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Fri Mar 21 17:06:17 2014 UTClccn-n790586220.33Transforming process theism0.510.66An enquiry concerning the principles of natural knowledge,17265242Alfred_North_Whiteheadn 79058622291681Huai-hei-te, 1861-1947Huai-te-hai, 1861-1947Huaidehai, 1861-1947Hwaitʻŭhedŭ, 1861-1947North Whitehead, AlfredNorth Whitehead, Alfred, 1861-1947Uaithedi, Alpʻred Nortʻ, 1861-1947Uaĭtkhed, A.N., 1861-1947Uajtched, A.N., 1861-1947Uajthed, A. N.Whitehead, 1861-1947Whitehead, A. N.Whitehead, A.N., 1861-1947Whitehead, A. N. (Alfred North), 1861-1947Whitehead, AlfredWhitehead, Alfred N.Whitehead, Alfred N. 1861-1947Whitehead, Alfred NorthУайтхед, А. Н. (Альфред Норт), 1861-1947ألفرد نورث هوايتهد، 1861-1947هوايتهيد، ألفريد نورث، 1861-1947وايت هيد، ألفرد نورثوايتهد، ألفرد نورث، 1861-1947화이트헤드, 앨프레드 노스, 1861-1947ホワイトヘッド, A. Nホワイトヘッド, アルフレッド・ノース怀德海, 1861-1947lccn-n79056054Russell, Bertrand1872-1970othcrelccn-n50028359Hartshorne, Charles1897-2000lccn-n83190238Ford, Lewis S.lccn-n50038935Johnson, A. H.(Allison Heartz)1910-othclbedtlccn-n85097006Leclerc, Ivorothedtlccn-n84181255Griffin, David Ray1939-edtlccn-n81057165Sherburne, Donald W.othedtlccn-n84044091Lowe, Victor1907-1988comlccn-n78095539James, William1842-1910lccn-n79021614Kant, Immanuel1724-1804Whitehead, Alfred North1861-1947HistoryBiographyInterviewsMiscellaneaWhitehead, Alfred North,PhilosophyMetaphysicsScience--PhilosophyCosmologyScienceEducationMathematicsEducation--CurriculaProcess theologyReligionPhilosophersCivilizationSociologyHistory--PhilosophyIdeologyLogic, Symbolic and mathematicalMathematics--PhilosophySymbolism (Psychology)Knowledge, Theory ofGodOrganism (Philosophy)Education--PhilosophyDewey, John,Russell, Bertrand,EnglandGod--History of doctrinesTheismAestheticsGreat BritainReasonTimeNatural theologyMathematiciansOntologyExperiencePragmatismConsciousnessIntentionality (Philosophy)Dialectical materialismCapitalismMarxian economicsNatureDeleuze, Gilles,Heidegger, Martin,Kant, Immanuel,Philosophy of natureJames, William,Social sciencesEducation--Aims and objectives1861194718701897189818991900190119061907190819101911191219131914191619171919192019221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201412017614764758192B1674.W354ocn246088727ocn310086967ocn257774849ocn257458821ocn246181187ocn015318712ocn721623602ocn186196311ocn186023611Philosophers3270109ocn003608752book19290.50Whitehead, Alfred NorthProcess and reality : an essay in cosmologyProcess and Reality, Whitehead's magnum opus, is one of the major philosophical works of the modern world, and an extensive body of secondary literature has developed around it. Yet surely no significant philosophical book has appeared in the last two centuries in nearly so deplorable a condition as has this one, with its many hundreds of errors and with over three hundred discrepancies between the American (Macmillan) and the English (Cambridge) editions, which appeared in different formats with divergent paginations. The work itself is highly technical and far from easy to understand, and in many passages the errors in those editions were such as to compound the difficulties. The need for a corrected edition has been keenly felt for many decades+-+25209847552839141ocn000177117book19000.50Whitehead, Alfred NorthThe aims of education & other essaysThe general topic of this volume is education on its intellectual side. One main idea runs through the various chapters, and it is illustrated in them from many points of view. It can be stated briefly thus: the students are alive, and the purpose of education is to stimulate and guide their self-development. It follows as a corollary from this premise, that the teachers also should be alive with living thoughts. The whole book is a protest against dead knowledge, that is to say, inert ideas. - Preface+-+95360847552700139ocn000344337book19320.39Whitehead, Alfred NorthAdventures of ideasHistoryHistory of the human race from the point of view of mankind's changing ideas--sociological, cosmological, philosophica+-+25260847552026131ocn000523573book19100.53Whitehead, Alfred NorthAn introduction to mathematics+-+8667550465197356ocn000224098book19270.56Whitehead, Alfred NorthSymbolism, its meaning and effect+-+K3866787351897163ocn001002772book19250.50Whitehead, Alfred NorthScience and the modern worldHistory+-+9481839315159248ocn001231193book19430.56Whitehead, Alfred NorthEssays in science and philosophy+-+4317562835324158985ocn000522369book19250.56Whitehead, Alfred NorthScience and the modern world. Lowell lectures, 1925History+-+94818393151541112ocn001039085book19100.56Whitehead, Alfred NorthPrincipia mathematicaAn unabridged, digitally enlarged printing of Principia mathematica+-+8736138516153153ocn001213328book19080.50Whitehead, Alfred NorthModes of thoughtMiscellaneaModes of Thought was written 20 years ago from lectures delivered by Whitehead at Wellesley, the University of Chicago, and Harvard. In it Whitehead developed the brilliant new concepts of clarity and precision of statement which have since become fundamental principles of construction underlying all of the fields of modern intellectual analysis+-+K567084755139728ocn000378358book19260.47Whitehead, Alfred NorthReligion in the making; Lowell lectures, 1926+-+7191678735133649ocn000377122book19290.56Whitehead, Alfred NorthThe function of reason+-+8820652535122576ocn000522509book19200.53Whitehead, Alfred NorthThe concept of nature, Tarner lectures delivered in Trinity College, November, 1919History"Originally published in 1920 and based on the Tarner Lectures in the philosophy of science, this early work by Alfred North Whitehead made an important contribution to the development of philosophic naturalism. It featured his assessment of the impact of Einstein's theories and the new findings of modern physics on nature." "Whitehead critiques generally accepted ideas about substance, space, and time, as inherited from ancient Greek philosophers and as modified in the Enlightenment. Although Whitehead accepted Einstein's theory of relativity, he took issue with Einstein's interpretation of it. Instead of positing matter as the substratum of the universe, Whitehead argued for the "event" and the "process of becoming" as the starting points for analyzing reality. He thought that this "organic" interpretation was closer to our direct, everyday experience of attributes and their relations than the abstract notion of matter assumed by philosophers and scientists for so many centuries."--BOOK JACKET+-+509745670598667ocn000377063book19260.50Whitehead, Alfred NorthReligion in the making"Four Lectures...delivered in King's Chapel, Boston...Feburary, 1926."84951ocn001802425book19190.66Whitehead, Alfred NorthAn enquiry concerning the principles of natural knowledgeHistoryThis text ranks among Whitehead's most important works; forming a perspective on scientific observation that incorporates a complex view of experience, rather than prioritising the position of 'pure' sense data+-+K76551256681826ocn021936241book19530.53Whitehead, Alfred NorthAlfred North Whitehead : an anthologyFirst published in 1953, this is a collection of selected works by the mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947)+-+870826670575367ocn001633644book19270.39Whitehead, Alfred NorthPrincipia mathematica : to *56An abridged text of Principia Mathematica, suitable for an introductory study of logic+-+915171670573221ocn003233689book19590.56Whitehead, Alfred NorthWhitehead's American essays in social philosophy+-+316226283532472336ocn000012141book19240.63Whitehead, Alfred NorthNature and life70822ocn027757437book19480.47Whitehead, Alfred NorthScience and philosophy164917ocn000372044book19540.47Whitehead, Alfred NorthDialogues of Alfred North WhiteheadBiographyInterviewsAs recorded by Lucien Price during the years 1934-1947+-+447674210615363ocn045728042file20000.33Ford, Lewis STransforming process theism"Process theism, in a variety of manifestations and modifications stemming from Whitehead's original suggestions, dominates discussions of philosophical and natural theology in Europe and America. In Transforming Process Theism Ford argues that subsequent modifications of Whitehead's original line of thought mask a fundamental and unresolved aporia in that original proposal: since only past or "objectified" determinate events can influence present experiences and since God, as conceived by Whitehead, is never fully determinate or objectifiable as a "past event," it is difficult to see how this divine persuasive power can have any influence on the present as a source of creativity and genuinely new possibilities for enactment."--BOOK JACKET+-+108099642514254ocn011815757book19860.53Hendley, Brian PatrickDewey, Russell, Whitehead : philosophers as educatorsHistoryAnnotation+-+783478453513266ocn000237187book19620.50Lowe, VictorUnderstanding Whitehead127320ocn000274159book19410.50Schilpp, Paul ArthurThe philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead12599ocn405036320com20090.50Shaviro, StevenWithout criteria Kant, Whitehead, Deleuze, and aestheticsA Deleuzian reading of Whitehead and a Whiteheadian reading of Deleuze open the possibility of a critical aesthetics of contemporary culture+-+812046717512592ocn042855892com19840.50Ford, Lewis SThe emergence of Whitehead's metaphysics, 1925-192912492ocn042636869com19900.50Whitehead's metaphysics of creativity118316ocn000373101book19580.56Leclerc, IvorWhitehead's metaphysics: an introductory expositionHistory11835ocn057579030com20030.47Physics and Whitehead quantum, process, and experienceConference proceedings+-+186409642511493ocn042855065com19930.47Metaphysics as foundation essays in honor of Ivor Leclerc11382ocn042636683com19800.53Wallack, F. BradfordThe epochal nature of process in Whitehead's metaphysics113510ocn001175522book19650.56Cobb, John BA Christian natural theology, based on the thought of Alfred North Whitehead+-+536587911511302ocn042855416com19830.53Ross, Stephen DavidPerspective in Whitehead's metaphysicsHistory110611ocn001327025book19590.56Christian, William AAn interpretation of Whitehead's metaphysicsHistory11047ocn010998482book19850.47Lowe, VictorAlfred North Whitehead : the man and his workBiography10942ocn043475155com19860.50Nobo, Jorge LuisWhitehead's metaphysics of extension and solidarity+-+371715233510853ocn061703933com20050.50Pred, RalphOnflow dynamics of consciousness and experience+-+K27716717510564ocn062365197file20040.53Pomeroy, Anne FairchildMarx and Whitehead process, dialectics, and the critique of capitalismAlfred North Whitehead's work is used to forge a systematic link between process philosophy and dialectical materialism via the category of production. Whitehead's process thought brings Marx's philosophical vision into sharper focus+-+283409642510305ocn062395504file20040.50Whitehead's philosophy points of connection+-+3286196425+-+2520984755+-+2520984755Fri Mar 21 15:12:30 EDT 2014batch88567