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Fri Mar 21 17:14:15 2014 UTClccn-n790665320.25The Greek Islands /0.340.63Seven men of vision : an appreciation68928525Lawrence_Durrelln 79066532299417Darel, LorensDarels, Lorenss, 1912-1990D̲arrel, LōrensDarrel, Lorens 1912-1990Durell, LawrenceDurrel, Lawrence GeorgeDurrell, Larry.Durrell, Larry, 1912-1990Durrell, Lawrence, 1912-Durrell, Lawrence, 1912-1990Durrell, Lawrence G. 1912-1990Durrell, Lawrence George.Durrell, Lawrence George, 1912-1990L. D., 1912-Norden, ChalesNorden, Charles.Norden, Charles, 1912-1990Norden, Charles 1912-1990 PseudonymNtarel, Lōrens.Даррелл, Лоренс, 1912-1990لورانس داريل، 1912-1990لورنس داريل، 1912-1990ダレル, ロレンスcontainsVIAFID/75837366Norden, Charleslccn-n79069799Miller, Henry1891-1980auiivecrpcrelccn-n82040769Thomas, Alan G.othauiedtlccn-n80013587Murdoch, Irislccn-n80155131Brigham, James A.othedtlccn-n50025464Fraser, G. S.(George Sutherland)1915-1980lccn-n80147344MacNiven, Ian S.edtlccn-n83217814Weigel, John A.lccn-n2009054023Rouben Mamoulian Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n50024046Friedman, Alan Warrenlccn-n50004283Moore, Harry ThorntonedtDurrell, LawrenceFictionRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyPoetryLove storiesHumorHistoryBiographyDiary fictionDurrell, LawrenceEgypt--AlexandriaTravelAuthors, EnglishDiplomatsEnglish poetryMurdoch, IrisScience fiction, EnglishManners and customsCyprusFranceMediterranean Region--Aegean IslandsFictionMan-woman relationshipsMarried womenIllegal arms transfersFriendshipVoyages and travelsEnglish fictionTravelersMiller, Henry,Greece--Ionian IslandsEunuchsTechnology--Social aspectsRobotsAmerican fictionItaly--SicilyAuthors, AmericanHawkes, John,Vonnegut, KurtBarth, John,TeachersPhilosophyTriangles (Interpersonal relations)CultsHuman sacrificeGnosticismEngland--LondonWorld War (1939-1945)Motivation (Psychology)CavesAlexandria quartet (Durrell, Lawrence)LiteratureLove stories, EnglishNineteen thirtiesPolitical sciencePoetry, ModernFrance--ProvenceCivilizationHomes1912199019151928193119321933193419351936193719381939194019421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320149208614535418823.912PR6007.U76ocn000677880ocn778036284ocn417155066ocn420248944ocn417190306ocn405545038ocn420047445ocn462161892ocn444214865ocn469934274ocn468882054ocn468365016ocn007003081ocn052432594ocn462047734ocn000571293ocn051859527ocn455875292ocn310690289ocn043292628ocn439717974ocn463063427ocn007142765ocn405644318ocn802532095ocn800212472ocn760572175ocn806318243ocn804269257ocn797376925ocn310737308ocn802485522ocn075211812ocn073561933ocn720107598ocn691503967ocn767016957ocn691780388ocn691504990ocn691765800ocn767015894ocn694013787ocn694013993ocn658865280ocn691350944ocn797353188ocn691375076ocn186021122ocn692035555ocn658520017ocn693480398ocn693335694ocn455875292ocn693408679ocn056110251ocn224292215ocn224481914ocn837892833ocn054545209ocn639835909ocn0268635434040340ocn024125287book19490.28Durrell, LawrenceJustineHistoryFictionLove storiesStory of the modern Egyptian city of Alexandria, in which an Irish schoolmaster, a passionate, tormented Jewess, a Greek cabaret dancer, and a Coptic financier play out their destinies amid decadent surroundings symbolic of an erotic world. For subsequent volumes in the series, see Author Catalog+-+04680659653744222ocn000710665book19580.28Durrell, LawrenceMountolive, a novelHistoryFictionManuscriptsBritish Ambassador David Mountolive enters the intrigues of the interwoven community of characters+-+45780659653541228ocn001850135book19580.28Durrell, LawrenceBalthazar, a novelBiographyFictionOnce again Durrell writes of Justine, Melissa, Clea, Nessim, Pursewarden, Scobie, Pombal-but from a fresh point of view. THe new insights are provided by the psychiatrist, Balthazar, who convinces the narrator that the first volume of the story was almost wholly inaccurate. So this second volume is a correction and an expansion of the first+-+26780659653490226ocn000710697book19590.28Durrell, LawrenceClea, a novelFictionLove storiesDarley returns to a war-fevered Alexandria as the stories of the many characters move toward conclusion+-+0778065965196472ocn000307460book19580.32Durrell, LawrenceTunc; a novelA scientist discovers that his famous invention leads to a dangerous outcomeFelix Charlock's scientific genius is unrivaled-and so is his very special invention. So special, in fact, that a shadowy and enigmatic international firm, called Merlin, recruits Felix and marries him into the family. He is betrothed to the erratic Merlin heiress, Benedicta, and given access to an inexhaustible fortune. Yet he longs to be free of the psychological and scientific toll the mysterious firm inflicts. The inscrutable Merlin is always one step ahead, and twists and turns ensue in this tale of sexual and moral intrigue that leaves Felix's future-and his sanity-on uncertain ground167459ocn000062036book19700.33Durrell, LawrenceNunquam; a novelFictionFabulerende roman+-+7367653498324151135ocn003447194book19780.25Durrell, LawrenceThe Greek IslandsGuidebooks+-+1179676205324148836ocn000365449book19400.39Durrell, LawrenceCollected poems138677ocn000364173book19470.33Durrell, LawrenceThe dark labyrinthFictionAbout a quest for peace of mind by a group of English people+-+0892576205324129335ocn004515029book19780.27Durrell, LawrenceLivia : or, Buried aliveCensusFictionLivia follows the currents of longing and regret, and the shifting illusions of memory, that began in Monsieur. Two sisters, Livia and Constance, have already led remarkable lives as scholars, lovers of artists, and seekers of the forbidden wisdom of Gnostic sages. As Europe is shaken by the rise of fascism, the two sisters find themselves driven apart by shifting alliances. Livia is rich with Durrell's unmistakable, gorgeous prose and breathtaking insights into love and the idiosyncrasies of the human heart128329ocn000349709book19520.50Durrell, LawrenceA key to modern British poetryCriticism, interpretation, etcManuscripts120823ocn001054117book19740.28Durrell, LawrenceMonsieurFictionThree lovers and comrades seek happiness in a dilapidated chateau near history-enveloped Avignon, but must contend with madness, eerie obsessions, and darker demonic forces118023ocn008345420book19820.27Durrell, LawrenceConstance, or, Solitary practicesFictionRoman der bl.a. foregår under 2. verdenskrig i det tysk okkuperede Sydfrankrig+-+2500568965116320ocn000364170book19600.39Durrell, LawrenceThe black bookFictionDiary fictionThe setting is a moldering residential hotel in London which shelters a group of strange, impassioned people--sensualists, idealists, self-searchers, sex-seekers. They are seen through the eyes of Lawrence Lucifer, the young narrator who has moved into the hotel for the winter115561ocn000365453book19610.31Durrell, LawrenceThe Alexandria quartet: Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive, CleaFictionFour related novels bound together in one volume, with a short preface by the author+-+7451356205324115019ocn010099417book19830.27Durrell, LawrenceSebastian, or, Ruling passionsFictionIn Durrell's fourth installment of the Avignon Quintet, Constance returns to Europe after the end of World War II. A Freudian analyst, she treats the shell-shocked, the battle-fatigued, and other despairing survivors in Geneva. She also treats the traumatized, autistic son of her former lover, Sebastian, a situation that draws her back into the mysterious cult that the sensitive and charismatic Sebastian led in the deserts of Egypt. In Sebastian, Constance's pursuit of wisdom in the midst of Europe's blackest night is rendered as a gorgeous and heartbreaking quest for truth in a world full of illusion108065ocn002384725book19570.27Durrell, LawrenceWhite eagles over SerbiaJuvenile worksFictionMethuen, a seasoned survivor of countless spy missions thrust upon him by the Old Etonians running the Awkward Shop (as the British Secret Service was called), feels he needs a respite from it all. He is looking forward to some trout fishing in Scotland. But when his superior, Dombey, explains that something strange is afoot in the Balkans, Methuen's curiosity is immediately aroused. A fellow British spy has been murdered on a remote mountainside in Serbia by the White Eagles - underground Royalists - presumably because he fell afoul of their life-or-death struggle against Tito and the Communists. What the Royalists are up to is a mystery Dombey wants Methuen to solve. The Cold War - weary Methuen feels his blood stir. At the very least, he thinks, the trout fishing ought to be excellent. Setting up camp in a cave deep in the Serbian countryside, Methuen baits his hooks and waits for the contact who will lead him into the deeper water of the mystery. He finds out soon enough that his mission involves far more than sport fishing - his life is the one on the line. Hunted by both the Communists and the White Eagles, Methuen is played to his limit. He fights for his life, summoning every ounce of his strength as he gets pulled into a roaring cataract of events that eventually lands him on a dizzying mountain peak - and reels readers in for a tour-de-force climax that will leave them breathless+-+6768524006106081ocn002193845book19470.37Durrell, LawrenceEsprit de corps; sketches from diplomatic lifeHumorFictionAnecdotesAfter decades spent representing Britain around the globe, Antrobus has earned a shirtful of medals and the right to pass afternoons in his London club, musing over old times. His memory is long, and every old embarrassment still rankles, no matter how ridiculous. The incident with the Yugoslav ghost train, for instance, still causes him to clench his fists in fear. When he speaks of Sir Claud Polk-Mowbray, he takes pains to lower his voice lest an American hear. And his stomach has never recovered from the incident involving the fried flag+-+0211056205324104120ocn012050594book19850.27Durrell, LawrenceQuinx, or, The ripper's tale : a novelFictionJust after World War II, a motley assortment of treasure hunters, mystics, psychoanalysts, and former Nazis race to uncover a treasure buried centuries before by the Knights Templar. Durrell displays his diabolical playfulness and immense imagination as his characters meet and become entangled, long-buried plots reemerge, and the past and future are funneled into the present action. Here the music of the Alexandria Quintetresolves as a symphony, and the series as a whole emerges as a worthy and enduring entry to Durrell's distinguished career103114ocn002579790book19660.47Durrell, LawrenceThe ikons, and other poems185212ocn000364591book19650.39Weigel, John ALawrence DurrellCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Lawrence Durrell13498ocn000004756book19690.29Durrell, LawrenceSpirit of place; letters and essays on travelFictionRecords and correspondenceThe definitive collection of travel writings by one of the twentieth century’s best-loved journeyers From the moment of his birth, Lawrence Durrell was far from home. A British child in India, he was sent to England to receive an education, and by his early twenties had already tired of his native land. With family in tow, he departed for Greece, and spent the rest of his life wandering the world. He traveled not to sightsee but to live, and made homes in Egypt, France, Yugoslavia, and Argentina. Each time he landed, he rooted himself deep into the native soil, taking in not just the sights and sounds of his new land, but the essential character of the country. In these letters and essays, Durrell exhibits the power of poetic observation that made his travel writing so extraordinary to post–World War II readers. In these pages he reminds us not just of each country’s hidden charms, but of the unique characteristics that persist through the generations+-+270145620532412836ocn000188175book19630.39Durrell, LawrenceLawrence Durrell [and] Henry Miller; a private correspondenceRecords and correspondence12201ocn002035192book19760.33Six contemporary British novelistsCriticism, interpretation, etc11877ocn000364164book19570.31Durrell, LawrenceBitter lemons+-+0006576205113711ocn000712448book19680.35Fraser, G. SLawrence Durrell; a critical studyCriticism, interpretation, etc11249ocn002875206book19770.27Durrell, LawrenceSicilian carouselHistoryBiographyIn Sicily, a travel writer honors the memory of a departed friend Despite decades spent writing poetic evocations of the timeless pleasures of life in the Mediterranean, Lawrence Durrell had never set foot on the sea’s largest island: mysterious, impenetrable Sicily. For years his friend Martine begged him to visit her on this sun-kissed paradise, and though he always intended to, life inevitably interfered. It took Martine’s sudden death to finally bring him to the island’s shores. With Martine’s letters in his pocket, Durrell signs up for a tour group, hoping to learn the travel habits of those who aren’t obsessively devoted to island life. As he treks from sight to sight, dizzy with history and culture, Durrell finds echoes of his past lives in Rhodes, Cyprus, and Corfu+-+383297410611191ocn000269936book19670.39Scholes, RobertThe fabulatorsCriticism, interpretation, etc10506ocn000363148book19620.39Moore, Harry ThorntonThe world of Lawrence Durrell10442ocn044958744file19830.53Thomas, Alan GLawrence Durrell, an illustrated checklistBibliography10184ocn000236734book19640.37Unterecker, JohnLawrence Durrell8621ocn000365445book19700.35Friedman, Alan WarrenLawrence Durrell, and the Alexandria quartet; art for love's sake8494ocn244768649com20050.56Morrison, RayA smile in his mind's eye a study of the early works of Lawrence DurrellCriticism, interpretation, etc"Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990), author of The Alexandria Quartet, was a writer with a foot in two worlds. His childhood in India and life in France and Greece provided him with an ability to absorb many traditions, all of which are evident in his work. Proficient in several forms of the written word - novels, poetry, travel writing, essays, drama - Durrell's best-known work fused Western notions of time and space with Eastern metaphysics."+-+44843575357211ocn039125376book19980.31MacNiven, Ian SLawrence Durrell : a biographyBiographyBorn in India in 1912, the son of an engineer, sent 'home' to school in England (which he christened Pudding Island), Lawrence Durell left for Corfu with his first wife and his incorrigible family in 1935, from where he was driven to Egypt by the German invasion of Greece in 1941, and in time to Rhodes, Argentina, Yugoslavia and Cyprus. Eventually, with his third wife, he moved to southern France, where he lived for over thirty years. His poetry, his island books and his novels reflect his passion for congenial places and people, preferably around the shores of the Mediterranean. As Ian MacNiven shows in this major biography, Durrell's private world was assimilated into his writing from the very beginning, and it has taken years of patient research to piece together the true narrative of his literary background and influences. The book was undertaken at Durrell's invitation, with access to his personal papers and notebooks and letters. It draws heavily on the memories of innumerable friends and contempoporaries, as well as his own family and the many women in his life, including his wives. It will engross all admirers of this mercurial and richly gifted writer whose 'investigation of modern love' in The Alexandria Quartet produced one of the masterpieces of post-war fiction+-+73972662056904ocn002089668book19770.56Pinchin, Jane LagoudisAlexandria still : Forster, Durrell, and CavafyCriticism, interpretation, etc6465ocn000126506book19700.56Fraser, G. SLawrence DurrellCriticism, interpretation, etc6308ocn021443570book19900.25Durrell, LawrenceCaesar's vast ghost : aspects of ProvenceBiographyPoetryDurrell, a thirty year resident of Provence, offers a guidebook, a writer's journal, and a letter to prosperity, capturing the essential spirit of the area and its array of human history through the centuries+-+85592662053246084ocn036364168book19960.31Bowker, GordonThrough the dark labyrinth : a biography of Lawrence DurrellBiographyBorn in India, schooled under Mount Everest, Durrell spent his most productive years in Greece and around the Mediterranean. He was an accomplished poet, and his lyrical books about Mediterranean islands are among the best of their kind. In wartime Egypt he conceived The Alexandria Quartet, which brought fame with its "exploration of modern love" and experimental form. His last great novel cycle, The Avignon Quintet, has intrigued with its formal complexity and+-+60772676853245062ocn014240765book19870.59Critical essays on Lawrence DurrellCriticism, interpretation, etc4933ocn002724072book19760.63Jennings, ElizabethSeven men of vision : an appreciationCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+2678065965+-+2678065965Fri Mar 21 15:59:22 EDT 2014batch104412