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Fri Mar 21 17:12:39 2014 UTClccn-n790734470.00Les ennemis de la mafia0.470.93Les Chemins de l'exil : ou, Les Dernières années de J.-J. Rousseau /5051311Claude_Gorettan 79073447306190lccn-no96000645Huppert, Isabelleprflccn-nr97036395Beneyton, Yvesprflccn-no2003067679Giorgetti, Florenceprflccn-n81074742Janus Filmslccn-n83189492Public Media Incorporated (Wilmette, Ill.)np-duringer, annemarieDüringer, Annemarieprflccn-n82145412Tanner, Alainflmdrtlccn-no97058386Action Filmsnp-obe, jeanObé, Jeanlccn-n84016416Chaumette, MoniqueGoretta, ClaudeDramaBiographyFrench literatureYouthLoveMotion pictures, FrenchGreat BritainWorking classMotion picturesFranceRousseau, Jean-Jacques,PhilosophersSwitzerlandTravelMan-woman relationshipsNational characteristics, SwissCivilizationFrance--CabourgBeauty operatorsWorld War (1939-1945)Sartre, Jean-Paul,Made-for-TV moviesSoccer teamsManners and customsBritish Film InstituteAnderson, Lindsay,Richardson, Tony,Youth--Societies and clubsEngland--LondonWest Bromwich Albion Football ClubRecreation centersEngland--West BromwichSwissWorking class in motion picturesMarketsSoccer playersNobility of characterReisz, KarelInnocence (Psychology)Tanner, Alain1929195519571960196719681970197219731974197519761977197819801981198219831984198519871988198919901991199219931994199519961997200120022004200520062007200820092010201120122013785148252843.914PQ2672.A34ocn184722027ocn767444594ocn469328439ocn761787021ocn676644501ocn762124622ocn694029793ocn767408598ocn693940244ocn765911760ocn676361443ocn676360723ocn691516631ocn469328439ocn694023799ocn694023804ocn762773174ocn766060181ocn766060074ocn469328439ocn767444594ocn767408598ocn693919627ocn753798639ocn839336620ocn839343558ocn742995069ocn743100006ocn742811777ocn676510694ocn691505186ocn46932843919223ocn024015601visu19760.37Goretta, ClaudeLa dentellière LacemakerDramaA tragic love story about a shy beautician and a handsome but insensitive student+-+19855553253241047ocn184722027visu20060.39Free cinemaDramaA collection of films from the groundbreaking 'Free Cinema' movement, the term coined by Lindsay Anderson in 1956. The films were 'free' in the sense that they were made outside the framework of the film industry, and that their statements were personal. These films had in common the conditions of their production (very low budget, unpaid crew) and the equipment they employed (hand-held 16mm cameras) but also a style and attitude. Mostly funded by the British Film Institute's Experimental Film Fund, they featured ordinary, mostly working-class people at work and play, displaying a rare sympathy and respect, and a self-consciously poetic style. They also shared an experimental approach to sound, avoiding narration and imaginatively counterpointing sound and image. The collection contains the films O Dreamland (Anderson, 1953), Momma Don't Allow (Reisz & Richardson, 1955), Together (Mazzetti, 1956), Wakefield Express (Anderson, 1952), Nice Time (Tanner & Goretta, 1957), The Singing Street (McIsaac, 1952), Everyday Except Christmas (Anderson, 1957), Refuge England (Vas,1959), Enginemen (Grigsby, 1959), We Are The Lambeth Boys (Reisz, 1959), Food For A Blush (Russell, 1955), One Potato, Two Potato, The Vanishing Street, Tomorrow's Saturday, Gala Day and March To Aldermaston. The Gala Day Notes from the original 1956 free cinema programme state the following: No film can be too personal. The image speaks. Sounds amplifies and comments. Size is irrelevant. Perfection is not an aim. An attitude means a style. A style means an attitude1015ocn005617737book19780.93Haldas, GeorgesLes Chemins de l'exil : ou, Les Dernières années de J.-J. RousseauBiographyScénario359ocn719323963visu20060.22Goretta, ClaudeSartre : l'age des passionsThe life of Jean-Paul Sartre with Simone de Beauvoir281ocn036537032visu0.27L'invitation un film de Claude GorettaAfter the death of his mother, a middle-aged bachelor makes major changes in his life, buys a fancy country home outside of Geneva after taking a leave from his job, and invites his co-workers to an all-day housewarming party there. Once they are all there at this fancy estate, away from the office, all kinds of inhibitions break down as the party goes on. Employees flirt, arguments get started, and one party-goer does an impromptu striptease. It takes the butler hired for the occasion to get things (both the party and the party-goers) back in order232ocn716724871visu20060.47Ramuz cinéma une sélection de sept films adaptés de l'oeuvre romanesque de C.F. Ramuz231ocn028579466visu19910.27Visages suisses Gesichter der Schweiz = Volti svizzeri = Swiss profilesBiographyWishing to know more of their country, a grandfather and his young granddaughter embark on a journey across Switzerland by train. With no particular goal in mind, on their journey they meet men and women who have contributed to Switzerland in their own way187ocn716789376visu20010.73Goretta, ClaudeLe dernier étéDrama"1934, Georges Mandel est nommé ministre des PTT. C'est pour lui l'occasion d'assouvir son seul but : agir. Agir pour un service public digne de ce nom. Agir pour le progrès. Mais surtout agir contre la montée du nazisme en Allemagne et de l'extrême droite en France. Inflexible, Georges Mandel va mener un combat de tous les instants."135ocn489883076book19810.47Lainé, PascalLa dentellièreL'innocente et modeste Pomme réussira-t-elle à garder auprès d'elle l'ambitieux Aimery de Beligne? Prix Goncourt 1974. Version cinématographique remarquable mise en scène par Claude Goretta102ocn604984810visu20070.47Die Spitzenklöpplerin83ocn758248237visu19850.47Manthoulēs, RovērosYannis Ritsos"Portrait du poète Yannis Ritsos. Le film alterne interviews de l'auteur, images d'archives retraçant les principaux évènements de l'Histoire grecque depuis 1936, lectures de poèmes81ocn066497220visu20050.23L'invitationDoor erfenis rijk geworden kantoorklerk geeft een tuinfeest en de tongen komen los72ocn492573409visu1988Goretta, ClaudeLes ennemis de la mafia"Histoire, fonctionnement et évolution de la Mafia. La première partie, "Le courage de parler", est constituée d'entretiens avec des femmes ayant témoigné au cours du grand procès de 1987 à Palerme. La deuxième partie, "La solitude du juge Falcone", fait le portrait du juge d'instruction Giovanni Falcone dont la vie, soumise à une protection policière permanente, exprime un engagement total contre le terrorisme, la corruption et la mafia. Il a alors 49 ans et sera assassiné par la mafia quatre ans plus tard, en 199272ocn315491750visu20070.28Isabelle Huppert in Die Spitzenklöpplerin62ocn491610862visu20050.47Goretta, ClaudeLéon Blum Thérèse et Léon64ocn177037575visu19770.47Die Spitzenklöpplerin52ocn048865082visu19940.47Goretta, ClaudeThe lacemakerSummary: A tragic love affair between two young people - Pomme, an apprentice hairdresser, and François, a serious student. Their lack of experience, naivety and shyness bring them close together, but their deep affection disguises future problems. Living together the differences between them, culturally and socially, finally make it difficult for François to accept Pomme's extreme simplicity. A delicate, sensitive examination of human relationships54ocn754139095visu19940.73La dentellière The lacemakerDramaThe story of a love affair between a shy beautician and a handsome student. He is captivated by her gracefulness but his inability to appreciate her inner beauty leads to heartbreaking tragedy for the fragile young woman+-+198555532532453ocn314798784visu19770.47La dentellière Die Spitzenklöpplerin51ocn060917152book19880.47Goretta, ClaudeLa Dentellière : en filmbog11ocn778839379book20060.47Free cinema : [booklet accompanying 3 DVDs]Criticism, interpretation, etcFree Cinema consisted of a group of young film-makers who decided to rebel against the stifling conformity of British cinema in the late fifties and to make their own films outside the confines of 'the system'. This booklet accompanies a 50th-anniversary compilation of short films about British working class life shows directors expressing personal viewpoints without obligation to subscribe to the technical or social conventions imposed on commercial film-making+-+1985555325324+-+1985555325324Fri Mar 21 15:29:41 EDT 2014batch18372