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Fri Mar 21 17:06:05 2014 UTClccn-n790745160.47Parmigianino - die Madonna in der Alten Pinakothek : [anlässlich der Ausstellung Parmigianino - die Madonna in der Alten Pinakothek, Alte Pinakothek, München, 22. November 2007 bis 24. Februar 2008] /0.710.95Parmigianino und sein Kreis : Druckgraphik aus der Sammlung Baselitz /17231857Parmigianinon 79074516307244Francesco MassolaFrancesco MazzolaFrancesco Mazzola, 1503-1540Francesco MazzuoliFrancesco ParmigianinoFrancisco MazzuoliFrançois MazzuoliGirolamo Francesco Maria MazzolaGirolamo Francesco Maria MazzuoliIl ParmigianinoIl Parmigianino, 1503-1540Il Parmigiano 1503-1540Le ParmesanMassolo, Francisco 1504-1540Mazuoli, FrancoisMazzola, Benche FrancescoMazzola, Benché Francesco 1504-1540 Wirklicher NameMazzola, Francesco.Mazzola, Francesco, 1503-1504Mazzola, Francesco, 1503-1540Mazzola, Francesco 1504-1540Mazzola, FranciscoMazzola, Francisco 1504-1540 Wirklicher NameMazzola, Girolama FrancescoMazzola, Girolama Francesco 1504-1540 Wirklicher NameMazzola, Girolama Francesco MariaMazzola, Girolamo Francesca MariaMazzola, Girolamo Francesco.Mazzola, Girolamo Francesco 1504-1540Mazzola, Girolamo Francesco MariaMazzola, Girolamo Francesco Maria, 1503-1540Mazzola, Girolamo Francesco Maria 1504-1540Mazzoli, FrancescoMazzoli, Francesco, 1503-1540Mazzoli, Francesco 1504-1540 Wirklicher NameMazzoli, Girolamo Francesco MariaMazzolino, Francesco.Mazzolino, Francesco, 1503-1504Mazzolino, Francesco, 1503-1540Mazzolino, Girolamo Francesco MariaMazzolino, Girolamo Francesco Maria 1503-1540Mazzolo, FrancescoMazzolo, Francesco 1504-1540 Wirklicher NameMazzuili, FrancescoMazzuola, Fra., 1503-1540Mazzuola, FrancescoMazzuola, Francesco, 1503-1540Mazzuola, Francesco 1504-1540 Wirklicher NameMazzuola, Francesco, dit Il ParmigianinoMazzuola, François 1504-1540Mazzuola, Girolamo Francesco MariaMazzuoli, Francesco.Mazzuoli, Francesco, 1503-1540.Mazzuoli, Francesco 1504-1540 Wirklicher NameMazzuoli, Francesco, called Il Parmigianino, 1503-1540Mazzuoli, François 1504-1540 Wirklicher NamePalmegianinoParm., F. 1504-1540ParmagianinoParmagianoParmeggianinoParmeggianino, Il 1504-1540ParmeggianoParmegiani, 1503-1540Parmegianino.Parmegianino, 1503-1540Parmegianino, Francesco Mazzuoli, 1504-1540ParmegianoParmegiano 1504-1540Parmesan.Parmesan, 1503-1540Parmesan, ... e 1504-1540 PseudonymParmesan, Francesco Mazzola, 1504-1540Parmesan, Le 1504-1540ParmiggianinoParmiggianino, Il 1504-1540ParmigianiParmigianinoParmigianino, Francesco Mazzuoli, 1504-1540Parmigianino, Girolamo Francesco Maria MazzolaParmigianino, IlParmigianino, Il 1504-1540Parmigianino, MazzuoliParmigianoParmigiano 1503-1540Parmigiano 1504-1540Parmigiano, Francesco, 1503-1540Parmigiano, Francesco Mazzuoli, 1504-1540Parmigiano, Girolamo Francesco Maria MazzolaParmigiano, IlParmigiano, Il 1504-1540Parmigiano, Mazzuolilccn-nr88005484Ekserdjian, Davidlccn-n82058952Popham, A. E.(Arthur Ewart)1889-1970lccn-n50025683Freedberg, S. J.(Sydney Joseph)1914-1997lccn-n50035739Gould, Cecil Hilton Monk1918-1994lccn-n93119020Franklin, David1961-lccn-n80044956Frick Collectionlccn-n79043161National Gallery of Canadalccn-n88036364Di Giampaolo, Marioedtlccn-nr88006563Ghidiglia Quintavalle, Augustaauiedtlccn-n2001113705Vaccaro, MaryParmigianino1503-1540HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsExhibition catalogsBiographyConference proceedingsPortraitsDrawingsParmigianino,SpainIsabella--I,--Queen of Spain,Ferdinand--V,--King of Spain,ItalyMannerism (Art)Drawing, ItalianMural painting and decorationPaintersItaly--ParmaArt, ItalianVite de' più eccellenti pittori, scultori et architettori (Vasari, Giorgio)Correggio,EuropeAlte Pinakothek (Munich, Germany)PaintingGermany--MunichPainting, ItalianSymbolismAlchemy in artPainting--ReproductionInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Columbus, ChristopherSebastiano,--del Piombo,San Giovanni Evangelista (Church : Parma, Italy)Musée du Louvre.--Cabinet des dessinsAnselmi, Michelangelo,Baselitz, Georg,Christian art and symbolismDrawingArtistsRosso Fiorentino,Portrait painting, ItalianFrance--ParisJiménez de Cisneros, Francisco,Fernández de Córdoba, Gonzalo,Philip--II,--King of Spain,Painting, RenaissanceMural painting and decoration, ItalianGrammar, Comparative and general--ReduplicationEngravingToschi, Paolo,Drawing, RenaissancePhotography of art15031540152215231524152615391555157415761605160816101645165016561660166717311745175217541772177317751783178417851786178817901803180618221823182618281832183518361839184418461855186318641865187518761878187918801883188418891890191019211930193219351938194819491950195119531957195919601963196419651966196819701971197419751976197719781979198019821983198519861987199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220147546389671759.5DP162ocn315828253ocn198333226ocn265029272ocn315575314ocn314304227ocn719405280ocn314336805ocn699571559ocn314234173ocn313642478ocn799481316ocn040367544ocn755101386ocn753010202ocn450180274ocn450824166ocn450193684ocn438811811ocn762647896ocn450888176ocn762647896ocn828212617ocn839837175ocn691702888ocn8282126175616ocn054350475book20030.56Franklin, DavidThe art of ParmigianinoCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs"The beauty and range of the work of the sixteenth-century artist Parmigianino as painter, draughtsman, and printmaker make him one of the most remarkable figures of the Italian Renaissance. He was an artist who seemed to discover his style without any effort, and his art was universally recognized as being graceful, or full of grace. In his day, "grace" was understood to be a spiritual endowment, conferring qualities that could not be taught. It was one of the preconditions of natural genius, so highly valued among Renaissance artists. But nothing as effortlessly elegant as Parmigianino's drawings and paintings could have been achieved without effort. It is through a close study of the drawings, in particular, that one is able to discern the sources of Parmigianino's style and the creative struggles he endured." "This illustrated study offers a comprehensive reassessment of his work as a draughtsman. More than eighty works on paper, selected from collections around the world, are discussed in detail. Among Renaissance artists, Parmigianino was perhaps more conscious than any of the potential of the graphic arts to convey, and indeed broadcast, complex ideas. He explored this potential himself, not only by means of his numerous drawings but also through the etchings he produced on his own (effectively introducing this print medium into Italian art) and through the engravings and chiaroscuro woodcuts that were made after his designs. In these media, his influence travelled farther and wider than it could have through his paintings alone." "This book coinciding with the quincentenary of the artist's birth in Parma in 1503, accompanies an exhibition presented at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, from October 3, 2003 to January 4, 2004, and at The Frick Collection, New York, from January 27 to April 18, 2004."--BOOK JACKET+-+820856558522430ocn048879746book19640.63Gould, Cecil Hilton MonkParmigianinoCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsGirolamo Francesco Mazzola (1503-1540), known as Parmigianino+-+37434030062024ocn052224551book20020.81Vaccaro, MaryParmigianino : the paintingsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+66866779331608ocn047698482book20000.86Béguin, SylvieParmigianino : the drawingsCatalogsDrawings"30 years on from A. E. Popham's fundamental Catalogue of the Drawings of Parmigianino, 1971, this new book investages every aspect of Parmigianino's drawings." "In it, Sylvie Beguin focuses on the artist's drawing style within the context of the Emilian "manner" and its effects on European art in the sixteenth century; Mary Vaccaro traces Parmigianino's development as a draftsman, investigating the connections between his prepartory designs and his paintings in order to understand the creative and often poetic implications of his graphic approach; while Mario Di Giampaolo reviews the fortunes of his drawings with the critics, from Vasari to the present day, describing and commenting upon works which have emerged since 1971. Illustrated with colour and black and white plates, this monograph is an essential, up-to-date contribution to studies on Parmigianino."--BOOK JACKET+-+25756779333241199ocn025653863book19910.92Di Giampaolo, MarioParmigianino : catalogo completo dei dipintiCatalogs"Présente l'oeuvre peint complet de l'artiste italien maniériste le Parmesan, ainsi que les copies et les oeuvres dont l'attribution est discutée946ocn003866576book18750.70Toschi, PaoloToschi's engravings from frescos by Correggio and Parmegiano635ocn052104416book20030.94Parmigianino e la pratica dell'alchimiaExhibition catalogs486ocn017423852book18750.86Toschi, PaoloToschi's engravings from frescos by Correggio and Parmegiano reproduced by the heliotype process from the Gray collection of engravings, Harvard University24 heliotype plates from engravings. Each plate accompanied by guard sheet and leaf with descriptive letterpress. -- Hanson collection catalogue, p. 69444ocn182731513book20070.95Gnann, AchimParmigianino und sein Kreis : Druckgraphik aus der Sammlung BaselitzExhibition catalogs436ocn047624179book20000.93Béguin, SylvieParmigianino : i disegniCatalogs393ocn290423191book20080.95Sgarbi, VittorioCorreggio, Parmigianino, Anselmi nella chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista a ParmaCatalogs392ocn222158143book20070.76Gnann, AchimParmigianino : die ZeichnungenCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogs387ocn216911684book20030.50ParmigianinoParmigianino und der europäische Manierismus : [Parma, Galleria Nazionale, 8 febbraio - 18 maggio 2003 : Wien, Kunsthistorisches Museum, 5. Juni bis 14. September 2003] = Parmigianino e il manierismo europeoExhibition catalogs371ocn191568696book20080.86Neilson, ChristinaParmigianino's Antea : a beautiful artificeCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs365ocn052068938book20020.84Vaccaro, MaryParmigianino : i dipinti3311ocn646277213book18440.88CorreggioOeuvres complètes du Corrège et choix du Parmesan2712ocn640977188book19530.66ParmigianinoThe drawings of ParmigianinoCriticism, interpretation, etc253ocn024159054book18460.88Mortara, Antonio EnricoDella vita e dei lavori de Francesco Mazzola detto il Parmigianino : memoria242ocn198333226book18390.59Prescott, William HicklingHistory of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the CatholicHistoryPortraitsSpaniens samling ved foreningen af Castilien og Aragonien - borgerkrig - Granadas erobring 1492 - Columbus støttes under belejringen - datteren Johanne den Vanvittiges giftermål med Filip den Smukke og alliancen med Habsborgerne - kardinal Ximenes - Ferdinands deltagelse i de italienske renaissancekrige - Gonzalo de Cordoba - Ligaen i Cambray - Navarras erobring233ocn315828253book19930.47Parmigianino - die Madonna in der Alten Pinakothek : [anlässlich der Ausstellung Parmigianino - die Madonna in der Alten Pinakothek, Alte Pinakothek, München, 22. November 2007 bis 24. Februar 2008]Criticism, interpretation, etc7748ocn031375373book19640.63Gould, Cecil Hilton MonkParmigianinoCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogs"Mannerist painter, draftsman, and etcher, Francesco Mazzola, known as Parmigianino (1503-1540), was an influential artist in the generation following Raphael and Michelangelo. Cecil Gould presents the art and life of one of the most masterful, sensitive, and elegant of mannerist painters." "The volume includes more than sixty paintings and frescoes - from religious scenes to subtly powerful portraits - as well as drawings and etchings. The informative text presents the works in relation to their sources, techniques and patrons; as a result, the author offers new attributions and revisions of the standard chronology."--BOOK JACKET+-+37434030066198ocn000155623book19500.63Freedberg, S. JParmigianino: his works in painting5793ocn064230209book20050.53Ekserdjian, DavidParmigianinoCriticism, interpretation, etc"Parmigianino (1503-1540) was one of the Italian Renaissance's greatest geniuses. Characterized by his distinctive and elegant style and exquisite draughtsmanship, he was also, like Durer, one of the first painter-etchers, engraving his own work and disseminating it to great effect throughout Italy and northern Europe. This illuminating and beautiful volume, the definitive monograph on Parmigianino, gives comparable emphasis to the public world of his paintings and to the private realm of his drawings. It is the only book on the artist completed in the aftermath of the 2003-4 quincentenary exhibitions, and takes advantage of all the latest research and of recent cleanings and restorations of major works."--Jacket+-+82735655854081ocn000298544book19710.66ParmigianinoCatalogue of the drawings of Parmigianino4012ocn040319965book19530.66ParmigianinoThe drawings of ParmigianinoCriticism, interpretation, etc1846ocn051877542book20020.90ParmigianinoParmigianino e il manierismo europeoConference proceedingsExhibition catalogs1391ocn000429260book19680.88ParmigianinoGli affreschi giovanili del Parmigianino1386ocn028587460book19800.81ParmigianinoL'opera completa del Parmigianino1374ocn002007290book19210.88Fröhlich-Bum, LParmigianino und der Manierismus1152ocn000574086book19700.92Fagiolo dell'Arco, MaurizioIl Parmigianino. Un saggio sull'ermetismo nel Cinquecento1113ocn000243179book19700.92ParmigianinoGli ultimi affreschi del Parmigianino842ocn054501427book20030.93ParmigianinoIl Parmigianino e il fascino di ParmaExhibition catalogs802ocn000994340book19480.90Quintavalle, A. OIl Parmigianino672ocn249270546book20040.53Vasari, GiorgioDas Leben des Sebastiano del PiomboBiography545ocn002527099book19640.84Musée du LouvreDessins de l'Ecole de Parme : Corrège, Parmesan : XXXIIIe exposition du Cabinet des dessins, Musée du LouvreCatalogsExhibition catalogs542ocn052284299book20030.93ParmigianinoParmigianino tradotto : la fortuna di Francesco Mazzola nelle stampe di riproduzione fra il Cinquecento e l'OttocentoExhibition catalogs513ocn000690299book19710.94ParmigianinoDisegni502ocn052564514book20030.92Di Giampaolo, MarioParmigianino : catalogo completo dei dipintiCatalogs"Présente l'oeuvre peint complet de l'artiste italien maniériste le Parmesan, ainsi que les copies et les oeuvres dont l'attribution est discutée463ocn122259755book20060.93Parmigianino : Zitat, Porträt, MythosConference proceedings451ocn182731510book20070.88Parmigianino : die Madonna in der Alten PinakothekCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+8208565585+-+8208565585Fri Mar 21 15:59:45 EDT 2014batch37842