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Thu Oct 16 17:57:38 2014 UTClccn-n791039110.35John R. Commons selected essays0.431.00Modern historians of economics and economic thought : the makers of disciplinary memory /29548200Warren_Samuelsn 79103911335955Samuels, Warren 1933-2011Samuels, Warren 2ndSamuels, Warren J.Samuels, Warren J. 1933-Samuels, Warren J. (Warren Joseph), 1933-Samuels, Warren Joseph.Samuels, Warren Joseph 1933-2011Samuels, Warren S. 1933-2011lccn-n93001895Biddle, Jeffothedtlccn-n90603841Medema, Steven G.othedtlccn-n98105631Emmett, Ross B.othedtlccn-no2007026748Ostrander, F. Taylorlccn-n79058404University of Chicagolccn-n50031418Commons, John R.(John Rogers)1862-1945lccn-no00077814Johnson, Marianne F.(Marianne Frances)ctblccn-n79055669Veblen, Thorstein1857-1929lccn-n93051209Rutherford, Malcolm1948-edtlccn-n80126278University of WisconsinSamuels, Warren J.1933-HistorySourcesBook reviewsBiographyEconomic historyEconomicsEconomics--Study and teaching (Higher)United StatesTuitionUniversity of ChicagoIllinois--ChicagoInstitutional economicsUniversity of WisconsinWisconsinEconomics--HistoriographyVeblen, Thorstein,Commons, John R.--(John Rogers),Economics--MethodologyTaussig, F. W.--(Frank William),Hexter, Maurice Beck,Young, Allyn Abbott,Carver, Thomas Nixon,Economic policySociologySocial policyMassachusetts--WilliamstownWilliams CollegeFlorida--MiamiUniversity of MiamiEconomistsCorporation lawJuristic personsIndustrial policyTrade regulationLawEconomics--ResearchWisconsin--MadisonBusinessSamuels, Warren J.,Johnson, GlennOstrander, F. TaylorEconomic historyEconomics--Study and teachingInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Medema, Steven GDevelopment economicsHirsch, AbrahamEconomics--Societies, etcWhitaker, John K.--(John King)Coats, A. W.--(Alfred William),Economic history--Societies, etcGoodwin, Craufurd D. WEconomic history--Research--MethodologyEconomics--Research--MethodologyCorporations--Social aspects19332011195619571966197019721974197519761978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014310224241519330.1HB75ocn000695378ocn681067927ocn681067922ocn681067201ocn681067226ocn468554476ocn681067199ocn772510327ocn681068007ocn772510377ocn248365807ocn801162634ocn468739886ocn468173866ocn797612912ocn681071006ocn468137867ocn464000293ocn761353375ocn185423004173990ocn501322894file19830.39Emmett, Ross BResearch in the history of economic thought and methodology a research annualHistoryEconomic historyBook reviewsSourcesThis book contains refereed articles on: contrasting relational conceptions of the individual in recent economics; the development of Adam Smith's style of lecturing; a comparison of problems encountered in the historian's work as editor, based upon editing Harrod's papers and Haberler's Prosperity and Depression; reminisciences on the New Deal by Jacob Viner; and Don Lavoie's lectures on comparative economic systems. It reviews essays on books about Schumpeter, Keynes, Mincer, comparative economic history, and the Chicago School; as well as reviews of books dealing with the repeal of the Corn Laws, economic systems and economic growth, the Enlightenment and post-modernism, and virtue ethics and capitalism+-+2201003936324129219ocn050287693file19980.47Samuels, Warren JThe founding of institutional economics the leisure class and sovereigntyIn this book an exceptionally prestigious and international group of scholars mark the centenary of the publication of Veblen's The Theory of the Leisure Class and Commons' A Sociological View of Sovereignty+-+8657278575127826ocn038130681book19980.50Robbins, Lionel RobbinsA history of economic thought : the LSE lecturesHistoryLionel Robbins' now famous lectures on the history of economic thought comprise one of the greatest accounts since World War II of the evolution of economic ideas. This volume represents the first time those lectures have been published+-+K9976564159277ocn704438913file20100.39Johnson, MarianneEconomic theory by Taussig, Young, and Carver at HarvardHistorySourcesAnnotation+-+881597203586230ocn055771354file20030.50Samuels, Warren JA companion to the history of economic thoughtHistoryThis companion offers a comprehensive and sophisticated exploration of the history of economic thought. It has a threefold focus: the history of economic thought; the history of economics as a discipline; and the historiography of economic thought+-+282077681532481015ocn143631422com20070.37Samuels, Warren JDocuments from the history of economic thoughtHistorySourcesVolume 25-B of this title continues the multiple series of class notes with Glenn Johnson's notes from Charles M. Hardin's 1947 course on the politics of agriculture and with Warren Samuels' notes from Charlton Tebeau's 1953 course on United States constitutional history. The major item consists of Allan Schmid's journal entries distributed in connection with his courses on institutional and behavioral economics. The series presents review essays, multiple reviews and mini symposia on new-works in this field. The volumes are broad in scope and fill a substantial gap in this field+-+58002953553247953ocn050804483file19960.35Commons, John RJohn R. Commons selected essays+-+660665857579214ocn076065872file20050.37Samuels, Warren JDocuments from F. Taylor OstranderHistorySourcesPresents eight sets of lecture notes taken in 1933-4 by F Taylor Ostrander at the University of Chicago. These notes are from courses given by Frank H Knight, Henry C Simons, and Melchior Palyi. They provide insight into the first generation of the Chicago School+-+201668712579117ocn077571651file20060.37Samuels, Warren JDocuments from and on economic thoughtHistoryThis volume publishes a wide variety of documents. Included are "Notes" taken by Henry R. Seager in 1890; Robert Hoxie's "Introductory Lecture" on the nature of the history of political economy (1916) coupled with an internet discussion on the history of economic thought as the history of error (2005); two law school student papers on John R. Commons' work on law and economics (1926); Edwin R. A. Seligman's "Autobiography" (1929); Glenn Johnson's notes on Frank H. Knight's University of Chicago course on economic theory (1947) and documents pertaining to Johnson's Michigan State University course on methodology (1947); and the conclusion of notes from Edwin E. Witte's University of Wisconsin course on government and labor (1955). It compiles hard-to-find documents into one convenient resource. Writings included span more than a century of thought+-+700868712578519ocn441767165file20030.37Samuels, Warren JFurther documents from F. Taylor OstranderHistorySourcesThis volume presents material from economics courses taught at Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts during the period 1929-1932, covering courses taught by Walter B. Smith, William H. Wynne, William Jerome Ballinger and W. Edwards Beach+-+990868712578413ocn505118807file20050.37Johnson, Marianne FDocuments from Glenn Johnson and F. Taylor OstranderHistoryEconomic historySourcesConsists of documents from Glenn Johnson and F Taylor Ostrander. This title includes: notes from lectures by James E Meade on the linking of monetary theory with the pure theory of value; notes from the Socialist Club at the Cafe Verique in Geneva (Summer 1931); and, correspondence between Frank H Knight and F Taylor Ostrander+-+961100393632476715ocn441819532file20070.37Samuels, Warren JFurther documents from the history of economic thoughtHistorySourcesVolume 25-C commences a series of class notes taken at Northwestern and Chicago during the period 1964-1967. The notes from courses at Northwestern are Robert Clower's course on economic theory,and Frank Fetter's course on monetary institutions and policies. The notes from Chicago include George Stigler's course on industrial organization, Merton Miller's course on corporate finance, and Daniel Orr's course on the theory of the firm. Also included are Warren Samuels notes from James Earley's courses on economic theory and on money, income and price, given at Wisconsin during 1954-1955; and Samuels' notes from a faculty seminar on myth, theology and society given by Robert T. Anderson at Michigan State University in 1974. The series presents review essays, multiple reviews and mini symposia on new-works in this field. The volumes are broad in scope, and the series fills a substantial gap in this field+-+290029535532475911ocn076065993file20050.37Ostrander, F. TaylorFurther University of Wisconsin materials further documents of F. Taylor OstranderHistorySourcesVolume 23C of this research annual first presents lecture notes from courses at the University of Wisconsin during 1955-6 given by Hans Hl Gerth and Edwin E Witte, together with correspondence of Selig Perlman. The volume also presents notes taken by F. Taylor Ostrander in courses given at the University of Chicago during 1933-4. The notes are from courses given by John U. Nef, Charles O. Hardy, and Chester W. Wright, on European economic history, money and banking, and U.S. economic history, respectively+-+01166871257103ocn145557638file20070.35Research in the history of economic thought and methodology a research annualHistoryBook reviews+-+87002953553247074ocn077635584file20060.35Research in the history of economic thought and methodologyHistoryBook reviewsThis series presents materials on the history of economic thought and the methodology of economics, which are both broadly considered. Each volume presents review essays on new works in the two fields, some of which are multiple reviews, plus occasional mini-symposia+-+34986871257003ocn076132105file20050.35Research in the history of economic thought and methodologyHistoryBook reviews+-+491668712569825ocn054494229file20030.47Medema, Steven GThe history of economic thought a readerHistoryThis Reader can be used as a core textbook or as a supplementary text on courses in economic thought and philosophy. It will provide readers with a good foundation in the different schools of thought that run through econ+-+54753885755907ocn014069657book19870.74Corporations and society : power and responsibility+-+472507868532455619ocn052481759file20010.53Medema, Steven GHistorians of economics and economic thought the construction of disciplinary memoryHistoryBiography"This collection summarizes the work of key historians of economics and attempts to quantify their impact. Some of these writers such as Friedrich Hayek and Joan Robinson are already assured of their place among the greatest economists of the twentieth century, while the collection also stresses the influence of those still active in shaping our perceptions - the likes of Mark Blaug, Samuel Hollander, and Donald Winch."--BOOK JACKET+-+063036069550618ocn006196587book19800.74Samuels, Warren JLaw and economics : an institutional perspective+-+449538343561ocn811406007file20120.66Research in the history of economic thought and methodologyHistoryPeriodicalsBook reviewsSources51ocn047063108book20011.00Modern historians of economics and economic thought : the makers of disciplinary memory+-+063036069511ocn064033656mix1.00Samuels, Warren JWarren J. Samuels Portrait CollectionPortraitsPhotographs of portaits of economists including Herbert Joseph Davenport, Joseph Spengler, Adam Smith, J. M. Clark, Frank H. Knight, Thorstein Veblen, F. M. Taylor, Wesley Clair Mitchell, John Maynard Keynes, Knut Wicksell, Irving Fisher, Eugen Slutsky, Sir William Petty, Von Wieser, Bentham, Henry George, Turgot, F. Bastiat, John Stuart Mill, Karl Heidelberg, F. Lassalle, Karl Marx, Auguste Comte, Lester F. Ward, Maximilien de Bethune, Jean Baptiste Colbert, H. de Saint-Simon, Albrecht Thaer, Charles Fourier, Herbert Spencer, David Hume, William Graham Sumner, Bohm Bawerk, Carl Menger, J. B. Say, and others. Formerly entitled the Economists' Portraits Collection. Images are reproduced in the Famous Economists Gallery created by the Department of Economics at Duke University11ocn081476244mix1.00History of Economics SocietyRecordsCollection (9054 itmes; dated 1971-1991) contains membership and financial records, papers and proceedings of annual meetings, officer's correspondence, constitution and bylaws, copies of the History of Economics Society Bulletin, and correspondence and papers related to the Society's Elgar publications. Many of the files were generated by Laurence S. Moss, as the Society's Secretary-Treasurer. Other officers from whom materials were received include William J. Barber, Abraham Hirsch, John K. Whitaker, Warren Samuels, Craufurd Goodwin, A.W. Coats, and Vincent J. Tarascio11ocn041546427mix1.00History of Economics SocietyRecordsMembership and financial records, papers and proceedings of annual meetings, officer's correspondence, constitution and bylaws, copies of the History of Economics Society Bulletin. Many of the files were generated by Laurence S. Moss, as the Society's Secretary-Treasurer. Other officers from whom materials were received include Abraham Hirsch, John K. Whitaker, Warren Samuels, Craufurd Goodwin, and A.W. Coats+-+8657278575+-+8657278575Thu Oct 16 15:53:40 EDT 2014batch42328