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Thu Feb 12 22:06:14 2015 UTClccn-n791389500.19Stephen Shore: From Galilee to the Negev0.340.82The displaced peoples of Europe24746373Jane_Kramern 79138950370221クレイマー, ジェーンlccn-n79109040Ginsberg, Allen1926-1997auilccn-n78006337Blanton, Henrylccn-no2002074605Pitner, John Irvinlccn-n82042232Ahearn, John1951-lccn-no98071315Creative Arts Television (Firm)np-brockway, merrillBrockway, Merrilllccn-n85026078Kultur International Filmslccn-n80025899Steichen, Edward1879-1973lccn-n85327151Wayne, David1914-1995nrtlccn-n85819440WCBS-TV (Television station : New York, N.Y.)Kramer, JaneBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsCase studiesPersonal narrativesPictorial worksEuropeSocial historyPoets, AmericanBeat generationEthnic relationsManners and customsCowboysTexasAliensRefugeesMigration, InternalForeign workersSocial sciences--PhilosophyIdealismEthicsPhilosophy and social sciencesGermanyInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Political cultureHolocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)HistoriographyNationalismMilitia movementsWashington (State)--Whatcom CountyNew York (State)--New YorkHispanic Americans in artNew York (State)--New York--BronxAfrican Americans in artPublic sculpturePhotography, ArtisticPhotographersUnited StatesPhotographyNew York (State)--New York--Greenwich VillageAgricultural industriesAhearn, John,Neo-NazismSecret serviceGermany (East)DenazificationTravelGermany--BerlinWest BankGinsberg, Allen,Shore, Stephen,IsraelPolitical scienceAwardsLiterary prizesSwitzerland193819631968196919701971197219731977198019811982198319861988199019911992199319941995199619971998199920022003200420052006201220132014609443153BPS3513.I74ocn000005597ocn017982003ocn003397361ocn005800695ocn033864966ocn049891400ocn030516543ocn000098290ocn036949867ocn000076090132330ocn000005597book19340.33Kramer, JaneAllen Ginsberg in AmericaBiography+-+943691533586712ocn017982003book19880.26Kramer, JaneEuropeansBiographyEssays over bekende en onbekende Westeuropeanen en Westeuropese landen en plaatsen82212ocn003397361book19770.24Kramer, JaneThe last cowboyBiographyPortrays the life of a man who strives to be "a proper cowboy" despite radical changes which have propelled the Old West into a New Southwest characterized by industrialized agribusiness+-+096111762532479011ocn005800695book19800.37Kramer, JaneUnsettling EuropeCase studies67012ocn033864966book19960.39Kramer, JaneThe politics of memory : looking for Germany in the new GermanyIn the Politics of Memory Jane Kramer surveys the moral and political landscape of today's Germany, where the reunification of East and West has brought into conflict two vastly different memories of what it means to "be" German. These essays cut straight to the Zeitgeist of Europe's most politically and economically influential country. Self-styled anarchists destroy a filmmaker's Berlin restaurant to protest its "bourgeois" nature, but their ruthless call for freedom is simply German fascism repackaged. A young East German who escapes to the West doesn't know what to do with himself once he gets there - an example of the deep passivity that is perhaps the Communists' most troubling legacy to the "new" Germany. And the bizarre story of a German holocaust memorial reveals a revisionist desire to portray the country as a victim of World War II by "turning the twelve dark years of Hitler into twelve years of resistance to Hitler and occupation by Hitler; an abandonment, for the sake of settling the past into 'history, ' of the very plain historical truth that Germany had chosen Hitler."+-+67239942155179ocn049891400book20020.31Kramer, JaneLone patriot : the short career of an American militiamanIn the mid 1990s self-styled Patriot John Pitner gathered around him a ragtag band of discontents, all eager to avenge themselves against America's enemies, both foreign and domestic. Fervently believing that a New World Order threatened their liberty and way of life, Pitner and his recruits prepared for confrontation until an FBI sting led to their arrests on conspiracy charges in 1997. In Lone Patriot, acclaimed New Yorker correspondent Jane Kramer delivers an intimate look into the life and mind of a militia leader and his followers, exploring the volatile mix of personalities and politics that shapes their extreme worldview. Through a series of exclusive interviews with them both before and after, Kramer paints an incredible portrait of a rural America that is rarely glimpsed but strikingly relevant. From the Trade Paperback edition+-+17878555963997ocn030516543book19920.56Kramer, JaneWhose art is it?Criticism, interpretation, etc"Whose Art Is It? is the story of sculptor John Ahearn, a white artist in a black and Hispanic neighborhood of the South Bronx, and of the people he cast for a series of public sculptures commissioned for an intersection outside a police station. Jane Kramer, telling this story, raises one of the most urgent questions of our time: How do we live in a society we share with people who are, often by their own definitions, "different?" Ahearn's subjects were "not the best of the neighborhood." They were a junkie, a hustler, and a street kid. Their images sparked a controversy throughout the community - and New York itself - over issues of white representations of people of color and the appropriateness of particular images as civic art. The sculptures, cast in bronze and painted, were up for only five days before Ahearn removed them." From the bookjacket+-+80806877353242958ocn000098290book19700.31Kramer, JaneHonor to the bride like the pigeon that guards its grain under the clove tree1241ocn070673878visu20060.39Steichen, EdwardThis is Edward SteichenCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyInterviewsVisits photographer Edward Steichen at the age of 86 at his home in Connecticut. Examines Steichen's work in various genres: fashion, industrial, nature, combat, portrait. Includes interviews and features numerous photographs1073ocn002393396book19630.39Kramer, JaneOff Washington Square; a reporter looks at Greenwich Village, N.Y386ocn075439317book19930.47Kramer, JaneSonderbare Europäer : Gesichter und Geschichten181ocn007309925rcrd19800.82Kramer, JaneThe displaced peoples of EuropeKramer discusses Europe's newest immigrants, and how they differ from those of the past142ocn023816811book19910.47Kramer, JaneEuropéens131ocn850219475file20030.60Taylor, CharlesModern social imaginariesAn accounting of the varying forms of social imaginary that have underpinned the rise of Western modernity133ocn405595280book19820.67Kramer, JaneLes derniers cow-boys132ocn051617934book19960.47Kramer, JaneUnter Deutschen : Briefe aus einem kleinen Land in EuropaPersonal narratives71ocn864666156book20140.19Shore, StephenStephen Shore: From Galilee to the NegevPictorial works72ocn165154460book19930.56Kramer, JaneEine Amerikanerin in Berlin : ethnologische Spaziergänge62ocn255004599book19940.74Jane Kramer, lauréate du Prix européen de l'essai Charles Veillon 199362ocn256426161mix19800.63Kramer, JaneOptisch und thermographisch sichtbare Reaktionen der Haut nach Bestrahlung mit schnellen Elektronen81ocn035058457book19930.56Kramer, JaneEine Amerikanerin in Berlin : ethnologische Spaziergänge+-+6723994215+-+6723994215Fri Feb 13 10:25:03 EST 2015batch16391