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Fri Mar 21 17:15:26 2014 UTClccn-n790181080.27Louis D. Brandeis : a life /0.540.93The people of the state of New York, repondent, against Charles Schweinler press, a corporation, defendant-appellant. A summary of "facts of knowledge" submitted on behalf of the people97302419Louis_Brandeisn 79018108251963Brandeis, LouisBrandeis, Louis, 1856-1941Brandeis, Louis D.Brandeis, Louis D., 1856-1941Brandeis, Louis D. (Louis Dembitz), 1856-1941Brandeis, Louis DembitzBrandis, Luʼis D., 1856-1941Dembitz Brandeis, Louis 1856-1941באראנדעס, לואיס דמביץ, 1856-1941בראנדייס, לואיס דמביץ, 1856-1941בראנדעס, לואיס דמביץ, 1856-1941בראנדײס, ל. ד.ברנדייס, לואיס ד., 1856-1941ברנדיס, לואיס ד.ברנדיס, לואיס דמביץ, 1856-1941ברנדס, לואי דמביץברנדס, לואיס דמביץ, 1856-1941lccn-n50025733Frankfurter, Felix1882-1965auiedtlccn-n79006848United StatesSupreme Courtlccn-n50045794Urofsky, Melvin I.edtlccn-n50043663Mason, Alpheus Thomas1899-1989lccn-n79054782Holmes, Oliver WendellJr1841-1935lccn-n79027065Strum, Philippalccn-n50033449Goldmark, Josephine1877-1950lccn-n50050145Lief, Alfred1901-1971edtlccn-n80034390Landis, James McCauley1899-1964lccn-n83201778McCraw, Thomas K.Brandeis, Louis Dembitz1856-1941BiographyTrials, litigation, etcRecords and correspondenceHistoryUnited StatesBrandeis, Louis Dembitz,JudgesStatesmenLawUnited States.--Supreme CourtFrankfurter, Felix,ZionismIndustrial policyTrade regulationBanks and bankingFinanceHolmes, Oliver Wendell,Landis, James McCauley,Adams, Charles Francis,Kahn, Alfred E.--(Alfred Edward)Hours of laborBusinessEconomic historyJudicial opinionsZionistsWeizmann, Chaim,Zionist CommissionPolitical scienceLawyersAmerican essaysCivilizationPractice of lawOregonLabor laws and legislationWomen--EmploymentSocial sciencesSocial problemsIndustrial efficiencyFatigueMarshall, John,Taney, Roger Brooke,Constitutional lawIndustriesHours of labor--Law and legislationRailroads--ManagementRailroads--Freight--RatesConstitution (United States)Women--Employment--Law and legislationBunting, Franklin OEight-hour movementLife insurance--State supervisionCommercial lawEconomicsElectric utilities--Rates--Law and legislation1856194118681883188618881889189018911892189418951896190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119231925192619271929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431945194619471948194919511952195319541956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013489237921559347.732634KF8745.B67ocn858264363ocn247240034ocn253023204179960ocn032458007book19140.63Brandeis, Louis DembitzOther people's money and how the bankers use itLouis Brandeis published Other People's Money in 1914 to warn of the dangers of the "money trust"--The extensive control a few powerful banks exercised over the nation's money supply and American industry. This new edition places Brandeis's influential work in the context of Progressive-era reform and describes the key role that Brandeis and his book played in shaping early twentieth-century public policy. Photographs, a chronology, questions for consideration, a+-+K96856768594930ocn000218351book19140.73Brandeis, Louis DembitzBusiness: a profession9347ocn000167847book19340.66Brandeis, Louis DembitzThe curse of bigness : miscellaneous papers of Louis D. Brandeis66310ocn000497022book19570.66Brandeis, Louis DembitzThe unpublished opinions of Mr. Justice Brandeis; the Supreme Court at workTrials, litigation, etc56620ocn060734736book19110.76Brandeis, Louis DembitzScientific management and railroads being part of a brief submitted to the Interstate Commerce Commission41017ocn000525396book19420.73Brandeis, Louis DembitzBrandeis on Zionism : a collection of addresses and statements+-+45181813363968ocn000087850book19070.66Brandeis, Louis DembitzWomen in industry33812ocn011167126book19080.81Brandeis, Louis DembitzWomen in industry decision of the United States Supreme Court in Curt Muller vs. State of Oregon, upholding the constitutionality of the Oregon ten hour law for women and brief for the State of OregonTrials, litigation, etc2719ocn060732494file19050.86Brandeis, Louis DembitzLife insurance, the abuses and the remedies an address delivered before the Commercial Club of Boston2584ocn060720106file18950.84Business law, 1895-96Trials, litigation, etc25110ocn003557868book19120.84Goldmark, JosephineFatigue and efficiency; a study in industry+-+09527628962226ocn001472941book19410.81Brandeis, Louis DembitzThe Brandeis guide to the modern world"Fundamental ideas [of Justice Brandeis] expressed in correspondence, conversations, addresses, judicial opinions, and other writings."--Pref2167ocn060735676file19130.81Brandeis, Louis DembitzCentral power station rates1984ocn060734740file19110.84Brandeis, Louis DembitzBefore the Interstate Commerce Commission Docket no. 3400, re investigation of proposed advances in freight rates by carriers in official classification territory : brief on behalf of Traffic Committee of Commercial Organizations of the Atlantic Seaboard1958ocn000844380book19160.92Frankfurter, FelixThe case for the shorter work day. Franklin O. Bunting, plaintiff in error, vs. The state of Oregon, defendant in error. Brief for defendant in error. Felix Frankfurter, of counsel for the State of Oregon. Assisted by Josephine GoldmarkTrials, litigation, etc+-+93082007961627ocn002172060book19180.93Brandeis, Louis DembitzThe people of the state of New York, repondent, against Charles Schweinler press, a corporation, defendant-appellant. A summary of "facts of knowledge" submitted on behalf of the peopleTrials, litigation, etc1421ocn741751397book20120.88Brandeis, Louis DembitzLouis D. Brandeis's MIT lectures on law (1892-1894)1303ocn609786181file19160.86Frankfurter, FelixThe case for the shorter work day Supreme Court of the United States, October term, 1915 : Franklin O. Bunting, plaintiff in error, vs. the state of Oregon, defendant in error : brief for defendant in errorTrials, litigation, etc1208ocn019434750book19300.66Brandeis, Louis DembitzThe social and economic views of Mr. Justice Brandeis : collected with introductory notes952ocn077081885book20060.81Brandeis at 150 : the Louisville perspective : a sesquicentennial commemorationHistoryBiography"Brandeis at 150: The Louisville Perspective is a collection of articles and essays by Brandeis scholars and admirers that reflect on the accomplishments and legacy of this remarkable native of Louisville, Kentucky. Published in conjunction with the Brandeis at 150 Sesquicentennial Program hosted by the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law on November 13, 2006, this keepsake commemorative volume is a must-read for judges, lawyers and Brandeis scholars, and will inspire readers to become strong advocates for justice and public causes."--Publisher's website192013ocn000345907book19330.50Mason, Alpheus ThomasBrandeis, a free man's lifeBiography15717ocn010349878book19840.47McCraw, Thomas KProphets of regulation : Charles Francis Adams, Louis D. Brandeis, James M. Landis, Alfred E. KahnHistoryFour barons of regulation, the complex relationship between business and government, are profiled with insight toward their individual influence on their agencies. Analyzing these men as "independent social force[s]" questions the validity of personal regulatory failure versus institutional regulatory failure, and why regulation is still an active part of government today+-+135162921515104ocn008170379book19820.35Murphy, Bruce AllenThe Brandeis/Frankfurter connection : the secret political activities of two Supreme Court justicesHistory12376ocn010046592book19840.39Strum, PhilippaLouis D. Brandeis : justice for the peopleBiography115610ocn000711165book19640.53Todd, A. LJustice on trial; the case of Louis D. BrandeisBibliography: p. 263-26711264ocn182530458com19870.56Halpern, BenA clash of heroes Brandeis, Weizmann, and American ZionismBiographyThis book examines the conflict between Louis D. Brandeis and Chaim Weizmann, two heroes of a crucial era in recent Jewish history. The author considers how each man confronted the problem of his Jewish identity and the extent to which they both served as models for rival solutions+-+2715950465112211ocn000951599book19560.59Konefsky, Samuel JosephThe legacy of Holmes and Brandeis : a study in the influence of ideas1 copy located in CIRCULATION10983ocn009829642book19840.39Baker, LeonardBrandeis and Frankfurter : a dual biographyBiography10956ocn290468880book20090.27Urofsky, Melvin ILouis D. Brandeis : a lifeHistoryBiographyThe first full-scale biography in 25 years of one of the most important and distinguished justices to sit on the Supreme Court--a book that reveals not only Louis D. Brandeis the reformer, lawyer, and jurist, but also Brandeis the man, in all of his complexity, passion, and wit.--Book jacket+-+911879028510571ocn007081013book19810.37Urofsky, Melvin ILouis D. Brandeis and the progressive traditionBiographyBorn in Louisville, Kentucky, four years before the start of the Civil War, Brandeis came of age in a simple, rural America undergoing vast transition into an industrial powerhouse. The transition spawned a myriad of social problems and inequities, for which he blamed big business as well as the constant erosion of older Jeffersonian values he knew and cherished. But he was never a romanticist who wanted to turn back the clock. During the early days of his highly successful legal career, Brandeis recognized that the worst abuses of the emerging industrial system might be remedied by practical reformers who translated their idealism into specific, workable laws and programs that the average citizen could understand. Progressive reform became his life's work. From defending the public interest in Boston utility cases and investigating fraudulent insurance practices, Brandeis rose rapidly on the national scene to become head of the powerful American Zionist movement after he rediscovered his Jewish identity while arbitrating the passionate and historic New York garment workers' strike. While a Zionist leader, he was instrumental in the attempt to reestablish a Jewish homeland in Palestine. In 1916, in what was the classic fight of the progressive era, Brandeis was appointed to the United States Supreme Court by Woodrow Wilson, to whom he was a close and trusted advisor, over strenuous objections of conservatives and anti-Semites who feared his democratic zeal and ardent reformist thinking. During the next two decades, "Holmes and Brandeis dissenting" became a sort of battle cry in the struggle to keep alive a flexible jurisprudence faithful to progressive values and to experimentation with modern social problems. The author masterfully examines Brandeis' career as a progressive and Zionist, interpreting his life from a new perspective that solidly establishes him as one of the great reformers in American history, and one of the greatest legal craftsmen ever to sit on the high court. -- from Book Jacket10113ocn009219401book19830.35Paper, Lewis JBrandeisBiographyThis stirring biography paints the most complete picture of one of America's greatest Supreme Court Justices, Louis D. Brandeis. From a dedicated Zionist working with FDR to save the Jews in Germany to a loving husband nursing his wife back to health, Brandeis' life and career are portrayed in all their brilliant facets9991ocn000733038book19540.50Miller, PerryAmerican thought: Civil War to World War I9802ocn045731351com19780.29Brandeis, Louis DembitzLetters of Louis D. BrandeisRecords and correspondence9383ocn000149993book0.59Brandeis, Louis DembitzLetters of Louis D. BrandeisRecords and correspondence8329ocn000652098book19360.63Lief, AlfredBrandeis : the personal history of an American ideal7953ocn000155841book19710.56Urofsky, Melvin IA mind of one piece; Brandeis and American reform78210ocn000420332book19320.66Frankfurter, FelixMr. Justice Brandeis : essays7681ocn044960472com19720.35Brandeis, Louis DembitzLetters of Louis D. BrandeisRecords and correspondence7571ocn044960541com19710.35Brandeis, Louis DembitzLetters of Louis D. BrandeisRecords and correspondence7467ocn001001515book19410.66Levy, Beryl HaroldOur Constitution: tool or testament?Constitution+-+K968567685+-+K968567685Fri Mar 21 15:41:39 EDT 2014batch46581