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Chase, as well as his wife, Mary Todd+-+K6776809854566105ocn000658914book19700.22Vidal, GoreBurr: a novelFictionRe-creates the American political scene of the early 1800's, seen through the memoirs of Aaron Burr+-+6823520285386668ocn001859740book19760.22Vidal, Gore1876 : a novelHistoryFictionThe third volume of Gore Vidal's series of historical novels aimed at demythologizing the American past, 1876 explores the political scandals of the Grant administration and the intrigues of that year's presidential election. Charles Schermerhorn Schuyler, Aaron Burr's unacknowledged son, returns to America after his self-imposed exile, hoping to arrange a marriage for his daughter Emma, but the two soon find themselves at the centers of American social and political power at a time when the fading ideals of the young republic were being replaced by the excitement of empire+-+8723520285380070ocn014904839book19250.21Vidal, GoreEmpire : a novelHistoryFictionHistorical fictionCaroline Sanford, a newspaper owner from Washington, D.C., struggles to gain power and respect in a male dominated industry+-+4729080985319592ocn007158597book19810.23Vidal, GoreCreation : a novelHistoryFictionHistorical fictionCyrus, a fifth century Persian, relates the story of his travels and encounters as an ambassador+-+87125003853056122ocn000290698book19000.24Vidal, GoreWashington, D.C. : a novelFictionPolitical fictionChronicle of the nation's capital from the New Deal through the McCarthy era, centering on a conservative Senator and his ambitious assistant, both of whom aspire to the Presidency+-+92235202853052193ocn000291113book19620.24Vidal, GoreJulian; a novelBiographyFictionHistorical fictionFictional biography of the Fourth Century Roman Emperor, Julian the Apostate, who attempted to thwart Christianity+-+K152720285304566ocn020631442book19890.20Vidal, GoreHollywood : a novel of America in the 1920sFictionIt is 1917, and President Wilson is about to lead the country into the Great War. In California, a new industry is born that will irreversibly transform America. Caroline Sanford, the alluring heroine of Empire, discovers the power of moving pictures to manipulate reality as she vaults to screen stardom under the name of Emma Traxler. Just as Caroline must balance her two lives--West Coast movie star and East Coast newspaper publisher and senator's mistress--so too must America balance its two power centers: Hollywood and Washington+-+3023520285284342ocn044174305book20000.19Vidal, GoreThe golden age : a novelHistoryFictionHistorical fictionPolitical fiction"The Golden Age is the concluding volume in Gore Vidal's American empire novels - a unique pageant of the national experience from the United States' entry into World War Two to the end of the Korean War." "The Golden Age is a vibrant tapestry of American political and cultural life from 1939 to 1954, when the epochal events of World War Two and the Cold War transformed America, once and for all, for good or ill, from a republic into an empire. The sharp-eyed and sympathetic witnesses to these events are Caroline Sanford, Washington, D.C., newspaper publisher turned Hollywood pioneer producer-star, and Peter Sanford, her nephew and publisher of the independent intellectual journal The American Idea. They experience at first hand the masterful maneuvers of Franklin Roosevelt to bring a reluctant nation into World War Two, and later, the actions of Harry Truman that commit the nation to a decades-long twilight struggle against Communism - developments they regard with a marked skepticism, even though they end in an American global empire. The locus of these events is Washington, D.C., yet the Hollywood film industry and the cultural centers of New York also play significant parts. In addition to presidents, the actual characters who appear so vividly in the pages of The Golden Age include Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Hopkins, Wendell Wilkie, William Randolph Hearst, Dean Acheson, Tennessee Williams, Joseph Alsop, Dawn Powell - and Gore Vidal himself."--Jacket+-+5025500385263963ocn003516173book19780.24Vidal, GoreKalki : a novelFictionMotion picture playsSatireIs the ex GI posing as Kalki, an ancient Hindu diety, running an international drug ring or bringing about the destruction of the world?+-+9285366965259814ocn052721004book20030.24Vidal, GoreInventing a nation : Washington, Adams, JeffersonHistoryBiography"Gore Vidal, one of the master stylists of American literature and one of the most acute observers of American life and history, turns his immense literary and historiographic talent to a portrait of the formidable trio of George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson."+-+97405655852252137ocn032015978book19470.31Vidal, GoreThe city and the pillar and seven early stories : revised, with a new preface by the authorFictionIn 1948, Gore Vidal was a celebrated twenty-two-year-old war novelist about to embark on a career in politics. His future seemed clear. But then he made a choice that changed his life. He published The City and the Pillar, an openly homosexual novel that was taken to be largely autobiographical. "I have read that I was too stupid at the time to know what I was doing," he notes in his introduction to this edition, "but in such matters I have always had a certain alertness. I knew that my description of the love affair between two 'normal' all-American boys, of the sort that I had spent three years in the army with during the war, would challenge every superstition about sex in my native land." His publisher hated the book. The New York Times would not advertise it. The City and the Pillar became a bestseller, nevertheless, and is now a classic. Thomas Mann called it a "noble work." The tragic story of Jim Willard's self-deluded love for another small-town American boy and the portrait of homosexual life in New York and Hollywood in the forties are still moving and truthful, as evocative and topical today as they were nearly fifty years ago. This edition incorporates Vidal's 1965 revisions and some further emendations by the author. Vidal's only collection of short stories, published as A Thirsty Evil in 1956, is also included here, bringing together for the first time his early homoerotic work. These subtle and comic tales, set in Key West, Washington, D.C., Paris, and New York, are at once sophisticated and charming, written with the narrative power for which Gore Vidal is famous+-+92858555962250127ocn000438548book19680.25Vidal, GoreMyra BreckinridgeFictionMotion picture playsMyra's personality is altered by her sex change operation and Myron is transported back through time to the year 1948+-+0375366965223019ocn039369374visu19970.22Niccol, AndrewGattacaFictionDramaScience fiction filmsStory about an all-too-human man who dares to defy a system obsessed with genetic perfection. Vincent is an "In-Valid," who assumes the identity of a member of the genetic elite to pursue his goal of traveling into space with the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation. However, a week before his mission, a murder marks Vincent as a suspect. With a relentless investigator in pursuit and the colleague he has fallen in love with beginning to suspect his deception, Vincent's dreams steadily unravel+-+6293439796209233ocn037742286book19880.19Vidal, GoreThe Smithsonian Institution : a novelFictionIn 1939 Washington, a 13-year-old math genius is summoned to the Smithsonian Institution to help scientists build a weapon to win the coming war. The institution's wax effigies come alive and he meets historical figures. A comic fantasy+-+0676500285198122ocn024697360book19920.24Vidal, GoreUnited States : essays : 1952-1992Criticism, interpretation, etc"Gore Vidal's reputation as "America's finest essayist" is an enduring one. Vidal has a gift for writing about the events of the moment with an astuteness usually reserved for the beneficiaries of hindsight, and about events of the past with the familiarity of someone who has just come out of the room where they were happening. This collection, chosen by the author from forty years of work, contains about two thirds of what he has published in various magazines and journals. He has divided the essays into three categories, or states. State of the Art covers literature, including novelists and critics, bestsellers, pieces on the French New Novel, Henry James, Oscar Wilde, Suetonius, Edmund Wilson, Nabokov, Herman Wouk, Italo Calvino, and Montaigne (a previously uncollected essay from 1992). State of the Union deals with politics and public life: sex, drugs, pornography, money, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, H.L. Mencken, "The Holy Family" (his famous essay on the Kennedys), Nixon, Reagan, and, finally, "Monotheism and Its Discontents," a scathing critique of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In State of Being, we are given "personal responses to people and events": recollections of his childhood, E. Nesbit, Tarzan, as well as Tennessee Williams, Anais Nin, making movies, travel, home. A lifetime of work from a writer of enormous intelligence, wit, and style."--Jacket+-+1153542125191533ocn025410356book19920.21Vidal, GoreLive from GolgothaFictionChristian fictionTimothy (later St. Timothy) is in his study in Thessalonika, where he is bishop of Macedonia. It is A.D. 96, and Timothy is under terrific pressure to record his version of the Sacred Story, since, far in the future, a cyberpunk (the Hacker) has been systematically destroying the tapes that describe the Good News, and Timothy's Gospel is the only one immune to the Hacker's deadly virus. Meanwhile, thanks to a breakthrough in computer software, an NBC crew is racing into the past to capture - live from the suburb of Golgotha - the Crucifixion, for a TV special guaranteed to boost the network's ratings in the fall sweeps. As a stream of visitors from twentieth-century America channel in to the first-century Holy Land - Mary Baker Eddy, Shirley MacLaine, Oral Roberts and family - Timothy struggles to complete his story. But is Timothy's text really Hacker-proof? And how will he deal with the truth about Jesus' eating disorder? Above all, will he get the anchor slot for the Big Show at Golgotha without representation by a major agency, like CAA 1,896 years in the future? Tune in+-+1466875965187252ocn009155230book19830.22Vidal, GoreDuluthFictionSatire op de absurde en triviale aspecten van de Amerikaanse samenleving, gesitueerd in de moderne troosteloosheid van de industriestad Duluth+-+5795366965169127ocn002968580book19730.27Vidal, GoreMatters of fact and of fiction : essays 1973-1976Criticism, interpretation, etcReviewsA collection of seventeen essays written between 1973 and 1976, dealing with fiction, politics, and the world in general16836ocn066903129visu20050.23Capra, FrankWhy we fightHistoryMilitary historyDramaReflexió sobre la relació entre la posició dels Estats Units d'Amèrica com a imperi i la seva història d'intervencions militars a l'estranger+-+K10853979620597ocn032968980book19950.23Vidal, GorePalimpsest : a memoirBiographyMemoir by author Gore Vidal recalling his first forty years of life, his associations with the rich and famous, and meditations on writing, history, acting, and politics+-+5385994215161116ocn066463599book20060.21Vidal, GorePoint to point navigation : a memoir, 1964 to 2006BiographyAnecdotes"Celebrated novelist, essayist, critic, and controversialist Vidal ranges freely over his remarkable life with the signature wit and literary elegance that is uniquely his. From his desks in Ravello and the Hollywood Hills, Gore Vidal travels in memory through the arenas of literature, television, film, theater, politics, and international society, where he has cut a broad swath, recounting achievements and defeats, friends and enemies made and lost. Among the gathering of notables to be found in these pages are Jack and Jacqueline Kennedy, Tennessee Williams ("the Glorious Bird"), Eleanor Roosevelt, Orson Welles, Johnny Carson, Greta Garbo, Federico Fellini, Rudolph Nureyev, Elia Kazan, and Francis Ford Coppola. Some of the book's most moving pages are devoted to the illness and death of his partner of five decades, Howard Austen, and indeed the book is, among other things, a meditation on mortality written in the spirit of Montaigne.--From publisher description."--From source other than the Library of Congress+-+667260038515938ocn000290640book19680.31White, Ray LewisGore VidalCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Gore Vidal128310ocn041017333book19990.24Kaplan, FredGore Vidal : a biographyBiography"From his Washington childhood, a world of high political and social connections and domestic turmoil, to his Exeter education and U.S. Army experiences; from his Hollywood and television career to his literary life as a novelist, playwright, and essayist; from his friendships and feuds with Tennessee Williams, Anais Nin, Truman Capote, Norman Mailer, and William Buckley to his exploration of homosexuality and celebration of bisexuality; from his cool satirical analyses of "the rich, the famous and the powerful" to his projection of himself onto the national stage of television talk shows and political ambition, Gore Vidal has been both participant in and spectator at the centers of American power."--BOOK JACKET. "Fred Kaplan enjoyed complete access to Vidal's papers, letters, and private photographs, as well as television and newsreel footage, but was guaranteed a free hand by Vidal to write as he saw fit."--Jacket+-+685229038512367ocn076804718rcrd20060.11Vidal, GorePoint to point navigationBiographyIn Point to Point Navigation, novelist, essayist, critic, and controversialist Gore Vidal ranges freely over his remarkable life with the signature wit and literary elegance that is uniquely his. The title refers to a form of navigation he resorted to as a first mate in the navy during World War II. He says, "As I was writing this account of my life and times since Palimpsest, I felt as if I were again dealing with those capes and rocks in the Bering Sea that we had to navigate so often with a compass made inoperable by weather." It is a beautifully apt analogy for the hazards eluded (mostly) during his eventful life, and for the way this memoir proceeds--far from linear, but always on course+-+424766379611002ocn055131773book20040.21Vidal, GoreImperial America : reflections on the United States of amnesiaIn this conclusion to his trilogy begun with "Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace" and continued by his "Dreaming War," Gore Vidal offers a devastating exploration of contemporary America. He argues that we have ceased to be a nation under law, but an "Enron-Pentagon prison" with a "withered Bill of Rights", where homegrown imperialists have privatized and stolen American democracy from its people and there are ballooning budget deficits and tax cuts for the privileged+-+90300751069842ocn008176693book19820.29Kiernan, Robert FGore VidalCriticism, interpretation, etc8412ocn000810376book19740.31Dick, Bernard FThe apostate angel; a critical study of Gore VidalCriticism, interpretation, etc7773ocn006421057book19800.27Vidal, GoreViews from a window : conversations with Gore VidalInterviews+-+57585936357435ocn034966014book19970.39Baker, SusanGore Vidal : a critical companionCriticism, interpretation, etcThis is the first full-length study to include Vidal's most recent novels and the first designed to meet the needs of the general reader as well as students of contemporary literature. It includes discussions of Lincoln, Empire, Hollywood, and Live from Golgotha, as well as his earlier novels. Baker and Gibson show that while Vidal's novels are tremendously entertaining, they are also serious examinations of a recurring theme - the decline of the West in general and the decline of the United States in particular. A biographical sketch precedes a general discussion of Vidal's early novels. The discussion of each novel includes sections on plot and character development, thematic issues, narrative style, and an alternative critical approach from which to read the novel. A complete bibliography of Vidal's fiction, as well as selected reviews and criticism, complete the book and will be helpful to students, librarians, and adult book discussion participants+-+94204786856687ocn012343534book19850.23Vidal, GoreVidal in VeniceHistoryBiography5332ocn025009405book19920.56Vidal, GoreGore Vidal : writer against the grainCriticism, interpretation, etcGore Vidal, known for such best-sellers as The City and the Pillar, Burr, Lincoln, and Myra Breckenridge, is a household name. The controversial Vidal ran for Congress in 1960, and set sparks flying with his public debates challenging William F. Buckley and Norman Mailer. Although one of America's most admired and prolific writers, Vidal has been steadfastly ignored or impugned by many critics. This is partly owing to the vast scope of his writings, which include more than twenty novels, half a dozen plays, dozens of screenplays, countless essays and book reviews, political commentary, and short stories; how do the critics approach such a writer? There has also been backlash against Vidal, whose radical polemics and undisguised contempt for those whom he has called "the hacks and hicks of academe" have hardly endeared him to the critical establishment. Gore Vidal: Writer Against the Grain is the first collection of critical essays to approach this important American writer in an attempt to rectify the unwarranted underestimation of his work. Jay Parini has drawn from the best of previously published criticism and commissioned fresh articles by leading contemporary critics to construct a comprehensive portrait of Vidal's multifaceted and memorable career. Writers as diverse as Harold Bloom, Stephen Spender, Catharine R. Stimpson, Richard Poirier, and Italo Calvino examine Vidal's work in their own highly individual ways, and each finds a different Vidal to celebrate, chide, recollect, or view close up. Also included is a recent interview with Parini in which Vidal discusses his career and his troubled relationship with the reviewers. The Vidal that finally emerges from these essays is a writer of undeniable weight and importance. As readers will agree, Gore Vidal: Writer Against the Grain establishes his rightful role as one of the premier novelists and leading critical observers of this century+-+83572568753245164ocn026159841book19920.27Vidal, GoreThe decline and fall of the American empireA collection of essays about the economic decline of the United States, and its political and military effects+-+85507332364322ocn040734847book19990.28Vidal, GoreGore Vidal : sexually speaking, collected sex writingsCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsGore Vidal: Sexually Speaking collects for the first time the author's nonfiction writings on sex and gender. Chronicling the past four decades, these fourteen essays and three interviews offer an introduction to Vidal's sexual politics from the postwar to the postmodern era+-+07359982063693ocn058788937book20050.74Frank, MarcieHow to be an intellectual in the age of TV : the lessons of Gore VidalAn analysis of how Gore Vidal, as a public intellectual, negotiates the print/screen media divide+-+77518877353523ocn060965051book20050.63Altman, DennisGore Vidal's AmericaCriticism, interpretation, etc"Gore Vidal is one of most significant American writers of the second half of the twentieth century, having produced a large number of best-selling novels, essays, plays and pamphlets which have impacted on major political and social debates for fifty years. He is a serious writer and also a television and movie celebrity, whose increasingly acerbic picture of the United States guarantees he is both revered and reviled+-+88188109253492ocn074813564visu19870.21Penn, ArthurThe left handed gunDramaFilm adaptationsHis name: William Bonney. His legend: Billy the Kid, the fabled gunslinger. The West had never before seen the likes of this Brooklyn-born desperado, a troubled teen who wrote his name in blood on history's pages3451ocn317927199book20090.24Vidal, GoreSnapshots in history's glareBiographyThis book is Gore Vidal's visual memoir of his remarkable and famously well-lived life. In this collection of photographs, letters, manuscripts, and other selections from Vidal's vast personal archives, readers are now escorted by one of America's wittiest insiders into the Kennedys' Camelot, as well as onto the set of Ben Hur, and into the private lives of Eleanor Roosevelt, Paul Newman, and Tennessee Williams, to name just a few." "Born into public life, here Vidal looks back on his days as an Army officer in WWII, his rise as a groundbreaking and controversial novelist, his years in Hollywood, his forays into the political arena, and his notoriously public triumphs and feuds. Written with Vidal's legendary wit and literary elegance, this book reveals not only the personal reflections of one of the last of the great generation of American writers, but also a captivating social history of the 20th century told by one of our great raconteurs+-+44950456353351ocn056615657book20050.63Vidal, GoreConversations with Gore VidalInterviews+-+27211532062783ocn818414956book20130.27Vidal, GoreI told you so : Gore Vidal talks politics : interviews with Jon WienerInterviewsCollects transcripts of four interviews with the novelist that cover a twenty-year span, in which he reflects on such topics as the history of the American empire, his life in politics, and the rise of the national security state+-+5025500385+-+5025500385Fri Feb 13 11:02:24 EST 2015batch91640