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Fri Mar 21 17:15:24 2014 UTClccn-n791171550.25A funeral elegie upon the death of Henry, Prince of Wales0.690.92A cultural studies approach to two exotic citizen romances by Thomas Heywood /76355576Thomas_Heywoodn 79117155348867H., T., 1573-1641Heywood, T.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641Heywoode, Thom. 1574-1641Heywoode, Thom. (Thomas), approximately 1574-1641Heywoode, Thom. (Thomas), d. 1641Heywoode, Thomas 1574-1641Kheĭvud, Tomas, approximately 1574-1641Kheĭvud, Tomas, d. 1641Microphilus 1574-1641T.H., 1573-1641T. H. 1574-1641lccn-n79081709ElizabethIQueen of England1533-1603lccn-n50029197Collier, John Payne1789-1883edtlccn-n79006769Dekker, Thomasapproximately 1572-1632lccn-n83212394Henry FrederickPrince of Wales1594-1612lccn-n83180153Cooke, Joactive 1614lccn-n50035068EdwardIVKing of England1442-1483lccn-no2001080524Van Fossen, R. W.(Richard Waight)1927-2009othedtlccn-n50014310Verity, A. W.(Arthur Wilson)1863-1937edtlccn-n80044846Symonds, John Addington1840-1893spklccn-n79041738Ovid43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D.Heywood, Thomasapproximately 1574-1641Criticism, interpretation, etcDramaHistoryPoetryHeywood, Thomas,English dramaEnglish drama--Early modern and ElizabethanHenry Frederick,--Prince of Wales,Domestic drama, EnglishElizabeth--I,--Queen of England,Theater--Moral and ethical aspectsEnglandManners and customs in literatureRome (Empire)Dekker, Thomas,Jugurthine War (111-105 B.C.)Conspiracy of Catiline (Rome : 65-62 B.C.)Catiline,Apology for actors (Heywood, Thomas)English drama (Tragedy)England--LondonTheaterActors as artistsField, Nathan,PlaywritingArmin, Robert,Munday, Anthony,Venus and Adonis (Shakespeare, William)LucretiaPopular cultureAngelsWomen as literary charactersMiddle class in literatureSallust,Great BritainPolitical scienceClassical literatureTourneur, Cyril,MagicWitchcraftDemonologyFair maid of the west (Heywood, Thomas)Colonies in literatureImperialism in literatureLiterature and societyExoticism in literaturePolitical and social viewsLiteratureAdulteryTheater--Religious aspectsRowley, William,Walker, Janet EdmondsonDramaWomen157316411594159916001601160216051606160716081609161016111612161316141615161716191620162116221623162416251626162816301631163216331634163516361637163816391640164116421647164816501651165516561657165816601661166216781680168417001740174417501774178017891791179218101812181318141815181618181823182418251828184118421845184618491850185118531858186218701872187418751876187818791882188318841885188618871888188918901891189318941895189618971898189919001902190319041905190619071909191019111912191319141915191619171920192119221923192419251926192719281931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194919501953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200720082009201020112012405269733194822.3PR2574ocn001704997ocn000591706ocn055193694ocn029620945ocn080598657ocn310048419ocn647485231ocn863630247ocn704486969ocn846182722ocn044463697ocn004964956ocn055192145ocn055181425ocn612578489ocn055194856ocn023627458ocn813656786ocn061439028ocn691933530ocn494643316161789ocn000301543book16170.63Heywood, ThomasA woman killed with kindnessDramaA woman struggles to survive, and then struggles to die, in Thomas Heywood's startling domestic tragedy about the possession and punishment of women, probably first published in 1607. The marriage of John Frankford, a middling country gentleman, and his wife Anne is comfortable, if uneventful, until he gives his friend Wendoll the free use of his table and purse. Wendoll takes even more than was offered, and confesses his desperate love to Anne, who takes pity on him, and together they fall into infidelity. When they are discovered John banishes his wife to a distant manor, forbidden to see their two children, and it is in the comfort of her exile that she will starve herself to death. In the subplot, a woman devoted to her brother is offered as payment for his debts. Usually considered to be a domestic tragedy, 'A Woman Killed With Kindness' is complex in its didacticism, as Heywood explores the boundaries of marital punishment, and the moral weight of mercy+-+706271862532411733ocn049293539file0.25Heywood, ThomasA funeral elegie upon the death of Henry, Prince of Wales1030103ocn003350230book16050.76Heywood, ThomasIf you know not me, you know nobodyDramaDrama about Queen Elizabeth I up to the time of her coronation79470ocn000316482book16080.84Heywood, ThomasThe rape of LucreceDrama74251ocn010067975file16020.79Heywood, ThomasA pleasant conceited comedie, wherein is shewed, how a man may choose a good wife from a bad73143ocn001653175book18820.66Heywood, ThomasThomas Heywood+-+855714269670520ocn000352212book19670.56Heywood, ThomasThe fair maid of the west, parts I and II48933ocn005177559book16350.84Heywood, ThomasPleasant dialogues and dramma's40315ocn001704997book18980.76Sallust... The Conspiracy of Catiline and the War of JugurthaHistory40030ocn000704588book16350.79Heywood, ThomasThe hierarchie of the blessed angells. Their names, orders and offices; the fall of Lucifer with his angellsPoetry36810ocn002071047book15940.79Heywood, ThomasOenone and Paris35835ocn060636891book16120.73Heywood, ThomasAn apology for actors. In three booksHistory3549ocn002453953book19210.73Heywood, ThomasThe captives; or, The lost recovered3417ocn003849013book19770.73Heywood, ThomasLove's mistress, or The Queen's Masque33834ocn012253576book16550.88Heywood, ThomasFortune by land and sea a tragi-comedy, as it was acted with great applause by the Queens servants33335ocn002668118book16330.81Heywood, ThomasThe English traveller31712ocn012087853book16410.88Heywood, ThomasMachiavels ghost, as he lately appeared to his deare sons, the moderne projectors divulged for the pretended good of the kingdomes of England, Scotland, and IrelandHistory31428ocn000456877book16370.86Heywood, ThomasThe royall king and loyall subject29418ocn004014932book19690.81Heywood, ThomasThe escapes of JupiterThe Malone Society Reprints2928ocn002429773book19410.79Heywood, ThomasAn apology for actors (1612)History7057ocn310696319com20080.50Heywood, ThomasA woman killed with kindness and other domestic playsCriticism, interpretation, etcThis unique edition brings together four plays concerned with 'domestic' themes: Arden of Faversham, Heywood's A Woman Killed with Kindness and The English Traveller, and Dekker, Rowley and Ford's The Witch of Edmonton. Texts are in modern spelling, accompanied by a critical introduction, wide-ranging annotation and bibliography. - ;Arden of Faversham * A Woman Killed with Kindness * The Witch of Edmonton * The English Traveller. In about 1590, an unknown dramatist had the idea of writing a tragedy about the lives of ordinary people, instead of the genre's usual complement of kings and queens+-+050473746564011ocn000307521book19500.59Boas, Frederick SThomas HeywoodCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography6245ocn010780396book19840.59Baines, Barbara JThomas HeywoodCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Thomas Heywood5789ocn000352607book19310.66Clark, Arthur MelvilleThomas Heywood, playwright and miscellanist4738ocn000005410book19280.70Cromwell, OteliaThomas Heywood; a study in the Elizabethan drama of everyday lifeCriticism, interpretation, etc4123ocn000337777book18740.63Heywood, ThomasThe dramatic works of Thomas Heywood, now first collected with illustrative notes and a memoir of the author3182ocn052058025book20030.79Johnson, NoraThe actor as playwright in early modern dramaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+31697367052717ocn000952729book19220.79Velte, Friedrich MowbrayThe bourgeois elements in the dramas of Thomas HeywoodCriticism, interpretation, etc2491ocn013333564book19860.84Wentworth, Michael DThomas Heywood, a reference guideBibliography2473ocn028676823book19940.79McLuskie, KathleenDekker and Heywood : professional dramatistsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThey debated and constructed the categories of popular theatre and engaged over a long period with the changing politics of culture, religion and state. Their work, and this book, provide an important insight into the working context of Shakespeare and two of his most important contemporaries2183ocn000386716book19570.84Grivelet, MichelThomas Heywood et le drame domestique élizabéthainCriticism, interpretation, etc2092ocn000352206book18930.66Heywood, ThomasThomas Heywood1864ocn001244575book19740.81Johnson, Marilyn LImages of women in the works of Thomas HeywoodCriticism, interpretation, etc1734ocn425960071book20100.86Rowland, RichardThomas Heywood's theatre, 1599-1639 : locations, translations, and conflictCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+90741190251441ocn000044003book19670.81Donovan, Dennis GThomas Dekker, 1945-1965; Thomas Heywood, 1938-1965; Cyril Tourneur, 1945-1965Bibliography1375ocn001372778book19390.90Tannenbaum, Samuel AThomas Heywood (a concise bibliography)Bibliography1204ocn046353405book19970.92Courtland, JosephA cultural studies approach to two exotic citizen romances by Thomas HeywoodHistory"Modern literary scholars have, for the most part, devoted little critical attention to that remarkable group of romance dramas featuring citizen heroes that flourished during the late Elizabethan period. Joseph Courtland's in-depth study remedies the situation by providing a fresh, cultural studies approach to this innovative hybrid of chivalric romance, viewing such adventure plays as literary works of colonial discourse within the mode of fantasy. Based principally on an approach to early modern romance as fantasy suggested by the writings of Tzvetan Todorov, Frederic Jameson, and Rosemary Jackson, the methodology employed in the analysis also incorporates the cultural materialist notion of Renaissance romance as colonial discourse."--BOOK JACKET+-+70100957351182ocn000352214book19170.84Heywood, ThomasA woman killed with kindness, and The fair maid of the west721ocn024053388book19670.90Stagg, Louis CharlesAn index to the figurative language of Thomas Heywood's tragediesConcordances531ocn003553654book18530.84Heywood, ThomasThe dramatic works of Thomas Heywood: with a life of the poet, and remarks on his writingsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+7062718625324+-+7062718625324Fri Mar 21 15:58:13 EDT 2014batch68565