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Fri Mar 21 17:08:28 2014 UTClccn-n790186660.10Heroes of World War II the incredible story of the greatest Allied commanders of World War II0.250.94Rules and regulations for the sword exercise of the cavalry to which is added, the review exercise /19799369George_S._Pattonn 79018666252514Badun, ... 1885-1945Paton, ... 1885-1945Paton, Jorǰ 1885-1945Patton, George S.Patton, George S. III. 1885-1945Patton, George S. III. jr. 1885-1945Patton, George S, JrPatton, George S. jr. III 1885-1945Patton, George Smith, 1885-1945Patton, Georgie, 1885-1945Patun, ... 1885-1945Patun, Jorǰ 1885-1945Паттон, Джордж, 1885-1945パットンlccn-n79063202United StatesArmylccn-n50009590Blumenson, Martinothedtlccn-n81098896Scott, George C.1927-1999prfactlccn-n84161165Schaffner, Franklin J.drtlccn-no2009091946Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporationlccn-n50009175Farago, Ladislasantlccn-no89014727Malden, Karlactlccn-n79023293United StatesArmyArmy, 3rdlccn-n80145599Coppola, Francis Ford1939-sceausadplccn-n95088436Harkins, Paul D.(Paul Donal)1904-1984auiannPatton, George S.(George Smith)1885-1945DramaPersonal narratives‡vAmericanBiographyHistoryPoetryHandbooks, manuals, etcRegistersRulesFilm adaptationsMilitary historyPatton, George S.--(George Smith),United StatesGeneralsWorld War (1939-1945)United States.--ArmyMilitary campaignsGermanyAfrica, NorthMilitary leadershipPatton familyFamiliesWestern Front (World War (1914-1918))Rommel, Erwin,MothersGenerals' spousesSpeeches, addresses, etc., AmericanMarriagePatton, Beatrice Banning Ayer,Bradley, Omar Nelson,Motivation (Psychology)Military historyGermany--HammelburgOflag XIII B (Concentration camp)Prisoners of warArdennes, Battle of the (1944-1945)Eisenhower, Dwight D.--(Dwight David),Military biographyGreat BritainMontgomery of Alamein, Bernard Law Montgomery,--Viscount,MarshalsEuropeCavalry drill and tacticsPolitical sciencePolitical oratorySpeeches, addresses, etc., EnglishGreat Britain.--ArmyWar poetry, AmericanMilitary art and scienceCavalryArmorArtillery drill and tacticsBaron, RichardPhysical education and trainingSabersSwordplayWeaponsMotion picture music--ExcerptsFarago, LadislasEnglandMotion picture music188519451887189118941908190919111912191419151919192219261927192819311932193619371940194119431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195519571960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014578007541382BE745.P3ocn781378214ocn075888852ocn456722603ocn767459669Generals184631ocn000394259book19450.24Patton, George SWar as I knew itHistoryBiographyPersonal narrativesPersonal narratives AmericanMemoirs of General Patton's campaigns, assembled from his letters and other writings+-+66440780053633ocn034949342visu19950.28Great American speeches 80 years of political oratorySourcesTraces the history of visually recorded American oratory and discusses the evolution of how, through technology, politicians appear to the public. Each segment has narrative perspective and visual clips which portray that historical era2133ocn123904395visu20040.22Greatest speeches of all timeSeen and heard in this original footage are the dramatic speeches from world leaders that changed the course of history and inspired millions worldwide+-+92340403363241422ocn233613586visu20070.27The greatest speeches of all-timeA collection of the most important and well-known speeches of modern times. These are the dramatic words from world leaders that changed the course of history and inspired millions worldwide+-+92340403363241365ocn007153127book19720.27Patton, George SThe Patton papersBiographyCollected letters and diary entries shed light on Patton's character, life, and years as a general995ocn021043894book19900.88Patton, George SThe poems of General George S. Patton, Jr. : lines of firePoetry+-+2716194335693ocn021878421rcrd19470.13Patton, George SWar as I knew itPersonal narratives AmericanThis is a consolidation of letters to Gen. Patton's wife, telling the history of the Third Army, his campaigns, and giving insight into the problems of modern high command by a brilliant professional soldier682ocn038126786visu19970.39Great American speeches ; 80 years of political oratoryThe second in a six part series tracing the history of visually recorded American oratory with commentary and film clips which place each speech in historical perspective. This program features FDR's declaration of war on Japan, General Douglas MacArthur's "Old soldiers never die" retirement speech before Congress. Other speeches include FDR's humorous response to Republican allegations of budgetary waste surrounding his dog, Fala, General George Patton's controversial stump speech in support of World War II and excerpts from John L. Lewis's five-hour pro-union filibuster before a congressional committee studying mine safety544ocn054866560book19960.25Patton, George SThe Patton papers, 1940-1945Biography+-+8262531585461ocn009900477book19140.90United StatesSaber exercise, 1914RulesHandbooks, manuals, etc401ocn003739483rcrd19700.37Goldsmith, JerryPatton original motion picture score332ocn021135023book18120.81Grose, FrancisMilitary antiquities respecting a history of the English Army, from the conquest to the present timeHistoryRegisters292ocn146233833visu20050.10Heroes of World War II the incredible story of the greatest Allied commanders of World War IICollections of programs on heroes of the Second World War, including Dwight Eisenhower, George S. Patton, Omar Bradley, Douglas Macarthur, Henry "Hap" Arnold, James Doolittle, Chester W. Nimitz, George C. Marshall, Joseph Stilwell, Bernard Montgomery, Georgi Zhukov, Sir Arthur Harris, and others191ocn156815142rcrd20070.19Greatest speeches of all-time+-+4724040336183ocn301396410book19750.47Blumenson, MartinLes carnets secrets du général Patton, 1885-1945134ocn047725180book19720.22Blumenson, MartinThe Patton papers: 1885-1940BiographyDiaries+-+0713531585113ocn602730359book19500.28Patton, George SKrieg wie ich ihn erlebtePersonal narratives American111ocn021102055book17960.94Le Marchant, John GaspardRules and regulations for the sword exercise of the cavalry to which is added, the review exerciseHandbooks, manuals, etc111ocn781684158book20120.27Bloomfield, Gary LThe maxims of General PattonQuotations102ocn021134996book19110.76Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen, Kraft Karl August Eduard FriedrichLetters on cavalryHistoryMilitary history411287ocn069948591visu19700.20Schaffner, Franklin JPattonBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsStory of General Patton in World War II whose military brilliance was balanced by his inability to deal with the social and political aspects of war, causing him difficulties in his dealings with the War Department20487ocn000247428book19720.27Patton, George SThe Patton papersBiographyCollected letters and diary entries shed light on Patton's character, life, and years as a general+-+826253158518666ocn033047010book19950.23D'Este, CarloPatton : a genius for warBiographyOffers a detailed look at the life and career of the famous World War II general, and depicts his accomplishments and complex personality+-+8712745155178411ocn012313740book19850.21Blumenson, MartinPatton, the man behind the legend, 1885-1945BiographyA re-creation of the life and career of this army general that uses liberal quotes from Patton and his family. An incisive study of General George Patton probes the sensitivity, emotionality, and insecurities that were concealed behind the public facade of a macho military man and that also produced one of the world's greatest generals+-+9042863315174825ocn000405969book19630.24Farago, LadislasPatton : ordeal and triumphMilitary historyBiographyThis monumental definitive biography of George S. Patton Jr. supplies the missing link in the history of World War II+-+7665169406172712ocn006789920book19800.20Farago, LadislasThe last days of PattonHistoryBiographyThe Last Days of Patton is the story of General George S. Patton's final battle -- the Allied victory over Germany in the spring of 1945 and the ensuing nine months of his life, with particular attention given to his fatal automobile accident in December. Ladislas Fargo chronicles the postwar adventures and misfortunes that ultimately deprived Patton of the glory and victory he had earned in his career as military strategist, leader, and hero. - Jacket flap+-+538616940614824ocn050115876book20020.21Hirshson, Stanley PGeneral Patton : a soldier's lifeMilitary historyBiography"Provides an in-depth chronology of the life of General George Patton, Jr., discussing his military maneuvers, his ability to inspire his soldiers, his belief in a soldier's Valhalla, and his relief from command of the Third Army."+-+473455515514009ocn061109586book20050.21Axelrod, AlanPatton : a biographyMilitary historyBiographyProfiles the iconic American general as a controversial tactician whose methods and legacy still evoke heated debates, in an account that evaluates his military innovations and contributions to preparing America's first generation of desert soldiers+-+548624859612564ocn000871338book19740.25Essame, HubertPatton; a study in commandBiographyExamines General George S. Patton's leadership and strategy as a battlefield commander in North Africa and Europe during World War II106510ocn000399591book19640.23Ayer, FrederickBefore the colors fade; a portrait of a soldier: George S. Patton, JrBiographyA personal view of the man written by his nephew+-+041824223510633ocn191953251file20050.47Totten, Ruth Ellen PattonThe button box a daughter's loving memoir of Mrs. George S. PattonBiography"Memoir of Beatrice Ayer Patton (1886-1953), the wife of General George S. Patton, Jr. The book covers Beatrice's life from her youth in New England until her death, with an emphasis on her years of marriage to George Patton"--Provided by publisher+-+4120671735104411ocn007632195book19810.20Baron, RichardRaid! : the untold story of Patton's secret missionHistoryPersonal narratives AmericanThe orders came from Patton himself: Take a strike force behind enemy lines--with no air or ground support--and liberate a POW camp at Hammelburg, where Patton's son-in-law was held. Captain Abe Baum and an armored task force answered the call, crashing through an enemy-held town, plunging into German territory, and fighting their way to Hammelburg. With the German army closing in around them, the raiders kept going, until they had liberated 1,500 prisoners of war. Baum's Raiders had just achieved an impossible objective. Now they had to get back out....RAID! Written by the men who were there, Raid! is the gripping real-life story of a controversial mission in the heart of World War II. From the belly of a Sherman Tank pelted with enemy fire to the POWs waiting behind barbed wire, this is a thrilling, you-are-there chronicle of human courage--in the face of impossible odds. From the Paperback edition+-+145187599510115ocn044953906com19880.28Essame, HubertPatton as military commanderBiography+-+844437384510074ocn041319972book19990.25Hanson, Victor DavisThe soul of battle : from ancient times to the present day, how three great liberators vanquished tyranny"In The Soul of Battle, Victor Davis Hanson, answers these questions in a new and startling way. Hanson offers three incredible stories - the sagas of history's greatest marches - that coalesce into a single powerful theory of men and war. Each story involves a democratic army pulled together on short notice, which marched deep into enemy territory to overthrow a government whose morality was fundamentally repugnant to its own. Each army stunned the world by covering many miles and capturing huge numbers of its demoralized foes. In all three cases, Hanson argues, conviction (more than firepower) made the difference against long odds. Hanson's conclusion has far-reaching consequences in our convictionless times: right makes might."--BOOK JACKET+-+97509393159624ocn758334237com20110.39Rickard, John NelsonAdvance and destroy Patton as commander in the BulgeHistoryIn the winter of 1944-1945, Hitler sought to divide Allied forces in the heavily forested Ardennes region of Luxembourg and Belgium. He deployed more than 400,000 troops in one of the last major German offensives of the war, which became known as the Battle of the Bulge, in a desperate attempt to regain the strategic initiative in the West. Hitler's effort failed for a variety of reasons, but many historians assert that Lieutenant General George S. Patton Jr.'s Third Army was ultimately responsible for securing Allied victory. Although Patton has assumed a larger-than-life reputation for his l+-+50098686353249395ocn617565184book20110.20Jordan, Jonathan WBrothers, rivals, victors : Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley, and the partnership that drove the Allied conquest in EuropeHistoryBiographyExamines the relationship between American World War II generals Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley, and looks at how they were able to work together to defeat Germany+-+27678760958785ocn028890532book19940.22Patton, Robert HThe Pattons : a personal history of an American familyBiographyThe star of the family (and of this book) was George S. Patton, Jr. And while there have been biographies of him before (and the movie, Patton, starring George C. Scott), none rivals The Pattons in revealing the inner man that only his family knew: the insecurity behind the bravado; his complex relationships with his wife and children, with his soldiers, and with the romance and horror of war+-+72763392068695ocn316029358book20080.18Brighton, TerryPatton, Montgomery, Rommel : masters of warBiography"In 'Patton, Montgomery, Rommel', one of Britain's most accomplished military scholars presents an unprecedented study of the land war in the North African and European theaters, as well as their chief commanders--three men who also happened to be the most compelling dramatis personae of World War II ..."--Dust jacket+-+39061925858627ocn056566984book20040.20Showalter, Dennis EPatton and Rommel : men of war in the twentieth centuryBiographyPatton and Rommel served their countries through two World Wars. Their temperaments, both on and off the battlefield, were overwhelmingly contrary--but their approach to modern warfare was remarkably similar. Written by a prominent military historian, this book takes a look at both figures, intertwining the stories of the paths they took and the decisions they made during the course of the Second World War--and compares the lives and careers of two men whose military tactics redirected the course of history.--From publisher description+-+71984607958232ocn779180386com20080.37Blumenson, MartinPatton legendary commanderMilitary historyBiography+-+4712339206+-+9234040336324+-+9234040336324Fri Mar 21 15:15:17 EDT 2014batch47153