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Fri Mar 21 17:14:38 2014 UTClccn-n790547990.21Disaster was my God : a novel of the outlaw life of Arthur Rimbaud /0.510.79OEuvres de Arthur Rimbaud; vers et proses; revues sur les manuscrits originaux et les premières éditions,7396281Arthur_Rimbaudn 79054799287923A. RimbaudBava, Alcide.Bava, Alcide, 1854-1891Nan-po, 1854-1891Nan-po, Ya-se, 1854-1891Rāmbō, Ārtōr 1854-1891Rambo, Z'an Artur, 1854-1891Rāmbū, Ārthar, 1854-1891Rāmbū, Ārṯur, 1854-1891Rembo, 1854-1891Rembo, A. 1854-1891Rembo, Arti︠u︡r, 1854-1891Rembo, Artjur 1854-1891Rembo, Artûr.Rembo, Artur, 1854-1891Rembo, Artūrs, 1854-1891Rembo, ArtyrRempō, Arthouros, 1854-1891Rimbaud.Rimbaud, 1854-1891Rimbaud, ArthurRimbaud, Artur 1854-1891Rimbaud, J. A., 1854-1891Rimbaud, J. A. (Jean Arthur), 1854-1891Rimbaud, Jan Artur.Rimbaud, Jean A. 1854-1891Rimbaud, Jean-ArthurRimbaud, Jean-Arthur, 1854-1891Rimbaud, Jean N. 1854-1891Rimbaud, Jean Nicolas Arthur.Rimbaud, Jean-Nicolas-Arthur 1854-1891Рембо, Артюр, 1854-1891רימבו, ארתוררימבו, ארתור, 1854-1891רמבו, ארתור, 1854-1891רמבו, ז'אן ניקולה ארתוררמבו, ז'ן ניקולה ארתוררעמבא, ארטור, 1854-1891רעמבא, ארתור, 1854-1891רעמבא, זשאן ארטורآرثر رامبو، 1854-1891ラムボウランボー, アルチュールランボウランボオ, アルチュウルランボオ, アルチュールlccn-n79043496Verlaine, Paul1844-1896othprflyradpauiillannlccn-n79018694Baudelaire, Charles1821-1867othlyrcmplccn-n80045843Fowlie, Wallace1908-1998trledtlccn-n79045066Mallarmé, Stéphane1842-1898auiothprfartlyrlccn-n79105791Britten, Benjamin1913-1976cndcmplccn-n50023287Starkie, Enidlccn-no2002017542Whidden, Seth Adam1969-lccn-n81019694Petitfils, Pierreedtlccn-n50039758Brunel, Pierreothauiedtlccn-n50020657Hackett, Cecil ArthurRimbaud, Arthur1854-1891Criticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceBiographyMusical settingsMapsBibliographyHistoryPoetryIllustrationsPortraitsRimbaud, Arthur,Poets, FrenchFrench poetryVerlaine, Paul,FranceBaudelaire, Charles,PoeticsParnassianismSubjectivity in literatureAmerican poetry--French influencesAmerican poetryPoetry, ModernInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)French literatureUnited StatesFrench language--RhythmMallarmé, Stéphane,French language--VersificationSong cyclesGay authorsModernism (Literature)Nerval, Gérard de,TechniqueBoileau Despréaux, Nicolas,Billy, André,PoetrySoilsEuropeSongs (High voice) with string orchestraSongs (High voice) with chamber orchestraFriendshipPy, AlbertBernard, OliverIlluminations (Rimbaud, Arthur)Art and literatureModernism (Aesthetics)Contradiction in literatureEnglish poetryRolland de Renéville,French imprintsApollinaire, Guillaume,Pia, PascalManuscriptsStencil workSongs (High voice) with orchestraAlienation (Social psychology)Arts, ModernFrench languagePoets, French--BiographyBiographical fiction1854189118641868187018711872187318761884188618911892189518961897189818991900190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201311694438509066841.8PQ2387.R5ocn023155923ocn022103368ocn037657879ocn013674059ocn053105654ocn049142441ocn658502682ocn658605546ocn765715439ocn064032326ocn185292022ocn186379692ocn724909440ocn797380892ocn725167014ocn725006897ocn725123668ocn725089138ocn692023037ocn692023040ocn661735991ocn661736059ocn661736032ocn842358943ocn765457102ocn842358941ocn842358945ocn765456984ocn658991175ocn765456743ocn691876561ocn658534678ocn658609997ocn842459906ocn866817600ocn661986980ocn691917519ocn659257922ocn658610011ocn692031975ocn721965346ocn075351233ocn723141991ocn719282196ocn076367795ocn723129079ocn076632432ocn723657501ocn723494996ocn723518245ocn463632272ocn699169530ocn691917316ocn312954665ocn459825182ocn255128912ocn258066242ocn310093164ocn468320490ocn845614932ocn439535852ocn441202946ocn073795492ocn254994384ocn442418502ocn420701046ocn740285786ocn740283891ocn153258222ocn174560141ocn440850101ocn799201252ocn069984294ocn297339181ocn861014935ocn843394413ocn763019679Poets, French1599193ocn000844702book19220.66Rimbaud, ArthurŒuvres complètesMapsRecords and correspondence"Comprend des oeuvres diverses: ébauches et brouillons, Oeuvres attribuées1595121ocn668194796book18860.47Rimbaud, ArthurIlluminations"First published in 1886, Arthur Rimbaud's Illuminations?the work of a poet who had abandoned poetry before the age of twenty-one?changed the language of poetry. Hallucinatory and feverishly hermetic, it is an acknowledged masterpiece of world literature, still unrivaled for its haunting blend of sensuous detail and otherworldly astonishment. In Ashbery's translation of this notoriously elusive text, the acclaimed poet and translator lends his inimitable voice to a venerated classic" --Dust jacket flap+-+5081258485110515ocn000608178book19660.33Rimbaud, ArthurComplete works, selected letters+-+6824621775950106ocn000944557book19600.63Rimbaud, ArthurŒuvresCriticism, interpretation, etcPremières proses. Rimbaud. Arthurd407086311ocn001156981book19610.35Rimbaud, ArthurUne saison en enfer & Le bateau ivre. A season in hell & The drunken boat+-+103657663571058ocn077574087book19320.56Rimbaud, ArthurA season in hell; Une saison en enferCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryIllustrations+-+258501543662110ocn000319620book19470.37Baudelaire, CharlesBaudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine; selected verse and prose poems+-+514650153552742ocn003098378score19400.59Britten, BenjaminLes illuminations, for soprano or tenor voice and string orchestraMusical settings47667ocn000750351book19600.50Rimbaud, ArthurPoésies. Une saison en enfer. IlluminationsPoetryUne Saison en enfer. Rimbaud. Arthur4070+-+00046852574689ocn002709697book19760.59Rimbaud, ArthurIlluminations : coloured plates46311ocn003010888book19530.66Rimbaud, ArthurRimbaud's Illuminations; a study in angelism45645ocn001979742book19640.59Apollinaire, GuillaumeŒuvres poétiques4264ocn000952617book19620.66Burford, WilliamThe poet's vocation; selections from letters of Hölderlin, Rimbaud, & Hart Crane31563ocn002482928book19130.79Rimbaud, ArthurPoésies29437ocn000749196book19120.79Rimbaud, ArthurOEuvres de Arthur Rimbaud; vers et proses; revues sur les manuscrits originaux et les premières éditions2881ocn015024613rcrd19860.32Britten, BenjaminSerenade, op. 31 for tenor, horn, and strings Less [i.e. Les] illuminations : op. 18 for tenor and strings ; Nocturne, op. 60 for tenor, 7 obligato instruments, and stringsMusical settings28249ocn000259289book19490.73Rimbaud, ArthurArthur RimbaudCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBibliographyUn essai introductif à l'oeuvre poétique, un choix de textes significatif, des documents iconographiques, une chronologie et une bibliographie26517ocn001380010book19460.50Fowlie, WallaceRimbaudCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceBiography, explication, and criticism+-+49157959652634ocn001523189book19750.79Peyre, HenriRimbaud vu par VerlaineBiography24379ocn003230133book19120.63Rimbaud, ArthurŒuvres de Arthur Rimbaud : vers et proses187413ocn000339281book19460.50Fowlie, WallaceRimbaudCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceBiography, explication, and criticism+-+4915795965178732ocn000313829book19370.50Starkie, EnidArthur RimbaudBiographyCompletely rewritten edition with revision of the chapter "Illuminations" and a more thorough study of the poet, using his complete writings published in 1946. For other editions, see Author Catalog+-+K24657663512589ocn001365170book19750.53St. Aubyn, Frederic CArthur RimbaudCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Arthur Rimbaud12044ocn053948369com20010.37Rimbaud, ArthurCollected poemsFrom the Publisher: Rimbaud is the enfant terrible of French literature, the precocious genius whose extraordinary poetry is revolutionary in its visionary, hallucinatory content and its often liberated forms. He wrote all his poems between the ages of about fifteen and twenty-one, after which he turned his back on family, friends, and France to roam the world. In his final years he was a trader in the Horn of Africa. Out of this brief, colorful life and wilderness of sensory poetry, a mythic Rimbaud has been created. One of the greatest French poets of all times, Rimbaud has become an enduring icon of youth, rebellion, and freedom-though behind the myth of the man lies a poetic adventure of high ambition and painful rigor, poignant yet heroic. This bilingual edition provides all of Rimbaud's poems, with the exception of his Latin verses and some small fragments. It also includes some of his prose pieces, chosen because they offer a commentary on his poetic concerns+-+647139030532411787ocn044969183book20000.28Robb, GrahamRimbaudBiographyA biography of the French poet also delves into Rimbaud's lives outside of literature, including his stints as an explorer, mercenary gun runner, and friend to slave traders+-+3004958485106125ocn000724026book19050.66Bonnefoy, YvesRimbaudCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPortraitsBiografie van Rimbaud met in het Engels vert. tekstfragmenten+-+K6788942159873ocn712988626file20070.50Whidden, Seth AdamLeaving Parnassus the lyric subject in Verlaine and RimbaudCriticism, interpretation, etcLeaving Parnassus: The Lyric Subject in Verlaine and Rimbaud considers how the crisis of the lyric subject in the middle of the nineteenth century in France is a direct response to the aesthetic principles of Parnassian poetry, which dominated the second half of the century much more than critics often think. The poets considered here rebel against the strict confines of traditional and contemporary poetry and attempt to create radically new discursive practices. Specifically, the close readings of poems apply recent studies of subjectivity in poetry and focus on the works of Paul Verlaine and+-+35677579549208ocn048032537book20020.23Rimbaud, ArthurRimbaud completeA complete collection of poetry and pros by the revolutionary nineteenth-century poet includes an introduction to the life, work, myth, and influence of Arthur Rimbaud+-+25879142158714ocn262630047book20080.25White, EdmundRimbaud : the double life of a rebelBiographyPoet and prodigy Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891) died young but his extraordinary poetry continues to influence and inspire - fans include Dylan, Jim Morrison, Patti Smith. His long poem Un Saison en Enfer and his collection Illuminations are central to the modern canon. Having sworn off writing at the age of twenty-one, Rimbaud drifted around the world from scheme to scheme, ultimately dying from an infection contracted while gun-running in Africa. He was thirty-seven. Distinguished biographer, novelist, and memoirist Edmund White brilliantly explores the young poet's relationships with his family+-+60688198468347ocn006863134book19810.56Perloff, MarjorieThe poetics of indeterminacy : Rimbaud to CageHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"In her seminal study, first published in 1981, Marjorie Perloff argues that the map of Modernist poetry needs to be redrawn to include a central tradition which cannot properly be situated within the Romantic-Symbolist tradition dominating the early twentieth century. She traces this tradition from its early "French connection" in the poetry of Rimbaud and Apollinaire as well as in Cubist, Dada, and early Surrealist painting; through its various manifestations in the work of Gertrude Stein, William Carlos Williams, and Ezra Pound; to such postmodern "landscapes without depth" as the French/English language constructions of Samuel Beckett, the elusive dreamscapes of John Ashbery, and the performance works of David Antin and John Cage." "In the poetry of this "other tradition," ambiguity and complexity give way to inherent contradiction and undecidability, metaphor and symbol to metonymy and synecdoche, the well-wrought urn to what Ashbery calls "an open field of narrative possibilities," and the coherent structure of images to "mysteries of construction," nonsense, and free play."--BOOK JACKET+-+49126656358042ocn070886700com20040.50Evans, DavidRhythm, illusion and the poetic idea Baudelaire, Rimbaud, MallarméCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+889465795477310ocn002414284book19560.53Miller, HenryThe time of the assassins : a study of RimbaudCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+00665766357665ocn000649858book19730.56Cohn, Robert GreerThe poetry of RimbaudCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+87888552066836ocn655226111com20050.50Rimbaud, ArthurRimbaud : complete works, selected letters : a bilingual editionRecords and correspondence"The enfant terrible of French letters, Jean-Nicholas-Arthur Rimbaud (1854-91) was a defiant and precocious youth who wrote some of the most remarkable prose and poetry of the nineteenth century, all before leaving the world of verse by the age of twenty-one. More than a century after his death, the young rebel-poet continues to appeal to modern readers as much for his turbulent life as for his poetry; his stormy affair with fellow poet Paul Verlaine and his nomadic adventures in eastern Africa are as iconic as his hallucinatory poems and symbolist prose. The first translation of the poet's complete works when it was published in 1966, Rimbaud: Complete Works, Selected Letters introduced a new generation of Americans to the alienated genius - among them the Doors's lead singer Jim Morrison, who wrote to translator Wallace Fowlie to thank him for rendering the poems accessible to those who "don't read French that easily." Forty years later, the book remains the only side-by-side bilingual edition of Rimbaud's complete poetic works. Thoroughly revising Fowlie's edition, Seth Whidden has made changes on virtually every page, correcting errors, reordering poems, adding previously omitted versions of poems and some letters, and updating the text to reflect current scholarship; left in place are Fowlie's literal and respectful translations of Rimbaud's complex and nontraditional verse. Whidden also provides a foreword that considers the heritage of Fowlie's edition and adds a bibliography that acknowledges relevant books that have appeared since the original publication. On its fortieth anniversary, Rimbaud remains the most authoritative - and now, completely up-to-date - edition of the young master's entire poetic ouvre.", John PorterThe design of Rimbaud's poetry6593ocn001124240book19630.59Frohock, W. MRimbaud's poetic practice: image and theme in the major poems6443ocn001093308book19750.29Rimbaud, ArthurArthur Rimbaud : complete works+-+45495451556438ocn000344646book19550.70Richard, Jean-PierrePoésie et profondeurCriticism, interpretation, etcContains chapters on Nerval, Baudelaire, Verlaine, Rimbaud6426ocn036083771book19690.63Hampton, ChristopherTotal eclipseDramaPaul Verlaine is torn between growing infatuation with Arthur Rimbaud and demands of his patient wife+-+68232662056365ocn670247347book20110.21Duffy, BruceDisaster was my God : a novel of the outlaw life of Arthur RimbaudFictionBiographical fictionHistorical fictionA story inspired by the life of the late-nineteenth-century poet traces his explosive entry into the Paris literary scene, his passionate affair with an older married poet who shot him when he tried to end the relationship, and his later prosperity as a trader and arms dealer+-+6189800385+-+6824621775+-+6824621775Fri Mar 21 16:07:19 EDT 2014batch152083