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Fri Mar 21 17:03:48 2014 UTClccn-n791036430.08The luck of Roaring Camp0.420.81Gabriel Conroy /100194313Bret_Harten 79103643335690Benjamins, Mr.Bret-Gart, FrensisBret-Gart, Frėnsis, 1836-1902Bret-Gart, Frensis 1839-1902Bret-Harte.Bret-Harte, F., 1836-1902Bret-Harte, Francis 1836-1902Bret-Harte, Francis 1839-1902Bret-Harts, Frensis, 1836-1902Chart, BretChart, Bret, 1836-1902Gart, BretGart, Bret, 1836-1902Gart, Bret 1839-1902Gart, Frėnsis Bret 1836-1902Hart, BretHart, Francis BretHarte, Brad, 1836-1902Harte, BretHarte, Bret, 1836-1902Harte, Bret, 1839-1902Harte, Brett 1836-1902Harte, F. B. 1836-1902Harte, Francis 1836-1902Harte, Francis B. 1836-1902Harte, Francis Bret.Harte, Francis Bret- 1836-1902Harte, Francis Bret 1839-1902Harte, Francis Brett, 1836-1902Harte, Francois BretHarts, Brets, 1836-1902Harts, Frensis Bret-, 1836-1902Брет-Гарт, 1836-1902Брет-Гарт, Фрэнсис, 1836-1902Гарт, Брет-, 1836-1902Гарт, Фрэнсис Брет, 1836-1902ברט גרט, פרנסיסברט הרטהארט, ברטהארט, ברט, 1836-1902הרדט, ברט, 1836-1902הרט, פרנסיס ברטハート, ブレットlccn-n79021164Twain, Mark1835-1910crplccn-n80011643Scharnhorst, Garyauiedtlccn-n79059786Cooper, James Fenimore1789-1851lccn-n79006936Melville, Herman1819-1891lccn-n79123618Harris, Joel Chandler1848-1908nc-free library of philadelphia$rare book department$bret harte collectionFree Library of PhiladelphiaRare Book DepartmentBret Harte Collectionlccn-n78078534Hemingway, Ernest1899-1961lccn-n50016589Salinger, J. D.1919-lccn-n78091982James, Henry1843-1916lccn-n79003304Faulkner, William1897-1962Harte, Bret1836-1902FictionRecords and correspondenceBiographyDramaHistoryShort storiesBibliographyShort stories, AmericanWestern storiesHarte, Bret,Western storiesAmerican literatureTwain, Mark,United States, WestUnited StatesAuthors, AmericanFrontier and pioneer lifeCaliforniaIrving, Washington,Cather, Willa,James, Henry,CivilizationPoe, Edgar Allan,Short stories, AmericanMelville, Herman,Harris, Joel Chandler,Western stories--AuthorshipWhitman, Walt,Cooper, James Fenimore,Anderson, Sherwood,London, Jack,Hemingway, Ernest,Crane, Stephen,Faulkner, William,Howells, William Dean,Wharton, Edith,American fictionO'Connor, FlannerySteinbeck, John,Porter, Katherine Anne,Farrell, James T.--(James Thomas),Steele, Wilbur Daniel,Henry, O.,Malamud, BernardAiken, Conrad,Tarkington, Booth,Hawthorne, Nathaniel,AnniversariesBrown, Charles Brockden,Glasgow, Ellen Anderson Gholson,Norris, Frank,Dreiser, Theodore,LiteratureShort storiesLincoln, Abraham,Lanier, Sidney,FriendshipUnited States--Sierra NevadaIntellectual life183619021837184018521853185818601861186318641865186618671868186918701871187218731874187518761877187818791880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320148655624047835813.4PZ3.H252ocn002434263ocn003640315ocn003687652ocn005913952ocn027422017ocn365135794ocn027422021ocn767346711ocn693951867ocn822620156ocn795442876ocn674492364ocn810645257ocn676572225ocn767009206ocn743829663ocn072813313ocn072813320ocn722070669ocn072368152ocn794531340ocn122570592ocn155905090ocn718763061ocn691711759ocn122333356ocn2579710584320280ocn001375010book18000.29Harte, BretThe luck of Roaring Camp and other talesHistoryFictionDramaWestern storiesShort stories, AmericanA collection of Sketches, stories and Bohemian papers by Bret Harte+-+5627271395145797ocn002879262book18750.50Harte, BretTales of the Argonauts, and other sketchesFictionThis 1875 collection includes The Rose of Tuolumne, A Passage in the Life of Mr. John Oakhurst, Wan Lee, the Pagan, How Old Man Plunkett Went Home, The Fool of Five Forks, Baby Sylvester, An Episode of Fiddletown, and A Jersey Centenarian+-+5377542696136412ocn000274020book19470.28Harte, BretThe best short stories of Bret HarteFictionWestern stories135568ocn705120070file18830.47Harte, BretA waif of the plainsFiction&#147;This was the Great Plains as they seemed to two children from the hooded depths of an emigrant wagon, above the swaying heads of toiling oxen, in the summer of 1852. <P style=MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt>Travel the Oregon Trail in this 1890 wagon-train adventure, from the pen of the writer who opened the American West to literature+-+48346902263241341142ocn004476077book18720.66Harte, BretThe poetical works of Bret Harte115330ocn712380251file18870.33Harte, BretA Phyllis of the SierrasFictionAmbrose Bierce called Harte incomparable. In the 1888 title story, Harte plunges the refined and very British Mr. Mainwaring into the Wild West. Then, a miner is transformed by an encounter with Indians+-+421469022632410273ocn780538071file20060.50Harte, BretThe Old West in the old world lost plays by Bret Harte and Sam DavisDramaPresents the plays The Luck of Roaring Camp , by Bret Harte, and The Prince of Timbuctoo , by Sam Davis+-+891288173599862ocn000022643book18720.53Harte, BretMrs. Skaggs's husbands, and other sketchesHistoryFictionShort storiesIn addition to the title story, this 1873 collection includes How Santa Claus Came to Simpson's Bar, The Princess Bob and Her Friends, The Iliad of Sandy Bar, Mr. Thompson's Prodigal, The Romance of Modrono Hollow, The Poet of Sierra Flat, and The Christmas Gift that Came to Rupert+-+254156769698314ocn000231143book19020.23Harte, BretThe best of Bret HarteShort stories98276ocn003198812book18820.56Harte, BretColonel Starbottle's client : and some other peopleFictionSociety has forgiven Jo Corbin for killing a man, but can he forgive himself? Will the Postmistress lose all in a bid to help a friend escape justice? Will the new teaching assistant's unorthodox ways tame the unruly pioneer children? These are just three of the nine wonderful short stories from Bret Harte, set in wild and wooly 19th century California+-+911156769690111ocn057595529file19890.08Harte, BretThe luck of Roaring CampFictionWestern storiesA prostitute dies, leaving a newborn son in the care of hardbitten miners. Named "Luck", the child unlocks emotions the miners never knew they had90171ocn005540761book18940.63Harte, BretThe bell-ringer of Angel's, and other storiesHistoryFictionBret Harte puts together a collection of 8 short stories including The bell ringer of angels, Johnny Boy, Young Robin Gray, The sheriff of Siskyou, A rose of Glenbogie, The mystery of the hacienda, Chu Chu, and My first book+-+738579840684872ocn000070099book18900.53Harte, BretIn a hollow of the hillsHistoryFictionThis classic western novel begins on a dark night in the west. Three pioneers on horseback are on the trail to riches the rush for gold and silver in the California mountains. Brett Harte's cowboy prose relates the story of this group of rough silver-seekers as they try to find the legendary treasure+-+763791151680650ocn009220529book18710.63Harte, BretThe writings of Bret HarteReview of Harriet Beecher Stowe's Lady Byron Vindicated and an essay on Byron and Lady Byron occasioned by an article written by Mrs. Stowe78356ocn001541886book18880.53Harte, BretStories in light and shadow; the argonauts of North LibertyFictionShort stories, American+-+K29777899677618ocn001371774book19440.33Harte, BretTales of the gold rushHistoryFictionShort stories of the California Gold Rush75676ocn002865916book18900.53Harte, BretA ward of the Golden GateYerba Buena's guardian is the Mayor. But when he dies, Yerba Buena is unsure if she really is the descendent of an important Spanish family, as her mother told her. When her ward, Paul, begins to fall in love with her, Yerba Buena discovers what her secret may be+-+584469390575166ocn000074827book18850.50Harte, BretMaruja, and other talesFictionBret Harte blazed new trails in fiction with his witty, heart-rending stories of California and the frontier. These yarns collected in 1896 include Snow-Bound at Eagle's," A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready," A Drift from Redwood Camp," Captain Jim's Friend," The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh," and A Knight-Errant of the Foothills."+-+380771259632474274ocn002054449book18910.59Harte, BretA first family of Tasajara : the queen of the pirate isleHistoryFiction+-+1502653905740103ocn000543479book18750.81Harte, BretGabriel ConroyFictionDobrodružný román o dravém životě kovkopů, kteří v polovině minulého století zaplavili Kalifornii v touze po rychlém zbohatnutí, a o napínavých osudech romantických mladých lidí, kteří v těchto nebezpečnýchkrajíchbylivystavenivšemožným nástrahám14971ocn000631890book19730.28Voss, ArthurThe American short story; a critical surveyCriticism, interpretation, etcPresents a critical survey of the American short story, its origins, its trends, and its creators. Surveys major authors14353ocn000173298book19660.27O'Connor, RichardBret Harte; a biographyA life of Bret Harte, "giving him credit for originating 'westerns' in 'The Luck of Roaring Camp' and his other tales of the Sierra foothills mining camps. O'Connor sheds ... light on Harte's unhappy henpecked marital life, his extramarital liaisons, his quarrel with Mark Twain, and the downhill slide of his writing career after his first success in San Francisco."13081ocn000964300book19360.32Quinn, Arthur HobsonAmerican fiction; an historical and critical surveyCriticism, interpretation, etc10514ocn044963908com19970.35Harte, BretSelected letters of Bret HarteRecords and correspondenceFor this edition, noted scholar Gary Scharnhorst has selected 259 letters (including 144 that are new to scholarship) from more than 2,000 Bret Harte letters known to exist. Scharnhorst's lively introduction and comprehensive notes give general readers and specialists immediate access to the literary and social milieus in which Harte lived and worked. A painstaking correspondent, Bret Harte created in his letters fascinating vignettes of life on several fronts during the latter half of the nineteenth century - San Francisco's fledgling society of the 1860s, the literary scene in New York and Boston in the 1870s, the Reconstruction South, and the Continent and British Isles through the turn of the twentieth century. As a fiction writer, playwright, and diplomat, Harte knew, sometimes intimately, many of the most prominent women and men of his day, including such writers as Mark Twain and Henry James, such actors as Lawrence Barrett and Annie Russell, and such politicians as John Hay and Herbert Bismarck. This unexpurgated edition of Bret Harte's letters, the first in more than seventy years, chronicles the life of a pioneering western American writer who became a creature of the literary marketplace. Among other life events, the edition details Harte's increasingly troubled relationship with Samuel Clemens and includes all known letters from Harte to Clemens+-+918866030532410001ocn000269238book19530.31Brooks, Van WyckThe times of Melville and WhitmanCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyThe 3d v. of the author's series on the history of the literary life in America9984ocn000271019book19640.39Duckett, MargaretMark Twain and Bret HarteBiographyAt one time Mark Twain and Bret Harte were close friends. The author reassesses accepted opinions about what happened to disrupt the friendship of the two men97110ocn001180209book19110.37Merwin, Henry ChildsThe life of Bret Harte, with some account of the California pioneersBiographyPublished in 1903, this biography was written in the years preceding Harte's death. In fact, Harte worked with the author on the book. The two met while Harte was on a lecture tour in England in 1879, and they remained close friends until Harte's death. Pemberton pens a colorful account of Harte's varied occupations, experiences, travels, and his life as a writer . With a sampling of anecdotes from Harte himself, The Life of Bret Harte remains a vivid account of a writer who was enormously popular in his day87313ocn000721765book19310.50Stewart, George RBret Harte, argonaut and exile, being an account of the life of the celebrated American humoristBiography8551ocn000269437book19610.39Hazard, Lucy LockwoodThe frontier in American literatureCriticism, interpretation, etc6913ocn025049675book19920.47Scharnhorst, GaryBret HarteCriticism, interpretation, etcIntegrates literary criticism and biography in a comprehensive look at Harte's life and career6911ocn042428833book20000.32Nissen, AxelBret Harte : prince and pauperBiography"Axel Nissen gives a vivid account of Harte's tumultuous life, from his birth in Albany, N.Y., in 1836 until his death in a sleepy English village in 1902." "Based on extensive new sources, Harte's latest biography focuses on Harte's love-hate relationship with Mark Twain and examines the homo-erotic element in his life and work. He also offers a satisfying account of why Harte became so famous in his own time and why in ours he has suffered a decline."--BOOK JACKET+-+08071532066615ocn000720333book19260.47Harte, BretThe letters of Bret HarteRecords and correspondence6301ocn000335677book19630.47Summers, HollisDiscussions of the short story6022ocn043487254book20000.50Scharnhorst, GaryBret Harte : opening the American literary WestCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"Gary Scharnhorst's biography of Harte traces the growing commercial appeal of western fiction and drama on both sides of the Atlantic during the Gilded Age, a development in which Harte played a crucial role." "Harte's pioneering use of California local color in such stories as "The Outcasts of Poker Flat" challenged genteel assumptions about western writing and helped open eastern papers to contributions by Mark Twain and others. The popularity of Bret Harte's writings was driven largely by a literary market that his western stories helped create."+-+K9078615354882ocn001086477book19720.37Morrow, Patrick DBret HarteCriticism, interpretation, etc4772ocn000549545book19410.59Harte, BretBret Harte; representative selections, with introduction, bibliography, and notes4441ocn002924452book19350.53Hicks, GranvilleThe great tradition; an interpretation of American literature since the Civil WarCriticism, interpretation, etc43710ocn000104637book19020.59Pemberton, T. EdgarThe life of Bret HarteBiography3947ocn000834312book19430.20Harlow, Alvin FBret Harte of the old WestBiography39011ocn000034318book19000.63Gaer, JosephBret Harte; bibliography and biographical dataBibliography+-+4214690226324+-+4214690226324Fri Mar 21 15:41:08 EDT 2014batch134813