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Thu Oct 16 17:55:05 2014 UTClccn-n790814480.00The Talmud and the scholar0.391.00ha-Seʻudah ha-ḥagigit : li-khevod ʻavodato shel ha-Rav ʻAdin Even-Yiśraʼel Shṭainzalts ... le-14 be-Tishre 765 = Tribute dinner : to honor the works of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz September 28, 200420963239Adin_Steinsaltzn 790814483129908313989ʾEben Yiśraʾel 1937-....ʾEben Yiśraʾel ʿAdiyn 1937-....Even Israe͏̈lEven Israël 1937-....Even-Israel, Adin.Even-Israel, ʿAdin, 1937-Even-Yiśraʼel, ʻAdinEven-Yiśraʾel, ʿAdin, 1937-ʾEven-Yiśraēl, ʾAdīn, Štaynsalz, 1937-Israel, Adin Even-Israel, Adin Even-, 1937-Shṭainzalts, ʻAdinShtainzalts, ʿAdin 1937-Shteĭnzalʹt︠s︡, AdinShteinzalts, Adin, 1937-Shṭeynzalts, ʿAdin 1937-Šṭainzalṣ, ʿĀdîn 1937-Štajnzal'c, Adin, 1937-Šṭâynzaḷs, ʿĀdîn 1937-Šṭaynzalṣ ʿAdiyn 1937-....Šṭaynzalẕ, ʿAdīn, 1937-Šṭayynzalṣ ʿAdiyn 1937-....Steinsaltz, ʿĀdîn 1937-Steinsaltz, Adin Even Israel 1937-Steinsalz, Adin.Steinsalz, Adin 1937-Steinzaitz, Adin.Steinzaitz, Adin 1937-Steinzaltz, Adin.Steinzaltz, Adin 1937-Štejnzalʹc, Adin 1937-Šṭêyinzalz̲, ʿAdin, 1937-ŠṬJJNZLṢ, ʿAdin 1937-SṬYYNZLṢ, ʿAdîn 1937-SṬYYNZLṢ, ʿAdîn Ibn-Yiśrāʾēl 1937-Yiśraʼel, ʻAdin Even-Исраэль, Адин Эвен-, 1937-Штайнзальц, АдинШтейнзальц, Адин, 1937-Эвен Исраель, АдинЭвен-Исраэлъ (Штейнзалъца), АдинаЭвен-Исраэль, Адин, 1937-אבן ישראל 1937-....אבן־ישראל, עדיןאבן ישראל עדין 1937-....אבן־ישראל (שטיינזלץ), עדיןאבן־ישרל, עדיןשטיינזליץ, עדיןשטיינזלץ, עדין.שטיינזלץ עדין 1937-....שטיינזלץ, עדין אבן ישראלשטינזלץ, ע.שטינזלץ, עדיןשטינזלץ עדין 1937-....שְטַײִנְזַלץ, עַד.שְטַײִנְזַלץ, עַדן.シュタインザルツ, アディンcontainsVIAFID/58942682Even-Israel, Adinlccn-n79026030Kurzweil, Arthuredtlccn-n85828541Hanegbi, Yehudatrllccn-n79081703Naḥmanof Bratslav1772-1811antlccn-n87933017Hanegbi, Meʼiredtnp-berman, israel vBerman, Israel V.trledtlccn-n85274698Swirsky, Michaellccn-n96021290Gugenheim, Jean-Jacquestrllccn-n90695877Abrams, Judith Z.viaf-98693696Eisenberg, Josylccn-n81144085Shneur Zalmanof Lyady1745-1813Steinsaltz, AdinIntroductionsCommentariesBiographyOutlines, syllabi, etcMeditationsPrayersCriticism, interpretation, etcSacred booksHandbooks, manuals, etcTalmudJudaismCabalaSpiritual life--JudaismHasidismBible.--Old TestamentJewish way of lifeSteinsaltz, AdinLiḳuṭe amarim (Shneur Zalman, of Lyady)Jews--Return to Orthodox JudaismSpiritual lifeConduct of lifeJews--AttitudesJews--Social conditionsJews--IdentityHasidic parablesTeachingsJudaism--LiturgyIsraelTradition (Judaism)Study skillsRabbisKurzweil, ArthurBible.--Five ScrollsJewish meditationsSabbathSabbath--LiturgyGrace at meals--JudaismHymns, HebrewBenediction--JudaismShaʻar ha-yiḥud ṿeha-emunah (Shneur Zalman, of Lyady)HaggadahHaggadotSeder--LiturgyJudaism--Study and teachingTalmud Torah (Judaism)Talmud.--Bava meẓia IVMiddle East--JerusalemHabad--PhilosophyTalmud.--Bava meẓiaAmoraimTannaimNaḥman,--of Bratslav,Saal, HubertDe Francia, PeterReligionDeCarlo, Charles RBibleMana-ZuccaBrandeis Camp Institute (Brandeis, Simi Valley, Calif.)1937196019641965196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014123697251221296.12BM503.5ocn489622460ocn037338264ocn034163138ocn034163092ocn829991964ocn887533884ocn494122989ocn493726858ocn463751687ocn468288300ocn463751661ocn465698184ocn470230989ocn469847903ocn463899141ocn465698167ocn470231031ocn463899099ocn468725207ocn463896082ocn417218745ocn406437578ocn406522161ocn083488778ocn421803549ocn422115589ocn406437623ocn406973785ocn406522210ocn765568807ocn693962523ocn693962533ocn765564673ocn693962525ocn765565167ocn881855299ocn470054358ocn439172819223127ocn001975959book19760.27Steinsaltz, AdinThe essential TalmudCriticism, interpretation, etcIntroductionsAn Israeli rabbi and scholar conveys the spirit of the Talmud as he treats its composition, traditions, structure, and laws+-+6815750195136237ocn019846984book19890.29Steinsaltz, AdinThe Talmud = [Talmud Bavli] : the Steinsaltz editionCommentariesIntroductionsHandbooks, manuals, etcSacred books+-+401120948562914ocn010723062book19840.30Steinsaltz, AdinBiblical images : men and women of the bookBiographyScriptures in an attempt to make them relevant to the modern world and thus he Depicts these men and womens real characters with strengths and Weeknesses. the introduction describes the problems of the nature of the biblical narrative+-+832667310649212ocn005990250book19800.39Steinsaltz, AdinThe thirteen petalled roseThis book, written by world-renowned scholar Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, is based on the structures and assumptions of kabbalah, the largely esoteric theological system that deals with the relationships between man, Torah, the Commandments, and God. As Rabbi Steinsaltz teaches, "kabbalah is the official theology of the Jewish people." While The Thirteen Petalled Rose can be viewed as an introduction to the essence of Jewish existence and belief, its author does not attempt to justify Judaism according to external criteria. It is not meant to be a book about its subject, but rather a book that grows out of its own world, the world of kabbalah. While most primers deal with practical matters, this volume touches largely upon issues of the soul.--From publisher description+-+K61035019534011ocn015015355book19820.28Steinsaltz, AdinTeshuvah : a guide for the newly observant Jew+-+55040201253268ocn041601146book19990.22Steinsaltz, AdinSimple words : thinking about what really matters in lifeRabbi Steinsaltz Summarizes the spiritual wisdom of simple words+-+K7919393153193ocn057124175book20050.31Steinsaltz, AdinWe Jews : who are we and what should we do?+-+006424232531110ocn004858989book19790.56Steinsaltz, AdinBeggars and prayers : Adin Steinsaltz retells the tales of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav ; translated by Yehuda Hanegbi ... [et al.] ; edited by Jonathan Omer-Man3068ocn051769040book20030.47Steinsaltz, AdinOpening the Tanya : discovering the moral and mystical teachings of a classic work of Kabbalah+-+K3421423252217ocn017234136book19880.74Steinsaltz, AdinThe strife of the spirit+-+61343112352199ocn016714353book19880.77Steinsaltz, AdinThe long shorter way : discourses on Chasidic thought+-+49966731061803ocn031710162book19950.59Abrams, Judith ZLearn Talmud : how to use the Talmud--the Steinsaltz editionIntroductionsOutlines, syllabi, etcJudith Abrams, author of the highly acclaimed The Talmud for Beginners, Volumes I & II, creates yet another way of making Talmud study easy and accessible for the novice. Rabbi Abrams has chosen to work with the Steinsaltz Edition of the Talmud, edited and with commentary by Adin Steinsaltz, one of the greatest Jewish thinkers of the twentieth century. This volume is a must for both student and teacher+-+98196731061726ocn070284402book19950.50Steinsaltz, AdinThe thirteen petalled rose : a discourse on the essence of Jewish existence and belief"In this classic work, the world-renowned scholar Adin Steinsaltz seeks to answer the major questions asked by modern Jews about the nature of their existence in God's universe. The title The Thirteen Petalled Rose is taken from the opening lines of the classic Jewish text, the Zohar, and refers to the "collective souls of the Jewish people," which scholars have likened to the fullness of a rose and its thirteen petals." "This expanded edition contains a new preface as well as a new chapter on prayer that provides the most succinct and up-to-date account of the kabbalistic view of devotion. Another new chapter recounts and interprets the prophet Elijah's Introduction to the Zohar, the seminal work of Jewish mysticism."--BOOK JACKET+-+172735019517127ocn123106156book19670.84Talmud bavliCommentaries+-+38396580141594ocn030915424book19950.39Steinsaltz, AdinOn being freeCriticism, interpretation, etcMeditationsOn Being Free is a collection of illuminating essays written by one of the leading rabbis of the twentieth century. In this new volume Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz explores such topics as the fate of the Jewish people, the causes of assimilation, sin and atonement, and mysticism. He also devotes a section of the book to a study of the five Megillot of the Bible, drawing out the messages these Megillot contain for the modern Jew. The reader also has the unique opportunity of listening in on two candid conversations in which Rabbi Steinsaltz highlights the role of divine revelation in Judaism, unravels the secret of the tenacity of the Jewish religion, and discusses the steps man must take in order to truly "hear" God+-+62786731061588ocn019723120book19890.82Steinsaltz, AdinThe sustaining utterance : discourses on Chasidic thought1562ocn051306031book20030.24Steinsalz, AdinMiracle of the seventh day : a guide to the spiritual meaning, significance, and weekly practice of the Jewish SabbathPrayers+-+10901423251356ocn024952367book19920.86Steinsaltz, AdinIn the beginning : discourses on Chasidic thought+-+76926731061056ocn009731068book19830.79Steinsaltz, AdinThe Passover HaggadahAdded t.p.: Hagadah Lepesah+-+66395770141057ocn036509529book19970.56Steinsaltz, AdinTalmudic imagesBiographyThis book is a collection of thirteen intimate portraits of selected Talmudic Personalities+-+K5144201251902ocn065407235book20060.22Kurzweil, ArthurOn the road with Rabbi Steinsaltz : twenty-five years of pre-dawn car trips, mind-blowing encounters, and inspiring conversations with a man of wisdomInterviewsAnecdotes+-+69783423251152ocn039860118book19980.77Neusner, JacobHow Adin Steinsaltz misrepresents the Talmud : four false propositions from his "Reference guide"Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+2060503325832ocn039800613book19990.30Abrams, Judith ZA beginner's guide to the Steinsaltz TalmudOutlines, syllabi, etcThe author introduces Talmud tractate Bava metzia to beginning students+-+4295120125802ocn310400192book20090.56Steinsaltz, AdinPebbles of wisdom from Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz"A number of times over the years I have mentioned to Rabbi Steinsaltz that in his lectures, interviews, and writings, there are always such wonderful 'gems' embedded within the transcripts and essays, and I find myself repeating these 'gems' to people.'Perhaps not gems, ' he responds. 'Maybe pebbles.'"--The IntroductionInternationally acclaimed Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz is considered to be one of the most brilliant and influential rabbis of our time. He has been lauded by Time magazine as a "once-in-a-millennium scholar" and by Ted Koppel of Nightline as "one of the very few wise men that I've ever met."Arthur Kurzweil-himself a Jewish scholar, author, teacher, publisher, and a longtime disciple of Rabbi Steinsaltz-has gathered in one place a collection of "pebbles" of wisdom from Rabbi Steinsaltz. This wonderful book is filled with wisdom from more than thirty years of Rabbi Steinsaltz's lectures, writings, interviews, conversations, and reflections. Pebbles of Wisdom includes Rabbi Steinsaltz's thoughts on the big topics of life including the meaning of happiness, the search for the purpose of one's life, the point of suffering, discovering oneself, dangers along the spiritual path, the process of transforming oneself, and the challenges of faith+-+7740395295743ocn024990870visu19900.59Rosenberg, DavidThe talmud and the scholarCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA "behind the scenes" look at Adin Steinsaltz, whose English translation and analysis of the Talmud has made the Oral Law accessible to a new generation of English readers82ocn809854287com20110.10Steinsaltz, AdinPebbles of wisdom from Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz"A number of times over the years I have mentioned to Rabbi Steinsaltz that in his lectures, interviews, and writings, there are always such wonderful 'gems' embedded within the transcripts and essays, and I find myself repeating these 'gems' to people. 'Perhaps not gems,' he responds. 'Maybe pebbles.'"--From the Introduction Internationally acclaimed Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz is considered to be one of the most brilliant and influential rabbis of our time61ocn053527643book20030.82Steinsaltz, AdinRazgovory s ravvinom Adinom Shteĭnzalʹt︠s︡emInterviews21ocn062514193book20041.00ha-Seʻudah ha-ḥagigit : li-khevod ʻavodato shel ha-Rav ʻAdin Even-Yiśraʼel Shṭainzalts ... le-14 be-Tishre 765 = Tribute dinner : to honor the works of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz September 28, 200421ocn022234241book0.96ha-Mesibah be-vet naśi ha-medinah she-huḳdeshah le-mifʻal ha-talmudi he-ḥadash be-ʻarikhat ʻAdin Sṭainzalts11ocn081435932art19900.47Neusner, JacobTo dialogue with eternity : the Steinsaltz edition of the Talmud is a fresh invitation to "the unending road" of Talmudic studiesCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn884510019mix0.47Jane Freeman letters and other materialsThe Jane Freeman letters and other materials are a collection of the original letters written by Freeman to her family at home in Miami, Florida and other materials relating to her college years. The letters provide daily accounts of her social and academic life while a student at Sarah Lawrence College. The letters date from 1966 to 1997, but the bulk of the materials date from 1967 to 1971. In addition to the correspondence, other materials included in this collection are copies of Freeman's course evaluations from faculty, documentation of campus exhibitions showcasing her art work, the schedule for the 1971 commencement week, newspaper and magazine clippings, the statement of purpose for the boycott supporting professor Daniel Kaiser's tenure, and photocopies of photographs taken of Freeman and her family. The Jane Freeman letters describe her social life in New York City and on campus, her academic and artistic pursuits on campus and off, her religious awakenings while a student at SLC, and her role in social activism on campus. Freeman's penchant for art and music frequently drew her to the City. In letter #26 Freeman recounts an evening she spent with operatic soprano Beverly Sills and in letter #203 Freeman tells how she met and toured the factory of famous shoemakers, Herbert and Beth Levine. Letters #26, #32, #33 #36, #39, #79, #94, #96-97, #143-PS, #144, #147-149, #154, #156, and #244 pertain to her excursions and various activities in New York City. In them she describes, among other things, the many visits Freeman paid her great aunt, famous composer Mana-Zucca, and the music concerts they attended together in New York City and music and dance concerts in the City she went to on her own, often inviting her classmates to come along. She was able to attend these concerts for free as she was frequently given concert tickets by family friend and Newsweek magazine music and dance critic, Hubert Saal. Letters #111, #116, #119, #125, #129, #130, #164, and #172 pertain to her social life on campus. For example, Freeman listened to classical music on the radio. Her favorite program was "Listening with Watson," the WNCN classical music radio program hosted by William E. Watson. Sometimes friends would join her and listen to Watson in her dorm room while they studied. Letters #69, #101, #103, and #148 provide details of Freeman's academic and artistic progression, how she managed to keep on top of the demanding work load for her classes, and her relationships with faculty. Letters #189-192 1/2 provide an account of Freeman's experience at Brandeis Camp Institute (BCI) for young Jewish adults. While at BCI she met Elie Wiesel with whom she kept a correspondence after leaving BCI (see letters #204 and #217). She later went on to become an organizer and promoter of Jewish consciousness on campus and arranged for Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz to speak at SLC on Jewish mysticism and the Kabbala (see letters #266-272). Of particular note are letters documenting social activism on campus. Letters #116-119 offer Freeman's first-hand account of the Westlands Sit-in against tuition raises, and letters #182-186, and #188 detail campus activities, and Freeman's involvement, in the SLC chapter of the National Student Strike of May 197001ocn317814041visu1989The Talmud and the scholarA profile of Israel's Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz and his modern language version of the Talmud, the Steinsaltz Talmud+-+6815750195+-+6815750195Thu Oct 16 15:59:39 EDT 2014batch44035