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Once he's imprisoned and eventually brought to trial, his crime, it becomes apparent, is not so much the arguably defensible murder he has committed as it is his deficient character. In the story of an ordinary man who unwittingly gets drawn into a senseless murder on a sun-drenched Algerian beach, Camus was exploring what he termed "the nakedness of man faced with the absurd". Now in a new American translation, the classic has been given new life for generations to come+-+55757242157182156ocn000343195book19470.23Camus, AlbertThe plagueFictionPsychological fictionChaos prevails when the bubonic plague strikes the Algerian coastal city of Oran+-+46757242154531539ocn000971516book19420.35Camus, AlbertL'étrangerCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionPsychological fictionAdventure storiesA young Algerian, Meursault, afflicted with a sort of aimless inertia, becomes embroiled in the petty intrigues of a local pimp and, somewhat inexplicably, ends up killing a man. Once he's imprisoned and eventually brought to trial, his crime, it becomes apparent, is not so much the arguably defensible murder he has committed as it is his deficient character. In the story of an ordinary man who unwittingly gets drawn into a senseless murder on a sun-drenched Algerian beach, Camus was exploring what he termed "the nakedness of man faced with the absurd"+-+9755185257417168ocn000338497book19560.25Camus, AlbertThe fallFictionA man recalls his past life as a respected Parisian lawyer until his predicted downfall, in one terrible instant+-+2775724215395974ocn000343198book19420.28Camus, AlbertThe myth of Sisyphus, and other essaysOne of the most influential works of this century, this is a crucial exposition of existentialist thought. Influenced by works such as Don Juan and the novels of Kafka, these essays begin with a meditation on suicide: the question of living or not living in an absurd universe devoid of order or meaning. With lyric eloquence, Camus posits a way out of despair, reaffirming the value of personal existence, and the possibility of life lived with dignity and authenticity.--From publisher description+-+18288242153504633ocn000342736book19470.35Camus, AlbertLa pesteCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionPsychological fictionChaos prevails when the bubonic plague strikes the Algerian coastal city of Oran+-+8795185257336448ocn000296671book19600.28Camus, AlbertResistance, rebellion, and deathEssays selected by the author from his Actuelles+-+66591242153083101ocn000241445book19710.28Camus, AlbertA happy deathConcordancesFictionA young man searches throughout life for the key to confronting death without fear+-+8559124215298237ocn031938033book19940.23Camus, AlbertThe first manFictionDomestic fictionA fictionalized autobiography, covering his youth in Algeria. It is filled with details of the white working class to which he belonged and there is the undercurrent of a boy's search for a father figure, his own killed in World War I. He describes the intervention of a school teacher who obtained for him a scholarship, first step on the road to the 1957 Nobel Prize for literature+-+9284894215293549ocn000343197book19550.28Camus, AlbertExile and the kingdomFictionShort storiesThese six stories, written at the height of Camus' artistic powers, all depict people at decisive, revelatory moments in their lives. Translated by Justin O'Brien+-+6303272585270343ocn000272752book19540.29Camus, AlbertThe rebel ; an essay on man in revoltBy one of the most profoundly influential thinkers of our century, The Rebel is a classic essay on revolution. For Albert Camus, the urge to revolt is one of the "essential dimensions" of human nature, manifested in man's timeless Promethean struggle against the conditions of his existence, as well as the popular uprisings against established orders throughout history. And yet, with an eye toward the French Revolution and its regicides and deicides, he shows how inevitably the course of revolution leads to tyranny. As old regimes throughout the world collapse, The Rebel resonates as an ardent, eloquent, and supremely rational voice of conscience for our tumultuous times+-+6938824215207214ocn000160250book19680.28Camus, AlbertLyrical and critical essaysEdited by Philip Thody, translated by Ellen Conroy Kennedy. "Here now, for the first time in a complete English translation, we have Camus' three little volumes of essays, plus a selection of his critical comments on literature and his own place in it. As might be expected, the main interest of these writings is that they illuminate new facets of his usual subject matter."--The New York Times Book Review "...a new single work for American readers that stands among the very finest."--The Nation+-+57035294852029224ocn076818317book19560.39Camus, AlbertLa chute : récitCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionElegantly styled, Camus' profoundly disturbing novel of a Parisian lawyer's confessions is a searing study of modern amorality+-+4565185257324178016ocn000288379book19600.28Camus, AlbertThe possessed : a play in three partsHistoryDramaA dramatization of Dostoevsky's novel, 19th century Russia psychological study of individuals and their interest in revolutionary national and political ideas1772161ocn000804512book19570.50Camus, AlbertL'exil et le royaume, nouvellesFictionNoveller om konflikten mellem menneskers individualitet og kravet om solidaritet og fællesskab med andre+-+43251852573241600166ocn006008963book19420.50Camus, AlbertLe mythe de SisypheOm menneskelivets meningsløshed og om oprøret mod det absurde+-+73377852571484155ocn000220957book19510.53Camus, AlbertL'homme révolté(In the original French.)+-+4758785257324134689ocn059433071book19420.28Camus, AlbertThe outsiderJuvenile worksFictionA young clerk in Algiers dispassionately relates the personal events of his life+-+1507366965324119541ocn001428329book19530.32Camus, AlbertThe rebel+-+57753659653241187155ocn001966292book19490.50Camus, AlbertLes justes, pièce en cinq actesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcDramaThéâtre avec neuf personnages: deux femmes, sept hommes+-+6229185257519333ocn000342099book19590.32Brée, GermaineCamus; a collection of critical essaysCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPolitical, religious, philosophical, and literary evaluations of Camus' works+-+6593401546412963ocn004496148book19510.33Lottman, Herbert RAlbert Camus : a biographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBibliographyConference proceedingsA biography of the French author who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957+-+2153072748237113ocn000012989book19690.28Rhein, Phillip HAlbert CamusCriticism, interpretation, etcChapters include "The Theater of the Absurd," "Abstract Man," "Man and the Rebellion," etc+-+7807320535171224ocn000626765book19590.39Cruickshank, JohnAlbert Camus and the literature of revoltCriticism, interpretation, etcA brief biography and an assessment of the novels and plays17024ocn048139551com19980.37Rizzuto, AnthonyCamus love and sexualityCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+343065863516171ocn000336282book19670.33Peyre, HenriFrench novelists of todayCriticism, interpretation, etcHonore Balzac - Charles Baudelaire - Maurice Barres - John Paul Sartre - Simone de Bouvoire - Maurice Blanchot - Germaine Bree - Albert Camus; Paul Claudel - Colette - Celine - Jean Giraudoux - Andre Gide - Dumas - Gustave Flaubert - Andre Gide - Andre Malraux - Francois Mauriac -Picon - Nietzsche - Blaise Pascal - Jean Racine; Stendhal - Claude Simone - Sarraute - Saint-Exupery - Emile Zola16131ocn000327485book19650.31Sartre, Jean-PaulSituationsCriticism, interpretation, etc15883ocn044957829file19810.50Rizzuto, AnthonyCamus' imperial vision15757ocn036438785book19970.25Todd, OlivierAlbert Camus : a lifeBiographyThis volume is a biography of French Algerian author, philosopher, and journalist Albert Camus (1913-1960). Camus won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957. He was a key philosopher of the 20th-century and his most famous work is the novel L'Étranger (The Stranger). This work is the study of a man caught in conflicts between family loyalties and his own passionate nature, between the call to political action and devotion to his art, between his support of the native Algerians and his identification with the forgotten poor whites. Exploring Camus's impoverished childhood in the Algerian city of Belcourt, his underground activities during the Occupation in Paris, the intrigues of the French literati who embraced him after the publication of his first novel, L'Étranger, the author uncovers the solitary private man behind the mask of his celebrity. He shows us a writer isolated by his own success, crippled by the charms of women he could not resist, debilitated by the tuberculosis that did not kill him. The auto accident that did adds only to the ironies in the life of this international giant of twentieth-century literature+-+500379421515236ocn290545841com20070.39Carroll, DavidAlbert Camus, the Algerian colonialism, terrorism, justiceThis original reading of Albert Camus' novels, short stories, and political essays concentrates on Camus' conflicted relationship with his Algerian background and finds important critical insights into issues of justice, the effects of colonial oppression, and the deadly cycle of terrorism and counterterrorism that characterized the Algerian War and continues to surface in the devastation of postcolonial wars today. David Carroll emphasizes the Algerian dimensions of Camus' literary and philosophical texts and highlights his understanding of both the injustice of colonialism and+-+1126606875324151910ocn000341814book19580.28Camus, AlbertCaligula & three other playsDramaContents.--Caligula.--The misunderstanding.--State of siege.--The just assassins+-+225752948513671ocn000283273book19570.37Brée, GermaineAn age of fiction; the French novel from Gide to CamusCriticism, interpretation, etc13606ocn039093598book19980.39Judt, TonyThe burden of responsibility : Blum, Camus, Aron, and the French twentieth centuryHistoryLeon Blum, Albert Camus, and Raymond Aron might seem an unlikely combination. Blum was a fin-de-siecle aesthete who became the spiritual and political leader of the French non-Communist Left in the first half of this century. Camus, best known to millions of readers worldwide for his novels The Stranger and The Plague, was a wartime Resistance figure who played a prominent part in post-1945 intellectual life in France before dying tragically young in a car crash in 1960. Aron, a contemporary of Jean-Paul Sartre in the brilliant intellectual generation of interwar France, was a political theorist, journalist, and critic of Communism who made a major contribution to the recent revival of liberal thought in contemporary France. In The Burden of Responsibility Tony Judt offers a distinctive and original reinterpretation of the writings and public role of these three men, arguing that they have much in common. Despite the great differences in their backgrounds, their interests, and their views, all three were men of integrity who took seriously their responsibility as public intellectuals+-+646969177513078ocn000342770book19650.39PARKER, EmmettAlbert Camus, the artist in the arenaCriticism, interpretation, etc"Reference matter": p.[171]-235+-+490085447512725ocn000248266book19580.39Maquet, AlbertAlbert Camus : the invincible summerBiography12703ocn000183466book19710.39Freeman, EThe theatre of Albert Camus: a critical study12596ocn016718661book19880.24Albert CamusCriticism, interpretation, etcContains eleven critical essays on Camus' work, arranged in chronological order of publication+-+986819000612399ocn000342775book19630.31Camus, AlbertNotebooksNotebooks, sketchbooks, etc+-+384497410611821ocn000294512book19670.39Axthelm, PeteThe modern confessional novelCriticism, interpretation, etcPsychological fictionExamination of the important works by such authors as Dostoevsky, Gide, Sartre, Golding and Bellow as examples of a unique literary genre, the confessional novel11669ocn000257360book19720.32Brée, GermaineCamus and Sartre : crisis and commitmentCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+6565609625324+-+9284894215+-+9284894215Fri Mar 21 15:29:09 EDT 2014batch237833