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Fri Mar 21 17:06:57 2014 UTClccn-n791412880.00Dubos, Rene Jules0.411.00Ecological odyssey : the intellectual development of René J. Dubos /14769130René_Dubosn 79141288372529Di︠u︡bo, Rene, 1901-1982Dubos, R.Dubos, René.Dubos, René, 1901-1982Dubos, René J.Dubos, René Jules.Dubos, René Jules, 1901-Dubos, René Jules, 1901-1982Дюбо, Рене, 1901-1982Дюбо, Рене Ж., 1901-1982ジュボス, ルネデュボ, ルネデュボス, R. Jデュボス, ルネlccn-n50050646Pasteur, Louis1822-1895lccn-n79069126Ward, Barbara1914-1981redlccn-n79023228Pines, Mayalccn-no2003010659Columbia UniversityInstitute for the Study of Science in Human Affairslccn-n86130805Dubos, Jean1918-lccn-n2001013126Avery, Oswald Theodore1877-1955nc-rockefeller universityRockefeller Universitylccn-n88623400Patrick, David Lyall1899-lccn-n80036614Wright, Louis B.(Louis Booker)1899-1984lccn-n79006579Brée, GermaineDubos, René J.(René Jules)1901-1982HistoryBiographyPopular worksHuman ecologyHuman beings--Effect of environment onTechnology and civilizationPasteur, Louis,Human beingsScientistsFranceEnvironmental healthMedicine--PhilosophyAdaptation (Biology)Diseases--Causes and theories of causationSocial evolutionHuman evolutionScience and civilizationSciencePathogenic bacteriaMedical mycologyNature--Effect of human beings onMedicineMicrobiologistsCommunicable diseasesAllergyNature conservationLandscape protectionTuberculosisMicrobiologyRockefeller UniversityAvery, Oswald Theodore,Medical scientistsNew York (State)--New YorkCivilizationScience and the humanitiesProgressHygiene--PhilosophyHealth--PhilosophyDubos, René J.--(René Jules),Tuberculosis--Social aspectsEcologistsAdaptation (Physiology)HealthSocial medicineAntibioticsMycosesBacterial diseasesHygieneEcologyLifeMumford, Lewis,Ecology--PhilosophyBookchin, Murray,190119821913192619271941194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019921993199419951996199719981999200220052007201020112012330823341054610HM206ocn461865646ocn461781989ocn461651342ocn300002199ocn301292543ocn767854444ocn780546611ocn651174997ocn441858944ocn461533597ocn461511150ocn462042443ocn459545561252745ocn000266940book19720.31Ward, BarbaraOnly one earth : the care and maintenance of a small planet+-+K476588485238120ocn000175625book19680.33Dubos, René JSo human an animal"Is the human species becoming dehumanized by the condition of his environment? So Human an Animal is an attempt to address this broad concern, and explain why so little is being done to address this issue. The book sounds both an urgent warning, and offers important policy insights into how this trend towards dehumanization can be halted and finally reversed. Dubos asserts that we are as much the product of our total environment as of our genetic endowment. In fact, the environment we live in can greatly enhance, or severely limit, the development of human potential. Yet we are deplorably ignorant of the effects of our surroundings on human life. We create conditions which can only thwart human nature." "So Human an Animal is a book with hope no less than alarm. Science can change our suicidal course by learning to deal analytically with the living experience of human beings, by supplementing the knowledge of things and of the body machine with a science of human life. Only then can we give larger scope to human freedom by providing a rational basis for option and action."--BOOK JACKET+-+3479530125214435ocn014647464book19500.29Dubos, René JLouis Pasteur, free lance of scienceHistoryBiography+-+2717531585179116ocn000422485book19720.32Dubos, René JA God within166938ocn000231360book19650.53Dubos, René JMan adapting+-+0630755585151555ocn000602865book19650.21Dubos, René JHealth and diseaseDiscusses the different etiologies of disease, including contagion, nutrition, poison, genetic traits, and stress14156ocn000940661book19740.33Dubos, René JBeast or angel? : choices that make us humanA microbiologist inquires into the origins of human needs and desires, and shows that the existential expressions of man's genetic nature are not constant136947ocn001414537book19590.59Dubos, René JMirage of health, utopias, progress, and biological changeHistory+-+9407608635324136718ocn007461739book19810.32Dubos, René JCelebrations of life13618ocn000073558book19700.47Dubos, René JReason awake : science for man127352ocn000328474book19480.76Dubos, René JBacterial and mycotic infections of man / edited by Réne J. Dubos [and] James G. Hirsch125221ocn000522321book19610.50Dubos, René JThe dreams of reason; science and utopias114510ocn005831303book19800.32Dubos, René JThe wooing of Earth107915ocn000523801book19600.29Dubos, René JPasteur and modern scienceBiography95217ocn001171830book19520.50Dubos, René JThe White plague : tuberculosis, man and societyHistoryThe authors examine the social aspects of the TB epidemic, along with some of the biological factors. They show how TB was romanticized, how it was portrayed as a demon coming to rob the healthy of life, and how it sparked scientific invention - in particular the stethoscope+-+297760863589312ocn000237293book19620.33Dubos, René JThe unseen worldPopular works85910ocn002625625book19760.56Dubos, René JThe professor, the institute, and DNAHistoryBiography71016ocn017918277book19880.28Dubos, René JPasteur and modern scienceBiography+-+79966300067086ocn000551271book19620.53Dubos, René JThe torch of life; continuity in living experienceHistory7033ocn000161572book19710.63Essays in honor of David Lyall Patrick2662ocn060514928book20050.76Moberg, Carol LRené Dubos, friend of the good earth : microbiologist, medical scientist, environmentalistBiography"Dubos' science is presented in the context of twentieth-century biology, medicine, and ecology. The ecological approach that led to his discovery of the first antibiotic was the foundation of his career as a medical scientist and environmentalist. The issues he raised, including antibiotic resistance, the interrelatedness of environmental health to human health, and the potential danger of relying too heavily on vaccines and drugs to eradicate disease, continue to be provocative and increasingly relevant today. A prolific author and a passionate humanist, Dubos served as the conscience of the environmental movement and coined the popular motto "Think globally, act locally.""--BOOK JACKET+-+15986300063241862ocn026769067book19900.88Launching the antibiotic era : personal accounts of the discovery and use of the first antibioticsHistoryConference proceedings72ocn779245738book20120.47Morris, BrianPioneers of ecological humanismCriticism, interpretation, etc71ocn015974231book19790.76Dubos, René JHuman development and the social environment42ocn033929769book19860.95Dreessen, Mark FRené Dubos and the public understanding of science31ocn015974239book19790.92Dubos, René JLe développement de la personne humaine21ocn045706970book19980.96Cooper, Jill ElaineOf microbes and men : a scientific biography of René Jules Dubos21ocn018048517book19861.00Zabusky, Alexander NicholasEcological odyssey : the intellectual development of René J. Dubos11ocn042250080book19781.00The environmentalists : an interview with Rene DubosInterviews11ocn052759660art1999Dubos, Rene Jules11ocn077821576mix1.00Kahler, ErichErich (Von) Kahler papersAlso correspondence with publishers and magazines, 1938-68; correspondence about his articles, academic institutions, Jewish organizations, and students, 1940-70; correspondence concerning the Van Leer Foundation, 1965-67, with Kenneth Boulding, Rene Dubos, and Herbert Marcuse. Other items include diaries, 1906-07 and 1911-13; notes and drafts of letters, 1905-54; and manuscripts of articles, lectures, and books, 1907-6812ocn232006979mix1.00Seaman, BarbaraContains correspondence; letters from readers; drafts of articles; minutes, reports and printed material of the National Women's Health Network; photos; tapes; and background material on women's health care11ocn122578645mixBergmann, MLetters, reports, addresses and lectures, relating to biological chemistry and other scientific topics, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, refugee scientists, professional associations, etc11ocn070980240mix1.00Waksman, Selman ASelman A. Waksman papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, speeches, articles, and radio scripts pertaining to Waksman's career in the field of microbiology. Correspondence with colleagues pertains to Waksman's discovery of the antibiotic streptomycin as well as to his research of other microbes. Other correspondence relates to Waksman's early studies at Rutgers University, his graduate work at the University of California, and his return to Rutgers in 1918 as a lecturer in soil microbiology. Correspondents include Paul R. Burkholder, René J. Dubos, Alexander Fleming, and George Wilhelm Merck11ocn046326605book0.47Germain, Carel BPapersHistorySourcesPersonal narratives AmericanWritings; teaching materials; correspondence audio tapes; research files; and printed material11ocn173465935mixRous, PeytonThis collection includes correspondence, lectures, articles, reports, laboratory records, reprints, and photographs, and documents all aspects of his life and work, mainly at the Rockefeller Institute after 1909. Reflecting his work at the Institute are letters of colleagues, information on assistants, and reports to the directors (1909-1959). His impact on the field of experimental medicine was significant, given his role as the editor of the "Journal of Experimental Medicine" (1921-1970), and there are over 8 feet of material documenting his editorial activity11ocn309734154book19571.00Dubos, René JReminiscences of Rene Jules Dubos :InterviewsPart I: Development of his work in bacteriology to 1943, and, more particularly, his thinking about his work; childhood and early training; polysaccharide of pneumococcus; Oswald T. Avery; tyrocidine, streptomycin and gramicidin; Harvard University and the war years11ocn122624684mix0.47College of Physicians of PhiladelphiaPresidential papers of Katharine R. SturgisSeries 4 provides information on lectureships and lectureship administration. Present is correspondence with lecturers, announcements, and historical notes. Also included are transcripts of lectures by Gonzalo E. Aponte, Bruno Bettelheim, Sidney Cohen, Donald B. Effler, Frank R. Ervin, Richard J. Herrnstein, Paul Kotin, Hugh L'Etang, Donald M. Small, and Stephen P. Strickland. Included in the lectureship administration records are schedules of lectures, financial statements, and membership lists of lecture committees. Records of various College committees, including the Committee on Bequests, the Greater Philadelphia Committee for Medical-Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Bicentennial Committee, the Committee on Planning, the Search Committee, and the Development Committee, are contained in Series 5. The records of the Bicentennial Committee include transcripts of lectures by Paul R. Ehrlich and René J. Dubos. Also of note are the records of the Search Committee; documented in these records is the College's 1972 search for a new executive director. Vice President John P. Hubbard is a significant correspondent. Series 6 contains miscellaneous material, including correspondence on the 1972 re-establishment of the Section on General Medicine (which had been discontinued in 1966), schedules of College meetings and events, and miscellaneous printed materials11ocn122440206mixRivers, Thomas MThis collection contains correspondence, laboratory notes, speeches, photographs, and documents primarily the Rockefeller Institute, the development of a polio vaccine, and River's Navy experience in the Pacific during World War II11ocn496102598mix1.00Ward, BarbaraBarbara Ward recorsCorrespondence, memoranda, manuscripts, audio tapes, and printed materials relating to the book ONLY ONE EARTH. The correspondence files are chiefly photocopies of letters and comments from the international committee, letters and memoranda of Jackson's staff and letters from Dubos to Jackson. There is one cataloged letter from Hubert H. Humphrey. The manuscript consists of numerous versions with corrections by the authors, the final edited manuscript for the publisher and printer and page proofs. Also, files relating to publicity, serial rights, and reviews for the book. In addition, there is an audio tape package (4 cassettes) entitled "The International Development Strategy: an In-depth Discussion" (Schloat Productions, 1973). A number of the panel members were Columbia University faculty members+-+2977608635+-+2977608635Fri Mar 21 15:13:09 EDT 2014batch37608