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Fri Mar 21 17:12:22 2014 UTClccn-n790438390.00<>0.771.00Elenchvs et index Rerum militarium quȩ singulis codicis huius i[n] uolumi[ni]bus continet[ur]50021300Sigismondo_Pandolfo_Malatestan 79043839277257Malatesta, Sigismondo PandolfoMalatesta, Sigismondo Pandolfo, Lord of RiminiMalatesta, Sigismundus PAndulfus 1417-1468Malatesti, Sigismondo PandolfoMalatesti, Sigismondo Pandolfo, Lord of RiminiMalatesti, Sigismondo Pandolfo, signore di Rimini, 1417-1468Rimini, Sigismondo Pandolfo MalatestaRimini, Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, Lord ofSigismondo Pandolfo MalatestaSigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, Lord of Rimini, 1417-1468.Sigismundus Pandulfus Malatesta 1417-1468lccn-n85358109Tempio malatestiano (Rimini, Italy)lccn-n80036705Montherlant, Henry de1896-1972lccn-n79063683Federicoda Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino1422-1482lccn-n78097014Pound, Ezra1885-1972lccn-n90671229Rainey, Lawrence S.lccn-n83027328D'Epiro, Peterlccn-no2001057431Bicheno, Hughlccn-n50030350Hutton, Edward1875-1969lccn-n95031403Pernis, Maria Grazia1927-lccn-n82129855Adams, LaurieMalatesta, Sigismondo Pandolfosignore di Rimini1417-1468HistoryMalatesta, Sigismondo Pandolfo,--signore di Rimini,Italy--RiminiItalyTempio malatestiano (Rimini, Italy)Cantos (Pound, Ezra)LiteratureCondottieriFederico,--da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino,Fascism and culture in literatureMonuments in literatureHistorical poetry, AmericanPound, Ezra,American poetry--Italian influencesOutsidersRenaissanceGuelfs and GhibellinesMercenary troopsNobilityItaly--UrbinoAlberti, Leon Battista,Mural painting and decoration, Italian--Conservation and restorationSigismund Malatesta kneeling before Saint Sigismund (Piero, della Francesca)Piero,--della Francesca,Arts, ItalianArchitecture, RenaissanceArt, RenaissanceMalatesta familyCastel Sismondo (Rimini, Italy)ArtFortificationCivilizationSocial history--MedievalSculpture, RenaissanceEconomic historyPolitical scienceLand tenureTaxationOctroiFinanceItaly--RomeChurch architectureMilitary art and scienceGian Gastone,--Grand Duke of Tuscany,PerspectiveIllumination of books and manuscriptsCastlesArchitectureCathedralsIllustrated books14171468145714721483150815391756175917941878188218851886189519061911191319141918192419261929194619481950195119541955196519671969197019731974197519771978198119831984198519881989199019911992199419951996199720002001200320042005200620082009201120122839101189724.15NA5621.R5ocn007536401ocn682373901ocn469465913ocn657078418ocn186691820ocn4427061863211ocn007536401book18850.92Rome (Italy)Statuti delle gabelle di RomaHistory182ocn012338489book19830.96Malatesta, Sigismondo PandolfoIsotta bella sola ai nostri giorni : sonetti131ocn248038338book20010.33Il potere, le arti, la guerra : lo splendore dei Malatesta ; [Rimini, Castel Sismondo 3 marzo - 15 giugno 2001]52ocn026434873book14721.00Valturio, RobertoElenchvs et index Rerum militarium quȩ singulis codicis huius i[n] uolumi[ni]bus continet[ur]51ocn080806309book14720.47Valturio, RobertoDe re militari51ocn186691820book19780.94Studi malatestianiHistory32ocn771482884book19060.47Hutton, EdwardSigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, Lord of Rimini: a study of a XV. century Italian despot. With ten illustrations in photogravure31ocn162274850book18860.27Statuti delle gabelle di Roma : (con una tavola in eliotipia)22ocn753039634book19290.33Ricci, AlbertoSigismondo e Isotta (gli ultimi Malatesta)21ocn070287485book14830.47Valturio, RobertoElenchus & index rerum militarium quae singulis codicis huius in uoluminibus continetur21ocn041786125book19770.59Pound, EzraFrom Canto VIII21ocn442706186book2003Pasini, Pier GiorgioIn search of the Malatestas in and around Rimini22ocn503881928book19240.88Ricci, CorradoIl Tempio malatestianoHistory21ocn563872767book1914Mompherratos, Antōnios G<>21ocn561532443book1885Malatesta, Sigismondo PandolfoStatute delle gabelli di Roma, etc. (Con una tavole in eliotipa.)21ocn250630858book19060.10Hutton, EdwardSigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, Lord of Rimini11ocn643980160book14720.10Valturio, RobertoDe re militari : mit Vorrede des Autors an Sigismundus Pandulfus Malatesta11ocn084429794book14721.00Valturio, RobertoElenchus et index rerum militarium quae singulis codicis huius i[n] uolumi[ni]bus continet[ur] : ut i[m]promptu sint uniuersa hoc est ne talium rerum curiosi perlegantHistory11ocn251564445book19510.96Martin, Marie-MadeleineLa vie de Sigismond Malatesta11ocn642844354book14720.47Valturio, RobertoDe re militari librum41612ocn000926301book19460.70Montherlant, Henry deMalatesta; pièce en quatre actesDramaItem no. 1463 in Two centuries of French drama, 1760-1960, a collection of 2,014 dramas housed in the Department of Special Collections, University of Florida Libraries3543ocn022178835book19900.76Rainey, Lawrence SEzra Pound and the monument of culture : text, history, and the Malatesta cantosCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+41685217753242502ocn009371275book19830.81D'Epiro, PeterA touch of rhetoric : Ezra Pound's Malatesta cantosCriticism, interpretation, etc2314ocn176821038book20080.37Bicheno, HughVendetta : high art and low cunning at the birth of the RenaissanceHistoryMilitary historyBiographyFederico da Montefeltro was the archetypal Renaissance prince: brave soldier, wise ruler, and patron of the arts. His lifelong rival, Sigismondo Pandolfo, was the foremost field commander of his day and described himself as "more wild beast than man." Yet he was also an extravagantly romantic lover and a magnificent artistic patron. Locked in the endgame of the centuries-old feud between their clans, Federico and Sigismondo epitomised the spirit of the condottieri--the entrepreneurs who added a military dimension to the explosion of new ideas at the heart of the Renaissance. This is a story of unbridled lust, treachery and murder featuring an extraordinary cast of characters who fought, poisoned, betrayed and cheated their way into an enduring legacy.--From publisher description+-+97207380252105ocn001007264book19060.66Hutton, EdwardSigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, lord of Rimini; a study of a XV century Italian despotHistoryFiction1563ocn032312119book19960.84Pernis, Maria GraziaFederico da Montefeltro & Sigismondo Malatesta : the eagle and the elephantHistoryBiographyAn interdisciplinary study of two Renaissance princes, this book discusses the feud between Federico da Montefeltro and Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta and its effect on their patronage. As each vied for political, economic, and artistic domination over the other, they were supported by young, gifted wives. In their struggle for power, the role of the humanist Pope Pius II was of paramount importance+-+21637957351042ocn011859583book19840.92Lavin, Marilyn AronbergPiero della Francesca a Rimini : l'affresco nel Tempio malatestianoCriticism, interpretation, etcPortraits1002ocn047254407book20010.94Il potere, le arti, la guerra : lo splendore dei MalatestaHistoryExhibition catalogsCatalog of an exhibition held Mar. 3rd-June 15th, 2001, Rimini, Castel Sismondo, sponsored by the Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Rimini833ocn003221884book19510.93Montherlant, Henry deL'infini est du côté de Malatesta793ocn006986707book18820.88Yriarte, CharlesUn condottiere au XVe siècle. Rimini; études sur les lettres et les arts à la cour des Malatesta d'après les papiers d'état des archives d'Italie. Avec 200 dessins d'après les monuments du temps673ocn046791201book20000.92Pasini, Pier GiorgioIl Tempio malatestiano : splendore cortese e classicismo umanistico612ocn044055354book20000.93Turchini, AngeloIl Tempio malatestiano, Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta e Leon Battista AlbertiCriticism, interpretation, etc563ocn001620629book19700.92Arduini, FrancaSigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta e il suo tempoExhibition catalogs552ocn005186300book19780.94Studi malatestianiHistory421ocn014239996book19850.92Castel Sismondo e Sigismondo Pandolfo MalatestaHistory322ocn044181704book20000.93Muscolino, CettyIl Tempio malatestiano di Rimini302ocn053830264book20030.95Castel Sismondo, Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta e l'arte militare del primo Rinascimento : atti del convegnoHistoryConference proceedings282ocn005444759book19770.96Tabanelli, MarioSigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, signore del Medioevo e del RinascimentoHistoryBiography272ocn044045998book0.96La Signoria di Sigismondo Pandolfo MalatestiHistoryMilitary history242ocn040766734book19970.95Liuzzi, LucianoIl Tempio malatestiano+-+4168521775324Fri Mar 21 15:15:17 EDT 2014batch21381