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Fri Mar 21 17:06:19 2014 UTClccn-n790230110.00American Dialect Society : [List of the presidents, 1888-1906, with biographies]0.651.00[Minor publications]142466788n 79023011256782ADS.ADS AbkuerzungAds (American Dialect Society)Dialect SocietyDialect Society United Stateslccn-n50020139Pound, Louise1872-1958edtlccn-n79043215Malone, Kemp1889-1971edtlccn-n50045341Kennedy, Arthur Garfield1880-1954edtlccn-n50031463Greet, William Cabell1901-1972edtlccn-n85831183Preston, Dennis Richardedtlccn-n50033338Algeo, Johnedtlccn-n91066785Algeo, Adele S.edtlccn-n00074740Alim, H. Samylccn-n2005060286McNair, Elizabeth DuPreelccn-n2007041320Baranowski, MaciejAmerican Dialect SocietyPeriodicalsDictionariesHistoryGlossaries, vocabularies, etcCase studiesBibliographyConference proceedingsAmericanismsEnglish language--DialectsUnited StatesEnglish languageLanguage and languagesAmerican Dialect SocietyEnglish language--VariationEnglish language--New wordsAfrican Americans--LanguagesEnglish language--Social aspectsEnglish language--Spoken EnglishCaliforniaBlack EnglishGeorgia--GriffinEconomic historySocial historyCanadaSouth Carolina--CharlestonManners and customsTexas--New BraunfelsGermansGerman languageSouthern StatesVocabularyEnglish language--Old EnglishEnglish language--ReformIllinois--ChicagoPennsylvania--Bucks CountyPhonetic alphabetFloridaSouth CarolinaBurley tobaccoKentucky--LexingtonAmerican newspapersMarbles (Game)Kansas--HaysSea Islands Creole dialectEnglish language--PronunciationSociolinguisticsEconomy (Linguistics)Generative grammarPopular cultureGeneral Society of Colonial Wars (U.S.)College English AssociationEnglish literature--Study and teachingModern Language Association of AmericaLiterature--Study and teachingEnglish language--DialectologyUniversities and colleges--FacultyCornell University.--English Department18901896189719041906191219161917192719331939194319441945194919501952195319551956196119621963196419651966197019711974197819811982198319851986198719891991199319941995199619971998200120022003200420052006200720082009728395201420.97PE2801ocn491211892ocn185424065170417ocn001480854serial0.53American speechPeriodicals4573ocn024143236book19910.53Algeo, JohnFifty years among the new words : a dictionary of neologisms, 1941-1991Dictionaries+-+52286967053244212ocn056649224book20040.63Alim, H. SamyYou know my steez : an ethnographic and sociolinguistic study of styleshifting in a Black American speech communityCase studies+-+335118773541213ocn001479774serial0.70American Dialect SocietyPublication of the American Dialect SocietyPeriodicals3464ocn061295875book20050.63McNair, Elizabeth DuPreeMill villagers and farmers : dialect and economics in a small southern town+-+87711877353107ocn144570919book20070.63Baranowski, MaciejPhonological variation and change in the dialect of Charleston, South Carolina+-+974118773529814ocn001566578serial0.81American Dialect SocietyDialect notesPeriodicalsBibliographyIncludes reports of the Society's annual meeting and lists of members2898ocn288932945book20090.63Boas, Hans ChristianThe life and death of Texas GermanHistoryThis volume presents the first major study of Texas German as spoken in the twenty-first century, focusing on its formation and the linguistic changes it has undergone. This New World dialect, formed more than 150 years ago in German communities in central Texas, is an unusual example of a formerly high-status dialect that declined for sociopolitical reasons. An important case study for dialect research, Texas German is now critically endangered and will probably be extinct by 2050. By comparing and contrasting present-day data with data from the German dialects brought to Texas since the 1840s, the volume offers an in-depth analysis of mutual interaction between the German-speaking community and English-speaking Texans, long-term accommodation of Texas German speakers in this new community, and language hybridization on the Texas frontier. The volume also analyzes a number of phonological, syntactic, and morphological changes in Texas German over the past century and examines sociolinguistic aspects of the Texas German community from its foundation to today, providing insight into the dynamics underlying new-dialect formation, diglossia, language shift, language maintenance, and language death. Finally, the volume investigates the rapid disappearance of languages, which has global social and cultural implications for areas beyond linguistics. - Publisher+-+01621877352768ocn001479773serial0.76American Dialect SocietyNewsletter of the American Dialect SocietyPeriodicals2212ocn008755567book19820.79Baron, Dennis EGoing native : the regeneration of Saxon EnglishHistory1731ocn010553347book19830.84Heap, Norman AA word list from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1850-1876Glossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionaries1482ocn038144383book19980.88Conference papers on American English and the international phonetic alphabetConference proceedings+-+74745826351431ocn000319086book19500.76Bradley, Francis WrightA word-list from South Carolina1393ocn002079185book19440.79American Dialect SocietyWord-lists from the SouthGlossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionaries1312ocn000432915book19660.84Heap, Norman AA Burley tobacco word list from Lexington, KentuckyGlossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionaries1262ocn000319510book19500.81Figh, Margaret GillisA word-list from "Bill Arp" [pseud.] and "Rufus Sanders" [pseud.]1223ocn000319539book19620.86Sackett, Samuel JMarble words from Hays, Kansas933ocn002095330book19450.79American Dialect SocietyThe secretary's report. The revised constitution. Comments on Word-lists from the South. Notes on the sounds and vocabulary of Gullah534ocn001547926book18970.53American Dialect SocietyDialect notesPeriodicals501ocn004879567book19650.76Pederson, LeeThe pronunciation of English in metropolitan Chicago6591ocn777375673file19930.50American dialect research celebrating the 100th anniversary of the American Dialect Society, 1889-1989Containing all new material and published for the American Dialect Society's centennial celebration (1889-1989), this volume bings together in one place, as no previously published work has, current approaches to the general problems of language distribution and variation. The several chapters offer accounts of how questions are formulated and how data are collected, stored, and intepreted in the various research traditions of dialectology and sociolinguistics, particularly as they have been carried out by researchers associated with the American Dialect Society. More specifically, this book ta1332ocn000319541book19520.84Pound, LouiseThe American Dialect Society; a historical sketchHistory1252ocn002351943book19630.84Cassidy, Frederic GThe ADS dictionary--how soon?1081ocn000319621book19560.86Reed, Carroll EWashington words262ocn085480539file0.76American Dialect SocietyNewsletter of the American Dialect SocietyPeriodicals12ocn123570060mix1.00Penniman, Josiah HarmarPapers,personal and familyHistoryThe Josiah H. Penniman file consists of the following groups: Articles and papers; a Book collection; a Chronological file; a General file; Speeches and Addresses; and Photographs. The Articles and papers file, the General file and the Speeches and Addresses file represent the academic and professional activities of Penniman both as professor of English and university administrator. The articles and addresses cover a wide range of topics, among them education and the society, Christianity and religion, literature and the Bible, etc. The Chronological file represents primarily Penniman's personal and family life. It consists of correspondence between family members (especially correspondence between Penniman and his mother and his brother James), notes and speech drafts by Josiah Penniman, examination papers, clippings, notebooks, programs, and memorabilia items such as certificates, passports and travel brochures that originally belonged either to Josiah or to his mother or his brother. The Chronological file occasionally also includes some administrative correspondence between Penniman and other Penn leaders. The Photographs file includes seven folders. In addition to Penniman's portrait photographs and family photographs, there are group photographs taken during various events of the University of Pennsylvania11ocn641911611book1933American Dialect SocietyTo the members of the American Dialect Society : the enclosed statement of dues for the year 1932 was ready in May of last year11ocn079092553art1906American Dialect Society : [List of the presidents, 1888-1906, with biographies]11ocn063534664mix1.00Wentworth, HaroldHarold Wentworth papersCorrespondence with colleagues and others concerning language, literature, various teaching positions, and activities of the College English Association, the Modern Language Association, the American Dialect Society, and other professional organizations. Other items concern Wentworth's American Dialect Dictionary, his student days, his instructorship at Cornell, manuscripts of poetry, diaries, and personal expense accounts11ocn702854575book1.00American Dialect Society[Minor publications]+-+5228696705324+-+5228696705324Fri Mar 21 15:36:12 EDT 2014batch20797