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Fri Mar 21 17:12:23 2014 UTClccn-n790727030.53The instrumental music of Schmeltzer, Biber, Muffat and their contemporaries0.731.00Georg Muffat on performance practice : a new translation of the written materials from Florilegium primum, Florilegium secundum, and Auserlesene Instrumentalmusik, with commentary /56797141Georg_Muffatn 79072703305452Muffat.Muffat, G. 1653-1704Muffat, Georges.Muffat, Georges 1653-1704Muffat, Georgio.Muffat, Georgio, 1653-1704Muffat, Georgius.Muffat, Georgius 1653-1704ムファットlccn-n80025797Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz1644-1704cmplccn-n86138077Darvas, Gáboredtlccn-n83175325Schmelzer, Johann Heinrichapproximately 1623-1680cmplccn-n80062585Liechtenstein-Castelcorn, Karl-1695lccn-n88679431Brewer, Charles E.(Charles Everett)lccn-no90013260Rietsch, Heinrich1860-1927adpedtlccn-no90013040Luntz, Erwin1877-1949arredtlccn-n78089650Haselböck, Martin1954-prflccn-n94036693Musica Aeterna Bratislavaprfitrenslccn-n94043548Zajíček, PetercndprfMuffat, Georg1653-1704ManuscriptsOrgan musicHistoryAustriaOrgan musicMusic--Instruction and studyInstrumental musicMuffat, Georg,Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz,Liechtenstein-Castelcorn, Karl,Schmelzer, Johann Heinrich,ToccatasConcerti grossiChamber musicMusic--Philosophy and aestheticsGermanyContinuoPerformance practice (Music)Lute musicSuites (Unspecified instruments (5))Suites (Unspecified instruments (4), continuo)Suites (Unspecified instruments (3), continuo)Suites (Unspecified instruments (4))Variations (Organ)Orchestral music--ScoresMusic--PerformanceOrgan (Musical instrument)Organ pipesSuites (Orchestra)Orchestral musicCanons, fugues, etc. (Organ)Organ music--Instructive editionsChaconnes (Organ)Passacaglias (Organ)Austria--SalzburgQuintets (Violins (2), violas (2), continuo)Suites (Instrumental ensemble)Suites (Chamber orchestra)Chamber orchestra musicSonatas (Violin and continuo)Muffat, Gottlieb,Scarlatti, Alessandro,Rosenmüller, Johann,Concerti grossi, Arranged--ScoresCanons, fugues, etcComposersConcerto grossoOrgan music--ScoresBuxtehude, Dietrich,Violin and lute musicSuites (Lute)16531704167916821690169516981701186418651870187818841888188918941895190019041906190819091912191319171918191919251927192919301931193319381939194019461947194819501951195319541955195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201499909811876780.9436M2ocn002849978ocn858076641ocn858080052ocn858076639ocn858079950ocn858080695ocn858079949ocn858080610ocn858076730ocn858076733ocn055572105ocn724823873ocn865081895ocn868881740ocn820648093ocn820648098ocn65930971741065ocn017704475score16900.81Muffat, GeorgApparatus musico-organisticus : revised and edited from the original edition of the year 1690 with preface and hints concerning the use of the pedal and the art of registration by S. de LangeManuscripts34214ocn000172030book19610.76Muffat, GeorgAn essay on thoroughbass3046ocn044313332book20000.79Muffat, GeorgGeorg Muffat on performance practice : the texts from Florilegium primum, Florilegium secundum, and Auserlesene Instrumentalmusik : a new translation with commentaryHistory+-+024867807528721ocn811458219file19750.86Muffat, GeorgApparatus musico-organisticus25310ocn000683746score19180.73Koczirz, AdolfÖsterreichische Lautenmusik zwischen 1650 und 17202406ocn001197501score19720.79Muffat, GeorgSuiten aus dem "Blumenbüschlein" : für vier oder fünf Stimmen (Streich- oder Blasinstrumente und Basso continuo) = Suites from the "Florilegium"22027ocn020475465score18940.63Muffat, GeorgFlorilegium primum [-secundum] für Streichinstrumente17420ocn811334383rcrd19960.81Muffat, GeorgArmonico tributoArmonico tributo: Cinque Concerti grossi per due violini, archi e continuo: n.1 in re maggiore; 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Praeludium and Fugue in D Minor (Pachelbel); Trio on "Maria cart" (Schlick); Toccata and Fugue in F Major (Buxtehude); Praeludium and Fugue in E-Flat Major (Pachelbel); "Das alre Jahr vergangen ist" (Bach); Praludium and Fugue in E-Flat Major (Bach); "Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ" (Bach); Resonet in Laudibus (Sicher); 3 Ricercari (Fischer); Fantasia in A (Froberger); Magnificat (Kerll); Toccata primi (Muffat); Praeludia II & III (Kolb); Praeludium and Fugue in E Minor (Bach); Chaconne in A Minor (David); Second Organ Sonata in D Minor, Op. 60 (Reger); "O Gott, du frommer Gott," Op. 67 (Reger) Herbert Manfred Hoffmann, Heinz Wunderlich, and Heinrich Hamm, organs Performance information included1166ocn811334266file19990.81Muffat, GeorgNobilis juventus suites and concertos10812ocn003676020score19770.81Muffat, GeorgSonata in D für Violine und Basso continuo9078ocn756192754com20110.53Brewer, Charles EThe instrumental music of Schmeltzer, Biber, Muffat and their contemporariesCriticism, interpretation, etcBased on primary sources, many of which have never been published or examined in detail, this book examines the music of the late seventeenth-century composers, Biber, Schmeltzer and Muffat, and the compositions preserved in the extensive Moravian archives in Kromeriz. These works have never before been fully examined in the cultural and conceptual contexts of their time. Charles E. Brewer sets these composers and their music within a framework that first examines the basic Baroque concepts of instrumental style, and then provides a context for the specific works. The dances of Schmeltzer, for example, functioned both as incidental music in Viennese operas and as music for elaborate court pantomimes and balls. These same cultural practices also account for some of Biber's most programmatic music, which accompanied similar entertainments in Kromeriz and Salzburg. The many sonatas by these composers have also been misunderstood by not being placed in a context where it was normal to be entertained in church and edified in court. Many of the works discussed here remain unpublished but have, in recent years, been recorded. This book enhances our understanding and appreciation of these recordings by providing an analysis of the context in which the works were first performed [Publisher description]+-+7594694596324332ocn029784549score19920.90Muffat, GeorgSonata violino solo, Prag 1677Manuscripts242ocn072519509book20060.86Georg Muffat : ein reichsfürstlicher Kapellmeister zwischen den ZeitenCriticism, interpretation, etc102ocn013609170book19800.73Biber und Muffat : Salzburger Komponisten zur Zeit des Hochbarock81ocn012229037book19540.70Schenk, ErichMuffatiana71ocn232124623score20080.81Muffat, GeorgApparatus musico-organisticus : revised and edited from the original edition of the year 1690 with preface and hints concerning the use of the pedal and the art of registration by S. de LangeManuscripts51ocn008463390book19800.97Biber und Muffat : Salzburger Komponisten zur Zeit des Hochbarock : Jahresschrift 1980 der Salzburger Bachgesellschaft32ocn004797095book18880.92Stollbrock, LudwigDie Komponisten Georg und Gottlieb Muffat. Ein Beitrag zur Musikgeschichte des 17ten und 18ten Jahrhunderts21ocn007426093book19791.00Gerritt, Reid PaulThe development of the sinfonia to 1715 a chronological discussion with emphasis on selected sinfonias of Johann Rosenmüller, Georg Muffat and Alessandro ScarlattiCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn043792712book19981.00Wilson, DavidGeorg Muffat on performance practice : a new translation of the written materials from Florilegium primum, Florilegium secundum, and Auserlesene Instrumentalmusik, with commentaryHistorySources11ocn080429592book19840.93Stampfl, InkaGeorg Muffat : Orchesterkompositionen : ein musikhistorischer Vergleich der Orchestermusik, 1670-1710Criticism, interpretation, etcBiography11ocn071849787book19731.00Reeves, Robert HenryThe Italian influence in the toccatas of Georg Muffat and Dietrich BuxtehudeCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn006910361book19700.92Polley, Richard EvansTwo 17th century compositions appropriate for secondary school orchestra+-+0248678075+-+0248678075Fri Mar 21 15:09:52 EDT 2014batch44947