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They lived in shantytowns, white and black together, protested and rallied for their cause. Roy Wilkins saw the model for racial integration here; J. Edgar Hoover built his reputation against the radicals. President Hoover, Army Chief of Staff Douglas MacArthur, and others feared the protesters would turn violent after the Senate defeated the "bonus bill" that the House had passed. On July 28, tanks rolled as troops evicted the marchers. Newspapers and newsreels showed graphic images of American soldiers driving out their former comrades in arms. Democratic candidate Franklin Roosevelt said to an adviser, "This will elect me," though bonus armies would plague him as well. The march inspired Congress to pass the G.I. Bill of Rights in 1944.--From publisher description+-+95996275359155ocn007172892book19810.17Dickson, PaulToasts, the complete book of the best toasts, sentiments, blessings, curses, and graces8714ocn019846003book19900.23Dickson, PaulWhat do you call a person from--? : a dictionary of resident namesDictionariesLists place names and resident names with explanations84910ocn004211291book19780.24Dickson, PaulThe Official rules8433ocn018350252book19890.24Dickson, PaulThe Dickson baseball dictionaryDictionaries8127ocn551182081file20090.47Dickson, PaulA dictionary of the space ageDictionariesTerminology"The launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957 ushered in an exciting era of scientific and technological advancement. As television news anchors, radio hosts, and journalists reported the happenings of the American and the Soviet space programs to millions of captivated citizens, words that belonged to the worlds of science, aviation, and science fiction suddenly became part of the colloquial language. What's more, NASA used a litany of acronyms in much of its official correspondence in an effort to transmit as much information in as little time as possible. To translate this peculiar vocabulary, Paul Dickson has compiled the curious lingo and mystifying acronyms of NASA in an accessible dictionary of the names, words, and phrases of the Space Age. ... This dictionary captures a broader foundation for the language of the Space Age based on the historical principles employed by the Oxford English Dictionary and Webster's Third New International Dictionary. Word histories for major terms are detailed in a conversational tone, and technical terms are deciphered for the interested student and lay reader."--Front flap of dust jacket+-+40664365357558ocn008389223book19820.25Dickson, PaulWords : a connoisseur's collection of old and new, weird and wonderful, useful and outlandish wordsGlossaries, vocabularies, etc7241ocn027936849book19940.21Dickson, PaulThe Worth book of softball : a celebration of America's true national pastimeHistory"Although baseball has been considered America's national pastime, softball is the game people play - and over 40 million do. And playing softball - actually making contact with the ball, actually taking a header trying to get hold of a sinking line drive, actually scrubbing grass stains out of your uniform - is what this book celebrates." "The Worth Book of Softball by Paul Dickson, acclaimed author of the classic Dickson Baseball Dictionary, is a magnificently illustrated tribute to the game of softball: its history, its superstars, its records, its rules, its terminology, its equipment, and its impact on American life. It is the first major chronicle of a sport that is rich in cultural diversity, integrates male and female players of all ages like no other game and can be adapted to anyone's needs." "The book tells the origins of the game - beginning as "indoor baseball" on Thanksgiving Day, 1887 in Chicago - and traces its development through the 1990s. Highlighted for the first time in a reference work are softball's greatest heroes: Bertha Tickey, Carl Rose, Joan Joyce, Mike Macenko, Eddie Feigner, Lisa Fernandez, Michele Granger, Bruce Meade and Harold "Shifty" Gears, to name a few. The book also features rules of the game, equipment and uniforms, the first softball record book, a glossary of softball terminology, and a softballer's miscellany." "Beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated with more than 120 original photos by Russell Mott, as well as 60 historic photos, The Worth Book of Softball is a valentine to a sport that is celebrated every summer by over 40 million people nationwide."--BOOK JACKET+-+92437516357016ocn000508258book19700.23Dickson, PaulThe great American ice cream bookHistory6889ocn027432058book19930.31Dickson, PaulThe Congress dictionary : the ways and meanings of Capitol HillDictionariesIncludes formal terms such as adjourn sine die, and informal terms like sleaze factor6595ocn027430301book19940.24Dickson, PaulWar slang : fighting words and phrases of Americans from the Civil War to the Gulf WarMilitary historyDictionariesThe first comprehensive collection of fighting words and phrases used by Americans at war--from AWOL to zip fuel6137ocn001582722book19750.37Dickson, PaulThe future of the workplace : the coming revolution in jobsRecent job environments recreated and studied in this book involve the blue-collar and the assembly-line worker. Delineates new and more humane ways of achieving productivity6093ocn227016193book20090.21Dickson, PaulThe Dickson baseball dictionaryDictionariesHailed as "a staggering piece of scholarship" ("Wall Street Journal"), the new edition of "The Dickson Baseball Dictionary" includes more than 10,000 terms and introduces words and phrases from around the world of baseball. Photographs throughout+-+73559884855971ocn012839928book19860.18Dickson, PaulA collector's compendium of rare and unusual, bold and beautiful, odd and whimsical namesSpine title: Names. A compendium of interesting facts about names and nicknames divided into thirty-three categories from cars to trade names to apples5947ocn022240664book19910.20Dickson, PaulBaseball's greatest quotationsQuotationsOver 5000 quotations about baseball as well as historical annotations and lore+-+70757271555674ocn124505648book20060.20Dickson, PaulSlang! : the topical dictionary of AmericanismsGlossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionariesA categorically arranged dictionary of American slang and popular culture features more than ten thousand entries that cover such topics as the Internet, extreme sports, the drug culture, politics, and entertainment+-+66806275355623ocn008827152book19830.21Dickson, PaulThere are alligators in our sewers, and other American credos5601ocn039930615book19990.21Dickson, PaulThe new Dickson baseball dictionary : a cyclopedic reference to more than 7,000 words, names, phrases, and slang expressions that define the game, its heritage, culture, and variationsDictionaries"Still not sure what makes a sinker different from a curve? Can't remember when the M&M boys played with the Yankees? Want to know where the "seventh-inning stretch" comes from? Then you've done the right thing by picking up this book - the most complete collection of baseball terms and slang to be found between two covers. Impeccably researched, The New Dickson Baseball Dictionary covers all the bases."--BOOK JACKET+-+25385560655484ocn738346685book20120.16Dickson, PaulBill Veeck : baseball's greatest maverickBiographyVeeck's sportswriter father became president of the Chicago Cubs when Bill was four, and America's pastime became his lifelong passion. He changed the business and conscience of baseball, leaving his mark on it as few ever did+-+5322627535+-+9599627535+-+9599627535Fri Mar 21 15:29:09 EDT 2014batch20960