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Fri Mar 21 17:10:19 2014 UTClccn-n790633550.31Passion /0.721.00Passione d'amore (workshop)34557152Iginio_Ugo_Tarchettin 79063355296303Tarchetti, I. U.Tarchetti, I.U., 1839-1869Tarchetti, I. U. 1841-1869Tarchetti, I. U. (Iginio Ugo), 1841-1869Tarchetti, Iginio U. 1841-1869Tarchetti, Iginio UgoTarchetti, Iginio Ugo, 1841-1869Tarchetti, Igino UgoTarchetti, Igino Ugo, 1841-1869Tarchetti, UgoTarchetti, Ugo, 1841-1869lccn-n84169911Venuti, Lawrencelccn-n78009673Pearson, Jimlccn-n79078019Bonifazi, Neuroedtlccn-n80030814Ghidetti, Enricoedtlccn-n79100777Buzzati, Dino1906-1972lccn-n79059944Pirandello, Luigi1867-1936lccn-n79039962Rovani, Giuseppe1818-1874lccn-nr89007020Della Rocca, Alfonsolccn-n92067533Bertazzoli, Raffaellaedtlccn-n79054544Fedi, RobertoedtTarchetti, Iginio Ugo1841-1869FictionShort storiesDramaCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedingsBiographyHistoryItalyTarchetti, Iginio Ugo,Fantasy fiction, ItalianSexual attractionManners and customsItalian fictionPirandello, Luigi,Buzzati, Dino,Italian literatureMan-woman relationshipsMotion pictures, ItalianRovani, Giuseppe,SoldiersMelancholy individuals as literary charactersD'Annunzio, Gabriele,LoveTriangles (Interpersonal relations)Music--Instruction and studyDecadence (Literary movement)TravelItaly, SouthernTranslating and interpretingItalian literature--English influencesFantasy literature, ItalianFantasy literatureItalian languageAuthors, ItalianFriendshipGothic fiction (Literary genre), ItalianBohemianismFranceLove storiesMusical theaterMaccari, Ruggero,New York (State)--New YorkIntellectual lifeScapigliatura (Group)Scola, Ettore,Social historyItaly--LombardyContemporaries184118691867186918721874187518761877187918821888191019211926193219401942194419611965196719681970197119761977197819791980198119821983198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201120122013181892272853.8PQ4733.T3ocn743009056ocn822819079ocn7978879392492ocn030156290book19940.31Tarchetti, Iginio UgoPassionFictionAn Italian army officer finds a woman repulsive, but succumbs to her anyway. How she gets him under her spell is the essence of this novel, written in 1869 but translated only after being adapted as a Broadway musical. By the author of Fantastic Tales+-+69154271062242ocn024504076book19920.47Tarchetti, Iginio UgoFantastic talesFictionShort stories"Giulia's corpse ... rests in her shroud as if wrapped in the veils of her virginal bed. Her beauty has lost none of its seductiveness. A white dress, light, almost diaphanous, covers her modest figure ... Her pure white hands lie at her sides with the gentle surrender of sleep, and only her feet, pointing upward and joined together, bear witness to the horrible rigidity of death." This passage from "Bouvard," a macabre evocation of obsessive love beyond the grave typifies the eerie narratives in Fantastic Tales. The first Gothic tales published in the Italian language, Tarchetti's strange stories recall and sometimes imitate those of Edgar Allan Poe, E.T.A. Hoffmann, and Mary Shelley. In "A Spirit in a Raspberry," a nobleman is possessed by the soul of a servant girl; "The Letter U" recounts a man's mysterious phobia about that letter; the unexpected gift of everlasting life becomes a dreaded, endless curse in "The Elixir of Immortality." William Weaver, translator of Italo Calvino and Umberto Eco, writes: "While current Italian literature in English translation is closely followed by publishers, critics, and readers, the Italian writers of the past ... are largely ignored. Lawrence Venuti now presents the nineteenth-century writer Iginio Ugo Tarchetti--a strange, romantic figure now almost forgotten even by Italian readers. But, as Venuti's probing introduction to this collection of tales indicates, Tarchetti is emblematic, the child of his times and their taste. These stories are enjoyable to read simply for themselves, but they also illustrate a literary culture of notable fascination. The translations flow, yet retain the flavor of their period and are true to the style and personality of their curious, gifted author." Mercury House is pleased to present the first English translation of Fantastic Tales, in a fine edition illustrated by San Francisco+-+K57542710616849ocn024253421book19210.66Tarchetti, Iginio UgoFoscaFiction10710ocn002322569book19670.92Tarchetti, Iginio UgoTutte le opere5712ocn003847840book19770.76Tarchetti, Iginio UgoRacconti fantastici454ocn360205327book20050.73Tarchetti, Iginio UgoFoscaFiction+-+1376492936446ocn005681722book19790.76Tarchetti, Iginio UgoUna nobile follia435ocn032809650book19940.95Tarchetti, Iginio UgoPaolina : misteri del Coperto dei Figini ; appendice ; Idee minime sul romanzo425ocn008990889book19710.94Tarchetti, Iginio UgoUna nobile follia, Fosca252ocn000976860book19710.95Tarchetti, Iginio UgoFosca. Nota introduttiva di Folco Portinari259ocn009079524book19260.81Praga, EmilioLe più belle pagine di Emilio Praga, Tarchetti, e Arrigo Boito244ocn056671165book20040.93Tarchetti, Iginio UgoUna nobile follia : drammi della vita militare236ocn697617710com18790.70Tarchetti, Iginio UgoDisjecta233ocn027288634book19920.94Tarchetti, Iginio UgoL'amore nell'arte : racconti musicaliFiction192ocn005677238book19790.93Bàrberi Squarotti, GiorgioConvegno nazionale su Igino Ugo Tarchetti e la ScapigliaturaCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings188ocn463552365visu19800.63Scola, EttorePassione d'amore Passion of loveHistoryDramaIn 1862 wordt een jonge militair achtervolgd door het lelijke en ziekelijke nichtje van zijn kolonel. Zij koestert een geobsedeerde verliefdheid voor hem die ook bij hem een passie doet ontvlammen174ocn313648586book20090.81Tarchetti, Iginio UgoRacconti fantastici e umoristici : storia di una gamba137ocn173141116book18690.70Tarchetti, Iginio UgoRacconti fantasticiFiction112ocn746978570file18690.47Tarchetti, Iginio UgoRacconti umoristici In cerca di morte re per ventiquattrore113ocn026711735book19260.96Moretti, MarinoLe più belle pagine di Emilio Praga1584ocn009520888book19820.90Bonifazi, NeuroTeoria del fantastico e il racconto fantastico in Italia : Tarchetti, Pirandello, BuzzatiCriticism, interpretation, etc603ocn003134031book19680.92Ghidetti, EnricoTarchetti e la Scapigliatura lombarda392ocn044642648book20000.95Mangini, M. AngeloLa voluttà crudele : fantastico e malinconia nell'opera di Igino Ugo TarchettiCriticism, interpretation, etc333ocn015802339book19700.93Della Rocca, AlfonsoTarchetti e Rovani : teme e orientamenti della scapigliatura302ocn029854347book19930.93Tarchetti, Iginio UgoAmore nell'arte281ocn025754127book19900.86Bertazzoli, RaffaellaScritture di confine : forme letterarie a contatto da Tarchetti a D'AnnunzioCriticism, interpretation, etc232ocn724303318book20110.97Ruchin, FrancescoIginio Ugo Tarchetti : anatomia di un'animaCriticism, interpretation, etc221ocn001893560book19650.93Della Rocca, AlfonsoMisticismo estetico e realismo storico : nella scapigliatura milanese171ocn033826715book19940.96Tarchetti, Iginio UgoL'innamorato della montagna : impressioni di viaggio172ocn313647069book20080.97Mura, ManuelaPratiche intertestuali : influssi inglesi nell'opera di Igino Ugo TarchettiHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc162ocn426797692book20090.90Roda, VittorioStudi sul fantasticoCriticism, interpretation, etc111ocn014955142book19860.96Tarchetti, Iginio UgoLorenzo AlviatiBiography81ocn821697005book20130.47Tarchetti, Iginio UgoFantastic talesFictionShort storiesA macabre evocation of obsessive love beyond the grave, a nobleman possessed by the soul of a servant girl, a man's mysterious phobia of the letter U, and the unexpected gift of everlasting life becoming a dreaded, endless curse-- these are just some of the themes contained in this collection of Tarchetti's shorter fiction31ocn005296212book19770.81Convegno nazionale su Igino Ugo Tarchetti e la scapigliaturaConvegno nazionale su Igino Ugo Tarchetti e la scapigliatura : [atti del convegno, S. Salvatore Monferrato, 1/3 ottobre 1976]11ocn070343937book19901.00Bettella, PatriziaIl fantastico e TarchettiCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn851592819visu20131.00Passione d'amore Passion of loveFilm adaptationsIn Italy in 1862 a young cavalry captain is transferred far from his mistress. At his new post, the captain meets an incredibly ugly woman who falls madly in love with him11ocn084689233visu19931.00Passione d'amore (workshop)Drama11ocn810570457book19770.47Convegno nazionale su Igino Ugo Tarchetti e la Scapigliatura : [atti], S. Salvatore Monferrato 1-3 ottobre 1976Conference proceedings11ocn004373781book19781.00Ferrara, Paul AAlcune considerazioni su Iginio Ugo TarchettiCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+6915427106+-+6915427106Fri Mar 21 15:43:37 EDT 2014batch22883