDrama+-+06945766352934ocn010849649book19840.73Proffer, EllendeaA Pictorial biography of Mikhail BulgakovBiographyPortraits2703ocn028291410book19890.28Bulgakov, MikhailThe master and MargaritaHistoryFictionPolitical fictionSatireA new translation of a classic on a writer's pact with the devil in Stalinist Russia. He wants to obtain publication of a novel about the police state of Pontius Pilate which the censor has banned+-+15925858853242243ocn010291499book19830.84Belozerskai︠a︡-Bulgakova, L. EMy life with Mikhail BulgakovBiography1984ocn048855018book20020.88Mayorga, JuanLove letters to Stalin = Cartas de amor a StalinDrama+-+48681933361983ocn033859340book19910.53Bulgakov, MikhailSix plays+-+9580918695+-+1535124215+-+1535124215Fri Mar 21 16:01:42 EDT 2014batch102667