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Fri Mar 21 17:13:33 2014 UTClccn-n790461870.10La Maison Blanche [Saint-Tropez], to John Maynard Keynes,0.581.00Papers, 1912-196666535955Clive_Belln 790461872795627046607Bell, Arthur Clive HewardClive Bellבל, קלייב, 1881־1964كلايف بل، 1881-1964ベル, クライブlccn-n79072847Fry, Roger1866-1934lccn-no2012030630Fishman, Solomonlccn-n79006950Ruskin, John1819-1900lccn-n79117248Pater, Walter1839-1894lccn-n79055559Read, Herbert1893-1968viaf-190959579Bywater, William G.1940-lccn-n80081622National Gallery (Great Britain)lccn-n80070278Pasmore, Victor1908-1998lccn-n78035647Laing, Donald A.1944-lccn-n79135291Strachey, Lytton1880-1932Bell, Clive1881-1964HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyRecords and correspondenceArtProust, Marcel,AestheticsBell, Clive,Painting, FrenchÀ la recherche du temps perdu (Proust, Marcel)Art criticismEnglandPainting, ModernFry, Roger,Pater, Walter,Ruskin, John,Read, Herbert,Post-impressionism (Art)FranceStrachey, Lytton,Authors, EnglishPaintersCivilizationCarrington, Dora de Houghton,LoveImpressionism (Art)Art--PhilosophyPaintingForm (Aesthetics)Civilization--PhilosophyHolroyd, MichaelArtistsAuthorsIntellectual lifeFriendshipEnglish literatureBloomsbury groupStanze di Raffaello (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Pasmore, Victor,LiteratureLibertyNational Gallery (Great Britain)Social psychologyGrant, Duncan,Bell, Vanessa,Mural painting and decorationDecoration and ornamentKeynes, John Maynard,Forster, E. M.--(Edward Morgan),Woolf, Virginia,England--East SussexWoolf, Leonard,Philosophy, EnglishArts, Modern188119641892190019051906190719081910191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341936193719381939194019411945194619471948194919501951195219531955195619571958196019611962196319651966196719691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201410905366845843.91N7445ocn038454417ocn862996116ocn763105962ocn082684573ocn466222529ocn024522877ocn766613936ocn662128104ocn724128437ocn450721320ocn503288873ocn454365341ocn191911295ocn745091628ocn170922709179490ocn000513693book19130.56Bell, CliveArtHistoryIn his seminal and controversial work in defense of abstract art, renowned critic Clive Bell argues that aesthetic emotion" is a response to the significant form" of a work of art, the forms and relations of art itself; any other meaning or association the piece of art holds is irrelevant+-+K448146796100335ocn000001289book19220.59Bell, CliveSince Cézanne+-+580290159681017ocn001142983book19260.56Bell, CliveLandmarks in nineteenth-century paintingHistory64839ocn002613225book19280.66Bell, CliveCivilization; an essayHistory62617ocn000252914book19520.37Bell, CliveThe French impressionists in full colour53433ocn004061751book19000.28Bell, CliveThe French impressionists4102ocn000963209book19730.53Bell, CliveCivilization and Old friends39217ocn001108703book19310.66Bell, CliveAn account of French paintingHistory37920ocn000580805book19280.56Beckett, SamuelProustCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExamines autobiographical elements of Proust's fiction, explores French and English influence on Proust, and analyzes the conception and design of "A la recherche du temps perdu"18612ocn004866461book19450.66Bell, CliveVictor Pasmore1459ocn001699249book19180.79Bell, ClivePot-boilersCriticism, interpretation, etc1275ocn001956370book19340.63Bell, CliveEnjoying pictures [meditations in the National Gallery and elsewhere12111ocn002764636book19230.93Bell, CliveOn British freedom1009ocn004546491book19470.81Bell, CliveTwelfth century paintings at Hardham & Clayton916ocn004542294book19340.66Bell, CliveEnjoying pictures; meditations in the National gallery and elsewhere813ocn030015023book19510.84Bell, CliveModern French painting : the Cone collection ; an address delivered to the Municipal Art Society of Baltimore774ocn001701793book19210.93Bell, ClivePoems776ocn004281675book19230.93Bell, CliveThe legend of Monte della Sibilla ; or, Le paradis de la reine Sibille5710ocn017264901book19560.59Bell, CliveOld friends: personal recollectionsHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondence495ocn004542279book19450.90Bell, CliveAuguste Renoir: Les parapluies in the National Gallery, London7443ocn000510870book19630.56Fishman, SolomonThe interpretation of art : essays on the art criticism of John Ruskin, Walter Pater, Clive Bell, Roger Fry, and Herbert ReadHistory6603ocn000728322book19560.59Bell, CliveOld friends: personal recollectionsHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondence4293ocn001093692book19740.63Bywater, William GClive Bell's eye1532ocn009371512book19830.94Laing, Donald AClive Bell, an annotated bibliography of the published writingsBibliography1217ocn015316656book19210.56Bell, CliveArtHistoryIn his seminal and controversial work in defense of abstract art, renowned critic Clive Bell argues that aesthetic emotion" is a response to the significant form" of a work of art, the forms and relations of art itself; any other meaning or association the piece of art holds is irrelevant+-+4172216263324692ocn048762818book19920.50The Bloomsbury groupCriticism, interpretation, etcContains biographical and critical material on such authors as: Virginia Woolf, Leonard Woolf, Clive Bell, Roger Fry, E.M. Forster, and Lytton Strachey281ocn011515109book19360.73Exhibition of masters of French 19th century paintingExhibition catalogs141ocn643473346com19920.59Dictionary of literary biography documentary seriesCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyConcentrates on major figures of a particular literary period, movement or genre104ocn070309989book19850.93Harris, Martha JohnsonClive Bell's formalism in historical perspectiveHistory71ocn041925776book19990.28Beechey, JamesClive BellBiography+-+969900462532451ocn037761347visu19890.73A painter's paradise the restoration of Charleston FarmhouseAngelica Garnett, daughter of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, reminisces about her childhood at Charleston Farmhouse, her siblings, her parents and other members of the Bloomsbury Group. The narrative is interspersed with photographs, artwork and interviews which evoke the mood of the fifty years at Charleston Farmhouse. In addition the film documents the meticulous restoration of the Farmhouse and its grounds41ocn219643167book19720.92Clive Bell at Charleston : paintingsExhibition catalogs42ocn611365745com0.18(Arthur) Clive (Howard) Bell : (1881-1964)Criticism, interpretation, etc21ocn035032699book19910.19Bell, CliveYi shuHistory21ocn152424345book0.47Harris, Martha JohnsonClive Bell's formalism in historical perspective a dissertation submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the University of Georgia in partial fulfullment [i.e. fulfillment] of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy22ocn422752555visu19950.23Hampton, ChristopherCarringtonBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsThe life of Dora Carrington, the Victorian Era painter whose passionate life created one of England's greatest scandals. Unable to possess the one man she loves, Lytton Strachey, Carrington embarks on a long string of loveless sexual encounters21ocn028409573mix1.00Waley, ArthurRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, chiefly letters received (1938-1962); letter to Clive Bell (1917); drafts of published works dealing primarily with Chinese civilization; notes on oriental languages; unpublished fictional pieces; published articles; corrected page proofs of several books; pamphlets relating to Far Eastern subjects, and letters (1918-1962) of friends and associates, together with papers of Beryl de Zoete (1884-1962): letters received (1912-1961), notes and drafts of writings on folk dance and the drama; typescript copies of English translations of articles in French and Italian; journals (1939-1940, 1954); address and appointment books; and miscellaneous printed items dealing with folk dance and other topics11ocn414543610book19220.10Bell, VanessaLa Maison Blanche [Saint-Tropez], to John Maynard KeynesAdvising him not to marry "Loppi" [Lydia Lopokova] because "she'd be a very expensive wife"; asking if he will buy her a ticket to Paris so she can accompany her children back to England and then return to Paris to meet Duncan Grant; asking him to ascertain Clive Bell's travel plans11ocn035987969book19291.00Bell, CliveLetterRecords and correspondenceHolograph invitation to unidentified recipient to meet Parisian friends for lunch11ocn414567616book19210.10Bell, VanessaLa Maison Blanche [Saint-Tropez], to John Maynard KeynesDiscussing negatives and prints she is sending to people; explaining that she and Duncan Grant are not painting as much as they could because they have run out of supplies; mentioning that Clive Bell went to London "where he seemed to have been seeing a great many ladies besides Mary [Hutchinson]."+-+K448146796+-+K448146796Fri Mar 21 15:14:40 EDT 2014batch32609