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Fri Mar 21 17:12:37 2014 UTClccn-n790602310.00'Westward, the course of empire takes its way' : Alexander Gardner's 1867 Across the continent on the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division photographic series /0.381.00Photographs of Red Cloud and principal chiefs of Dacotah Indians, taken on their visit to Washington, D.C., May, 1872,57416946Alexander_Gardner_(photographer)n 790602311457947293263Alexander GardnerGardner, A.Gardner, A. (Alexander), 1821-1882Gardner, Alex.Gardner, Alex. (Alexander), 1821-1882lccn-n81140569Brady, Mathew B.approximately 1823-1896phtlccn-n91101437Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana (Library of Congress)lccn-n85072117Katz, D. Marklccn-no2003094540Eaton, Edward Baileycollccn-n82020572O'Sullivan, Timothy H.1840-1882phtlccn-nr96025817Savas, Theodore P.lccn-n79006779Lincoln, Abraham1809-1865lccn-n82220368United StatesArmy of the Potomaclccn-n98035912Lee, Anthony W.1960-lccn-n2007001518Young, Elizabeth1964-Gardner, Alexander1821-1882HistoryPictorial worksBiographyPortraitsExhibition, pictorial worksExhibition catalogsCatalogsPhotographsPoetryFictionUnited StatesAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Gardner, Alexander,VirginiaPhotographyPhotojournalistsWar photographersPhotograph collectionsO'Sullivan, Timothy H.,Brady, Mathew B.,LandscapesArmed Forces--Environmental aspectsSoldiersMilitary campaignsPhotographic criticismUnited States.--Army of the PotomacLincoln, Abraham,PresidentsUnited States, WestJohn Brown's Raid (Harpers Ferry, West Virginia : 1859)Brown, John,West Virginia--Harpers FerryAntietam, Battle of (Maryland : 1862)MarylandMaryland--Antietam National BattlefieldGibson, James F.,Repeat photographyFrassanito, William APhotographersAbolitionistsScottish poetryRussell, Andrew JScotlandViewsTravelPhotography, MilitaryPoetry of placesGardner, AlexanderLandscape photographySouthwest, NewPacific railroads--Explorations and surveysEnglish poetry--Scottish authorsPhotographsPhotography, ArtisticBurns, Robert,Jackson, William Henry,KansasMuybridge, Eadweard,Union Pacific Railroad CompanyDocumentary photography18211882183718391841184518511852185418571860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018721873187418831885188618891890189118931894189518971898190019021903190519061907190919101911193019351936194419581959196019691970197119721973197719781979198019831984198519881990199119931994199519961997199920002001200220032004200520062007200820102011201220135908623721973.79E468.7ocn032854781ocn057743971ocn051156125ocn051156187ocn023096609ocn061071522ocn051139527ocn070112701ocn051156156ocn051156182ocn020680326ocn811531637ocn811483338ocn811531125ocn051116078144725ocn001815450book19580.28Gardner, AlexanderGardner's photographic sketch book of the Civil WarHistoryPhotographsPictorial works"Unabridged and unaltered republication of the first edition published in 1866 ... titled Gardner's photgraphic sketch book of the war."+-+16827713959325ocn020671712book19910.25Katz, D. MarkWitness to an era : the life and photographs of Alexander Gardner : the Civil War, Lincoln, and the WestHistoryBiography+-+77928030063612ocn002220276book19100.50Miller, Francis TrevelyanPortrait life of Lincoln : life of Abraham Lincoln, the greatest American, told from original photographs taken with his authority during the great crisis through which he led his country--treasured among the 7000 Secret Service war negatives in the Brady-Gardner collection at Springfield, Massachusetts, and in private collections, valued at $150,000, collected by Edward Bailey EatonBiographyPortraits29313ocn004933482book18940.27Williams, George ForresterThe memorial war book : as drawn from historical records and personal narratives of the men who served in the great struggleHistoryPictorial works1884ocn024807699book19910.79Johnson, BrooksAn enduring interest : the photographs of Alexander GardnerHistoryExhibition catalogsExhibition, pictorial works1726ocn001400130book19070.32Eaton, Edward BaileyOriginal photographs taken on the battlefields, during the Civil War of the United StatesHistoryPictorial worksReproductions of selected photographs from collection of Edward Bailey Eaton1337ocn047706874book20010.31Gardner, AlexanderGardner's photographic sketchbook of the American Civil War, 1861-1865HistoryPictorial works+-+15609947453241201ocn816030269book20130.18Brady, Mathew BWar photographs taken on the battlefields of the Civil WarHistoryPictorial worksReproductions of selected photographs from collection of Edward Bailey Eaton584ocn001598934book18680.81Burns, RobertTam O'ShanterPoetryPictorial works333ocn004186677book18650.94Gardner, AlexanderGardner's photographic sketch book of the warHistoryPhotographs331ocn006187165book19770.21The Real American tragedy, 1861-1865 : war between the States as never told before ...HistoryPictorial works324ocn016958545book18630.96Gardner, AlexanderCatalogue of photographic incidents of the warHistoryCatalogsPictorial works221ocn006338779book18690.92Palmer, William JacksonReport of surveys across the continent in 1867-'68 : on the thirty-fifth and thirty-second parallels : for a route extending the Kansas Pacific Railway to the Pacific Ocean at San Francisco and San Diego : December 1st, 1868111ocn019238910book19710.88Gardner, AlexanderAlex. Gardner's photographs along the 35th parallelPictorial works91ocn003300437book19600.94Crane, StephenL'insigne du courageHistoryFiction92ocn679691186com18910.90War memories, 1861--the war for the Union--1865 catalogue of original photographic war views, taken by ... M.B. Brady and Alex. Gardner ...HistoryCatalogsPictorial works64ocn008491562book18650.73Gardner, AlexanderRays of sunlight from South AmericaPictorial works52ocn022617872book18721.00Gardner, AlexanderPhotographs of Red Cloud and principal chiefs of Dacotah Indians, taken on their visit to Washington, D.C., May, 1872Portraits41ocn032854781visu0.47Civil war photographs, 1861-1865 (Library of Congress)HistoryImages depict military personnel and facilities, primarily from a Union perspective. Includes the main Eastern theater, the federal navy and seaborne expeditions against the Atlantic Coast of the Confederacy, the war in the West, Washington, D.C., African Americans, fortifications, battlefields, preparations for battle and the aftermath of battle. Also, many portraits of officers and enlisted men, and of federal and confederate government members, including Abraham Lincoln and his assassins41ocn020680326book18970.06Konow, Ingeborg von der LippeSma' folk and bairn days : sketches of child lifeJuvenile worksFiction3744ocn079001437book20070.70Lee, Anthony WOn Alexander Gardner's photographic sketch book of the Civil WarHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcPictorial works"Soon after Alexander Gardner's Photographic Sketch Bookwas published, in 1866, it became the Civil War's best-known visual record and helped define how viewers, then and in subsequent generations, would come to know the war. Gardner's classic also became foundational in the history of American photography, combining, for the first time, words and images in a sophisticated and moving account. This book, written by the art historian Anthony W. Lee and the literary scholar Elizabeth Young, interprets the story of the war as told by Gardner, unraveling his careful choice of words and images and the complicated play between them, and understanding them against the backdrop of the literary and photographic cultures of the American antebellum and Reconstruction eras. This book presents a unique study of a pivotal American historical document, approaching it from the perspective of visual studies as well as American literature and history.", Theodore PBrady's Civil War journal : photographing the war, 1861-65HistoryBiographyPictorial worksCollects the Civil War photography of Mathew Brady and his ground-breaking team, describing the dangerous risks they assumed in their efforts to document the conflict and its aftermath, in a volume that is complemented by key historical information+-+27474875161936ocn677927119visu19930.27Alexander Gardner war photographerHistoryBiographyPictorial worksDescribes Gardner chronicling the war, especially the assassination of Lincoln1254ocn042680536book19900.25Katz, D. MarkWitness to an era : the life and photographs of Alexander Gardner : the Civil War, Lincoln, and the WestHistoryBiography+-+77928030061213ocn761538181book20120.84Kalasky, Robert JShadows of AntietamHistory1091ocn677926572visu20050.63Frassanito battlefield photography then & nowHistory742ocn800352363book20080.17Savas, Theodore PBrady's Civil War journal : photographing the war 1861-1865HistoryBiographyPictorial worksA comprehensive journal of Civil War photography taken by a corps of photographers under the direction of Matthew B. Brady from 1861 to 1865+-+2747487516226ocn018197981book19830.47Danly, SusanThe landscape photographs of Alexander Gardner and Andrew Joseph RussellBiography101ocn033889231book19940.47New York Public LibraryTracking the West : A.J. Russell photographs of the Union Pacific Railroad : the New York Public Library third floor gallery March 12-June 18, 1994Exhibition catalogs101ocn032340333book19940.92Gardner, AlexanderIncidents of the war : Alexander Gardner's Antietam photographsPictorial worksExhibition catalogs61ocn030529227visu19940.19Changing landscapesContains three segments pertaining to the geography and geology of Kansas. The first, "A Century of Change," focuses on the photographs of Alexander Gardner, who traveled across Kansas in 1867 taking pictures of the region under the auspices of the Union Pacific Railroad; the second, "Flood Control," looks at the system of levees and reservoirs constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers throughout the Kansas River Valley; and the third, "Tuttle Creek Canyon" examines the geological features that were exposed when floodwaters caused major erosion in the spillway of Kansas' Tuttle Creek Reservoir41ocn857524907book20130.47Steiner, KeithIn the footsteps of Alexander Gardner at Antietam and Gettysburg : a meditation on the power of the battlefield imagery of Alexander GardnerHistory31ocn015431348book19351.00Fay, Herbert WellsStory of the Gardner portrait of Abraham LincolnPortraits21ocn828744062visu19970.10Alexander Gardner War PhotographerHistoryThis video is part of an acclaimed series from The History Channel that chronicles the American Civil War. The series uses archival photographs, diaries, articles, re-enactments, and scholarly commentary to tell the story of the War Between the States. This episode features the pioneering photography of Alexander Gardner, whose graphic pictures chronicled the conflict and helped destroy popular romantic illusions about the nature of war21ocn021310698book1985McCoo, David KennethAlexander Gardner : a rare specimen found21ocn052060788art2001Charlton, John RViews and reports of the Dakota sandstone formation, Mushroom Rock, 1867-2001HistoryPictorial works21ocn728621688visu20110.10Sunflower journeysPictorial works21ocn082678593visu19840.92Rephotographic Survey ProjectRephotographic Survey Project photographsPictorial works35 pairs of photographs selected from the 122 sites visited by the Rephotographic Survey Project. The pairs consist of a copy print made from a nineteenth century image, and a print made from the Survey's field negatives21ocn042422580art1997Charlton, John R'Westward, the course of empire takes its way' : Alexander Gardner's 1867 Across the continent on the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division photographic seriesPhotographsPictorial works21ocn054981151book20031.00Gardner, AlexanderCatalogue of photographic incidents of the war from the gallery of Alexander Gardner, photographer to the Army of the Potomac ... 1861-1865 : a numerical compilation from known sourcesHistoryCatalogs+-+1682771395+-+1682771395Fri Mar 21 15:22:54 EDT 2014batch34343