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Fri Mar 21 17:04:18 2014 UTClccn-n790815820.00Dean Koontz /0.140.84Sudden fear : the horror and dark suspense fiction of Dean R. Koontz /110880758Dean_Koontzn 79081582574212314123370642037063232434614Axton, DavidAxton David 1945-....Axton, David 1945- PseudonymCoffey, Brian 1945- PseudonymDwyer, DeannaDwyer Deanna 1945-....Dwyer, K. R. 1945- PseudonymHill, JohnHill John 1945-....Koontz, Dean.Koontz, Dean, 1945-Koontz, Dean R.Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-Koontz, Dean Ray.Koontz, Dean Ray 1945-Kunč, Din, 1945-Kūncs, Dīns, 1945-Kūncs, Dīns R., 1945-Kunt︠s︡, Din, 1945-Kūntz, Dīn, 1945-Nichols, Leigh 1945- PseudonymNorth, AnthonyNorth Anthony 1945-....Paige Richard 1945-....Paige, Richard 1945- PseudonymWest, OwenWest Owen 1945-....West, Owen 1945- PseudonymКунц, Дин, 1945-Кунц, Дин Р. (Дин Рэй), 1945-קונץ, דיןקונץ, דין ר.دين كونتز، 1945-クーンツ, ディーンクーンツ, ディーン. Rディーン・クーンツ, 1945-containsVIAFID/70245354Axton, David, 1945-containsVIAFID/54118299Coffey, Brian, 1945-containsVIAFID/39470847Dwyer, K. R., 1945-containsVIAFID/61388375Nichols, Leigh, 1945-containsVIAFID/63608882North, Anthony, 1945-containsVIAFID/19259029Paige, Richard, 1945-containsVIAFID/263508182West, Owen, 1945-containsVIAFID/169422616Wolfe, Aaron, 1945-fast-1745690Thomas, Odd (Fictitious character)fast-1734569Frankenstein, Victor (Fictitious character)lccn-no2002076631Baker, David Aaron1963-nrtfast-1750124Frankenstein's monster (Fictitious character)lccn-no2002002902Brilliance Audio (Firm)lccn-n96072439Anderson, Kevin J.1962-crenp-lloyd, john bedfordLloyd, John Bedfordnrtlccn-n84162200Gorman, Edwardcomviaf-287332374Lane, Christophernrtlccn-n87879079Parks, PhilillKoontz, Dean R.(Dean Ray)1945-FictionPsychological fictionSuspense fictionSuspense fiction, AmericanOccult fictionDetective and mystery storiesAnecdotesManuscriptsGhost storiesHorror talesMediumsCaliforniaThomas, Odd (Fictitious character)Missing personsCooksSerial murdersKoontz, Dean R.--(Dean Ray),Human experimentation in medicineGolden retrieverGenetics--ResearchPhotosensitization, BiologicalYoung menKidnappingMurderersDesertsWivesPsychological fictionCalifornia, SouthernTeenage boysVisionPsychopathsMissing childrenGrandfathersTerminally illDog rescueFathers and sonsCerebrovascular disease--PatientsForecastingHeart--Transplantation--PatientsStalking victimsArtistsPsychicsBrothersAutistic peopleYoung women--Crimes againstMountain lifeRain and rainfallPhobiasWomen comediansFemale friendshipChildren with disabilitiesDysfunctional familiesUnidentified flying object cultsMurder--InvestigationMurder for hireGirlsAllergyOrgan donorsMistaken identityChoice (Psychology)194519661968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201432690218317508813.54PS3561.O55ocn041315762ocn039482796ocn686731771ocn428078249ocn476720065ocn768250068ocn502991319ocn470575896ocn780783292ocn781302478ocn780807775ocn691338149ocn691321380ocn692035970ocn692032340ocn691487846ocn676428691ocn691724534ocn780934551ocn690903810ocn691321380ocn676428691ocn692032340ocn691496995ocn676588142ocn691564283ocn767302745ocn676552989ocn723583134ocn723728600ocn723620543ocn080214830ocn803858832576277ocn052587603book20030.13Koontz, Dean ROdd ThomasFictionPsychological fictionHorror talesLove stories"The dead don't talk. I don't know why." But they do try to communicate, with a short-order cook in a small desert town serving as their reluctant confidant+-+1497538005549967ocn061282157book19840.13Koontz, Dean RForever oddFictionPsychological fictionHorror talesA childhood friend of Odd Thomas has disappeared and the worst is feared. But as Odd applies his unique talents, to communicate with the dead, to the task of finding the missing person, he discovers something worse than a dead body: he encounters an enemy of exceptional cunning and spirals into a vortex of terror. Around him will gather new allies and old, some living and some not. For in the battle to come, there can be no innocent bystanders, and every sacrifice can tip the balance between despair and hope+-+7169538005530556ocn067392945book20050.14Koontz, Dean RThe husbandFictionSuspense fictionWhen Mitchell Rafferty receives a phone call that his wife has been kidnapped and there is a two million dollar ransom, his extraordinary commitment to his wife will take him on a seventy-two-hour journey of sacrifice and redemption+-+5429538005522262ocn071810110book20050.13Koontz, Dean RBrother OddFictionHorror talesOccult fictionSuspense fictionLeaving the small desert town where he has spent his life, Odd Thomas, a hero who lives between the living and the dead, seeks the solitude of an isolated monastery, but he soon finds himself confronting a killer stalking his sanctuary's halls+-+9539538005496652ocn085851607book20030.13Koontz, Dean RThe good guyFictionSuspense fictionTimothy Carrier is sitting in a bar when the man next to him mistakens him for someone else and hands him an envelope with $10,000. The man leaves after handing Tim a photo of a woman marked for death and her address. Soon the killer arrives believing Tim is the one who wants to hire him+-+7639538005477150ocn060353721book20050.14Koontz, Dean RVelocityFictionPsychological fictionDetective and mystery storiesSuspense fictionBill Wile is an easygoing, hardworking guy who leads a quiet, ordinary life. One evening, after his usual eight-hour bartending shift, he finds a typewritten note under the windshield wiper of his car. If you don't take this note to the police and get them involved, I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher. If you do take this note to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have four hours to decide. The choice is yours. It seems like a sick joke, and Bill's friend on the police force, Lanny Olson, thinks so too. His advice to Bill is to go home and forget about it. Besides, what could they do even if they took the note seriously? No crime has actually been committed. But less than twenty-four hours later, a young blond schoolteacher is found murdered, and it's Bill's fault: he didn't convince the police to get involved. Now he's got another note, another deadline, another ultimatum--and two new lives hanging in the balance+-+9069538005476657ocn054433929book20040.14Koontz, Dean RThe takingFictionPsychological fictionSuspense fictionMolly and Neil Sloan awake to see golden rain falling. In their remote California mountain town, they learn from their television of enormous waterspouts and blizzards around the globe; then, the television ceases, as do all other forms of communication with the outside world. The Sloans are left, together with their neighbors, in the midst of a purple fog, disturbed by a threat they cannot identify or understand. Together they discover that the world is being prepared for beings other than themselves--beings with vast technological powers at their disposal, who will stop at nothing to hunt them down and kill them all+-+9418890285468748ocn213080882book20030.14Koontz, Dean ROdd hoursFictionHorror talesOccult fictionSuspense fictionHaunted by dreams of a powerful red tide, Odd Thomas, accompanied by two otherworldly sidekicks--his dog Boo and the Chairman of the Board--is drawn to a small California coastal town, where nothing is at it appears and where he confronts overwhelming and sinister forces out to stop his quest+-+1052538005464257ocn056362935book19840.14Koontz, Dean RLife expectancyFictionPsychological fictionSuspense fictionA dying man's clairvoyant prophesies about his grandson, Jimmy Tock, reveal five terrifying and horrific events, occuring on five different days at different periods in his life, that will turn the young man's world upside down+-+4973308005462650ocn045100121book20000.14Koontz, Dean RFrom the corner of his eyeFictionSuspense fictionThe lives of a killer and two exceptional children are intertwined as a detective tries to catch the murderer+-+6986538005457559ocn042726206book19000.14Koontz, Dean RFalse memoryJuvenile worksFictionPsychological fictionSuspense fictionIn this novel the author weaves a tale of madness, suspense, love, and terror from a startling and true-life psychological condition: autophobia, fear of oneself. Martie Rhodes is a young wife, a successful video game designer, and a compassionate woman who takes her agoraphobic friend, Susan, to therapy sessions. Susan is so afraid of leaving her apartment that even these trips to the doctor's office become ordeals for both women, but with each trip a deeper emotional bond forms between them. Then one morning Martie experiences a sudden and inexplicable fear of her own, a fleeting but disquieting terror of her own shadow. The episode is over so quickly it leaves her shaken but amused. The amusement is short-lived. For as she is about to check her makeup, she realizes that she is terrified to look in the mirror and confront the reflection of her own face. As the episodes of this traumatic condition-- autophobia--build, the lives of Martie and her husband, Dustin, change drastically. Desperate to discover the reasons for his wife's sudden and seemingly inevitable descent into mental chaos, Dusty takes Martie to the renowned therapist who has been treating Susan, and tries to reconstruct the events of recent months in a frantic search for clues. As he comes closer to the shocking truth, Dusty finds himself afflicted with a condition even more bizarre and fearsome than Martie's. This is novel of the human mind's capacity to torment and destroy itself. In it the author has created a story not only of gripping fear but also of the power of love and friendship+-+K111568005446045ocn153581244book20030.14Koontz, Dean RThe darkest evening of the yearFictionSuspense fictionSuspense fiction, AmericanAmy Redwing has dedicated her life to the southern California organization she founded to rescue abandoned and endangered golden retrievers. No one is surprised when Amy risks her life to save Nickie, nor when she takes the female golden into her home. The bond between Amy and Nickie is immediate and uncanny. Even her two other goldens, Fred and Ethel, recognize Nickie as special, a natural alpha. But the instant joy Nickie brings is shadowed by a series of eerie, ominous, and invasive incidents.--From publisher's description+-+5739538005442241ocn048122843book20010.14Koontz, Dean ROne door away from heavenFictionSuspense fictionWhen Micky Bellsong encounters disabled Leilani Klonk and her stepfather, Preston Maddoc, she finally finds some purpose in her troubled life, so when the family disappears, Micky embarks on an arduous mission to find them+-+1286538005437652ocn039922026book19980.14Koontz, Dean RSeize the nightFictionPoet Christopher Snow, a man who cannot stand daylight, teams up with his genetically engineered dog, Orson, to investigate the abduction of children in Moonlight Bay, California. The children are believed to be prisoners in an army base populated by intelligent animals, produced by scientific experiments. Snow and Orson penetrate the base to search for them. A sequel to Fear Nothing+-+6011568005436857ocn037770737book19860.14Koontz, Dean RFear nothingFictionDetective and mystery storiesWhile investigating the death of his mother who was a scientist, Chris Snow discovers she was engaged in secret experiments on a nearby military base, experiments which went wrong and which produced monsters. The next he knows, the monsters come visiting and they are not friendly+-+8911568005436437ocn213447541book20080.14Koontz, Dean RYour heart belongs to meFictionSuspense fictionFor thirty-four-year-old Ryan Perry, life is good a year after the heart transplant that had saved him from certain death, until he begins to receive strange messages united by the theme, "Your heart belongs to me," and discovers that he is being stalked by a mysterious woman who bears a striking resemblance to the donor of his heart+-+1202172555324434971ocn033078930book19950.14Koontz, Dean RIntensity : a novelFictionHorror talesSuspense fictionA young woman witnesses the murder of a family by a killer and undertakes to capture him. She is Chyna Sheperd, a California psychology student staying at a friend's house when Edgler Vess, a "homicidal adventurer," arrives for a bit of fun. Chyna grabs a butcher's knife and hides in Vess' motor home where she finds more bodies, sees Vess kill again en route, is forced to flee, follows him in a stolen car, slips inside his house to find a girl prisoner--and becomes prisoner herself. By the author of Dark Rivers of the Heart+-+K070794215434134ocn548412868book20100.14Koontz, Dean RWhat the night knows : a novelFictionGhost storiesSuspense fictionSuspense fiction, AmericanAfter Detective John Calvino receives a signed confession to a shocking crime from 14-year-old Billy Lucas, he feels that somehow Billy has come home with him, to his family. Then another killing spree happens, just as and when John Calvino dreaded it would. Billy is safely locked away, but not the "ghost", if the ghost exists, that links these murders with past crimes, and with John Calvino. Anything could happen, and surely will-- again+-+7722538005433839ocn027937055book19930.14Koontz, Dean RMr. MurderFictionSuspense fictionOne rainy afternoon, a stranger breaks into author Martin Stillwater's house, accusing Martin of stealing his wife, his children-and his life. Claiming to be the real Martin Stillwater, the intruder threatens to take what is rightfully his. The police think he's a figment of Martin's imagination. But Martin and his family have no choice but to believe the stranger's threat. And run for their lives+-+4799960795432845ocn050417358book20020.07Koontz, Dean RBy the light of the moonFictionSuspense fictionThree traveling companions--artist Dylan O'Conner, his autistic brother Shep, and Jillian Jackson, a stand-up comic--are on the run, one step ahead of deadly pursuers, as they race to uncover the meaning of a vicious violation committed against them+-+5896538005275917ocn262885034book20090.13Koontz, Dean RA big little life : a memoir of a joyful dogBiographyAnecdotesShe arrived with her name, Trixie. I joked sometimes that it sounded more like a stripper than a dog. But if it sounded more like a stripper than a dog, it sounded more like an elf or a fairy than a stripper. Elves and fairies are magical beings, and so was she. A heartwarming memoir of a very special dog+-+470878659614683ocn051917782file19960.31Kotker, Joan GDean Koontz a critical companionCriticism, interpretation, etcOne of the most prolific and popular contemporary novelists, Dean Koontz has captivated both young and mature readers alike. This critical companion examines his mature fiction, including his most popular recent novels, Watchers, Lightning, and Dark Rivers of the Heart. Its intention is to provide both conventional and alternative readings so that students and readers who love Koontz's fiction can develop their critical skills. Other novels examined in depth are+-+K37047868513771ocn012810335book19860.08Koontz, Dean RStrangersFictionManuscriptsHorror talesA group of unrelated people experience sensations of numbing terror and fear, and, groping their ways toward one another, discover their sinister, shared secrets in a climax that changes their lives forever7817ocn037398013book19970.18Ramsland, Katherine MDean Koontz : a writer's biographyBiographyOne of today's most popular writers, author of some 70 novels, including many New York Times bestsellers, Dean Koontz has never fully revealed one of his most dramatic stories: his own. Critically acclaimed biographer Katherine Ramsland now undertakes that task+-+K6270561554094ocn029824298book19940.15Greenberg, Martin HarryThe Dean Koontz companionCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsExamines the life, career, and work of Dean Koontz, along with several items written by him+-+20869607953241ocn310400295rcrd20090.10Koontz, Dean RA big little life [memoir of a joyful dog]AnecdotesBest selling author Dean Koontz presents the memoir of his late, beloved Trixie, a golden retriever adored by fans, who ran a blog and published three books with the help of Koontz. Additionally, Koontz highlights here how Trixie changed his life for the better and details how her legacy will remain through her positive influences on Koontz and his family+-+K358486596713ocn017439493book19880.84Sudden fear : the horror and dark suspense fiction of Dean R. KoontzCriticism, interpretation, etc525ocn752599319rcrd20090.12Koontz, Dean RA big little life a memoir of a joyful dog named TrixieAnecdotesBestselling author Dean Koontz presents the memoir of his late, beloved Trixie, a golden retriever adored by fans, who ran a blog and published three books with the help of Koontz. Additionally, Koontz highlights here how Trixie changed his life for the better and details how her legacy will remain through her positive influences on Koontz and his family+-+4456930096442ocn024940101visu19910.22Cammell, DonaldDemon seedDramaFilm adaptationsWhen a scientist and his wife separate so he can work on a biological supercomputer, the computer takes over his house and his wife. Follow Susan's desperate attempts to outmaneuver and outthink her captor371ocn507357864com20060.29Something about the authorBiographyBibliographyCovers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs+-+3432312325171ocn644705731com20050.47Contemporary literary criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcStories, plots, etcCovers authors who are currently active or who died after December 31, 1959. Profiles novelists, poets, playwrights and other creative and nonfiction writers by providing criticism taken from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and scholarly journals+-+8124212325141ocn031934547book19980.28Discovering Dean Koontz : essays on America's bestselling writer of suspense and horror fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+2996792006121ocn501190546visu20050.16Dean Koontz's Black RiverDramaFilm adaptationsBurned out Hollywood screenwriter, Bo Aikens, arrives in picturesque Black River, seeking relaxation and artistic inspiration. When he becomes entanbled in a nightmarish plot preventing his return home, it seems clear that this perfect little hideaway captures more than just the imagination51ocn747181234book20100.08Alter, GrantFear nothingComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsHorror comic books, strips, etcTwenty-eight-year-old Christopher Snow, victim of a rare skin disorder that makes him vulnerable to all light, finds himself in a nightmare after the body of his newly-deceased father is stolen. As Christopher and his friends try to uncover the reason, he discovers that his hometown, Moonlight Bay, is buried in a layer of secrets and, for the first time in his life, he begins to fear the night+-+531654151642ocn611354160com0.17Dean R. Koontz : (1945-)Criticism, interpretation, etc31ocn027088403book19910.81Stephens, Christopher PA checklist of Dean R. KoontzBibliography21ocn319924554rcrd19940.12Koontz, Dean RDark rivers of the heartFictionInterviewsA man and a woman--each of them secretive and hidden, both of them loners, nomads. A chance meeting and suddenly they are fleeing the long arm of a clandestine, illegal, and increasingly powerful agency. The agent leading the chase is possessed of an uncommon madness and cruelty. But he has never before come up against the likes of his current quarry: both of them shaped by singularly horrific events in their pasts, both of them emboldened by their experience to fight, recklessly, for survival--their own and each other's+-+411189421521ocn020693266book19900.10Koontz, Dean RDean R. Koontz's cold terror11ocn500475841book1994ListemagerenDean KoontzBibliography11ocn123082504mix0.10Monterey Public LibraryAuthors clippings : "GROUP" folder+-+9418890285+-+9418890285Fri Mar 21 16:00:26 EDT 2014batch133277