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Fri Mar 21 17:02:16 2014 UTClccn-n790400630.18Oedipus the King /0.320.92The Sixteenth Cosmos Club award : Bernard MacGregor Walker Knox100178902Bernard_Knoxn 79040063273554Knox, B. M. W.Knox, B. M. W. 1914-2010Knox, B. M. W. (Bernard MacGregor Walker), 1914-2010Knox, Bernard.Knox, Bernard, 1914-Knox, Bernard M. 1914-2010Knox, Bernard M. W.Knox, Bernard M. W. 1914-2010Knox, Bernard MacGregor 1914-2010Knox, Bernard MacGregor WalkerKnox, Bernard MacGregor Walker 1914-2010Knox, Mac GregorMacGregor-Walker-Knox, Bernard 1914-2010McGregor-Walker-Knox, Bernard 1914-2010Walker Knox, Bernard MacGregor 1914-2010lccn-n50012046Fagles, Roberttrledtlccn-n78095639Homerlccn-n79127755Sophocleshnrdtefast-795683Achilles (Greek mythology)fast-1043940Oedipus (Greek mythology)fast-1043923Odysseus (Greek mythology)fast-1043942Oedipus (Greek mythology) in literaturefast-810528Antigone (Greek mythology)lccn-n79016492Easterling, P. E.ededtlccn-n84033818McKellen, IanprfKnox, Bernard1914-2010PoetryCriticism, interpretation, etcDramaEpic poetry, LatinLegendsEpic poetry, GreekHistoryFictionReviewsConference proceedingsEpic poetry, GreekTrojan WarAchilles (Greek mythology)Odysseus (Greek mythology)Rome (Empire)Greece--ThebesAeneas (Legendary character)LegendsSophoclesEpic poetry, LatinGreeceOedipus (Greek mythology)TragedyClassical literatureOedipus Rex (Sophocles)Antigone (Greek mythology)Oedipus (Greek mythology) in literatureLiteratureCivilizationGreek literatureGreek drama (Tragedy)HomerHeroes as literary charactersMythology, Greek, in literatureGreek dramaCivilization, Western--Greek influencesLiterature, Modern--Greek influencesTheaterMythology, GreekCivilization, Western--Classical influencesClassicismLiterature, Modern--Classical influencesClassical literature--AppreciationInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Turkey--Troy (Extinct city)GreeksTurkeyBooksKnox, Bernard,Greek poetryNonesuch PressEpic poetryLatin poetryRieu, E. V.--(Emile Victor),Mythology, ClassicalFolio Society (London, England)Aeneas (Legendary character) in literatureSeven against Thebes (Greek mythology)Epic literatureIliad (Homer)191420101948195119521955195619571959196019611963196419661967196919701971197219741976197719791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201121981126453883.01PA4025.A2ocn002942517ocn036032913ocn439112226ocn037299785ocn797293748ocn038529005ocn468348255ocn037359193ocn556701329ocn781043057ocn441773510ocn781051963ocn781052019ocn185507350ocn185197071ocn185585427ocn074624685ocn185579620ocn631812072ocn844940216ocn299732251ocn470087165ocn470091774ocn755810944ocn438770075ocn463910076ocn078955728ocn461872125ocn824633229ocn256085137315326ocn020825683book19510.25HomerThe IliadCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionPoetryEpic poetry, GreekThe centuries old epic about the wrath of Achilles is rendered into modern English verse by a renowned translator and accompanied by an introduction that reassesses the identity of Homer. In Robert Fagles' beautifully rendered text, the Iliad overwhelms us afresh. The huge themes godlike, yet utterly human of savagery and calculation, of destiny defied, of triumph and grief compel our own humanity. Time after time, one pauses and re-reads before continuing. Fagles' voice is always that of a poet and scholar of our own age as he conveys the power of Homer. Robert Fagles and Bernard Knox are to be congratulated and praised on this admirable work+-+8180275965256239ocn048139493book19570.35Knox, BernardOedipus at Thebes Sophocles' tragic hero and his time+-+4879255585324215513ocn034583995book19900.23HomerThe OdysseyPoetryEpic poetry, GreekA new translation of the epic poem retells the story of Odysseus's ten-year voyage home to Ithaca after the Trojan War+-+8133175965204520ocn009685728book19820.28SophoclesThe three Theban playsDramaAristotle called "Oedipus The King," the second-written of the three Theban plays written by Sophocles, the masterpiece of the whole of Greek theater. Today, nearly 2,500 years after Sophocles wrote, scholars and audiences still consider it one of the most powerful dramatic works ever made. Freud sure did. The three plays--"Antigone," "Oedipus the King," and "Oedipus at Colonus"--are not strictly a trilogy, but all are based on the Theban myths that were old even in Sophocles' time. This particular edition was rendered by Robert Fagles, perhaps the best translator of the Greek classics into English+-+907999596517644ocn025633027book19930.22The Norton book of classical literatureMore than 300 pieces of classical literature, primarily Greek but also some Roman+-+2179858485129725ocn000310307book19640.47Knox, BernardThe heroic temper; studies in Sophoclean tragedyCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+320495570512327ocn026547888book19930.29Knox, BernardThe oldest dead white European males and other reflections on the classicsCriticism, interpretation, etc"In this illuminating book, Bernard Knox raises questions both fundamental and timely: Should the ancient Greeks - "the oldest dead white European males " - and all they stand for be kept alive in our collective memory? Is their legacy at all relevant to the way we live now?" "Multiculturalism and its accompanying reevaluation of Western history and culture have brought with them a heightened sense of the strangeness - the "otherness" - of the Greeks. Modern scholarship has relentlessly exposed the blind adoration of earlier generations and concentrated, in Knox's words, on "the dark underside of what the Victorians hailed as the Greek Miracle." So much of what the Greeks were and did seems, today, positively alien at best. (In the title essay Knox explores the ritual of sacrifice, the Greek sense of self, the institution of slavery, and the inferior position of women in Greek society.)" "Yet for all their flaws, the ancient Greeks literally invented philosophy, the theater, the concept of a national literature, competitive athletics, political theory, rhetoric and oratory, biology, zoology, atomic theory - one could go on. And through the Sophists they invented the very idea of the humanities, a group of studies that came into being "as an education for democracy, a training in free citizenship."" "We cannot simply discard what the recent critical examination of the ancient Greeks has unearthed. But we cannot at the same time forget - and Bernard Knox brings his immense learning and crystalline prose to bear in helping all of us remember - their astonishing originality, their central importance, and all that we have learned (and continue to learn) from them."--BOOK JACKET+-+0749858485118822ocn000316037book19590.18SophoclesOedipus the KingDramaSophocles' tragic drama about the downfall of Oedipus after the prophesy that he will murder his father and marry his mother comes true+-+3953336215114016ocn004774702book10790.47Knox, BernardWord and action : essays on the ancient theaterHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+545983653599319ocn008975550book19830.47Easterling, P. EGreek literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcCovers Greek literature through the end of the stable period of Greco-Roman civilization in the third century A.D. Looks at early Greek poetry, drama, philosophy, history, oratory, and the literature of the Hellenistic period and of the Empire+-+47956767058196ocn062278836rcrd19960.18HomerThe OdysseyPoetryHomer's best-loved poem, recounting Odysseus' wanderings after the Trojan War. With wit and wile, Odysseus meets the challenges of gods and monsters+-+K9730589657166ocn028183896book19940.47Knox, BernardBacking into the future : the classical tradition and its renewalCriticism, interpretation, etcWho has brought the world of ancient Greece and Rome to life for the uninitiated reader and scholar alike56312ocn026121333rcrd19900.20HomerThe IliadPoetryStory of how the Greeks sailed to take back Helen and defeat the Trojans+-+592255809556014ocn018908939book19890.56Knox, BernardEssays ancient and modernCriticism, interpretation, etcReviews+-+52569365352913ocn075503524rcrd20060.18VirgilThe AeneidPoetryEpic poetry, LatinA new edition of Virgil's epic work is presented in modern language and endeavors to retain the original work's humanity, as well as its influential blend of poetry and verse+-+07540589652419ocn005946575book19790.81Arktouros : Hellenic studies presented to Bernard M. W. Knox on the occasion of his 65th birthdayCriticism, interpretation, etc2232ocn176920631book20080.28VirgilThe AeneidHistoryLegendsPoetryEpic poetry, LatinA new edition of Virgil's epic work is presented in modern language and endeavors to retain the original work's humanity, as well as its influential blend of poetry and verse+-+786056896520914ocn010169159book19820.86Entretiens sur l'Antiquité classiqueSophocle : sept exposés suivis de discussionsCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings15418ocn019812976book19810.32Easterling, P. EThe Cambridge history of classical literatureCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+K834086705809ocn457145582file19850.39The Cambridge history of classical literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcThis volume in The Cambridge History of Classical Literature studies the revolutionary movement represented by the more creative of the Hellenistic poets, and finally the very rich range of authors surviving from the imperial period, with rhetoric and the novel contributing a distinctive flavour to the culture of the time+-+479567670521ocn010747215book19790.92The Sixteenth Cosmos Club award : Bernard MacGregor Walker Knox11ocn853243932com19790.81Arktouros : Hellenic studies presented to Bernard M. W. Knox on the occasion of his 65th birthdayCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+8180275965+-+8180275965Fri Mar 21 16:13:09 EDT 2014batch25540