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Fri Mar 21 17:04:50 2014 UTClccn-n791269070.06Sir Charlie Chaplin : the funniest man in the world /0.240.39Chaplin and American culture : the evolution of a star image /14767533Charlie_Chaplinn 79126907358441Čaplin, Č.Cāplin, Cārlī, 1889-1977Čaplin, Čarl'z.Čaplin, Č'arlz 1889-1977Čaplins, Čarlzs, 1889-1977Čaplins, Čārlzs Spensers, 1889-1977Chaplin.Chaplin, 1889-1977Chaplin, CharlesChaplin, Charles, 1889-1977Chaplin, Charles, Sir, 1889-1977Chaplin, Charles Spencer.Chaplin, Charles Spencer, 1889-1977Chaplin, Charles Spencer, Sir, 1889-1977Chaplin, Charley, 1889-1977Chaplin, Charlie.Chaplin, Charlie, 1889-1977Chaplin, Charly 1889-1977Charles ChaplinCharlotCharlot, 1889-1977Sa-plin, Sác-li, 1889-1977Sac-lô, 1889-1977Sarlō, 1889-1977Spencer, Charles.Spencer Charles 1889-1977Tsaplin, Tsarl Spenser, 1889-1977Tshaplin, Tsharli.Zhuobielin, 1889-1977Чаплин, Чарли, 1889-1977Чаплин, Чарльз, 1889-1977Чаплин, Чарльз Спенсер, 1889-1977טשאפלין, צ'רלי, 1889-1977צ'פלין, צ'רלס, 1889-1977شارلي شابلن، 1889-1977چپلن، چارلى، 1889-1977チャップリンチャップリン, C.lccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-no97015460MK2 Productionslccn-n82153280Goddard, Paulette1911-1990othcstprfactlccn-no89017537Purviance, Edna1896-1958othcstprfactlccn-n50049160Robinson, David1930-antivecmmlccn-n93083272Bergman, Henry1870-1946othcstprfactlccn-n85138245Totheroh, Roland H.1890-1967cngillphtlccn-no95013200Image Entertainment (Firm)pbldstlccn-n85138341Swain, Mack1876-1935cstprfactlccn-n50057783United Artists CorporationChaplin, Charlie1889-1977DramaBiographyHistoryParodies, imitations, etcReviewsPortraitsInterviewsRecords and correspondenceCaricatures and cartoonsHumorChaplin, Charlie,United StatesMotion picture actors and actressesComediansMan-woman relationshipsTrampsCalifornia--Los Angeles--HollywoodFameMotion picture producers and directorsGold mines and miningYukonWorking classHitler, Adolf,FascismGermanyAntisemitismMussolini, Benito,National socialismFactoriesMass productionCalifornia--Los AngelesPeters, Toby (Fictitious character)Private investigatorsPopular cultureYukon--Klondike River ValleyDictatorsSerial murdersSoldiersMotion picturesJews--PersecutionsAutomation--Social aspectsAutomation--Economic aspectsSatire, AmericanBlindCivilizationCelebritiesDepressionsMurderChaplin, OonaEntertainers' spousesFortune huntersFactories--EmployeesAbandoned childrenBallet dancersChaplin, Lita Grey,Closed captioningCircusClownsEngland--LondonActors1889197718911900190519101913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320148966140468084791.4372PN2287.C5ocn052498890ocn665161080ocn722474610ocn794857620ocn191573413ocn827237397ocn671500970ocn012990211ocn041385336ocn041347833ocn052498890ocn665161080ocn722474610ocn794857620ocn827237397ocn671500970ocn012990211ocn041385336ocn041347833ocn070666688ocn665161080ocn722474610ocn794857620ocn041385336ocn041347833ocn070666688ocn019794335ocn019609024ocn025568666ocn028684352ocn665161080ocn794857620ocn019794335ocn028684352ocn019962307ocn046596138ocn417655861ocn029756013ocn010643235ocn042477709ocn052498890ocn730999724ocn863636483ocn659108935ocn417655861ocn017937168ocn014765250ocn417662962ocn753862383ocn781067985ocn037584527ocn780938926ocn047782158ocn000337031ocn025568666ocn022287277ocn057495989ocn046596138ocn439916634ocn220450195ocn780938926ocn053150507ocn780938948ocn053150505ocn417655861ocn780938948ocn780938926ocn780912773ocn676258352ocn743150416ocn742926412ocn780935754ocn780909728ocn742931909ocn057495989ocn743150416ocn742926412ocn742931909ocn742931455ocn414017761ocn743103079ocn743151597ocn743106132ocn742781902ocn053989369ocn015241234ocn084163888ocn411253558ocn443011513ocn442294200ocn780541219ocn438292337ocn442957863ocn438800405ocn755151653ocn439644358ocn440767525ocn441653611ocn220264876ocn217270723ocn220137081ocn220267595ocn215277031ocn225844458ocn220191585ocn225844565ocn220120838ocn225672479ocn781169587ocn781169609ocn781169563ocn781169657ocn781169677ocn780928690ocn781017803ocn797864066ocn743150416ocn742900447ocn743158610ocn075642255ocn186644557ocn743158499ocn742951820ocn742681703ocn658780180ocn659173518ocn765546093ocn659108935ocn762709220ocn659135978ocn661737167ocn659078062ocn780732090ocn762745658ocn691673565ocn421401750ocn720399005ocn723148673ocn745890676ocn725640040ocn047807848ocn675630355ocn212851665ocn244487711ocn078045026ocn310750096ocn220830872ocn742911423ocn470327400ocn225844551ocn707339282ocn658151805ocn762644837ocn659310791ocn8115458683669119ocn052537659visu19350.25Chaplin, CharlieModern timesHumorFictionDramaSatireAn imaginative, often slapstick satire on the alienating and disruptive effects of mass production and automation. Charlie Chaplin, in his last portrayal of his famous character the Tramp, goes from a factory worker to jailbird to night watchman to singing waiter, beset on all fronts by bad luck, misunderstandings, and unfortunate circumstances beyond his control. Befriended only by a lovely but wild street waif, he labors against all odds to make a life for himself. Primarily a silent film with music, sound effects, and some spoken and sung dialogue3090233ocn052498890visu19250.24Chaplin, CharlieGold rushHistoryHumorFictionInterviewsDramaMotion picturesThe Little Tramp searches for gold and love in the Klondike. Includes both a restored version of the original 1925 silent film, and the 1942 re-issue, the latter featuring a new score and narration written and spoken by Charles Chaplin+-+35162254252770148ocn722474610visu19400.25Chaplin, CharlieThe great dictatorHistoryCaricatures and cartoonsFictionParodies, imitations, etcDramaChaplin plays the double role of the persecuted Jewish barber and Adenoid Hynkel, dictator of Tomania. The barber is imprisoned, escapes, and is finally mistaken for the dictator at which point he makes an impassioned, humanistic speech which amazes the dictator's followers234186ocn054667583visu19310.24Chaplin, CharlieCity lights a comedy romance in pantomimeFictionInterviewsDramaComedy filmsSilent filmsA tramp wins the love of a blind flower girl and attempts to obtain money from a millionaire to help her regain her sight+-+40162254251132120ocn054679705visu19460.27Chaplin, CharlieMonsieur Verdoux a comedy of murdersDramaDark comedy filmsFilm adaptationsIn this dark comedy first released during WWII, Henri Vedoux, played by Charlie Chaplin, supports his family by first marrying, and then killing wealthy widows. On another level the film is an indictment of war in which mass murder is legalized, celebrated and paraded. "Killing is the enterprise by which your system prospers," Verdoux says. "As a mass killer, I am an amateur by comparison."110584ocn054675674visu19200.23Chaplin, CharlieThe kidFictionDramaThe Tramp rescues an abandoned baby and raises him to become his inseparable sidekick101763ocn052569014visu19510.25Chaplin, CharlieLimelightDramaSet in 1914 London, the film stars Chaplin as an aging music hall comic who's convinced he can no longer move people to laughter. But he gets a final opportunity to shine when he saves a young, equally desperate ballet dancer from suicide, then guides her to triumph on the stage+-+956584842532462545ocn054667130visu19270.29Chaplin, CharlieThe circusDramaComedy filmsShort filmsSilent filmsA tramp fleeing the police takes refuge in a circus, where he falls for the owner's equestrian daughter, soars to success as a clown, is chased by the police through the hall of mirrors and takes to the high-wire joined by a bunch of escaped monkeys50430ocn054675220visu19560.28Chaplin, CharlieA king in New York A woman of ParisHistoryDramaA king in New York: A king fleeing a revolution takes refuge in the United States. He is led by an advertising agent to make commercials, is suspected of being a communist, and testifies before the Un-American Activities Committee before ultimately returning to Europe48422ocn054674442visu19180.28The Chaplin revueDramaFeatures Charlie in seven of his best short films38762ocn001520357book19640.24Chaplin, CharlieMy autobiographyBiographyRecords and correspondenceBest autobiography ever written by an actor. An astonishing work." 'Chicago Tribune Chaplin's heartfelt and hilarious autobiography tells the story of his childhood, the challenge of identifying and perfecting his talent, his subsequent film career and worldwide celebrity. In this, one of the very first celebrity memoirs, Chaplin displays all the charms, peculiarities and deeply-held beliefs that made him such an endearing and lasting character. Re-issued as part of Melville House's Neversink Library, My Autobiography offers dedicated Chaplin fans and casual admirers alike an astonishing glimpse into the the heart and the mind of Hollywood's original genius maverick. Take this unforgettable journey with the man George Bernard Shaw called "the only genius to come out of the movie industry" as he moves from his impoverished South London childhood to the heights of Hollywood wealth and fame; from the McCarthy-era investigations to his founding of United Artists to his "reverse migration" back to Europe, My Autobiography is a reading experience not to be missed+-+637306596532432712ocn041385336visu19700.33The Chaplin mutualsDramaChaplin plays a variety of comedic characters, each of whom becomes involved with different people and situations, including an arson plot with a girlfriend's father, and a boss who impersonates a count27017ocn019697361visu19810.32The Kid the idle classHumorIn "The Kid" Chaplin becomes a foster father to an abandoned infant. In "The Idle Class" Chaplin plays a dual role of the familiar tramp and a look-alike aristocrat25015ocn041347833visu19950.23The Chaplin MutualsBetween May 1916 and October 1917, Chaplin produced a series of twelve films for the Mutual Film corporation which are considered his finest short comedies. This volume presents four films in which Chaplin plays a variety of comedic characters. The Immigrant (11th Mutual film): Charlie and Edna are immigrants to the land of Liberty. The Adventurer (12th Mutual film): Charlie, an escaped convict, impersonates a wealthy yachtsman. The Cure (10th Mutual film): Chaplin is a wealthy inebriate drying out at a sanitarium. Easy Street (9th Mutual film): Charlie become a policemen in the city's toughest neighborhood24920ocn006084153visu19310.27Chaplin, CharlieCity lights a comedy romance in pantomimeDramaA tramp meets a millionaire who when drunk treats him as a friend but ignores him when sober, and he also wins the love of a blind girl+-+401622542523059ocn082468713visu19140.27Sennett, MackTillie's punctured romanceFictionDramaA country maid falls for a con man who steals her money. Charlie plays a city slicker and the Keystone Cops capture him after a boat chase+-+17841700063242231ocn191573413visu20080.31Saved from the flames 54 rare and restored films 1896-1944History"A unique and wonderful collection of 54 rare and restored short films from the inflammable years of cinema. Movies were once made on nitrate film stock, which has a chemical composition similar to gunpowder and is highly vulnerable to fire and decay. This remarkable seven-hour anthology, organized in eight thematic groups over three DVDs, presents amazing treasures from the vaults of Lobster Films in Paris and from the Blackhawk Films Collection, rescued during half a century of gathering movies from the nitrate era."--Container2114ocn071197823com20050.16Charlie Chaplin the forgotten yearsBiographyCharlie Chaplin was forced to leave the U.S. in 1952, and lived with his family in Switzerland until his death in 1977. For the first time, a documentary film focuses on Chaplin's later years and his work as a prolific musical composer. Interviews with family, friends and colleagues offer insight into these forgotten years through intimate memories and entertaining anecdotes. Includes newly-found footage from private archives20315ocn051807150visu19660.21Chaplin, CharlieA countess from Hong KongDramaRussian émigré countess Natascha becomes a stowaway in the shipboard stateroom of U.S. diplomat Ogden in order to escape her life of forced prostitution in Hong Kong. Her plan is to blackmail her way to freedom in the States but Ogden has a mind of his own and can resist even the charms of a countess+-+04906783253241987ocn042680121visu19990.24Chaplin's Essanay comediesDramaHome use only296221ocn000586956book19640.24Chaplin, CharlieMy autobiographyBiographyRecords and correspondence"As a child, Charlie Chaplin was awed and inspired by the sight of glamorous vaudeville stars passing his home, and from then on he never lost his ambition to become an actor. Chaplin's film career as the Little Tramp adored by the whole world is the stuff of legend, but this frank autobiography shows another side. He tells of his childhood of grinding poverty in the south London slums and early debut on the music hall stage, his lucky break in America, the struggle to maintain artistic control over his work, the string of failed marriages, and his eventual exile from Hollywood after persecution for his left-wing politics and personal scandals. My Autobiography is an evocative and compelling account of one of the twentieth century's most remarkable lives."--BOOK JACKET+-+7325277095211016ocn012052928book19850.25Robinson, DavidChaplin, his life and artBiographyA biography that contains a chronology, filmography, theatre tours, important people in Chaplin's life, index, and bibliography+-+399035130532415175ocn047054729book20010.12Kaminsky, Stuart MA few minutes past midnight : a Toby Peters mysteryFictionDetective and mystery storiesToby Peters and his team go to work when Charlie Chaplin's life is threatened and a list of eight older women is found, five of whom have already been murdered+-+K713521325148013ocn251203725book20090.17Gold, Glen DavidSunnysideHistoryFictionOn a winter day in 1916 American capitalism, a world at war, and the emerging mecca of Hollywood intersect to spawn an enduring culture of celebrity. Charlie Chaplin is spotted in more than eight hundred places simultaneously, an extraordinary delusion that brings together the fortunes of three men: Leland Wheeler, son of the world's last (and worst) Wild West star, as he finds unexpected love on the battlefields of France; Hugo Black, drafted to fight under the towering General Edmund Ironside in America's doomed expedition against the Bolsheviks; and Chaplin himself, as he faces a tightening vise of complications--studio moguls, questions about his patriotism, his unchecked heart, and, most menacing of all, "his mother."+-+331527258514326ocn003631449book19780.25McCabe, JohnCharlie ChaplinBiographyA biography of the actor who was born in a London slum and went on to become one of the greatest comedic geniuses of all time133035ocn259809503visu19920.20Attenborough, RichardChaplinBiographyFictionDramaFilm adaptationsPortrays the amazing life and times of the "Little Tramp" from his poverty-stricken childhood in England, to his friendships, his many wives and scandalous affairs, his acting career, and his relentless pursuit by J. Edgar Hoover12951ocn361888105book20100.06Fleischman, SidSir Charlie Chaplin : the funniest man in the worldJuvenile worksBiographyA Newbery Medalist presents one of the most compelling rags-to-riches stories of modern times, in this biography of the legendary Little Tramp, Charlie Chaplin. Includes archival prints and photos+-+859143615512538ocn035243438book19870.23Lynn, Kenneth SchuylerCharlie Chaplin and his timesBiographyOne of America's most distinguished biographers, Lynn goes far beyond a mere recounting of the well-known events in Chaplin's career. By setting his life, his art, and his controversial politics in the context of his times, Lynn gives the book extra richness and dimension. In penetrating and exquisite detail, Lynn also traces the deep psychological connections between the man and the artist and brings his own keen critical intelligence and historical awareness to the+-+K603539315121411ocn000711669book19650.28McDonald, Gerald DThe films of Charlie ChaplinReviews10155ocn033970985book19960.23Milton, JoyceTramp : the life of Charlie ChaplinBiographyTo date only sanitized versions of Chaplin's life have been told, and no biography has yet placed Chaplin in an American context. A strong, determined artist - at once charming and vulnerable but also vain, arrogant, and egotistical - Chaplin fought hard to overcome early hardships, and suffered greatly when the character he created - the Tramp, the Little Fellow - was rendered obsolete by age, changing audience tastes, and the advent of talkies. Joyce Milton's probing and revelatory biography explores the psychological and social roots of Chaplin's art, politics, love life, and friendships through the course of a tumultuous life, at once rich and confounding+-+770526515510004ocn000979334book19740.27Manvell, RogerChaplinBiography98613ocn004037966book19740.27Chaplin, CharlieMy life in picturesCaricatures and cartoonsPortraits9542ocn018190838book19890.39Maland, Charles JChaplin and American culture : the evolution of a star imageBiography+-+85994564153249388ocn000255390book19500.37Huff, TheodoreCharlie Chaplin8513ocn051942513book20030.28Vance, JeffreyChaplin : genius of the cinemaBiography+-+57809456358504ocn010182982book19840.33Smith, JulianChaplinBiography+-+79474205353248112ocn000181418book19710.37McCaffrey, Donald WFocus on Chaplin8067ocn225870336book20080.20Weissman, Stephen MChaplin : a lifeBiographyFrom the Publisher: An Authoritative new biography of the greatest cinematic comedian of all time. Born in London in 1889, Charlie Chaplin grew up in dire poverty. Both his parents were in show business, but his father's flourishing career was cut short by severe alcoholism, and his beloved mother first lost her voice, then lost her mind to syphilis. Even when both his parents were alive, Charlie at age seven was committed to the Hanwell School for Orphans and Destitute Children. It was, he remembered, the most unhappy period of his life. How then did this poor, lonely, and utterly miserable child become such an extraordinary comedian, known and celebrated worldwide? Chaplin cut his teeth as a youngster in British music halls, where he honed his art both as a slapstick comic and in serious theater. But it was America that made him. At the age of twenty-five, he was touring here with a vaudeville troupe when his talents caught the eye of entertainment entrepreneur Mack Sennett of the Keystone Film Studio, who spirited him off to California and signed him to a film contract. Chaplin rapidly because Sennett's star comedian, and as the burgeoning film industry prospered, his fame grew with it. By the age of twenty-eight, Chaplin had become a millionaire and arguably the world's greatest celebrity. Stephen Weissmann traces Chaplin's life and the sources of his genius in fascinating detail, demonstrating how his tragic childhood shaped his personality and his art. Infamous for his politics and his scandalous sex life-both of which Weissman contextualizes and analyze-Chaplin was a much more complex and contradictory character than has hitherto been known. Weissman brilliantly illuminates both the screen legend and the turbulent era through which he lived and worked+-+67435240067794ocn039024750book19980.20Scovell, JaneOona : living in the shadows : a biography of Oona O'Neill ChaplinBiographyOona Chaplin, the daughter of playwright Eugene O'Neill had two brothers who committed suicide at an early age and a husband, Charlie Chaplin, who was thirty-six years older than she+-+05826019957454ocn001103970book19740.25Gifford, DenisChaplin+-+4016225425+-+4016225425Fri Mar 21 15:29:41 EDT 2014batch144437