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Sayers /29540426Dorothy_L._Sayersn 7904604421552752794212155273Fleming Dorothy 1893-1957Fleming, Dorothy Leigh SayersFleming, Dorothy Leigh Sayers, 1893-1957Leigh, Johanna, 1893-1957Leigh Sayers, DorothyLeigh-Sayers, Dorothy 1893-1957Sayers, DorothySayers, Dorothy, 1893-1957Sayers, Dorothy L.Sayers, Dorothy LeighSayers, Dorothy Leigh, 1893-1957Sayersová, Dorothy L., 1893-1957Сейерс, Дороти, 1893-1957Сэйерс, Дорoти Л., 1893-1957Сэйерс, Дороти Л., 1893-1957سيرز، داراتىセイヤーズ, ドロシー・Lfast-1175564Wimsey, Peter, Lord (Fictitious character)fast-1164068Vane, Harriet (Fictitious character)lccn-n79101427Carmichael, Ian1920-2010actprfnrtlccn-n50080396Paton Walsh, Jill1937-lccn-n50042656Reynolds, Barbara1914-auictbothtrledtlccn-n78095495Dante Alighieri1265-1321lccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n84034309Women's Land Army (Great Britain)lccn-n78043619Dale, Alzina Stone1931-edtlccn-nr96021942Acorn Media (Firm)Sayers, Dorothy L.(Dorothy Leigh)1893-1957FictionDramaBiographyHistoryBibliographyCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceDetective and mystery storiesShort storiesLegal storiesWimsey, Peter, Lord (Fictitious character)EnglandPrivate investigatorsSayers, Dorothy L.--(Dorothy Leigh),Detective and mystery stories, EnglishVane, Harriet (Fictitious character)Detective and mystery stories--AuthorshipAuthors, EnglishWomen and literatureEngland--LondonWomen detectivesGreat BritainFrance--ParisChristianity--PhilosophyWorld War (1939-1945)England--OxfordJesus ChristDetective and mystery storiesChristianity in literatureWomen as literary charactersRadio playsDante Alighieri,Manners and customsChristian biographyTranslatorsWomen novelistsWomen authors, EnglishLiteratureArt appreciationItalian language--Translating into EnglishScholarsPurgatorio (Dante Alighieri)Inferno (Dante Alighieri)Language and languagesPoliceMurder--InvestigationEnglish fictionRadio plays, EnglishBible plays, EnglishSin in literatureDeadly sins in literatureChristie, Agatha,Good and evil in literatureWomen authorsMushrooms, PoisonousEngland--DevonCycles (Literature)MurderShort stories, EnglishHoneymoons189319571900190419111914191519161917191819191920192319251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201411310415196100823.912PR6037.A95ocn000505731ocn001551766ocn001941566ocn004047082ocn008120622ocn005885711ocn004987126ocn004906091ocn052012048ocn013839603ocn003404115ocn000266265ocn010141617ocn007150391ocn001704549ocn007561328ocn000322321ocn000344222ocn002114237ocn011057639ocn724629934ocn073512043ocn821211283ocn722724215ocn722724383ocn722724236ocn723593409ocn722859143ocn722810980ocn722724368ocn420359997ocn459040249ocn442575494ocn459886652ocn440940600ocn074187666ocn856595312ocn870258833ocn720940796ocn186265821ocn186265946ocn720940863ocn721603645ocn494668211ocn798608140ocn0072098863671152ocn000365662book19260.20Sayers, Dorothy LClouds of witnessHistoryFictionLegal storiesShort storiesRustic old Riddlesdale Lodge was a Wimsey family retreat with country pleasures and the thrill of the hunt--until the game turned up human and quite dead. The accused murderer was Lord Peter's own brother+-+78089561553242154ocn001132628book19300.20Sayers, Dorothy LStrong poisonFictionDetective and mystery storiesDashing detective Lord Peter Wimsey is caught up in the murder trial of mystery writer Harriet Vane. Her fiance has died of poisoning exactly as described in one of Harriet's novels -- so naturally she is the prime suspect. As Peter looks on, he not only falls in love with the accused but eagerly helps with Harriet's defense when the first trial ends in a hung jury. Will she be convicted and executed for the crime, or can he save her life and win her hand in marriage? Strong Poison is the first of a series of Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane mysteries in which their complex romantic relationship is revealed in detail. This classic was originally published in 1930+-+35089561552986133ocn000365665book19000.22Sayers, Dorothy LGaudy nightHistoryFictionWhen Harriet Vane attends her Oxford reunion, known as the Gaudy, she and Lord Peter Wimsey are haunted by pranks and messages that threaten murder, but, strangely, all of the messages are perfectly worded+-+9498956155267970ocn008990761book19340.22Sayers, Dorothy LThe nine tailors; changes rung on an old theme in two short touches and two full pealsHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesTale of suspense in which the famous Lord Peter Wimsey is called upon to solve the murder of an unknown man in East Anglia+-+74430110652673106ocn000736791book19320.19Sayers, Dorothy LHave his carcaseFictionDetective and mystery storiesDetective and mystery stories, EnglishThis is the second of Sayer's famous mystery series to involve Harriet Vane, the independent writer with whom Lord Peter Wimsey falls in love. This time Harriet stumbles across a body on a lonely beach, and Lord Peter rides to the rescue+-+97089561552565139ocn008884353book19310.19Sayers, Dorothy LThe five red herrings : Suspicious charactersFictionDetective and mystery stories, EnglishThe supposedly accidental death of a painter who was disliked in his Scottish village sends a concerned villager in search of the truth+-+K8189561552539135ocn000365671book19230.20Sayers, Dorothy LWhose body? A Lord Peter Wimsey novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesA naked body is discovered in the bathroom of a London architect's apartment. Is it Sir Reuben Levy, the well-known financier who recently disappeared? Or is it a stiff dragged from the dissecting rooms of St. Luke's Hospital? Lord Peter Wimsey must unravel the tangled threads that lead from a prostitute, to a well-known surgeon, and to a mysterious reunion at a London night-club+-+0208956155250122ocn038096860book19980.17Sayers, Dorothy LThrones, dominationsFictionDetective and mystery stories, EnglishIn the process of discussing with her husband the plot of her latest novel, mystery writer Lady Wimsey finds the solution to a real-life murder. The novel is an unfinished 1930s manuscript by British writer Sayers, completed by Walsh on the basis of the outline+-+0146367685239959ocn650313167book19410.37Sayers, Dorothy LThe mind of the makerDorothy L Sayers' great lay contemporaries in the Church of England were T.S. Eliot, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams, but none of them wrote a book quite like The Mind of the Maker. In this crisp, elegant exercise in theology, Sayers illuminates the doctrine of the Trinity by relating it to the process of writing fiction, a process about which she could speak with complete authority. She illustrates her thesis with many examples drawn from her own books, and even illuminates the Christian heresies by analysing certain failures of creation which regularly occur in literature. This marvellous classic describes the creative process in terms of the arts and shows that literature can cast light on theology and vice versa+-+83212917352378123ocn001089933book19330.20Sayers, Dorothy LMurder must advertiseFictionDetective and mystery storiesDetective and mystery stories, EnglishWhen copywriter Victor Dean falls to his death on the stairs of Pym's Advertising Agency, no one seems to mind. That is, until Lord Peter joins the firm incognito as Dean's replacement and starts asking questions which lead him into a network of blackmailers, drug pushers and one of the most deadly plots of crime fiction. However, before the crimes can be solved and the truth revealed, five more people must die+-+40089561552376156ocn001377024book19000.20Sayers, Dorothy LThe unpleasantness at the Bellona ClubFictionThe dignified calm of the Bellona Club is shattered when Lord Peter Wimsey finds General Fentiman dead in his favorite chair. A straightforward death by natural causes? Perhaps--but why can no-one remember seeing the general the day he died? And, who is the mysterious Mr. Oliver? Lord Peter moves between London and Paris, salon and suburbs, to unfold the intriguing case+-+5908956155221915ocn014588423book19710.22Sayers, Dorothy LLord Peter : a collection of all the Lord Peter Wimsey storiesFiction+-+5538645155211985ocn002679612book19370.21Sayers, Dorothy LBusman's honeymoon; a love story with detective interruptionsHistoryFictionDetective and mystery stories, EnglishWhen their plans for a private and romantic honeymoon are disrupted by the untimely murder of their estate's former owner, newlyweds Lord Peter and Harriet Vane are baffled by the strange clues that they discover+-+3848745155324198225ocn050948781book20020.14Paton Walsh, JillA presumption of deathHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesDrawing on the events of "The Wimsey Papers," a tale set during the Blitz in 1940 London finds Lord Peter conducting secret business for the Foreign Office, while Harriet, caring for the family, is shocked by the murder of a young Land Girl+-+5556477685163687ocn001749838book19430.35Sayers, Dorothy LThe man born to be king, a play-cycle on the life of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus ChristDramaWritten for broadcasting. Presented by the British Broadcasting Corporation Dec. 1941-Oct.1942. Producer : Val Gielgud. Produc tion notes by Val Gielgud and foreword by Dr. J.W.Welch, and author's introduction+-+2258523435159086ocn005333677book19330.20Sayers, Dorothy LHangman's holidayFictionA trove of short stories featuring two of the Jazz Age’s most famous sleuths In the annals of mystery writing, Lord Peter Wimsey and Montague Egg are among the most memorable detectives. Lord Peter—noble by birth, brilliant by nature—is a fly in the ointment of criminals across Britain, turning up whenever the police ask him to lend his quick wit and keen eye to an investigation. Montague Egg is a free-spirited figure, a traveling wine salesman with an unfortunate habit of stumbling over murder scenes. Both are inimitably charming, and neither has ever failed to catch his man. In this collection of stories, the two detectives confront cat killers, American zombies, and—most horrible of all—a poisoned bottle of fine old port. Several decades after their first publication, mystery maven Dorothy L. Sayers’s chilling puzzles remain as engaging as ever. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Dorothy L. Sayers including rare images from the Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College+-+35146550951543108ocn014717535book19300.21Sayers, Dorothy LThe documents in the caseFictionDetective and mystery storiesThe grotesquely grinning corpse in the Devonshire shack was of a man who had died horribly, with a dish of mushrooms at his side. His body contained enough death-dealing muscarine to kill thirty people. Why would an expert on fungi feast on a large quantity of this particularly poisonous species? A clue to the brilliant murderer, who had baffled the best minds in London, was hidden in a series of letters and documents that no one seemed to care about, except the dead man's son+-+0183535155324153192ocn014717552book19390.21Sayers, Dorothy LIn the teeth of the evidenceFictionDetective and mystery storiesAn irresistible collection of stories starring Lord Peter Wimsey and Montague Egg, from the master of classic mysteriesMost noblemen would prefer to avoid a charred corpse in a garage. But Lord Peter Wimsey has never seen such a body, and cannot resist the opportunity when it comes along. The corpse is burned beyond recognition, but the watch it wears remains pristine-stopped precisely at seven minutes past nine. These are the sorts of clues that great murder cases are built around, and few detectives are more adept at finding them than Wimsey, the famous creation of Dorothy L. Sayers. In this volume, two classic Wimsey stories appear alongside five starring Montague Egg, an eccentric wine salesman whose powers of deduction could give His Lordship a run for his money. A handful of other glittering puzzles round out the volume, serving as testament to Sayers's enduring status as a star of crime fiction. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Dorothy L. Sayers including rare images from the Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College+-+4397555095137793ocn013457139book19280.21Sayers, Dorothy LLord Peter views the bodyFictionDetective and mystery storiesNine mystery stories in which the aristocratic sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey tackles seemingly insoluble crimes+-+0452655095134539ocn001551766book19490.31Dante AlighieriThe comedy of Dante Alighieri, the FlorentinePoetryThe most celebrated work of Dante is the Divine comedy--a vision of hell, purgatory and heaven that provides a strangely surrealistic view of medieval attitudes on religious dogma and the price of disobedience+-+6195995965239212ocn007280739book19800.28Brabazon, JamesDorothy L. Sayers : a biographyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography14303ocn020319873book19900.32Kenney, Catherine McGeheeThe remarkable case of Dorothy L. SayersCriticism, interpretation, etcOne of the most fascinating comments often made about Dorothy l. Sayers is that she wrote "real" novels. Catherine Kenney considers why Sayers mysteries tend to strike astute readers this way, and in so doing, suggests her place not only in the history of detection, but in the larger tradition of the English novel which she admired. Gaudy Night, for example, bears striking similarities to nineteenth-century English fiction, especially the novels of Jane Austen. The links between these authors have important implications not only for literary and social history, but also for our growing understanding of the subtle relationship between gender and genre.Unlike earlier book-length studies of Sayers, what Professor Kenney has written is not a biography or a survey, but an assessment of Dorothy Sayer's main contributions to modern letters and culture. Drawing upon Sayer's novels, essays, plays, manuscripts, and letters, Kenney demonstrates the organic relationship of the parts of Sayer's canon and argues persuasively that all of her important themes and concerns are embedded in her best work, her fiction.Sayer's three main accomplishments serve as the organizing principle of this book: first, her transformation of the modern detective story into a serious novel of social criticism and moral depth; second, her penetrating critique of the situation of modern women; and finally her compelling work as a lay theologian and interpreter of Christianity. Thus, the book proceeds not only in roughly chronological order, but also from the work that most readers know best what they know least. The author assumes some familiarity with Sayer's fiction, but The Remarkable Case of Dorothy L. Sayers is not intended for specialists alone. Indeed, it is appropriate for the same reader that DLS had in mind when she wrote. It will appeal to those who already admire her work, and it may bring others to appreciate her as a literary figure of importance+-+K30938823512233ocn004775858book19790.32Hone, Ralph EDorothy L. Sayers : a literary biographyBiography113913ocn028422976book19930.25Reynolds, BarbaraDorothy L. Sayers : her life and soulBiography+-+380806768510643ocn004774777book19790.35As her whimsey took her : critical essays on the work of Dorothy L. SayersHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc10433ocn815281394com20000.37McGregor, Robert KuhnConundrums for the long week-end England, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Lord Peter WimseyCriticism, interpretation, etc"In Conundrums for the Long Week-End, Robert McGregor and Ethan Lewis explore how Sayers used her fictional hero to comment on, and come to terms with, the social upheaval of the time: world wars, the crumbling of the privileged aristocracy, the rise of democracy, and the expanding struggle of women for equality. A reflection of the age, Lord Peter's character changed tremendously, mirroring the developing subtleties of his creator's evolving worldview." "Scholars of the Modern Age, fans of the mystery genre, and admirers of Sayers's fiction are sure to appreciate McGregor and Lewis's incisive examination of the literary, social, and historical context of this prized author's most popular work."--Jacket+-+00113882359934ocn001528283book19750.27Hitchman, JanetSuch a strange lady : a biography of Dorothy L. SayersBiography9815ocn005498001book19800.35Durkin, Mary BrianDorothy L. SayersHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Dorothy L. Sayers6665ocn004056372book19780.37Dale, Alzina StoneMaker and craftsman : the story of Dorothy L. SayersBiographyRecounts the life of the English author who created the urbane, aristocratic sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey+-+38703322353246291ocn025965371book19920.24Coomes, DavidDorothy L. Sayers : a careless rage for lifeBiographyAn biography of the author of detective novels, taken from the thousands of letters she wrote, many of them made public for the first time5719ocn033439013book19950.29Sayers, Dorothy LThe letters of Dorothy L. Sayers, 1899-1936Records and correspondencein her personal letters as a genial, amusing, and loyal friend, but also as the woman who "regarded the intellect as androgynous - neither male or female, but human" and took exuberant pleasure in using it well. Her letters bear the imprint of her vigorous mind, reflecting the social, cultural, and religious issues in which she took a passionate interest+-+56559676855656ocn018557231book19890.50Reynolds, BarbaraThe passionate intellect : Dorothy L. Sayers' encounter with DanteCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+55567024065644ocn005890072book19730.32Tischler, Nancy MDorothy L. Sayers, a pilgrim soulBiography5144ocn003933275book19780.59Gilbert, Colleen BA bibliography of the works of Dorothy L. SayersBibliography4783ocn006704904book19800.59Hall, Trevor HDorothy L. Sayers, nine literary studiesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc4416ocn038519038book19930.37Brown, JaniceThe seven deadly sins in the work of Dorothy L. SayersHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJanice Brown examines Sayer's major works, beginning with her early poetry and moving through her works of fiction to the dramas, essays, and lectures written in the last years of her life. She illustrates how Sayers used popular genres to teach about sin and redemption, how she redefined the Seven Deadly Sins for the twentieth century, why she stopped writing mysteries, and her application of the concepts of sin and redemption to society as a whole. She also considers the relationship between Sayers's spiritual life and her work and traces Lord Peter Wimsey's change from worldliness to something approaching Christianity+-+60513882354332ocn002695081book19770.63Harmon, Robert BAn annotated guide to the works of Dorothy L. SayersBibliography4262ocn007737883book19820.63Youngberg, Ruth TanisDorothy L. Sayers, a reference guideBibliography4164ocn021333157book19900.16Larsen, GaylordDorothy and AgathaFiction4034ocn020798212book19900.47Brunsdale, MitziDorothy L. Sayers : solving the mystery of wickednessHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+0497149035324+-+0146367685+-+0146367685Fri Mar 21 15:09:18 EDT 2014batch115887