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Fri Mar 21 17:09:44 2014 UTClccn-n790554490.18The life and works of Gainsborough /0.440.86Gainsborough's Giovanna Baccelli /29542582Thomas_Gainsboroughn 79055449288560Gainsboro, ThomasGainsborough, ThomasGainsbro, ThomasGeĭnsboro, TomasGeĭnsboro, Tomas, 1727-1788Geĭnzbŭro, TomasGeĭnzbŭro, Tomas, 1727-1788Thomas GainsboroughThomas GainsbroГейнсборо, Томас, 1727-1788ゲインズバラlccn-n79070014Hayes, John T.othedtlccn-n50051645Leonard, Jonathan Norton1903-1975lccn-n78095365Time-Life Bookslccn-n82094320Rosenthal, Michaeledtlccn-n84168483Reynolds, JoshuaSir1723-1792artlccn-nr88007876Belsey, Hughlccn-n80007977Constable, John1776-1837lccn-n79065778Waterhouse, Ellis Kirkham1905-lccn-n79109777Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Artothedtlccn-no97033384Woodall, MaryauiothedtGainsborough, Thomas1727-1788BiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsCatalogsRecords and correspondenceHistoryJuvenile worksGainsborough, Thomas,PaintersEnglandPainting, EnglishArtMuseum directorsRural poorArt appreciationEngland--LondonHistorical museumsRural poor in artGreat BritainCivilizationEngland--BathDrawingReynolds, Joshua,--Sir,Mezzotint engraving, EnglishGenre painting, EnglishArt--Exhibition techniquesGainsborough's HouseArt and societyWomenCelebritiesWomen in artArtistsPainting, BritishPortrait paintingPortrait painting, BritishLandscape painting, BritishConstable, John,Morland, George,Giovanna Baccelli (Gainsborough, Thomas)Harvest wagon (Gainsborough, Thomas)Landscapes in artWagons in artChamber musicChildren's literaturePortraitsArt--ForgeriesLandscape painting, EnglishPortrait painting, EnglishDrawing, EnglishPainting, ModernDrawing, BritishBritish Museum.--Department of Prints and DrawingsPortrait paintersMuseum exhibitsFrance1727178817361754176617691772177317751777177817791782178317841787178817891792179918021803180518061810181218141815181918201821182318241825182918301833183418351836183718381850185118521856186018651867186918701871187218741876187818801881188518861887188918911892189418961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519271928192919301931193219351936193719391940194319451946194719481949195119521953195519581960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014280269541711759.2ND497.G2ocn005338038ocn009562443ocn180927115ocn074837112ocn700893771ocn049808351ocn311668518ocn265000699ocn187429842ocn313079861ocn445003186ocn440832025ocn440993681ocn799172342ocn443305014ocn444579710ocn442656852ocn439167333ocn439449780ocn440044524ocn258269169ocn462476040ocn258269493ocn462959127ocn463117734ocn765014257ocn765014278ocn690753951ocn690753949ocn073588893ocn441104209ocn6918181477528ocn040990141book19990.32Rosenthal, MichaelThe art of Thomas Gainsborough : "a little business for the eye"HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"Michael Rosenthal provides a lively account of Gainsborough's varied life and diverse artworks. Rosenthal also examines for the first time the artist's oeuvre as a whole and how the trajectory of his career reflected the problems, dilemmas and situations that were common to other painters of his time. This book sets Gainsborough's art within its social and cultural contexts, shedding new light on the art worlds of London and the English provinces and on the ways in which Gainsborough's painting would have been seen and understood by his contemporaries." "The book begins by charting the geography and professional tactics of a career that took Gainsbourgh from London to Suffolk, Bath and eventually back to London. Rosenthal looks at such wide-ranging topics as how artists manipulated the press, the issue of likeness in portraiture, how rivalries between painters were handled in public and private, and the pressures of the public exhibition. The second part of the book explores the manifestations of Gainsborugh's aesthetic in portraiture, landscape painting and paintings of sensibility. Rosenthal concludes with a discussion of the problem of defining a role and proper form for the fine arts at a time of rapid social change and innovation."--BOOK JACKET+-+02863555856748ocn005195125book19700.53Hayes, John TThe drawings of Thomas GainsboroughCatalogs45011ocn007162570book19800.59Hayes, John TThomas GainsboroughBiographyExhibition catalogs43732ocn032271628book19010.27Waterhouse, Ellis KirkhamGainsborough : paintings and drawingsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCommentary on his most famous works including The blue boy and Mr and Mrs Andrews - Includes examples of his portraits and landscapes - Portraits+-+13268396253837ocn051944155book20020.53Belsey, HughThomas Gainsborough : a country lifeBiography+-+99327864283685ocn000537599book19710.59Hayes, John TGainsborough as printmaker3254ocn005616613book19780.73Clifford, TimothyGainsborough and Reynolds in the British Museum : the drawings of Gainsborough and Reynolds with a survey of mezzotints after their paintings and a study of Reynolds' collection of Old Master drawings : catalogue of an exhibition at the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum, 1978CatalogsExhibition catalogs3144ocn010075588book19750.70Hayes, John TGainsborough drawingsExhibition catalogs2313ocn050434589book20020.70Belsey, HughGainsborough at Gainsborough's HouseCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogs+-+51552985463242183ocn639862455book20100.70Thomas Gainsborough and the modern womanHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+20378395462053ocn034846700book19950.18Doeser, LindaThe life and works of GainsboroughCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA Compilation of Works from the Bridgeman Art Library18313ocn002485165book18940.63Gower, Ronald SutherlandThomas GainsboroughBiography1813ocn027003610book19920.19Butler, StephenGainsboroughBiography1815ocn010375945book19820.59Hayes, John TThe landscape paintings of Thomas Gainsborough : a critical text and catalogue raisonnéCatalogue raisonné1271ocn002947824book19760.59Worman, IsabelleThomas Gainsborough : a biography 1727-1788Biography1202ocn003148318book19760.86Einberg, ElizabethGainsborough's Giovanna Baccelli1078ocn008112992book19810.84Gainsborough, ThomasGainsborough, 1727-1788 : [exposition], Grand Palais, 6 février-27 avril 1981Exhibition catalogs983ocn033408941book19950.86Spencer-Longhurst, PaulThomas Gainsborough : The harvest wagon : Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, 28 April-9 July 1995, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 29 July-9 October 1995Criticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs842ocn840106020file20000.84Charivari Agréable (Musical group)Music for Gainsborough762ocn024288037book19910.84Lumsden, Ian GGainsborough in CanadaExhibition catalogs303119ocn000224686book19690.23Leonard, Jonathan NortonThe world of Gainsborough, 1727-1788BiographyLife, times, and works of the 18th-century English painter215325ocn001973800book19050.27Waterhouse, Ellis KirkhamGainsborough : paintings and drawingsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCommentary on his most famous works including The blue boy and Mr and Mrs Andrews - Includes examples of his portraits and landscapes - Portraits7395ocn004492334book19800.56Barrell, JohnThe dark side of the landscape : the rural poor in English painting, 1730-1840+-+40012767053247002ocn022544460book19910.39Cormack, MalcolmThe paintings of Thomas GainsboroughCatalogs+-+56973867053246445ocn007677145book19810.35Lindsay, JackThomas Gainsborough : his life and artBiography62012ocn001467894book19490.53Millar, OliverThomas GainsboroughExhibition catalogs5404ocn055878104book20020.31Gainsborough, ThomasThomas Gainsborough : 1727-1788Exhibition catalogsThomas Gainsborough (1727-1788) was one of the masters of 18th-century art. This stunning book, published to accompany a major international exhibition covering the artist's entire career, reveals the sheer range, quality, and originality of Gainsborough's work, from his engagingly naturalistic landscapes and touching images of children to his sophisticated and glamorous society portraits. In their revealing essay, Michael Rosenthal and Martin Myrone explore Gainsborough's dynamic involvement with the social world of his day, while other essays explore his subtle approach to the lucrative world of fashionable portraiture and the often pointed social commentary behind his seductive landscapes. This volume provides new and refreshing insights into Gainsborough as an artist who succeeded in creating an experimental and modern art for his own time, and whose works remain vital and rewarding today+-+05999456355315ocn054424906book20020.19Waterfield, GilesThe hound in the left-hand corner : a novelFictionSatireThe author of THE LONG AFTERNOON turns his attention to serious folly and with cunning sleight of hand shows he has a talent to amuse and provoke in equal measure. Auberon, the brilliant but troubled Director of the Museum of British History is preparing one Midsummer's Day for the opening of the most spectacular exhibition the Museum has ever staged: ELEGANCE. The centrepiece of the exhibition is Gainsborough's portrait of the beautiful and intriguing Lady St John - not shown in London for a hundred years, the painting shows its subject strikingly attired as Puck. As the day passes the portrait arouses in the minds of the museum staff disquieting questions, rivalries and strangely deep affections. Tension mounts: will the gala dinner be a success? Can the museum's Chairman be kept under control? And just what is it that's so peculiar about the portrait?+-+98002989255165ocn048753867book19680.37Vaughan, WilliamGainsboroughCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA collection of art by British portrait artist Thomas Gainsborough who made his mark in the 1700's+-+K3085755054925ocn000481427book19720.33Williamson, GeoffreyThe ingenious Mr. Gainsborough; Thomas Gainsborough: a biographical study4226ocn009085302book19620.59Hayes, John TThe landscape paintings of Thomas Gainsborough : a critical text and catalogue raisonnéCatalogue raisonné37815ocn001238038book18980.66Armstrong, WalterGainsborough & his place in English art3713ocn048958594book20020.70Sloman, SusanGainsborough in BathBiography+-+06624555853662ocn043521977book19990.73Asfour, AmalGainsborough's visionThomas Gainsborough, one of the most popular British painters, has been celebrated as a landscapist, a portrait painter, and a man of feeling whose impetuous character is revealed in his art, life and letters. This book reveals that the style, themes and ideas of Gainsborough's paintings constitute purposeful expressions of an intellectual and visual culture whose importance in the development of eighteenth-century British art has gone unrecognised+-+K9238780353382ocn051730946book20020.53Postle, MartinThomas GainsboroughCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBritish artist Gainsborough (1727-1788) is "admired for the grandeur of his society portraits and his sumptuous pastoral landscapes." This book by the Senior Tate Curator in London traces the artists's career "from his boyhood in rural Suffolk to the pinnacle of commercial success at the Court of George III."+-+04096664153082ocn001209374book19610.63Gainsborough, ThomasLettersRecords and correspondence3054ocn000425934book19080.53Rothschild, Max FrederickGainsborough3012ocn045854422book20010.76Gainsborough, ThomasThe letters of Thomas GainsboroughRecords and correspondence"Once described as 'brilliant but eccentric ... too licentious to be published,' Gainsborough's letters delighted his friends and they delight us. This book gathers together all the known letters by the illustrious eighteenth-century British painter and connects them with a narrative of Gainsborough's life that gives the correspondence a biographical coherence." "The letters reveal a man who was generous and warm-hearted, devoted to his family and friends, convivial, often dissipated yet modest and God-fearing, usually sensible in his own affairs and always so in the advice he gave to others. We also learn a great deal about Gainsborough's painting: his methods and techniques, his attitude toward portraiture and landscape, his relationships with his patrons, the prices he charged, his concern about how his pictures were hung, and his ambivalence about the value of the Royal Academy exhibitions. Running through the letters, too, is his love of music and his friendship with musicians." "The 110 letters, which include correspondence with Gainsborough's friends and relative, are supplemented by 37 documents in the artist's own hand, chiefly instructions to his bankers and receipts for payments from clients. Illustrations are included of all the people to whom Gainsborough wrote whose portraits exist and of friends and works of art described in the letters."--BOOK JACKET+-+678235558532430019ocn001209346book18940.63Gower, Ronald SutherlandThomas GainsboroughBiography+-+K8890137963003ocn058791080book20050.73Gainsborough, ThomasSensation & sensibility : viewing Gainsborough's cottage doorHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+7755665585+-+0286355585+-+0286355585Fri Mar 21 16:02:06 EDT 2014batch53240