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Fri Mar 21 17:14:06 2014 UTClccn-n790564460.00Autograph letters signed from John Boydell to various people0.741.00Plan of the Shakespeare lottery59137316John_Boydelln 79056446289545Boydell, Alderman John, 1719-1804Boydell, J.Boydell, J. 1719-1804Boydell, Jean 1719-1804Boydell, John IJohn BoydellJohn I Boydellボイデル, ジョンlccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616lccn-n79056445Boydell, Josiah1752-1817egrillbslprthnrsgnpbllccn-nr88011131Shakspeare Gallerylccn-n50015312Santaniello, A. E.lccn-n85305874Smirke, Robert1752-1845illartlccn-n86143755Northcote, James1746-1831illlccn-n80032672Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)np-macklin, thomasMacklin, Thomaslccn-n79021856Fuseli, Henry1741-1825illlccn-n50064284Pindar, Peter1738-1819Boydell, John1719-1804IllustrationsExhibition catalogsCatalogsGlossaries, vocabularies, etcOutlines, syllabi, etcSourcesPictorial worksCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyDramaShakespeare, William,Great BritainEnglish dramaIllustration of booksBoydell, John,EnglandEnglish poetryPaintingRoyal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)Publishers and publishingMacklin, ThomasShakspeare GalleryLanguage and languagesEngland--LondonAesthetics, BritishNationalism and artLondon Work-houseAlmshousesArt patronagePrintsArt publishingPaleography, EnglishManuscripts, EnglishArt patronsPrints, EnglishDrawing, EnglishDummies (Bookselling)Library catalogsEngland--NorwichDramaCaesar, JuliusGems--Private collectionsBook proposalsEnglish drama--IllustrationsTieck, Ludwig,Books--Pirated editionsEnglish drama--Early modern and ElizabethanCriticismBoydell, Josiah,Clark, William George,Winter's tale (Shakespeare, William)TheaterEnglish poetry--Early modernJohn and Josiah Boydell (Firm)England--Stratford-upon-AvonTravelAuthorshipArtHerford, C. H.--(Charles Harold),Color prints1719180417191727173817401746174817491750175117521753175517571758175917601762176517661767176817691770177117721773177417751776177717781779178017811782178317841785178617871788178917901791179217931794179517961797179817991800180118021803180418051806180718081809181018111812181318181820182118241825183018341835183918421844185118521853185618621864186718741880188118871890191219271932194919621968197419781979198019831985199019921994200420052009201220134079448707822.33AC4ocn832446982ocn832447196ocn832447022ocn434661850ocn433435508ocn434661904ocn434661905ocn434661903ocn762231133ocn776474886ocn022540921ocn861708424ocn693294332ocn693231398ocn693244309ocn811522786ocn063933882ocn081459306ocn811542384ocn822815174ocn037411764ocn811543405ocn026492844ocn122514750ocn762757398ocn762757302ocn691644707ocn470488754ocn465577621ocn465582608ocn822836192ocn780281701ocn832525788ocn494195079ocn82690029888974ocn083523755com17890.76Boydell, JohnA catalogue of the pictures &c. in the Shakspeare Gallery, Pall-MallCatalogsIllustrationsExhibition catalogs4236ocn000185377book19680.50Boydell, JohnThe Boydell Shakespeare printsIllustrations13614ocn642566162com17940.73Boydell, JohnA description of several pictures presented to the Corporation of the City of London By John Boydell, Alderman of the ward of Cheap, and Placed in the Common-Council Chamber of the CityIllustrations13114ocn083522736file17730.70Boydell, JohnA catalogue of prints, published by John Boydell, engraver in Cheapside, LondonCatalogs1209ocn642712236file17900.73Boydell, JohnA collection of views in England and Wales, drawn and engraved by John Boydell. To which are added, engraved by the same hand, some miscellaneous subjects after various mastersPictorial works1183ocn065318876file17910.88City of London (England)A Common Council holden in the Chamber of the Guildhall of the city of London, on ... the 5th day of October, 179111010ocn002407813book18000.66Boydell, JohnThe gallery of illustrations for Shakespeare's dramatic works originally projected and published by John Boydell reduced and re-engraved by the Heliotype process selected from the textIllustrations10816ocn509049768com17900.73Boydell, JohnA catalogue of the pictures, &c. in the Shakespeare Gallery, Pall-MallIllustrations875ocn508630667file17700.70Boydell, JohnMr. Boydell's exhibition of drawings, from many of the most capital pictures in England: at Mr. Ford's great room in the Hay-MarketCatalogs813ocn510699723file17970.66Boydell, JohnDedicated, by permission, to His Majesty. Mr. Alderm. Boydell, and Mr. Jos. Boydell, propose to publish by subscription, the picturesque views and scenery of the Thames and the Severn, the Forth and the Clyde. From their sources to the sea; drawn by J. Farington, R.A. and intended to illustrate an original history of those rivers, including all that adorns, dignifies, or enriches, them and their vicinities; whether of art or nature.802ocn510792730file17380.66Boydell, JohnA catalogue of the choice and valuable libraries William Norton, gent. And Benjamin Wright; both lately deceased. In Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Hebrew, English, &c. Containing a great variety of history, voyages, travels, trade, law, physick, mathematicks, diviinity, geography, plays, novels, and romances. Among which are the following, with many others equally good, the whole being in good condition and most of them gilt or letter'd. Folio's Stanley's lives of the philosophers. Hammond on the N. Testament, best fisher's architecture. Lives of the painters. Rapin's hist. of England, 2 vols. Ogilby's esop. Marott's designs. Henry on the Old Testament. Chaucer's works. Spencer's fairy queen. Acta Regia. Taylor's life of Christ. Stebbing's genealogical hist. Salmon's state trials. Burchett's naval history. Hawkin's pleas of the crown. Modern cases in equity. Sidney on government. Spotswood's hist. of Scotland. Nicholls on the common prayer. Nicholson's historical libraries. Quarto's. Isbrant's travels. James of gardening, Greenhills art of embalming. Littleton's dictionary. Agrippa's occult philosophy. Hoppu's architecture. Octavo's and duedecimo's. South's sermons, 6 vols. Scott's Christian life, 5 vols. Clatendon hist. of France, 5 vols. Beaumont and fletcher, 7 vols. Rowe's Shakespear, 7 vols. Ben. Johnson's works, 6 vols. Vertot's Roman revolutions, 2 vols. Spencer's works, 6 vols. Moliere's plays Fr. and Eng. 8 vols. Spectator's, 8 vols. Tatler's, 4 vols. British theatre, 10 vols. Which will be sold very cheap (the lowest price being printed to each book in the catalogue) this day, and the following; and to continue till all are sold at J. Boydell's shop, over-against the chappel in Russell Court, near Bridge's-street: where may be had money for any library or parcel of books, in any language or faculty, to the utmost of their value. Catalogues are given gratis at the place of sale785ocn002314817book18030.81Boydell, JohnA collection of prints, from pictures painted for the purpose of illustrating the dramatic works of Shakspeare,Illustrations773ocn002298173book18520.81Boydell, JohnThe American edition of Boydell's Illustrations of the Dramatic works of ShakespeareIllustrations694ocn002158214book0.86Shakespeare, WilliamThe plays and poems of Shakspeare : with a life, glossarial notes, and one hundred and seventy illustrations from the plates in Boydell's editionCriticism, interpretation, etc597ocn536771746file17810.84Spilsbury, JohnProposals for publishing by subscription, by John Boydell ... A collection of prints, taken from antique gems582ocn642483057file17810.59Spilsbury, JohnProposals for publishing by subscription By John Boydell, Engraver, No. 90, Cheapside, A collection of prints, taken from antique gems, and engraved by Mr. J. Spilsbury385ocn005806869book18870.66Shakespeare, WilliamThe works of William ShakespeareHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBibliographyConcordancesGlossaries, vocabularies, etcOutlines, syllabi, etcIllustrationsDramaSources354ocn055671641book20040.59Boydell, JohnBoydell's Shakespeare prints : 90 Engravings+-+4601891395357ocn023923064book18030.93Boydell, JohnAn alphabetical catalogue of plates, engraved by the most esteemed artists after the finest pictures and drawings of the Italian, Flemish, German, French, English, and other schools, which compose the stock of John and Josiah Boydell, engravers and printsellers ... preceded by an account of various works, sets of prints, galleries, &c. forming part of the same stockCatalogs342ocn002339539book18740.79Boydell, JohnThe Boydell gallery. A collection of engravings illustrating the dramatic works of Shakespeare, by the artists of Great BritainIllustrations1696ocn083509377com17890.79Pindar, PeterSubjects for painters By Peter Pindar, EsquireBibliographyPoetry1413ocn827198445book20130.90Dias, RosieExhibiting Englishness : John Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery and the formation of a national aestheticHistory1154ocn012049935book19740.92Bruntjen, Sven H. AJohn Boydell, 1719-1804 : a study of art patronage and publishing in Georgian LondonHistoryBiography524ocn004934986book19120.94Danton, George HTieck's essay on the Boydell Shakspere galleryIllustrations433ocn491912673book20090.94Barber, Richard WForty books for forty years : an informal history of Boydell & Brewer Group Ltd., 1969-2009201ocn032595335book19940.88Holten, Ragnar vonShakespeare då och nu : John Boydell och The Shakespeare Gallery 1789-1804 - Lennart Mörk och "Vintersagan" på Dramaten 1994Exhibition catalogs154ocn001969661book19740.95Bruntjen, Hermann ArnoldJohn Boydell (1719-1804) a study of art patronage and publishing in Georgian London81ocn621756124book20090.70Reitemeier, Frauke"Seht her auf dies Gemälde und auf dies..." Zum Umgang mit Bildern aus John Boydells Shakespeare GalleryIllustrationsIm Jahre 1789 eröffnete der britische Kupferstecher und Kunsthändler John Boydell (1719-1804) in London die Shakespeare Gallery: Mehr als 160 Gemälde nach Szenen und Figuren der Dramen William Shakespeares, die im Auftrag Boydells von renommierten Künstlern angefertigt wurden, machten seine Galerie nicht nur zu einem Zentrum des literarischen und künstlerischen Lebens in London, sondern sollten auch die Shakespeare-Illustration des gesamten 19. Jahrhunderts maßgeblich prägen. Die Göttinger Universitätsbibliothek erhielt die von Boydell herausgegebene gleichnamige Serie großformatiger Reproduktionsstiche als Geschenk des britischen Königs Georgs III. Der Prachtband zählt seither zu den besonderen Schätzen der Bibliothek. Zur Jahreswende 2007/2008 zeigte die Ausstellung ,Seht hier, auf dies Gemälde, und auf dies ..."; Bilder aus John Boydells Shakespeare Gallery im Historischen Gebäude der Niedersächsischen Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen Illustrationen der Shakespeare Gallery zu vielen der Dramen Shakespeares. In diesem Band sind die wichtigsten der Vorträge des Rahmenprogramms zur Ausstellung versammelt, das die intensive Rezeption des Dramatikers an der Göttinger Universität, in Deutschland wie international beleuchtet61ocn062319207book20050.47Painting, VivienneJohn BoydellHistoryBiography41ocn063291269book18041.00Plan of the Shakespeare lotteryIllustrations31ocn062333779book20050.81St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri--St. LouisThe bard as muse : Shakespearean prints by British artists from the Boydell galleryCatalogsExhibition catalogs31ocn613462790book0.76Boydell, JohnCatalogue raisonné d'un recueil d'estampes d'après les plus beaux tableaux qui soient en Angleterre. Les planches sont dans la possession de Jean Boydell, et ont été gravées par lui, & les meilleurs artistes de LondresCatalogs21ocn262614635visu17890.47Gillray, JamesShakespeare sacrificed, or, The offering to avariceCaricatures and cartoonsPrint shows Boydell standing within a magic circle, directing a sacrifice of Shakespeare's plays which burn at his feet. The smoke which rises from the fire obscures a monument to Shakespeare, concealing the head and shoulders of a figure of Shakespeare in bas-relief pointing to an inscription which is a quote from The Tempest. Beside the fire stands a huge volume inscribed 'List of Subscribers to the Sacrifice'. On it sits an aged gnome-like creature with a large head, symbolizing Avarice; under each skinny arm he clutches a large money-bag inscribed '£'. On his shoulders stands an infant crowned with peacock feathers and blowing from a tobacco-pipe the bubble of 'Immortality'. An evil-looking creature wearing a fool's cap crouches by the fire blowing it with bellows. He is a caricature of the fool in West's picture of Lear. The smoke as it rises expands into heavy clouds which support various figures, more or less travestied, from the pictures commissioned by Boydell for his Shakespeare Gallery21ocn029855794art19491.00Balston, ThomasJohn Boydell, publisher, 'the commercial Maecenas'21ocn043293519book18510.96Spooner, ShearjashubProspectus for publishing an American edition of Boydell's Illustrations of ShakspeareIllustrations21ocn424646986visu17891.00Gillray, JamesShakespeare sacrificed, or, the offering to avariceCaricature of John Boydell, the man behind the Boydell Shakespeare Gallery11ocn435437628bookMathews, CharlesAutograph letters signed from Charles Mathews, Kentish Town, to unidentified recipientsManuscriptsConcerning Boydell prints11ocn122580971mix1796West, Benjaminto John BoydellOrders a print of his family, framed and glazed, as a gift for a friend11ocn841166277book17900.10Shakespeare : Mr. Alderman Hum'em and Co. of the metropolis of Gotham, propose to publish, by subscription, a most grand and pompous collection of designs, to illustrate the immortal Shakespeare.Parodies, imitations, etcIllustrationsEvidently a parody of a prospectus issued in 1786 by John and Josiah Boydell and George Nicol announcing the publication by subscription of Boydell's illustrated edition of the works of Shakespeare11ocn281598739bookBoydell, JohnAutograph letters signed from John Boydell to various peopleRecipients: Sir John W. Anderson (1), George Hollington Barker (2-3), Thomas Burke (4) and Sir William Hamilton (5). The letters discuss his prints of certain paintings, including those of scenes from Shakespeare and how instrumental he had been in establishing an English school of engraving and an English school of historical painting. (1) is endorsed: "Concerning Boydell lottery." (4) consists of the bottom fragment of Burke's letter to Boydell, with Boydell's answer. (5) is endorsed: "Account of the Pictures presented by him to the Corporation of London for their Council Chamber."+-+4601891395+-+4601891395Fri Mar 21 15:14:02 EDT 2014batch37028