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Thu Oct 16 17:51:32 2014 UTClccn-n791139920.37Political expediency over individual conscience: the changing antislavery thought of Francis Wayland0.791.00The virtues and services of Francis Wayland a discourse commemorative of Francis Wayland, delivered before the alumni of Brown University, September 4, 1866 /12526206Francis_Waylandn 79113992345780Ueirando, FuranshisuUerandoUerando, FuranshisuWilliams Roger 1796-1865ウェーランドウェーランド, フランシスウエイランド, フランシス威蘭土淮蘭徳, 弗蘭西斯英蘭土, 芙蘭志須nc-brown universityBrown Universitylccn-n88667898Fuller, Richard1804-1876lccn-no2001082900Boston Baptist Foreign Mission Societylccn-n84122198Judson, Adoniram1788-1850nc-salem bible translation societySalem Bible Translation Societylccn-no91024740Wayland, Francis1826-1904lccn-no93038600Wayland, H. L.(Heman Lincoln)1830-1898lccn-n85312271Rhode Island Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Industrylccn-no99020883Gould, Kendall, and Lincolnlccn-n82036232Nott, Eliphalet1773-1866Wayland, Francis1796-1865SermonsControversial literatureHistoryBiography‡vAnecdotesAnecdotesSourcesBiographyRecords and correspondenceChristian ethicsUnited StatesEthicsEconomicsSermons, AmericanWayland, Francis,SlaveryMissionsSelf-cultureSlavery--JustificationBaptists--MissionsEconomic historyUniversities and collegesResponsibilityPrayerDutySabbathDorr RebellionJudson, Adoniram,MassachusettsBrown UniversityRhode IslandPhilosophyPsychologyBaptistsRhode Island--ProvidenceMissions--Societies, etcBaptists--Societies, etcBurmaTemperanceSpeeches, addresses, etc., AmericanConscienceAgricultureThanksgiving Day addressesAlcoholismBanks and bankingIntellectualsBaptists--DoctrinesSlavery and the churchBrown, Nicholas,ReligionWomen--EducationSouthern StatesRace relationsPastoral theologySocietiesSlavery--Controversial literatureSlavery in the BibleNott, Eliphalet,Education--Aims and objectives1796186518001821182418251826182718281829183018311832183318341835183618371838183918401841184218431844184518461847184818491850185118521853185418551856185718581859186018611862186318641865186618671868186918701871187218731874187518761877187818791880188118821883188418851886189118921899190119051906190719221939194419541955195919601961196219631966196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781980198219831984198819911992199319951996199920002001200320052006200820092010201120122013180143331252170BJ1251ocn006854413ocn682445526ocn018251545ocn840656882ocn793602775ocn020728565ocn024866145ocn020871941ocn020871948ocn020728650ocn191239877ocn020728702ocn866768182ocn846684978ocn846687194ocn0640534282765234ocn000543695file18350.70Wayland, FrancisThe elements of moral science"This book presents to the public a new treatise upon moral science and moral philosophy. Being designed for the purposes of instruction, its aim is, to be simple, clear, and purely didactic. I have rarely gone into extended discussion, but have contented myself with the attempt to state the moral law, and the reason of it, in as few and as comprehensive terms as possible"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved)+-+14089007962659156ocn060722210file18280.86Wayland, FrancisThe elements of political economyDr. Wayland, a Baptist minister, pres. of Brown University for 28 years, was considered a great educator. This is the first text book on political economy written in this country+-+K46115003677939ocn226291698book18450.70Fuller, RichardDomestic slavery considered as a scriptural institutionHistorySourcesControversial literatureDomestic Slavery originated in the nineteenth century as a literary debate between two Baptist leaders over the Bible's teachings on slavery. Southern pastor Richard Fuller and Northern educator Francis Wayland were each able defenders of their respective positions. These men were also good friends who believed that a difference of opinion about slavery should not necessitate a breaking of Christian fellowship. Historians of Southern religion consider Domestic Slavery to be one of the major contributions to the nineteenth-century debate over the peculiar institution. This critical edition of Domestic Slavery includes annotations and an appendix of related documents. --from publisher description+-+025619633570018ocn000076268book18420.74Wayland, FrancisThoughts on the present collegiate system in the United States65517ocn644430295book18380.77Wayland, FrancisThe limitations of human responsibility59523ocn847832766com18240.86Wayland, FrancisThe moral dignity of the missionary enterprise a sermon delivered before the Boston Baptist Foreign Mission Society on the evening of October 26, and before the Salem Bible Translation Society on the evening of November 4, 1823Sermons58523ocn002107222book18530.77Wayland, FrancisA memoir of the life and labors of the Rev. Adoniram Judson. D.D.Biography+-+K96400079649460ocn006764861book18540.86Wayland, FrancisThe elements of intellectual philosophy"The following pages contain the substance of the Lectures which, for several years, have been delivered to the classes in Intellectual Philosophy, in Brown University. I have not entered upon the discussion of many of the topics which have called into exercise the acumen of the ablest metaphysicians. Intended to serve the purposes of a text-book, it was necessary that the volume should be compressed within a compass adapted to the time usually allotted to the study of this science in the colleges of our country. I have, therefore, attempted to present and illustrate the important truths in intellectual philosophy, rather than the inferences which may be drawn from them, or the doctrines which they may presuppose. These may be pursued to any length, at the option of the teacher. If I have not entered upon these discussions, I hope that I have prepared the way for their more ample and truthful development"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA, all rights reserved)4559ocn015716682book18420.79Wayland, FrancisThe affairs of Rhode-Island. A discourse delivered in the meeting-house of the First Baptist church, Providence, May 22, 1842. By Francis WaylandHistorySermons34316ocn002181800book18570.79Wayland, FrancisNotes on the principles and practices of Baptist churchesControversial literature+-+31903242062577ocn811447180file18410.90Wayland, FrancisAn address, delivered before the Rhode-Island Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Industry October 6, 18412536ocn656783471file18420.86Wayland, FrancisA discourse delivered in the First Baptist Church, Providence, R.I on the day of Public Thanksgiving, July 21, 1842Sermons2458ocn793719058file18310.86Wayland, FrancisAn address delivered before the Providence Association for the Promotion of Temperance, October 20, 183122615ocn085797214file18330.74Wayland, FrancisOccasional discourses including several never before publishedSermons"This book features selected discourses from Francis Wayland. Wayland discusses a wide range of philosophical topics, including morality, duties of the American citizen, education, and many more. The discourses presented in this book were originally delivered 1823-1832." (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved)21512ocn847832967file18580.84Wayland, FrancisSalvation by Christ a series of discourses on some of the most important doctrines of the gospelSermons21511ocn301018397file18490.86Wayland, FrancisUniversity sermons Sermons delivered in the chapel of Brown UniversitySermons1927ocn794906506file18410.90Wayland, FrancisA discourse in commemoration of the life and character of the Hon. Nicholas Brown delivered in the chapel of Brown university, November 3, 1841HistoryBiography18613ocn866853920file18400.84Craik, George LPursuit of knowledge under difficulties its pleasures and rewards. Illustrated by memoirs of eminent menBiographyBiography AnecdotesAnecdotes1759ocn847832963file18550.93Wayland, FrancisThe education demanded by the people of the United States a discourse delivered at Union College, Schenectady, July 25, 1854, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the presidency of Eliphalet Nott, D.D., LL. D.1694ocn793570604file18530.88Wayland, FrancisThe apostolic ministry a discourse delivered in Rochester, N.Y., before the New York Baptist union for ministerial education, July 12, 185335316ocn017305675book18670.66Wayland, FrancisA memoir of the life and labors of Francis Wayland late president of Brown University, including selections from his personal reminiscences and correspondenceHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+71617806663241524ocn002569874book18910.66Murray, James OFrancis Wayland1432ocn000251876book19720.74Wayland, FrancisA memoir of the life and labors of Francis Wayland, D.D., LL. D983ocn697599833book20110.77Hill, MatthewLaw, morality, and abolitionism : Francis Wayland and antislavery in America"In the 1830s the abolitionist movement in the United States refashioned itself under new leadership which was determined to bring slavery to an immediate end. Too often written off by northern and southern opinion-makers alike as fanatics who threatened the social and economic order in America, they struggled in the face of both secular and religious defenders of the institution of slavery. Into this fray stepped Francis Wayland (1796-1865), a leading educator, noted author of textbooks on moral philosophy and economics, and longtime president of Brown University. Initially a moderate on slavery, Wayland with near equal fervor both denounced slavery as sinful and yet countenanced caution in respecting the laws that protected the institution. Like so many of his generation, the flow of events moved him toward Unionism and forced him to confront the logic of his own moral arguments. If slavery was indeed a violation of natural rights, how then could he not act on behalf of those who could not speak for themselves? This work explores his journey"--Publisher's description, p. [4] of dust jacket+-+3221738996324583ocn085798450file18560.92Brown UniversityProceedings of the corporation and of the alumni of Brown University in reference to the resignation of President Wayland and the induction of President SearsHistorySources562ocn001980840book19620.92Crane, Theodore Rawson... Francis Wayland: Political economist as educator312ocn017377172book19440.74Roelker, William GreeneFrancis Wayland, a neglected pioneer of higher education232ocn022783533book18660.74Chace, George IdeThe virtues and services of Francis Wayland : a discourse commemorative of Francis Wayland : delivered before the alumni of Brown University, Sept. 4, 1866225ocn002496744book19710.74Halbrooks, G. ThomasFrances Wayland contributor to Baptist concepts of church orderHistoryBiographyDissertations, Academic202ocn012407113mix19830.37Eckman, James PPolitical expediency over individual conscience: the changing antislavery thought of Francis Wayland183ocn018919826book18470.82Grosvenor, Cyrus PittA review of the "Correspondence" of Messrs. Fuller & Wayland on the subject of American slavery131ocn002434491book18470.88Hague, WilliamChristianity and slavery a review of the correspondence between Richard Fuller ... and Francis Wayland ... on domestic slavery, considered as a Scriptural institution123ocn755008727file19930.63Fujiwara, AkioFuranshisu Wērando no shakai keizai shisō kindai Nihon, Fukuzawa Yukichi to Wērando93ocn025004583book19910.74Schantz, Mark SPiety in Providence : the class dimensions of religious experience in Providence, Rhode Island, 1790-1860HistoryChurch history82ocn438099551book18210.77Order of services at the First Baptist meeting house in Boston, at the ordination of Francis Wayland, Junr. to the pastoral care of the First Baptist Church82ocn794356566file18670.88Smith, ElbridgeThe founders of the Institute, and its first president an address delivered before the American Institute of Instruction at its annual meeting in Tremont Temple, Boston, August 1st, 186781ocn004585342book18660.95Pattison, Robert EDiscourse on the life and character of Rev. Francis Wayland, D.D., late President of Brown University, R.I., delivered by invitation of the Alpha Zeta Society of Shurtleff College ...72ocn035808627book18650.95Educational labors and publications of Francis Wayland, D.D62ocn037117729book18661.00Chace, George IdeThe virtues and services of Francis Wayland a discourse commemorative of Francis Wayland, delivered before the alumni of Brown University, September 4, 186652ocn050277549mix20010.47Thornbury, Gregory AlanThe legacy of natural theology in the Northern Baptist theological tradition, 1827-1918History+-+0256196335+-+0256196335Thu Oct 16 15:59:39 EDT 2014batch42327