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Fri Mar 21 17:08:32 2014 UTClccn-n791022680.00Extraction procedure for rubberized-tar paving mixtures /0.671.00An archaeologist at work in African prehistory and early human studies : teamwork and insight /24717322Tim_D._Whiten 79102268334350White, T. D. (Timothy D.)White, Tim D.White, Tim D., 1950-White, Timothy D.White, Timothy D., 1950-lccn-n87838530Folkens, Pieter A.illviaf-93893956Harris, James Michaellccn-no2011042533Black, Michael T.lccn-n85386870Howard Hughes Medical Institutelccn-n2008182776Tishkoff, Sarahlccn-no2007062411Shea, John J.(John Joseph)lccn-n82106251Johanson, Donald C.lccn-n83164536Coppens, Yveslccn-no00037061ScienceDirect (Online service)lccn-n50039809Clark, J. Desmond(John Desmond)1916-2002iveWhite, T. D.(Timothy D.)Handbooks, manuals, etcHistoryPictorial worksGuidebooksClassificationDocumentary television programsNonfiction television programsInterviewsDramaConference proceedingsHuman remains (Archaeology)BonesPhysical anthropologySkeletonForensic anthropologyHuman skeleton--AnalysisForensic osteologyPaleontologyAfricaColoradoPueblo Indians--AnthropometryColorado--Mancos SitePueblo Indians--AntiquitiesCannibalismFossil hominidsPliocene Geologic EpochSwine, FossilPleistocene Geologic EpochHuman evolutionEthiopia--Middle AwashArdipithecus kadabbaEthiopiaHuman skeletonExcavations (Archaeology)Australopithecus afarensisLucy (Prehistoric hominid)PaleobiologyPrimates, FossilAustralopithecinesDental anthropologyLeakey, L. S. B.--(Louis Seymour Bazett),University of California, Berkeley.--Department of AnthropologyUniversities and colleges--FacultyArchaeologistsMandible--AnatomyIsaac, Glynn Llywelyn,ArchaeologyRhodes-Livingstone MuseumAntiquitiesUnited StatesHuman beings--OriginPrehistoric peoples--ResearchMasticationPrehistoric peoplesDeformations (Mechanics)Teeth, FossilEvolution (Biology)Runways (Aeronautics)--TestingHay, Louise LNegro leagues1950197119761977197819791981198519871989199119921993199419961999200020012002200320052008201020112012201424703695611.71GN70ocn050012541112234ocn041621038book19910.63White, T. DHuman osteologyPictorial works"Revised from a classic in the field, the second edition of Human Osteology is designed for students and professionals who need to accurately identify human skeletal remains, however isolated and fragmentary. The book includes hundreds of photographs and drawings specifically designed to show a maximum amount of anatomical information. With the addition of four new case studies, a guide to electronic resources, and a chapter on molecular osteology, Human Osteology, Second Edition is even more valuable for courses on the human skeleton and as a basic reference and field manual for professional osteologists and anatomists, forensic scientists, paleontologists, and archaeologists."--Jacket+-+176119276558814ocn059223984book20050.66White, T. DThe human bone manualGuidebooksHandbooks, manuals, etcClassification"Tim White and Pieter Folkens, the team behind the bestselling text, Human Osteology, Second Edition, have created the ideal concise guide for professional anthropologists, osteologists, law enforcement officers, and forensic specialists working with human bones in the field or laboratory. In addition to essential text information, hundreds of photographs are included, showing a maximum amount of anatomical information and providing a valuable tool in comparing specimens for rapid identification across the broad landscapes of law enforcement, forensics, anatomy, archaeology, and paleontology."--Jacket+-+92193357653653ocn024068121book19920.73White, T. DPrehistoric cannibalism at Mancos 5MTUMR-2346History+-+52194564153243026ocn005228351book19790.76Harris, James MichaelEvolution of the Plio-Pleistocene African Suidae281ocn798156993visu20120.23Bones, stones, and genes the origin of modern humans"When Darwin proposed that humans evolved from a common ancestor with the great apes, he lacked fossil evidence to support his idea. One hundred and fifty years later, the evidence for human evolution is plentiful and growing, including detailed molecular genetics data, an impressive fossil record, and artifacts of early human culture like stone tools. In four presentations, leading scientists John Shea of Stony Brook University, Sarah Tishkoff of the University of Pennsylvania, and Tim White of the University of California, Berkeley, guide us on a global exploration spanning millions of years to illuminate the rise of modern humans. This DVD set includes detailed chapter search by scientific topic; direct access to animations; English and Spanish subtitles; interviews with the speakers; special features on recent human evolution, the genetics of lactase persistence, comparing genomes, the nature of science; and discussions on science journalism and the genetics of bitter taste perception" --WWW page of, July 3, 2012153ocn004727982book19780.95Johanson, Donald CA new species of the genus Australopithecus (primates: Hominidae) from the Pliocene of eastern Africa82ocn007227243book19770.76White, T. DThe anterior mandibular corpus of Early African Hominidae functional significance of shape and size51ocn028541343book19850.97White, T. DAcheulian man in Ethiopia's Middle Awash Valley : the implications of cutmarks on the Bodo cranium : achtste Kroon-voordracht gehouden voor de Stichting Nederlands Museum voor Anthropologie en Praehistorie te Amsterdam op 19 April 198531ocn021820094book1.00Clark, J. DesmondEthiopia, cradle of mankind32ocn084658139book20021.00Clark, J. DesmondAn archaeologist at work in African prehistory and early human studies : teamwork and insightHistoryInterviewsEducation in England, Cambridge; pre-war work in Africa, Rhodes-Livingstone Museum history, museum collections, infrastructure; conversation with Betty Clark about family and the museum in wartime; WW II in Somaliland, Yavello, Gondar campaign, ancecdotes; 1947 Pan-African Congress and subsequent congresses; work on patterns of movement, Nachikufu, Kalambo Falls, the winter schools; research work of the sixties, iron and copper smelting, Louis Leakey stories, friendship with Glynn Isaac; developing a "whole picture" approach, tools, foods, hunting; work in Syria, Nyasaland, Malawi; mounting and staffing expeditions, training African students; Ethiopia in the seventies, Porc Epic Cave, Gadeb, the Sudan, political issues; India, G.R. Sharma, Son River valley, research logistics; China's Nihewan Basin; UC Berkeley Department of Anthropology faculty, professional association, research facilities, students and colleagues. Includes dialogues and monologues created in 2001-2002 with colleagues Andrew Smith, Garniss Curtis, Charles Keller, Timothy White, Hiro Kurashina, Martin Williams, Donald Adamson, Steve Brandt, Merrick Posnansky, Robert Blumenschine, and Jack Harris21ocn053866665rcrd20030.47Nobel ConferenceThe story of life [lectures presented at] Nobel Conference XXXIX, October 7 & 8, 2003Conference proceedingsAnnual conference of speakers considering the origin of life and its evolution21ocn220431572book19870.47White, T. DOnly yesterday22ocn012383435book1971White, T. DExtraction procedure for rubberized-tar paving mixturesAn extraction method for rubberized tar was developed and validated. The basic procedure is a modification of Method A of the Standard Method of Test for Quantitative Extraction of Bitumen from Bituminous Paving Mixtures, ASTM Designation D 2172. The modification involves use of a primary and a secondary solvent: a material derived from tar distillation called quinoline and 1,1,1-trichloroethane, respectively. Results of tests using the suggested method indicate that the method is valid for nonporous and porous aggregates over a wide range of rubberized-tar contents. (Author)21ocn299126235visu20080.10Spiritual cinema circleDramaIntroduction with Stephen Simon and Mariel Hemingway. To Paint the Portrait of a Bird. "An aging painter, wishing to prove his life's work complete, wants to capture a bird on canvas."--Shadow Ball. "Set in 1945, this compelling short film follows Patrick, a young white boy, as he runs away and finds solace at a "shadow ball" game being played by an African-American baseball team."--West Bank Story. ... "this film blends musical comedy and serious politics in its description of one crazy scenario for peace in the Middle East." -- You Can Heal Your Life. "A feature documentary detailing the fascinating life story of the indomitable Louise Hay, founder of Hay House, author, and inspirational speaker."--Booklet21ocn069093590book19850.47White, T. DAcheulian man in Ethiopia's middle awash valley : the implications of cutmarks on the Bodo cranium22ocn631629260book19810.97White, T. DMeasured pavement response to transient aircraft loadings11ocn227676254book1971Theoretical Landing Mat AnalysisA theoretical analysis of prototype landing mat was made using five mathematical models. The model responses were compared for the same data. Several correlations of model response and prototype performance were made to study the application of the models for prediction of coverage life for landing mat. An equation that is independent of any of the models is presented that will predict reasonably well the coverage life of various landing mat prototype sections as well as unsurfaced landing areas. (Author)11ocn228170995art1996DeGusta, DavidOn the use of skeletal collections for DNA analysis11ocn750395683visu20100.20Ardipithecus discovering ArdiNonfiction television programsDocumentary television programsDocuments the discovery of a 4.4-million-year-old hominid skeleton nicknamed "Ardi" in Ethiopia's Afar region, including 3D recreations that bring Ardi and her world to life11ocn081634389book19761.00White, T. DOn a newly associated composite mandible from Swartkrans (Mammalia : Hominidae)+-+1761192765+-+1761192765Fri Mar 21 15:57:48 EDT 2014batch17530