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Fri Mar 21 17:06:16 2014 UTClccn-n791124800.01The candy corn contest /0.060.29Something about the author18506261n 79112480344294Sims, Blanche Llccn-n79030057Giff, Patricia Reillylccn-n83132425Kline, Suzylccn-n79103878Marzollo, Jeanlccn-n88174841Super, Gretchen1955-lccn-n79078180Kimmel, Eric A.lccn-n96079874Cox, Judylccn-n83066304Greer, Gerylccn-n83066305Ruddick, Boblccn-n83163737Martin, Ann M.1955-lccn-n96017517Stern, MaggieSims, BlancheJuvenile worksFictionChristmas storiesHanukkah storiesSchoolsFriendshipLibrariesContestsPetsValentine's DayDrug abuseReadingThanksgiving DayChristmas storiesMexicansSoccer storiesSummerMoving, HouseholdUnited StatesDrugsDrug abuse--PreventionValentinesChildren's stories, AmericanSelf-esteemTeachersCourageSubstitute teachersInterpersonal relations in childrenDetective and mystery storiesHanukkah storiesInterpersonal relationsDinosaursHanukkahFearChristmasSocial groupsInventionsSpanish languageHonestyCatsDorros, ArthurCole, JoannaWeber, EdNah New RiderIllustratorsHopkins, Lee BennettLove, AnnMacLachlan, PatriciaSteele, Max,Trudeau, G. B.,Houston, Jeanne WakatsukiChildren's literatureMcNulty, FaithTripp, Valerie,Guzmán, Lila,19801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201278230256793[E]PZ7.G3626ocn014188127ocn020260456ocn011125162ocn011357117ocn021230782ocn021299589ocn011229667ocn024669466ocn021299661ocn024379327229115ocn020260456book19900.06Kimmel, Eric AI took my frog to the libraryJuvenile worksFictionA young girl brings her pets to the library--with predictably disastrous results+-+K164505965193827ocn018439897book19840.06Giff, Patricia ReillyDecember secretsJuvenile worksFictionChristmas storiesHanukkah storiesEach student in Ms. Rooney's room celebrates the December holidays by being a secret pal to a classmate+-+8042695995190827ocn018440752book19850.06Giff, Patricia ReillyIn the dinosaur's pawJuvenile worksFictionWhen the kids in Ms. Rooney's class return to school after Christmas, one of them suspects he has found a magic ruler that makes wishes come true+-+6506995995190214ocn011125162book19840.06Giff, Patricia ReillyThe beast in Ms. Rooney's roomJuvenile worksFictionIt's September again. What does it mean for Richard "Beast" Best to be left back? It means being teased by his old friends while he's stuck facing the same old teacher in the same old classroom. He even has to take a special reading class with "babies" like Emily Arrow and Matthew Jackson. And just like last year, he can't help getting into trouble. But with the help of Mrs. Paris, the reading teacher, Beast starts to enjoy reading and just might find a way to help the second grade win the school banner for best class. Held back for a year in second grade, Richard can't seem to help getting into trouble, until he gets really interested in reading and helps his class in a special way+-+6039595995185625ocn011357117book19840.01Giff, Patricia ReillyThe candy corn contestJuvenile worksFictionRichard determines to win the Thanksgiving Candy Corn contest by guessing the correct number of candies in the jar but before he realizes what he's done he eats three big pieces. What will the teacher do when she finds out?+-+K725695995181327ocn011229667book19840.06Giff, Patricia ReillyFish faceJuvenile worksFictionMaking friends with the new girl in her class is hard for Emily after she replaces Emily as the fastest runner and steals her lucky unicorn+-+8200795995151025ocn011887600book19850.06Giff, Patricia ReillySnaggle doodlesJuvenile worksFictionEmily Arrow has two problems, trying to work in her invention group with bossy Linda Lorca in charge and thinking of a wedding present for Ms. Vincent, the student teacher+-+K315395995150618ocn018441183book19850.06Giff, Patricia ReillyThe Valentine starJuvenile worksFictionAs Valentine's Day approaches and her class becomes busy making cards, Emily is worried about her fight with Sherri, who tells her, "You'll be sorry."+-+6957495995150426ocn011776791book19850.06Giff, Patricia ReillyLazy lions, lucky lambsJuvenile worksFictionMarch is the worst month for Richard Best, it's report card time and if he doesn't get good grades he might be left back again+-+159199599514896ocn014188127book19870.06Marzollo, JeanSoccer SamJuvenile worksFictionSam's cousin from Mexico comes for an extended visit and teaches Sam and all the second graders to play soccer+-+K159339485139321ocn014439777book19860.06Giff, Patricia ReillyPickle pussJuvenile worksFictionEmily Arrow determines to get the most fish in the library's Fish for a Good Book contest but she doesn't take into account the equal determination of Dawn Bosco+-+7993195995135725ocn012248721book19850.06Giff, Patricia ReillySay "cheese"Juvenile worksFictionAt the close of the school year, Emily thinks about the fun she has had with her classmates+-+4481295995126013ocn012094046book19850.06Giff, Patricia ReillyPurple climbing daysJuvenile worksFictionWith the help of the meanest substitute teacher in the whole school, Richard "Beast" Best learns a lesson about fear+-+3458295995123910ocn013898651book19860.06Giff, Patricia ReillySunny-side upJuvenile worksFictionSummer for Richard Best, nicknamed Beast, means facing the two ordeals of summer school and losing his best friend, who is moving to a distant state+-+015939599510835ocn021230782book19900.06Super, GretchenWhat are drugs?Juvenile worksExamines, in simple text and illustrations, what drugs are, what they can do to your body, and the problems of drug addiction9964ocn021299661book19900.06Super, GretchenDrugs and our worldJuvenile worksDescribes, in simple terms, the harmful psychological and physical effects of drug usage and outlines reasons for not using drugs98811ocn017221874book19870.06Giff, Patricia ReillyThe secret at the Polk Street SchoolJuvenile worksFictionDawn Bosco turns sleuth to find the individual responsible for sending her a threatening note just before she plays the lead in the class play+-+31412959959843ocn021299589book19900.06Super, GretchenYou can say "No" to drugs!Juvenile worksDescribes, in simple terms, how to say "No" to drugs, how to listen to your own feelings, how to handle peer pressure, and how to become a drug-free kid9524ocn034190757book19970.06Kline, SuzyMarvin and the mean wordsJuvenile worksFictionMarvin overhears remarks made by his second-grade teacher and is sure she hates him+-+74558744859471ocn024669466book19930.06Valentine's day : stories and poemsA collection of stories, poems, and activities by a variety of authors, on the theme of Valentine's Day+-+1873575155371ocn507357976com20060.29Something about the authorBiographyBibliographyCovers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs+-+3742312325+-+K159339485+-+K159339485Fri Mar 21 15:25:06 EDT 2014batch26209