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Fri Mar 21 17:04:08 2014 UTClccn-n790219740.06A cavalcade of goblins0.060.07The woodcutter's duck /112263431n 79021974255771Turska, Krystyna Zofia.トゥルスカ, クリスチーナトゥルスカ, クリスティナlccn-n80044752Mayne, William1928-2010comlccn-n81030086Jennings, Linda M.lccn-n81044536Garner, Alan1934-lccn-n50040092Brown, Michael1931-comedtlccn-n80044873Avery, Gillian1926-comlccn-n80051716Green, Roger Lancelyncomlccn-n80004255Riordan, James1936-2012lccn-n80005268Aiken, Joan1924-2004comlccn-n79026738Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane1893-1986lccn-n80037033Reeves, JamesTurska, Krystyna1933-Juvenile worksFictionPicture booksStories, plots, etcFairy talesFolkloreFolkloreFairy talesPolandTalesChildren's storiesFamiliesDevilSea storiesDragonsEggsIslandsFriendshipWitchcraftChildren's literatureTurkey--Troy (Extinct city)RussiaSwineBalletsHeroesDollsWitchesPeasantsSoviet UnionMythology, GreekBellerophon (Greek mythology)Pegasus (Greek mythology)Nursery rhymesChildren's poetry, EnglishTrojan WarMiceGrandparentsChickensCoppelia (Choreographic work)Children's literature, AfrikaansAustriaChildren's stories, AfrikaansBrothersDucks1933200219661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901992199319951997199920088833101232[FIC]PZ8.1.T8ocn000012872ocn000364035ocn000138101ocn000297042ocn000001978ocn000667088ocn013214502ocn000144870ocn000439357ocn000799710ocn0738641366402ocn000012872book19690.06Garner, AlanA cavalcade of goblinsForty-two tales, legends, and poems from various countries, including Japan, India, and North America, about giants, goblins, demons, and other supernatural creatures62412ocn000589156book19720.07Turska, KrystynaThe woodcutter's duckJuvenile worksFolkloreFairy talesKindness to a frog brings a Polish woodcutter an unusual power and a change of fortune5757ocn001273444book19750.06Turska, KrystynaThe magician of CracowJuvenile worksFictionA magician who wants to go to the moon sells his soul to the devil to accomplish his objective5004ocn000364035book19710.06Brown, MichaelA cavalcade of sea legendsJuvenile worksTales and poems from many countries about the sea and sea creatures43412ocn006278283book19800.07Mayne, WilliamThe mouse and the eggJuvenile worksFictionWhen the speckled hen lays a golden egg, Grandfather learns the value of her plain brown ones+-+31888409253243454ocn000667088book19730.06Authors' choice 23421ocn000138101book19700.06Green, Roger LancelynA cavalcade of dragonsJuvenile worksFictionAn anthology containing thirty-nine tales of dragon lore derived from ancient and modern sources3423ocn001273534book19750.06Coatsworth, Elizabeth JaneMarra's worldJuvenile worksFictionRaised by a harsh grandmother and an indifferent father, Marra comes to understand her world with the help of her seal mother3332ocn000297042book19670.06Hope-Simpson, JacynthA cavalcade of witchesJuvenile worksIncludes historical selections along with original and traditional tales recounting facts and fancies about witches and their activities3253ocn000001978book19680.06Reeves, JamesThe Trojan horseJuvenile worksFictionA retelling of the well-known episode from Homer's "Iliad" of how the Greeks overcame the Trojans by entering the city inside a wooden horse3237ocn003089924book19780.07Ruskin, JohnThe king of the Golden riverJuvenile worksThrough kindness, a boy regains for himself the treasure his cruel older brothers lost3064ocn013214502book19860.06Jennings, Linda MCrispin and the dancing pigletJuvenile worksFictionHis father and older brothers laugh when, out of all the animals on the farm, Crispin chooses to take a tiny piglet with him when he goes out into the world to seek his fortune2942ocn003558706book19760.07Riordan, JamesTales from Central RussiaJuvenile worksA collection of forty-seven folktales from Central Russia2823ocn000799710book19740.06Willard, BarbaraHappy familiesJuvenile worksFictionAn anthology of prose and poetry about family life includes selections by Louisa May Alcott, Gerald Durrell, Walter de la Mare, Jane Austen, William Wordsworth, Saki, J. M. Barrie and others2594ocn000354038book19710.06Turska, KrystynaTamara and the sea witchJuvenile worksFictionPicture booksThrough courage and perseverance a peasant girl frees her husband, an enchanted prince, from the spell of the evil sea witch2562ocn000144870book19700.06Avery, GillianAuthors' choice2508ocn000083895book19690.07Turska, KrystynaPegasusJuvenile worksPicture booksRecounts how the warrior Bellerophon conquered the winged horse, Pegasus, and relates the many adventures they had together2425ocn013218594book19850.07Jennings, Linda MCoppeliaJuvenile worksFictionStories, plots, etcA dollmaker cleverly schemes to pass his most beautiful doll off as a real girl, but he is outwitted by the townspeople he tries to deceive2271ocn000439357book19680.06Mayne, WilliamWilliam Mayne's book of heroes; stories and poemsTwenty-two poems and stories retelling heroic deeds from the folk literature of many countries. Includes the anonymous Hynd Horn, The Revenge by Lord Tennyson, The Courtship of Lemminkainen retold by William Mayne, and Horatius by Lord Macaulay2132ocn004664389book19780.06Cooper, HelenGreat Grandmother GooseA collection of 80 rhymes from medieval sources which are possibly the nursery rhymes of their day+-+3188840925324+-+3188840925324Fri Mar 21 15:44:11 EDT 2014batch15458