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Fri Mar 21 17:15:15 2014 UTClccn-n790786400.01A place called home0.220.79Three voices of extremism : Charles Colson, James Dobson, D. James Kennedy /85414216Charles_Colsonn 79078640311265Colson, Charles.Colson, Charles 1931-2012Colson, Charles M.Colson, Charles W.Colson, Charles Wendell.Colson, Charles Wendell, 1931-2012Colson, Chuck.Colson, Chuck, 1931-....Colson, Chuck, 1931-2012コルソン, チャールズ・Wlccn-n87853598Vaughn, Ellen Santillilccn-n85187306Pearcey, Nancylccn-n82224417Fickett, Haroldlccn-n79083672Prison Fellowshiplccn-n79083673Fellowship Houselccn-n86029604Eckerd, Jack M.1913-2004lccn-n85088134Aitken, Jonathan1942-lccn-n78092900Bonhoeffer, Dietrich1906-1945lccn-n88262345Metaxas, Ericlccn-n78078345John PaulIIPope1920-2005Colson, Charles W.BiographyChurch historyChristian fictionPolitical fictionFictionMeditationsComic books, strips, etcUnited StatesColson, Charles WChristian lifeChristianityWatergate Affair (1972-1974)Christian convertsBaptistsChristianity and cultureChristianity and politicsMission of the churchChurchChurch and stateMoral conditionsPrison FellowshipPolitical fictionWashington (D.C.)Fellowship HouseSuccess--Religious aspects--ChristianityChristianity--Essence, genius, natureChurch and social problemsChristian ethicsEvangelistsEx-convictsQuality of productsEconomic historyWork ethicApologeticsCivilizationRegression (Civilization)Civilization, WesternChristian civilizationEvangelicalismWilberforce, William,Washington, George,SuccessBonhoeffer, Dietrich,LeadershipLiddell, Eric,Robinson, Jackie,John Paul--II,--Pope,ChristmasRestorative justiceCriminal justice, Administration ofChristian sociologyReligionConvertsGenetic engineering--Religious aspects--ChristianityEvangelicalism--Relations--Catholic ChurchCatholic ChurchPower (Christian theology)19312012197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201323150399666BBV4935.C63ocn840085008ocn466553880ocn466553878ocn032489422ocn859400556130214ocn041326360book19990.21Colson, Charles WHow now shall we live?Discusses how a person's view of the world influences how a person lives and argues that Christians are called not only to personal faith but to a biblical worldview+-+435368793512609ocn016524102book19870.23Colson, Charles WKingdoms in conflict"An insider's challenging view of politics, power, and the pulpit"--Jacket subtitle+-+062248568510363ocn032665629book19950.17Colson, Charles WGideon's torchFictionChristian fictionPolitical fictionThe abortion wars and how politicians exploit them. The story begins when a woman enters a clinic and shoots a doctor. When the government cracks down, the pro-lifers reply with an abortion video on the evening news, while another group resorts to bombing. Through all this a newly elected Republican president navigates to his advantage+-+62248449359486ocn026401180book19920.20Colson, Charles WThe bodyChurch historyJacket and spine subtitle: Being light in darkness+-+81135449358759ocn058386332book20050.16Colson, Charles WThe good lifeExplores the beliefs and assumptions that shape people's lives, and explains how people's world views can in turn shape what they will become in the future+-+74922879357985ocn154799093book20080.18Colson, Charles WThe faith : what Christians believe, why they believe it, and why it mattersAddresses modern-world questions about the Christian religion and its tenets, drawing on historical events and present-day anecdotes to illustrate its joyful aspects while explaining the faith's embrace of the example and message of Jesus+-+48512756857345ocn024380510book19910.23Colson, Charles WWhy America doesn't work7009ocn019845901book19890.21Colson, Charles WAgainst the night : living in the new dark ages"Material obsession paralyses the West and political repression grips the East. All around us crime rises, moral values decline, and families fragment. Indeed, the forecast is foreboding.... The crisis is not political; it is moral and spiritual. And so is the solution. That's why Christians are the only ones who can offer viable answers. So I have written this book not just as a warning, but as a challenge to God's people". (Preface)+-+39960041064613ocn035731603book19960.15Swindoll, Charles RThe glory of ChristmasMeditationsA collection of inspirational writings that focus on the birth of Jesus Christ and the many gifts of the Christmas season+-+08270449354184ocn045276519book20000.24Colson, Charles WJustice that restoresColson contends that a system of true justice can be built only if it is based on the foundation of a sound worldview. What we believe as individuals about the value of life, the essence of human nature, and the possibility of redemption is the critical issue that determines an effective approach to justice and reform. In this readable and challenging work, Colson combines his personal experience, his extensive study of the justice system and efforts at prison reform, and his encounters with prisoners themselves. Justice That Restores is insightful and prophetic; offering compelling answers to the failures of America's system of justice+-+20970879354093ocn555625071book20100.14Colson, EmilyDancing with Max : a mother and son who broke free"Max doesn't communicate like we do. But he communicates better than we do about the most important things. Max doesn't think like we do. But his actions reflect deep spiritual truths. With candor and wit, Emily Colson shares a glimpse inside her personal battles and family bonds when, as a suddenly simgle mother, her only child is diagnosed with autism. From that place of pain, with disarming humor, Emily clears the path for us to see a young man of remarkable beauty. Emily illuminates each page with imagery--making you laugh, making you cry, inspiring you to preserve and break free of your own barriers" --Dust jacket flap+-+03184756854043ocn028375170book19930.23Colson, Charles WA dance with deception : revealing the truth behind the headlines+-+56708449353993ocn021764491book19900.25Colson, Charles WThe God of stones and spiders : letters to a church in exileChurch history+-+82786879353742ocn036648462book19970.21Colson, Charles WBurden of truth : defending truth in an age of unbelief+-+50298879353393ocn012598897book19850.27Colson, Charles WWho speaks for God? : confronting the world with real Christianity+-+37282564353334ocn054844036book20040.37Human dignity in the biotech century : a Christian vision for public policyWhat will be the greatest moral challenge facing our society throughout this century? Are we ready to face it? Editors Charles W. Colson and Nigel M. de S. Cameron, along with a panel of expert contributors, make the case in this book that the greatest watershed debates of the twenty-first century concerning ethics and public policy will surround the issue of biotechnology. In twelve essays they address several of the legal and ethical challenges before us: embryo research, stem cell research, cloning, genetic engineering, gene therapy, pharmacogenomics, cybernetics, nanotechnology and, of course, abortion. - Publisher+-+38327358353144ocn051839308book20030.21Colson, Charles WBeing the body+-+77026449353064ocn032921895book19950.33Colson, Charles WEvangelicals and Catholics together : toward a common missionChurch history+-+55138449352684ocn026245851book19920.33Power religion : the selling out of the evangelical church?+-+882219753525421ocn002783657book19760.23Colson, Charles WBorn againBiographyComic books, strips, etcThis expanded edition includes a new introduction and epilogue by Colson, recounting the writing of his bestselling book and detailing how his ministry has brought hope and encouragement to so many+-+2305815985324230925ocn001959557book19720.23Colson, Charles WBorn againBiographyComic books, strips, etcVolume 2+-+0881325535130710ocn009826730book19830.19Colson, Charles WLoving GodIn his magnificent classic, Chuck Colson shakes the church from its complacency with a penetrating look at the cost of being Christian. Here is a compelling look at the cost of discipleship and the meaning of the first and greatest Commandment+-+5964675685102613ocn005264391book19790.23Colson, Charles WLife sentenceBiography+-+331132553567010ocn056982262book20050.22Aitken, JonathanCharles W. Colson : a life redeemedBiographyDrawing on private papers as well as interviews with colleagues, a biography of former Nixon confidant Charles W. Colson traces his political and personal odyssey from political hatchet man and Watergate felon to evangelical Christian+-+06635003854712ocn816032127book20130.16Metaxas, EricSeven men : and the secret of their greatness"What makes a great man great? 'Seven Men' offers answers in the captivating stories of some of the greatest men who have ever lived. In this gallery of greatness, seven historical figures come to life as real people who experienced struggles and challenges that probably would have destroyed the resolve of most other men. What was their secret?..."--Dust jacket flap1143ocn052149423book20030.21Perry, JohnCharles Colson : a story of power, corruption, and redemptionBiography+-+3760790535592ocn837136784rcrd20130.13Metaxas, Eric7 men and the secret of their greatnessBiographyWhat makes a great man great? Seven Men offers answers in the captivating stories of some of the greatest men who ever lived. What was their secret? The seven men in this volume evince one particular quality: that of surrendering themselves to a higher purpose, of giving something away that they might have kept. Having heroes and role models was always important for society, but in the last few decades this has changed, with troubling results. Eric Metaxas says it's time to reverse the trend581ocn031134109book19940.06Whalin, TerryChuck ColsonJuvenile worksBiographyThe exciting story of a man used by God to give prisoners all over the world the freedom of Christ+-+2617695685561ocn032167975book19950.27Wiseman, StellaCharles ColsonBiography+-+0471611006461ocn028908271visu19920.53The Glory & the power. fundamentalisms observedPresents some aspects of Christian fundamentalism in the United States. Primarily focuses on the anti-abortion activity of Randall Terry and Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina431ocn024011175book19900.50Colson, Charles WFreedom behind barsAutobiographical excerpts from the following books by the author tracing the orgins of Prison Fellowship: Born again, Life sentence, Aginst the night, Loving God, Kingdoms in conflict, Changed hearts, Who speaks for God? Jubilee422ocn052961048book19970.21Colson, Charles WLoving God : an inspiring message and a challenge to all ChristiansLoving God will force you to think+-+9489675685301ocn024815485visu19910.01A place called homeSeveral people including Noel Paul Stookey and Charles Colson tell of their discovery of the mercy of God and the fullness of life and love242ocn033075002visu19920.37Fighting backPresents some aspects of Christian fundamentalism in the United States. Topics include the anti-abortion activity of Randall Terry, born-again Christian Charles Colson, and Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina212ocn062892183book20050.20Aitken, JonathanCharles Colson : a life redeemedBiography+-+1585391735182ocn060388341file19890.47Patterson, James AChrist and politics in paradox Martin Luther and Charles Colson123ocn351588328rcrd19840.10Colson, Charles WBorn againBiography[In this book, the author] describes the day he sat in his prison cell and began jotting down notes on a yellow pad about the events that brought about the fall of a President the rebirth of his former "hatchet man." [This is an] inspiring story of a life renewed brought hope, encouragement and new life to millions. -Back cover+-+1218403406111ocn032200590book19950.47Wiseman, StellaCharles Colson and the story of Prison FellowshipBiography111ocn864625907book20130.10Metaxas, EricSiete hombres : y el secreto de su grandezaWhat makes a great man great? 'Seven Men' offers answers in the captivating stories of some of the greatest men who have ever lived. In this gallery of greatness, seven historical figures come to life as real people who experienced struggles and challenges that probably would have destroyed the resolve of most other men111ocn039175851book19970.79Menendez, Albert JThree voices of extremism : Charles Colson, James Dobson, D. James Kennedy+-+0622485685+-+0622485685Fri Mar 21 15:45:18 EDT 2014batch33067