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Fri Mar 21 17:11:11 2014 UTClccn-n790554780.06Renoir and the boy with the long hair : a story about Pierre-Auguste Renoir /0.301.00Renoir : un quadro per un movimento : Palazzo delle Albere, Trento, 20 novembre-15 dicembre 1982 /29643005Pierre-Auguste_Renoirn 79055478288588August RenoirLeinuoa, 1841-1919Pierre-Auguste RenoirRenoar, Pjer-OgistRenoar, Pjer-Ogist, 1841-1919RenoirRenoir, 1841-1919Renoir, AugustRenoir, August Pierre 1841-1919Renoir, AugusteRenoir, Auguste, 1841-1919Renoir, Pierre 1841-1919Renoir, Pierre A. 1841-1919Renoir, Pierre AugustRenoir, Pierre August 1841-1919Renoir, Pierre-AugusteRenoir, Pierre-Auguste, 1841-1919Renuar, Ogi︠u︡stRenuar, Ogi︠u︡st, 1841-1919Renuārs, Ogists, 1841-1919Ренуар, 1841-1919Ренуар, Огюст, 1841-1919Ренуар, Пьер-Огюст, 1841-1919רנואר, אוגוסטרנואר, אוגוסט, 1841־1919雷诺阿, 1841-1919lccn-n96021729Vreeland, Susanlccn-n81131509House, John1945-2012viaf-201801169Wheldon, Keithlccn-n50045231Rewald, John1912-1994edtlccn-n78096939Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institutelccn-no95016932Ganz, James A.lccn-no00073045White, Karennc-museo del pradoMuseo del Pradolccn-n83180866Haesaerts, Paul1901-1974lccn-nr96037970Lucy, MarthaRenoir, Auguste1841-1919BiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsExhibition catalogsJuvenile worksPortraitsRenoir, Auguste,FranceImpressionism (Art)PaintersLuncheon of the boating party (Renoir, Auguste)Painting, FrenchImpressionist artistsArtistsArt Institute of ChicagoPaintingMassachusetts--WilliamstownSterling and Francine Clark Art InstitutePainting, ModernPainting--Private collectionsBarnes FoundationPennsylvania--MerionCooking, FrenchLongstreet, Stephen,ArtRenoir, Jean,Rubens, Peter Paul,Hayes, ColinArt, FrenchHairstylesFathers and sonsChildren of artistsPicasso, Pablo,Painting--TechniqueLandscape painting, FrenchNudityWomenInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)ImpressionismDe Nittis, Giuseppe,Besson, George,Zandomeneghi, Federico,Last years of a person's lifeAuthorshipDürer, Albrecht,Painters--BiographyNude in artWomen in artFrance--RivieraGogh, Vincent van,Drawing, FrenchAmerican fictionArt appreciationSoviet UnionRembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn,Drawing18411919187018761881188918901892189719001906191019111918191919201921192319241925192719281929193019311932193319341935193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220148595442842759.4ND553.R45ocn188214185ocn076373062ocn180976261ocn756383075ocn702664409ocn075807703ocn075527528ocn707190313ocn076367774ocn794944242ocn799425416ocn441850422ocn439583150ocn441723384ocn441769955ocn445648297ocn438928830ocn439610430ocn755099994ocn444078790ocn246260077ocn258004524ocn470191310ocn470192959ocn797750145ocn248409880ocn463937515ocn552185263ocn442994169ocn755151775ocn442620134ocn441065113ocn441109915ocn439235904ocn441049277ocn799265186ocn185439794ocn186178145ocn186234309ocn722101780ocn722319068ocn720177142ocn073588877ocn441839916ocn753620274ocn693286107ocn7402780945406ocn002054120book19750.20Wheldon, KeithRenoir and his art3995ocn664354731book20100.27Sterling and Francine Clark Art InstituteThe genius of Renoir : paintings from the ClarkExhibition catalogsWith a consuming enthusiasm for the paintings of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), art collector Sterling Clark assembled one of the greatest private collections of Renoir's work during the first half of the 20th century+-+8056665585304123ocn797601827book10880.28Schneider, Bruno FRenoirCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsPortraitsExhibition catalogsLeven en werk van de Franse kunstenaar+-+80916303253003ocn742017633book20120.50Barnes FoundationRenoir in the Barnes FoundationCatalogsThe Barnes Foundation is home to the world's largest collection of paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919). Dr. Albert C. Barnes, a Philadelphia scientist who made his fortune in pharmaceuticals, established the Foundation in 1922 in Merion, Pennsylvania, as an educational institution devoted to the appreciation of the fine arts. A passionate supporter of European modernism, Barnes built a collection that was virtually unrivaled, with massive holdings by Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso. But it was Renoir that Barnes admired above all other artists; he thought of him as a god and collected his work tenaciously, amassing 181 works by the painter between 1912 and 1942. All of these Renoirs are included in this lavishly illustrated book. Renoir in the Barnes Foundation tells the fascinating story of Barnes's obsession with the Impressionist master's late works, while offering illuminating new scholarship on the works themselves. Authors Martha Lucy and John House look closely at the key paintings in the collection, placing them in the wider contexts of contemporary artistic, aesthetic, and theoretical debates. The first volume to publish the entirety of Barnes's astonishing Renoir collection, Renoir in the Barnes Foundation is also an engaging study of the artist's critical--and often contested--role in the development of modern art1761ocn001608629book19650.39Renoir, AugusteDrawings1057ocn030442667book19930.47Distel, AnneRenoir, "il faut embellir"BiographyA. Renoir a très tôt manifesté ses talents de dessinateur, allant jusqu'à reproduire des oeuvres du Louvre, Rubens, Boucher et Fragonard. Sa notoriété se développe grâce au spectacle de la vie quotidienne peint dans ses tableaux9638ocn797120192book19500.19Raboff, Ernest LloydPierre Auguste RenoirCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsA brief biography of the artist accompanies color reproductions and analyses of fifteen of his works+-+1840645635722ocn156980506book20070.94Dauberville, Guy-PatriceRenoir : catalogue raisonné des tableaux, pastels, dessins et aquarellesCatalogs683ocn002030266book19500.53Renoir, AugusteWater-colours, pastels and drawings in colour493ocn001638653book19740.86Fouchet, Max-PolLes nus de Renoir481ocn797283165book19821.00Renoir : un quadro per un movimento : Palazzo delle Albere, Trento, 20 novembre-15 dicembre 1982Exhibition catalogs4418ocn255978205book19500.24Feist, Peter HPierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)Criticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA biography of the French painter and sculptor whose works seem full of joy, not only because of their subject matter, but because of the artist's use of light and color+-+4378137738383ocn797261269book19720.73Renoir, AugusteL'opera completa di Renoir nel periodo impressionista, 1869-1883Catalogs353ocn449489254book20090.86Amiot-Saulnier, EmmanuelleRenoir : pastels, crayons, sanguines, aquarellesCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogs311ocn188214185book20070.59Renoir, AugusteAuguste Renoir und die Landschaft des Impressionismus : [anlässlich der Ausstellung "Renoir und die Landschaft des Impressionismus", Von-der-Heydt-Museum Wuppertal, 28. Oktober 2007-27. Januar 2008]Exhibition catalogs305ocn076373062book20010.31Néret, GillesRenoir : Maler des Glücks ; 1841-1919Der französische Impressionist (1841-1919) und sein Werk: Persönlichkeit und Leben samt 600 Beispielen für das künstlerische Schaffen Renoirs+-+0954601838324283ocn690495475book20090.84Renoir, AugusteÉcrits et propos sur l'art273ocn138280076book20070.97Pinacoteca Giuseppe De NittisZandomeneghi, De Nittis, Renoir : i pittori della felicitàExhibition catalogs233ocn756383075book20110.35Pierre-Auguste Renoir - wie Seide gemalt - l'effet de la soie : [anlässlich der Ausstellung "Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Wie Seide gemalt" vom 18. September 2011 bis 8. Januar 2012 in den Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz]2214ocn799959893book19290.27Daulte, FrançoisAuguste RenoirBiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogsLevensbeschrijving van de impressionistische schilder (1841-1919)255313ocn075087939book20070.14Vreeland, SusanLuncheon of the boating partyFictionRenoir is inspired to paint "Luncheon of the boating party" when his other work is criticized by Emile Zola, and while doing so is drawn into lives of the thirteen people featured in it as they enjoy a Parisian summer during the late 1800s+-+290385521565110ocn124039565rcrd20070.12Vreeland, SusanLuncheon of the boating partyHistoryFictionThe story of the painting of Girl in hyacinth blue. The party of subjects drinking and flirting over several Sundays while he paints and his desire to do breakout work instead of portraits of society women in their parlors+-+55679689655566ocn001900239book19460.53Renoir, AugusteRenoir drawings2592ocn001557801book19470.56Haesaerts, PaulRenoir, sculptor1681ocn030032781book19940.21Naudin, Jean-BernardRenoir's table : the art of living and dining with one of the world's greatest impressionist paintersBiographyOne of the most renowned Impressionist painters, Renoir was known for his exuberant joie de vivre. His paintings are suffused with this enthusiasm and reflect his belief in reveling in the enjoyable basics that life has to offer - wine, beautiful women, music, and especially food. Spellbound by the life and works of Renoir, the authors have re-created, in his spirit, the art of living and dining with style. Renoir's Table provides a fascinating and unique insight into the turn-of-the-century lifestyle of this celebrated Impressionist. A richly detailed picture of Renoir's private world, it invites us to share the culinary delights of an artist who loved to eat as much as he loved to paint+-+50934362151431ocn007858215book19810.20Wheldon, KeithRenoir and his art1322ocn271426970book20070.06Wax, WendyRenoir and the boy with the long hair : a story about Pierre-Auguste RenoirJuvenile worksFictionJean, this story's handsome, long-haired little boy, happens to have a very famous father-the artist Pierre Auguste Renoir. But the boy also has a problem. Despite Jean's many protests, his father thinks Jean's hair is too beautiful to be cut short. This renowned artist loves to use his son as a model in many of his paintings, and he insists that Jean is still young enough to keep his hair long. Meanwhile, the other kids often tease Jean, which makes him quite angry-and well-meaning adults sometimes mistake Jean for a pretty girl, which annoys and embarrasses him. How can he convince his dad that he's old enough to have short hair? This gently amusing story for children is beautifully illustrated in a manner that resembles the painting style of Jean's illustrious father, and it includes several illustrations of Renoir's paintings. Of course, the senior Renoir finally relents, and young Jean Renoir does get his hair cut. Still later, as an adult, Jean becomes famous in his own right as a widely acclaimed film director+-+4695169125671ocn001733847book19740.81Renoir, AugusteRenoir, the gentle rebel : [catalogue of] a loan exhibition for the benefit of the Association for Mentally Ill Children, October 24th-November 30th, 1974656ocn012025909book19670.90Renoir, AugusteRunowāru tenExhibition catalogs651ocn000684404book19470.79Renoir, AugusteLe Moulin de la galette623ocn008091895book19700.33Renoir, JeanPierre-Auguste Renoir, mon pèreBiographyLa vie d'un des plus grands peintres racontée par un des plus grands cinéastes. Il est vrai que l'un était le père de l'autre, et que Jean Renoir est né au château des Brouillards, sur la butte Montmartre, à deux pas du Moulin de la Galette immortalisé par un tableau de Pierre-Auguste603ocn001812178book19410.76Renoir, AugusteRenoir : centennial loan exhibition, 1841-1941, for the benefit of the Free French Relief Committee, November 8-December 6, 1941Catalogs531ocn028854089book19940.28Renoir, AugusteRenoir lithographs : 32 worksCatalogs+-+5933271395441ocn054793729book20020.07Renoir, AugusteP. Auguste RenoirCatalogs322ocn041583085book19990.92Renoir, AugusteRenoir : dall'Italia alla Costa Azzurra, 1881-1919Exhibition catalogs302ocn032698353book19940.25Charbonnier, Jean-MichelRenoir's tableBiographyUne biographie du peintre où l'accent est mis sur la cuisine. Le dernier tiers du volume présente des recettes de cuisine+-+5093436215242ocn455851231book20090.84Renoir, AugusteÉcrits et propos sur l'art232ocn007490002book19320.79Haesaerts, PaulRenoir, sculpteurCatalogs193ocn005624030book19460.28Renoir, AugusteDrawings192ocn201853788book20070.59Renoir, AugusteAuguste Renoir und die Landschaft des Impressionismus : [anlässlich der Ausstellung "Renoir und die Landschaft des Impressionismus", Von-der-Heydt-Museum Wuppertal, 28. Oktober 2007-27. Januar 2008]Exhibition catalogs+-+8056665585+-+8056665585Fri Mar 21 15:47:26 EDT 2014batch38493