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Selections from A Deo exivit, Contra curiositatem studentium and De mystica theologia speculativa109347045Steven_Ozmentn 79133781365162Ozment, Steven.Ozment, Steven 1939-Ozment, Steven E.Ozment, Steven historien du protestantismeOzment, Steven M.أوزمنت، ستيڤنستيفن أوزمنت، 1939-オズメント, スティーヴンlccn-n80089270Turner, Frank M.(Frank Miller)1944-2010crelccn-n50042593Kagan, Donaldviaf-298056118Behaim familynp-beaver, adam gBeaver, Adam G.lccn-n95083606Büschler, Annaapproximately 1496-1552lccn-n79089628Luther, Martin1483-1546lccn-n86079412Paumgartner, Magdalena Balthasar1555-1642othcrelccn-n86079413Paumgartner, Balthasar1551-1600othcrelccn-n79108532Gerson, Jean1363-1429lccn-n50008644Tauler, Johannesapproximately 1300-1361Ozment, Steven E.HistoryBiographyRecords and correspondenceTextbooksChurch historyCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyConference proceedingsStudy guidesExaminations, questions, etcReformationGermanyManners and customsFamiliesChurch history--Middle AgesEuropeFathersCivilization, WesternSocial historyTheology, DoctrinalTheology, Doctrinal--Middle AgesReligious thought--Middle AgesBehaim familyCivilizationSwitzerlandProtestantismHusbandsMarriageChildrenBüschler, Anna,CourtsWomen--Middle AgesGermany--Schwäbisch HallSocial history--MedievalWomenLuther, Martin,Paumgartner, Balthasar,Paumgartner, Magdalena Balthasar,MysticismProtest movementsDissenters, ReligiousYouth--TravelYouth--EmploymentGermany--NurembergTeenagersCourtshipFamilies--HistoriographyYouthTheological anthropology--Christianity--History of doctrinesGerson, Jean,Tauler, Johannes,Reformation and artCounter-ReformationFriendshipCranach, Lucas,Counter-Reformation--ResearchReformation--ResearchReligion and cultureRenaissanceFamilies--Religious life19391949196719691971197319751978197919801981198219831985198619871988198919901991199219931995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201418486118455BBR305.2ocn013822151ocn000109387ocn800046290ocn311631728ocn310613167ocn644735738ocn801957639ocn464594830ocn466349570ocn800876150ocn310952103ocn462080495ocn470974543ocn799349032ocn797885599ocn185821231ocn808591918ocn760439764185918ocn005706622book19800.39Ozment, Steven EThe age of reform (1250-1550) : an intellectual and religious history of late medieval and Reformation EuropeHistoryChurch history"Ozment does a wonderful job of showing that the story of the Reformation does NOT begin with the posting of the 95 theses in 1517. Rather, the events of the 1500s were the culmination of a centuries-old search for truth. Ozment's account of the Reformation as something unfolding out of the Middle Ages is much more instructive than the standard view, which treats the Reformation as a starting point for this or that development. This book grounds Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, and Ignatius firmly in the tradition of medieval scholastic, mystic, and ecclesio-political thought, as well as Renaissance humanism. Additional chapters are devoted to clerical marriage and resistance to tyranny, two legacies of Protestantism that Ozment finds particularly compelling. To top it off, the author has obviously done his homework; every significant interpretation by previous scholars receives due note here", DonaldThe Western heritageHistoryTextbooks+-+3928261865144516ocn054847483book20040.24Ozment, Steven EA mighty fortress : a new history of the German peopleHistoryA history of Germany examines the links between ancient times and the twentieth century and discusses the prevalence of a defining German culture through multiple centuries, early achievements, and relations with other lands+-+5074571155137218ocn024173278book19910.29Ozment, Steven EProtestants : the birth of a revolutionHistoryReexamines the origins of the Reformation and the nature and influence of Protestatism+-+2656290385131216ocn001863327book19750.53Ozment, Steven EThe Reformation in the cities : the appeal of Protestantism to sixteenth-century Germany and SwitzerlandChurch history+-+2149755585116610ocn009393231book19830.53Ozment, Steven EWhen fathers ruled : family life in Reformation EuropeHistory+-+7676049215113710ocn033334151book19960.27Ozment, Steven EThe Bürgermeister's daughter : scandal in a sixteenth-century German townHistoryBiographyIn an era when women were supposed to be disciplined and obedient, Anna proved to be neither. Defying 16th-century social mores, she was the frequent subject of gossip because of her immodest dress and flirtatious behavior. When her wealthy father discovered that she was having secret, simultaneous affairs with a young nobleman and a cavalryman, he turned her out of the house in rage, but when she sued him for financial support, he had her captured, returned home and chained to a table as punishment. Anna eventually escaped and continued her suit against her father, her siblings and her home town in a bitter legal battle that was to last 30 years and end only upon her death. Drawn from her surviving love letters and court records, The Burgermeister's Daughter is a fascinating examination of the politics of sexuality, gender and family in the 16th century, and a powerful testament to the courage and tenacity of a woman who defied the inequalities of this distant age+-+K48486768598211ocn000578240book19730.56Ozment, Steven EMysticism and dissent : religious ideology and social protest in the sixteenth centuryHistory95715ocn013822151book19860.37Paumgartner, Magdalena BalthasarMagdalena and Balthasar : an intimate portrait of life in 16th-century EuropeRecords and correspondenceAutobiographical letters by a sixteenth century Lutheran couple much concerned with their health, their business, the small luxuries of life, and the inscrutable ways of God+-+03289555853248589ocn000215331book19710.56Ozment, Steven EThe Reformation in medieval perspective77713ocn020452265book19900.39Ozment, Steven EThree Behaim boys : growing up in early modern Germany : a chronicle of their livesHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+252195558577612ocn040979879book19990.31Ozment, Steven EFlesh and spirit : private life in early modern GermanyHistory"Family life in preindustrial Europe has been considered by historians to have been far different from family life today. It has been portrayed as impersonal, businesslike, communal. Now, in perhaps the most penetrating look at the family cycle of late-fifteenth-century to early seventeenth-century Germany, Steven Ozment illuminates what family life of the time was actually like. As he did in his much praised The Burgermeister's Daughter, Ozment, who is the McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern History at Harvard University, analyzes and weaves together primary sources to create a compelling account of family: courtship, marriage, pregnancy, child rearing, and the establishment of new families."--BOOK JACKET+-+67483352157729ocn044811651book20010.35Ozment, Steven EAncestors : the loving family in old EuropeHistory+-+693955921559113ocn000019658book19490.70Ozment, Steven EHomo spiritualis. A comparative study of the anthropology of Johannes Tauler, Jean Gerson and Martin Luther (1509-16) in the context of their theological thought54210ocn008866651book19820.66Reformation Europe : a guide to researchBibliography52611ocn711045559book20110.53Ozment, Steven EThe serpent & the lamb : Cranach, Luther, and the making of the ReformationCriticism, interpretation, etc"This compelling book retells and revises the story of the German Renaissance and Reformation through the lives of two controversial men of the sixteenth century: the Saxon court painter Lucas Cranach (the Serpent) and the Wittenberg monk-turned-reformer Martin Luther (the Lamb). Contemporaries and friends (each was godfather to the other{u2019}s children), Cranach and Luther were very different Germans, yet their collaborative successes merged art and religion into a revolutionary force that became the Protestant Reformation. Steven Ozment, an internationally recognized historian of the Reformation era, reprises the lives and works of Cranach (1472{u2013}1553) and Luther (1483{u2013}1546) in this generously illustrated book. He contends that Cranach's new art and Luther's oratory released a barrage of criticism upon the Vatican, the force of which secured a new freedom of faith and pluralism of religion in the Western world. Between Luther's pulpit praise of the sex drive within the divine estate of marriage and Cranach's parade of strong, lithe women, a new romantic, familial consciousness was born. The 'Cranach woman' and the 'Lutheran household' -- both products of the merged Renaissance and Reformation worlds -- evoked a new organization of society and foretold a new direction for Germany."--Publisher's description+-+K03416558534912ocn019923006book19890.74Ozment, Steven EReligion and culture in the Renaissance and ReformationHistoryConference proceedings26315ocn071226568book19830.28Kagan, DonaldThe Western heritage : since 1300HistoryExaminations, questions, etcTextbooksStudy guidesThis book is a core text for introductory-level survey courses in Western Civilization and European History and Civilization. Written by leading scholars in the field, this authoritative text presents an engaging and balanced narrative of the central developments in Western history. Seamlessly integrating coverage of social, cultural and political history, this text is presented in a flexible chronological organization. The new Ninth Edition provides updated scholarship, expanded coverage of cultural history, the ancient Near East, late antiquity, imperialism, and the Holocaust. - Publisher+-+13988268652406ocn056942435book20050.77Piety and family in early modern Europe : essays in honour of Steven OzmentHistory"At first sight, the subjects of piety and family life may appear to have little in common. Yet, as the essays in this volume make clear, there are in fact a number of shared features and points of contact that make the study of these issues a particularly fertile area for scholars of the Reformation period. Whether it be the concept of an individual's relationship with God - so often articulated in familial terms, the place of domestic devotions, or the difficulties that faced families split by rival confessional beliefs and mixed marriages, this book demonstrates how piety and family life were interwoven in the social and theological landscape of early modern Europe." "Inspired by the works of Steven Ozment, the volume is divided into two sections, each of which deals with a particular concern of his writings. The first four chapters address issues of Reformation theology and the medieval heritage, whilst the remaining seven examine the spiritual life of families. Together they underline how modern scholarship by broadening its conceptual outlook and bringing together seemingly unrelated subjects, can provide a more sophisticated understanding of the past."--Jacket+-+43970190253241326ocn000109387book19690.84Gerson, JeanJean Gerson. Selections from A Deo exivit, Contra curiositatem studentium and De mystica theologia speculativa01ocn080827169book1995Larson, Carlton Frederick WilliamAnd now it's time for : deep sourcesHistory+-+5512755585324+-+5512755585324Thu Oct 16 15:40:39 EDT 2014batch26121